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Main features of Attendance application

  1. Provides clocking in and clocking out, using mobile phone
  2. Employees location is tracked and seen in real time work-map.
  3. employee timesheet report is tamper-proof
  4. Works both online and offline.
  5. Attendance application fits both office and field workers.
  6. Task Reporting features
  7. Daily work reports are available.
  8. Employee self service
  9. Only application with employee performance report.
  10. Links to the FinClock online attendance management system.
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How FinClock Attendance Application works

Finclock Attendance application offers best staff attendance management, location tracking and task reporting features.

  1. All staff members will mark attendance using a mobile application, using Secret PIN.
  2. Employees will report on the tasks they are completing as per the assigned duties.
  3. Managers shall assign tasks, manage employee shifts and obtain real-time reports.
  4. Finclock Attendance app automatically tracks employee location, when they send a report, thus eliminates time theft and cheating employees.
  5. Finclock attendance manager app provides staff requests tools, which enables members to request for leaves, shift changes, finance and even items.
  6. For Institutions with many employees at the same location, Finclock attendance app will link to biometric attendance system,
  7. The attendance Data is automatically sent to Finclock online attendance system. where managers can view and make decisions in real time.clocking in and out, timesheet app, timesheet application, timesheet software
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What you need to start using Attendance application.

  1. When your company or organization registers with Finclock online staff management system, a company account is set up and approved.
  2. The employees will download the attendance application on Play store and set up their employee profiles. Also, the admin can invite employees who get emails with secret Employee PIN.
  3. When approved, the employees can login to their account and start marking attendance (clock in/out).
  4. Finclock attendance app comes with GPS location tracking, so every time an employee marks attendance, their location is updated on the online Working location map.
  5. Using the attendance application, the employees can also make requests for  shift changes, leaves and even emergency requests.
  6. The employees will also be able to make reports of the work done, based  on the projects, tasks and duties assigned to them.

Attendance Application Reports

Using Finclock attendance app, the employees are able to make many reports, which can be customized as per the needs of the organization. Current users of the attendance manager application make these reports, even when offline or outdoor.

1. Attendance Reports

Attendance reports include: Timesheets, Absence reports, lateness reports, shift reports.

2. Employee Location Tracking reports

The System that offers staff work-map. Uniquely, the employee work-map shows the specific location where a certain employee clocked in or made a report. Also, the geofence of the workstation is set up in the system. If employee clocks in/out, when away from the Geo-fence, their timesheet is automatically flagged as Away from their workstation. Finclock attendance manager application thus becomes a great tool of ensuring employee accountability at work.

3. Employee Task reports

When an employee is assigned a certain task, the attendance app will automatically give an alert. the the employee proceeds to complete the task. every time they record a task, the reports is sent to the Finclock staff management software online. The managers can either use their attendance manager application or login to the online staff management system, where they can see real-time work reports from the employees.

4. Employee performance reports

every company or organization has a given performance indicators, which show if an employee is delivering or not. Using Finclock attendance application, employee performance report is analysed based on absenteeism, lateness, location tracking and even tasks completion. These reports make FinClock the best attendance manager app.

Finclock attendance application works both Indoor and Outdoor, online and offline.

  1. Finclock is ranked the best attendance application because it offers best features for office workers, field workers and all in a complete staff management software.
  2. Finclock Attendance application records attendance both with or without internet.
  3. Finclock Attendance application is designed to work as a stand alone staff management software, regardless of the working conditions. These capabilities make Finclock the #1 attendance application.
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Features of Attendance application

Finclock  has been rated the best Attendance application because the system not only provides complete staff management features, but it is also simplified to improve employee productivity. Finclock attendance app offers top features that include;

  1. Employee clock in and clock out
  2. staff daily reports
  3. Daily Staff task reports
  4. staff and employee Time sheet reports
  5. Best timesheet applications
  6. Direct employee request, such as leave application requests, shift management requests, staff off days requests,
  7. Best absence reports
  8. Best absenteeism application online
  9. top absence management application
  10. Direct employee task reports
  11. Automated performance tracking

Finclock attendance application offers top staff management features, which help your business or institution to grow and increase profits. Finclock Attendance is the best attendance manager application and system for employee management in the world.

Cut the cost of labor in all projects by using top staff management system in the world. The best application that ensures employees come to work on time and do not leave before time.

Using the best staff application online helps hr managers to improve and motivate each employee. Using the attendance application offers best employee performance reports, which can be used to make real-time decisions, thus cut time wastage on routine activities.

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Why Finclock Attendance application is the Best Option.

1. Finclock  is the best attendance application

Wish to have employees respect time at work? Finclock Attendance manager application is the solution for you.  Finclock combines best attendance management features to serve indoor and outdoor workers. The best staff attendance application, which has been voted as the best method of recording timesheets, leaves, shifts and task management.

2. You can use Attendance app to track employee location

Finclock is the only attendance application that helps managers to track employee location in real time. Using the top attendance management system online has enabled managers across the world save time and money.

