Best Time clock app for business Managers

Time clock apps have revolutionized the idea of attendance management system. Thinking of how to ensure workers in the field are attending to duties in time was not a priority in the past. However, the continued request from customers to have their issues attended on time has changed the narrative. Currently, both small and large companies are investing in time clock apps that run on the employee’s phones. Sounds a good idea? I believe there are many benefits related to using time clock app and I shall summarize the 7 main benefits of using a time clock app for attendance management. These benefits are based on research done across America and Europe.

1.      Time clock apps enable attendance management for outdoor workers

Traditional attendance management software have focused on monitoring employees working in a fixed building. In fact, more than 75% of the current systems focus on the office-based workforce. But the world has changed and most people work outdoor. Think of the sales team that goes from door to door or from office to office looking for customers. How can a company implement attendance management to such a group? How about construction and security workers who work in the outdoor environment? The answer is to implement timesheet application that are available in both Android and IOS phones.

The outdoor workers can mark their attendance using their mobile phones because using such a time clock application will only require tracking the GPS location of workers. The best part of using such an application is to allow the managers to track the path taken by a certain worker, throughout the day. Thus, a time clock app will show the timesheet of an employee and also the workmap of an employee.

2.      The best Time clock app won’t require internet to clock in and out.

Most recently, FinClock time clock app was launched in tech news. This application is among the few available attendance management systems, which allows employees to clock in and out when offline. Based on the technology, the workers will proceed with recording their timesheet when in the remote areas. This application has changed the way managers viewed attendance management. In fact, the workers find it friendly because it works in a similar way to other offline applications in their phone. The FinClock time clock app also allows the managers to have instant reports on the real-time position of their employees. The best way is to explore the demo for yourself. You may need to ask the support for login details, but they are always online and ready to help.

Having to automate operations using attendance software provides a workable solution for businesses, schools and organizations. Instead, this attendance app has automated location tracker, which will be active during the working hours of an employee and when the employee shift ends, the GPS tracker is switched off. It now becomes fun to work with employees in the field.

3.      Use time clock app to download attendance timesheets

A good staff management system should allow the managers to have real-time timesheets of each employee. Think of having the timesheets directly from your phone as a manager. This is not a good way to manage employees because the application gives both the manager and employee freedom to work from anywhere. If you are a manager, you would need to see the attendance of an employee when you are on a vacation or travelling. Using the FinClock time clock app, you will be able to log in as an administrator and see exactly what is happening at the working stations. This is the importance of embracing the best attendance management technology.

4.      Timesheet application will enable direct shift management

A good way to manage employees is to have smooth communication between the managers and the workers at all time. The employees may have issues with their shift management. as such, the application serves as absence management software. Using the best time clock app, the employees no longer have to start the manual paper work. Instead, the employees have the change to make a request directly from their application. Since this attendance system is configured to handle issues in real-time, the responsible manager will receive the shift management request directly to their account. Then, the manager can decide to log in and approve the employee to a new shift. It is a simple process which saves time, money and enhances good communication between managers and the employees.

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5.      The best timesheet app is available on Android and IOs

The benefits of using a time clock app in attendance management are many. Now let’s talk about where to find the application and how much they will cost. First, you can download the Android Timesheet application for clocking. You can also register a free trial here and explore the benefits of the application. In fact, the best way is to register a free trial and have one of the live support members take you through the full application. I found it very helpful to ask questions and fit the attendance management technology to the needs of my company.

6.      It is good to use time clock app with the online attendance system features.

The cost factor is always an important question, especially in these time where the global economy requires restraint in business expenditure. It is critical to therefor find the right application and have it come at the right cost. I will talk of FinClock time clock app because this is the application I have used for quite some time. The application is cloud-based, so you will only require to pay for the service. One good thing about FinClock staff management System is the annual billing. This enabled me to just pay once a year. The cost is based on the number of employees. I have 150 employees and i fall in the category of mid-size clients. The cost is less than $2000 per year. Meaning that I am paying about $12 (12 dollars) per year. This was the cheapest offer I could get, for the features I was looking for. Truly, I would not recommend the freebies because they do not offer the data analytics that FinClock time clock app is offering.

7.      Lessons learnt when using FinClock time clock app

The FinClock attendance app offers more than just the timesheets. This is a full HR system, which has been decentralized to reach people via mobile phones. I have a good experience when analyzing employee performance using the hr application. Using the application, I can track the performance of each employee, track performance of a job group, the performance of a department and even get the overall performance of the whole company. The greatest lesson I can say is that timesheets and attendance analysis allows a company to change the entire way of working and let each employee take responsibility for their time and tasks at the individual level. The outcome was the faster completion of duties and eventually, we saved time and money. You can register free trial today and find more benefits of using the time clock app. Thank me later and lets next time explore the needs of performance management applications.