The workforce in a construction site is involved in the diversion of materials to numerous different activities, and each piece of material is accounted for in the cost. In some cases, there is outright theft of materials, especially cement, metallic components, and finishes. Mismanagement of materials in the construction site such as breaking tools and ignoring the maintenance protocols of materials leads to unbudgeted expenses other than the initial project expenses.

Through the FinClock staff management software, the materials for a project will be tracked from the time of introduction to a project to the time of usage in the project. The total amount of materials will be compared to the targets set in the Bill of Quantities to track their usage and maintenance.

Cases of material loss can be attached to penalties that are deductible from the payments of the employees responsible. This will be achieved through the FinClock project management software, where materials will be recorded by the site manager, including the details of the suppliers, who will be paid upon verification of the materials delivered. These records cannot be altered whatsoever.

The FinClock project management software ensures that there will be no theft that will go unnoticed, and the responsible parties will be held accountable.

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About Finclock Project Management System

Finclock project management system saves cost of projects and streamlines communication. Using the top project management applications, managers are able to do the following;

  1. Create project, where the specific project name, project milestones, budget and the expected time to completion is added.
  2. Assign roles to employees on a given project, where the employees will view their duties on the mobile project manager application.
  3. Track the project progress online and using the mobile application
  4. Track project costs through the financial reports made automatically.
  5. Reduce the time wastage in the projects, by analyzing the duties completed by each person in the project.
  6. Increase profitability of projects by using the industry standard guides when planning projects.
  7. identify project bottlenecks and fix them before they cost money.

Businesses and organizations are reaping the following benefits when they use finclock employee management system.

  1. Reduced cost of project by up to 30%
  2. Streamlined communication
  3. reduced project delivery time
  4. Increased profits in projects
  5. Improved staff engagement in a project
  6. Compliance to project regulations.

About Finclock Business management

Best management system online. The best software for all managers, from 0 to 5000 employees. Find the best applications to help improve your business and management practices.

Why Finclock EMS is the best employee management system

  1. Simplified into web-based business management system
  2. Improved mobile applications that work both online and offline
  3. In-depth analysis of every aspect that cost business time and money
  4. Best analytics and forecast features
  5. easiest and cheapest communication channels
  6. dedicated online support

Finclock business management systems offers the following business management software

  1. best employee management
  2. Top human resource management
  3. Tasks management systems
  4. Top project management
  5. World #1 customer service management systems
  6. Attendance management systems
  7. Business performance evaluation systems
  8. Payroll systems
  9. Inventory management software
  10. Finance and accounting software

Finclock Applications Android and IOS offers the following features

  1. Attendance tracking and management
  2. Employee management (self-service)
  3. Project reports
  4. performance tracking
  5. Expenses monitoring and reporting
  6. Staff requests such as leave requests, shift change requests, absence requests
  7. Direct help-desk for direct response to customer issues.

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business turnaround guide

Expert advisory on business turnaround guide, to help improve  your business performance using technology solutions. We understand the need to reduce costs of operations in the current businesses world. We understand the need to compete in the global market. We know how much you need to do in order to make your business a success. With this understanding, we are here to help offer the best business  turnaround guide.

We shall have a discussion on best technology in the world that will save your business. We shall do the analysis on your behalf and provide the best solutions to help your business grow.

We focus on the following business management systems and have a details discussion with actionable points.

  1. employee management system(HRMS)
  2. Enterprise management systems (EMS) or ERPs
  3. Project Management systems
  4. Attendance management systems
  5. Customer service management systems (HelpDesk)
  6. Customer relationship Management systems
  7. Project Networking applications
  8. Finance and accounting systems and applications

FinClock Project Management System is a new online based system, introduced to benefit the employees and increase their efficiency at work. Here is a summary of what the FinClock system does for your business, both indoor and outdoor.

At the working place: either outdoor or indoor projects

At work FinClock  project management system helps employees in the following ways:

  • It helps employees attendance tracking using their fingerprints (biometric system).
  • It uses GPS to record events and provide reminders of important events to the employees.
  • It is available at employees’ workplace on their mobile phones since the application can be downloaded on mobile phones.
  • When the users log in to their accounts, all the data, details, schedules, reminders and checklists, among others are uploaded to the online accounts.

Access to FinClock

FinClock Employee management system can be accessed easily in the following ways:

  1. Through your mobile phone or personal computer. Once you log in, the required data is transferred to your main page. the employees can use the time clock app to mark attendance, use project management app to report progress in projects or even join a network of professionals on the finclock mobile application
  2. The data that FinClock project management will provide you with includes:
  1. Report regarding wages and salaries.
  2. Work events.
  3. Detailed reports on analysis, which can be used further in business decision making.

Developing employee performance reports:

FinClock project Management system helps to build reports using employees’ data. These reports concern anything that can help employees to work efficiently in their working space. The reports that may be provided include:

Industries that use Finclock project management system for efficient online business management system include:

  • Construction field service management.
  • Security companies.
  • Government organizations.
  • Schools, hospitals
  • real estate management firms
  • small and medium enterprises
  • suppliers to businesses
  • leading research firms

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Change to solving customer problems using staff management software

The only sure way to grow your business is from inside

Your business should be about solving a certain problem in this world, and the impact befalls your clients. And that is why they  will pay for it. Thus, if you target higher sales this financial year, you will either achieve it by solving more problems facing your client, or solving the same problem, facing more clients in your line of business. This is the essential element of consideration, which should be the foundation of your business.