3. Finclock Attendance application fits outdoor and fieldworkers

Finclock is the Best Attendance manager application in google play store for staff management. The number one application for attendance management for indoor employees, and outdoor employees. This is the best attendance application for staff reporting online. Top rated staff attendance manager application that offers reporting features. Using this attendance android application, Employee management systems are streamlined both in the office and in the field.

4. Finclock gives best reports from Attendance manager application online

Finclock attendance manager application online has remained the top attendance application for staff attendance management. Customers across the world the application for different reasons  that include;

  1. attendance app, attendance application, timesheet software, timesheet application, Finclock timesheet appFinclock is the best attendance application for timesheets.
  1. Finclock attendance app allows fast clock in clock out, with the data being sent automatically to the attendance manager app online
  2. best android app for staff calendar
  3. the #1 android attendance app for staff reporting in the field.
  4. Ranked top attendance manager app for office workers
  5. best attendance application for students
  6. Best attendance app for construction workers.
  7. Number 1 android attendance application for outdoor workers.
  8. Finclock is the best attendance application for sales teams.
  9. Best attendance application with GPS tracking and task reporting.

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What can Employees Do with Finclock Attendance Manager application?

Employees use Finclock as a complete attendance system.

Finclock is the best employee attendance manager application that resolves employee time management matters in your business.  The best  mobile application to manage employees, both in an office and in the field. Finclock staff management application provides best solution to timesheet, shifts, leaves and task management  for employees.

Finclock employee attendance manager app serves employees from all parts of the world. With best features in a single mobile application, now business owners and employees can communicate efficiently.

Start using the best attendance management software , by registering online and starting a free trial. Business managers notes that they started realizing improved employee productivity within the first 21 days of implementation.

 9 main ways to uses of  Finclock attendance applicationfinclock attendance manager, attendance app, attendance manager application, staff management system, top attendance system online, staff location tracking system

  1. Use the employee attendance manager application to streamline workers attendance in construction sites.
  2. Use Finclock employee attendance system to manage fieldworkers.
  3. Use the best attendance manager software to manage students attendance.
  4. Start using finclock attendance manager online helps to improve employee productivity and eliminate time theft by employees and students in institutions.
  5. use the top attendance manager system to cut overtime cost in staff management.
  6. Embrace top employee attendance manager application for security employee management
  7. start using the top attendance system for outdoor workers.
  8. use the best application for all business owners.
  9. Wish to start using Finclock attendance application? register now.

Use Finclock attendance app for offline staff management system

Best employee attendance management system that reduces time wastage by employees. Finclock is the best staff attendance system that streamlines the workforce in an organization. The attendance management system comes as a mobile attendance application which works both offline and online. The best offline attendance application has been rated best application for outdoor workforce.

Many companies are now saving cost of labor by using finclock employee attendance application system. The managers have an application that shows the overall trend of performance of each of their employee. using the top attendance app, the employees report their daily tasks, which is analysed and shown to the managers.

The best way to manage outdoor workers is to use the attendance application for all field workers. This application monitors the location of employees and improves on the performance of each employee.

Register today to start using the best application that saves time and money in your business.

Finclock attendance app is the best Staff allocation system online

Staff allocation and scheduling is a critical aspects of Finclock Staff management system. This makes it the best staff allocation software that improves employee productivity is finclock attendance app. The best software for employee allocation to both indoor and outdoor projects. Using the best software for workers allocation has helped reduce costs of operation in business.

Finclock attendance application provides best tools for employee allocation in outdoor projects. using the number 1 employee allocation software, employers, business owners and project managers are able to find the work done by each employees including the tasks completed in a day, week or  a month.

The best employee attendance system online that enables assigning employee tasks in projects, assigning different funds and setting of employee goals. The best staff allocation software that ensures that employee tasks are aligned to company goals. Using the top attendance app for staff allocation, your business will increase profits and reduce wastage of funds and time.

Companies using the best app for workers allocation have improved employee communication and enjoy good staff engagement in all projects. Start using Finclock Staff management system today and grow your business. Register here to enjoy best Attendance and staff management system.

More Features in the Attendance Manager App

Using attendance management app solves all major employee attendance and reporting challenges.

  1. Employees will clock in and out both indoors and in the field using finclock attendance app.
  2. Employees can make requests, using self service features
  3. Staff will make daily tasks reports on the work completed per day.
  4. Employees will update project and task reports in which they have been assigned, a unique feature in finclock attendance app.

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Detailed Attendance manager Application Features

Finclock is the Best attendance manager application online that helps streamline all employee time, tasks and documents. Finclock attendance Application is part of a web-based HR application system that ensures  managers can track each employee’s activities. From Staff attendance  app to performance, FinClock Application provides unique features that saves time and money.

