About Finclock Project Management System

Finclock project management system saves cost of projects and streamlines communication. Using the top project management applications, managers are able to do the following;

  1. Create project, where the specific project name, project milestones, budget and the expected time to completion is added.
  2. Assign roles to employees on a given project, where the employees will view their duties on the mobile project manager application.
  3. Track the project progress online and using the mobile application
  4. Track project costs through the financial reports made automatically.
  5. Reduce the time wastage in the projects, by analyzing the duties completed by each person in the project.
  6. Increase profitability of projects by using the industry standard guides when planning projects.
  7. identify project bottlenecks and fix them before they cost money.

Businesses and organizations are reaping the following benefits when they use finclock employee management system.

  1. Reduced cost of project by up to 30%
  2. Streamlined communication
  3. reduced project delivery time
  4. Increased profits in projects
  5. Improved staff engagement in a project
  6. Compliance to project regulations.