How do you solve customer’s problems and have them come back every time they face it?  The answer is, create a culture of responsibility at all levels in your organization. This is by having a dedicated employees, who are happy at work, know their roles and attend to them on time. But how do you manage the employee’s behavior towards your clients? The answer is having an employee management system. A good employee management system is FinClock staff management system, which helps you see employee activities at every point and time and also pays the employees per every hour they have worked. You may find out more here on FinClock EMS.

Manage construction workers Online: Field Employee tracking

All construction companies aim at reducing expenses and increase profits. In order to achieve this, the company has to improve in the management of the project from onset to completion. In all stages, labor contributes significant portion of the budget. Thus, there is a need to find efficient employee management software for construction companies.

In most construction firms the use manual record keeping for labor and materials causes variations and increase in costs, but the time has come to manage construction workers online, using an efficient and seamless systems. There exists many applications that claim to offer the efficient management tools, but what really works for construction managers?

You need a software engineered to increase performance of each employee taking part in the project.  The overall outcome is a change in follow up needs and focus on finishing the project fast and effectively.  While finding a software that helps you to manage construction workers online, here are some of the tools that are essential.

Online Attendance system

For a construction company time management is critical for both the construction firm and the client. To be able to drive the project at the required pace without hindrance, time tracking is essential. Many companies using spread sheets  to track time in construction projects but the sheets become unreliable when handling a large workforce.

The implementation of the right software that will help you manage construction works online, especially for employee time tracking will be the ultimate solution. Through a biometric system at the site, employee will be registering attendance every day. This shall be received by the management allowing them to schedule tasks to the available employees. Cases of absenteeism and lateness shall be detected and the respective action taken.

If the project is behind schedule the system should automatically alert you and the management will take measures required. Dealing with issues as they arise will be fast and accurate due to the FinClock online employee management software therefore the quick access to information to keep tasks on schedule throughout the project.

The FinClock inbuilt capability that prevents multiple registration eliminates/manages cases of ghost workers in the construction project. Employees payroll will be linked to their attendance therefore any case of lateness and absenteeism will be penalized accordingly.

Manage Construction workers scheduling.

Tasks in a construction project should be parallel to the time given for completion of the project. Mostly the lack of a schedule of tasks to be completed in a day leads to the derail of project completion. A to do list of each day week or month at all times will show on has to happen on the project  will enable you to stay on schedule.

FinClock labor scheduling tools will make you fell so organized once implemented. The lack of a direct method to manage construction workers online causes collusion between workforce which lead to insecurity and exceeding the projects budget.

Numerous activities take place at the construction site and the implementation of FinClock will streamline operations and boost performance. This will be achieved since the software will show you the tasks assigned at which category with targets per day as set by the company admin.

The progress of the tasks will be recorded and percentage of completion as per given time. Evidence of work completed will be also be reported through pictures. Having a group of supervisors with the FinClock device shall make labor supervision more efficient and accurate therefore jobs being completed without failure and services be of quality and cheaper.

FinClock Ems shall be deployed to the construction site to assure accountability of unapproved actions such as lateness and absenteeism to their work stations. Penalties will be given to the accountable persons as derived by the company policy.

Can the attendance software Manage construction workers online or remotely?

The performance can only be measured by the progress of the project. The daily reports sent to the management shall indicate whether the project is on schedule or not. In this case employees are assigned tasks and targets are given. They are objected to report the progress of their task at the end of the day.

Through the employee performance software, each employee’s track of work shall be recorded including photos of work done. This makes it easy for the software to calculate the employees’ payment.

FinClock takes to account the progress of the project against the work done and whether you shall finish the project on time. Inspection of projects in the construction site is a major activity that mainly dictates the progress of the project.

The FinClock record keeping software is engineered in a simplified manner where the measurements, compared to the design and direct reporting via FinClock EMS. Professionals will have the FinClock attendance app in their phones where they will fill in details and added to a report hosted in a secure cloud.

FinClock allows Instant reports of incidents and assigning roles from the admin to the construction and vice versa. Access of this vital information will be at the tip of their fingers anywhere at any time by just login into the FinClock secure cloud. Manage construction workers online

Any changes required to be made by the admin to the employees can take instantly via emailing or the FinClock Ems app on their phones. This streamlines communication between the admin and employees at the construction site.

Automated allocation of resources in the using Project management system

Every construction project has an assigned for materials to be used and exceeding the budget should not happen during the progress of the project. Measures that are strict shall be implemented to maintain the original budget laid at the onset of the project.

All materials delivered shall be recorded and all suppliers shall be required to confirm delivery. Record cannot be altered once fed in the system therefore security is assured. The progress of the materials will be compared to the target amount as per the BOQ, thereby if there is any theft the responsible persons will be held accountable.

Cost efficiency when you manage construction workers online

Profits and Quality work are the main achievements in a construction project. You can kill two birds with one stone with the FinClock management software. The reason for a project exceeding its budget is when there are major variations in labor and materials.

Presence of ghost workers increase the budget of the project and the counter attack for this problem  will be dealt with by placing an in employee task management software where only registered employees will be on the pay roll and those who perform and complete tasks assigned to them.

Unapproved cases shall be eliminated such as lateness and absenteeism or be penalized in their payment for hours not worked. Performance shall be improved by 45% thus the cost additional time recovered and savings too. A satisfied customer and market exposure achieved.

To have a productive, organized and increase in profits in your construction projects it is time to consider a full integrated and automated software to manage construction workers online. The only working solution is FinClock EMS. Tested, trusted and used by over 2000 companies in 61 countries, this is a solution that you should try. Feel Free to book a Free Demo