Finclock Attendance Manager Features

  1. Track Staff attendance, using best  attendance application for indoor and outdoor employees.
  2. Using biometric attendance application for fieldworkers, time attendance for many workers is streamlined.
  3. Track of staff performance, based on set daily tasks and employee roles in projects.
  4. Automate leave management, where employees use the mobile app to request for leaves and the HR can either approve, schedule the leaves or reject the leave requests. All these is done on the online attendance software,
  5. Shift management, where staff shifts are scheduled on the web based hr system and then assigned to employees. Then, employees can view their expected shift times and proceed to mark daily attendance and file task reports.
  6. Performance appraisals requests
  7. Staff Items and Financial requests.
  8. Manage employee files, which is based on the online document management system. Here, employees self service allows them to download and fill forms using the hr application.

Why is Finclock Attendance Manager Application the best?

The Best attendance manager app that replaces manual documentations

attendance manager application enable managers and business owners to conduct their daily duties fast and efficiently. Using the best Attendance Manager Software will ensure that you will reduce the time spent processing documents. FinClock attendance manager system has been rated the top attendance app, which enables fast growth of your business. From Small businesses to large institutions, FinClock attendance application is designed to ease the decision-making process by equipping managers with analytics that serve the needs of your business.

Best Attendance Manager System that helps to analyze staff records

Managers using attendance application in their companies agree that this is the best solution to the much-needed analysis of data because it crunches the numbers for ease of running a business. Now, managers can make the right decision just by looking at the dashboard of the attendance manager system. Using this attendance app system helps businesses and institutions to reduce employee turnover by creating a happy working environment for all staff members. Using FinClock attendance manager app helps managers to concentrate on non-routine activities, making their work more satisfying.

FinClock attendance manager app for both indoor and outdoor staff management

FinClock attendance manager app has been voted the best Attendance Manager software online, thanks to the many features that out-compete the normal Attendance application features. Employees using this attendance system also appreciate the easy to use features, both in the office and in the field. Using this system has helped companies streamline operations and reduce the time to respond to issues.

FinClock attendance manager Application was voted best attendance System.

The  best attendance manager application should reduce the time spent by employees in the documentation. Using FinClock attendance manager system, employees are able to record their daily activities and thus reduce the follow-up time. The application provides essential features for employees in the field to document their activities and communicate directly with the management

Simplify leave applications using the best attendance manager system online.

FinClock  attendance application has been voted as the best Attendance Manager app this year because it provides easy to use leave application to all employees. This Attendance Manager application is used to apply for leaves, whether online and offline. This attendance manager app also replaces manual records and all paperwork, making it easy to process leave requests for all workers.

Attendance Manager Application for both mobile phone and web application provides a seamless working condition for employees. These features enable Attendance Management to easily log in to their mobile app from any part of the world, view staff shift requests which provide them with the easy approval process. This Attendance Manager application provides each manager with awesome features to help them serve each employee needs. Definitely, as an Attendance Manager, one will love the simplified leave and shift application, approval and audit process, making work enjoyable and improving productivity.

FinClock Attendance app for small businesses, schools, and fieldworkers.

Attendance application does not have to be expensive anymore. Gone are the days when only big companies could afford attendance manager systems. In fact, FinClock Staff management software provides the best features for companies regardless of the number of employees. Choose a free 21-day trial based on the number of employees and as you enjoy the new Staff management features, the support team provides world-class guidance on setting up your company profile, employee on-boarding and analyzing reports. Start a free trial today and grow your business.

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How to Use Attendance Manager application

As a business owner take the following steps in order to streamline operations and eventually rescue your business from wasting time and money.

  1. Conduct full resource audit to establish the workforce dynamics in the business, with the aim of reducing the wage bill, time wastage and customer dissatisfaction. This is the most important stage towards a working staff management software planning, which comes with the attendance app
  2. Use an attendance application system that ensures you see what employees are doing. Both in your presence or when being handled by your employees, it is critical to know what your customers need. Thanks to the #1 attendance app, it is possible to have employees give feedback directly from their mobile phones. This is possible through Finclock Attendance Management software application. The good thing about such technology is that your employees, partners and yourself, are aware of everything that your customer is seeing. A favorite aspect of the application is the provision for data analytics, which pin points the actual problems causing you loss of customers to competitors.
  3. Find an Attendance Manager application that shall enable collection of data across all departments. This system should analyze data periodically, in order to establish the trends of failures in the organization. It is important to note that every organization will have different methodology of data recording, but there is always a pattern in a profession. Most business leaders agree that the periodic data needs to be evaluated frequently during the business turnaround cycle.  But First, I advise that you start by putting ducks in a row using an attendance system that solves staff management challenges, both indoor and outdoor.
  4. Set up tamper-proof employee attendance system, in all working stations across the business. This step must be aimed at ensuring accountability and 100% attendance of all employees, as the business aims to attain efficient service delivery. Remember, service delivery starts with individual employees. So fix the house and the rest will follow. It is important to note that in the current times, it is critical to ensure that the system works indoor and outdoor, to avoid excuses.  The system should therefore be able to provide workforce performance in real-time, without failure or compromises.
  5. Establish a dynamic attendance application, which should be used to track the progress of individual activities and the progress of projects across the business. This change must be aimed at providing agile, real-time and reliable delivery of service to customers as well as utilization of resources.
  6. Provide adequate training to the staff of in the business, in the use of Attendance app, task management app, staff management software and the internal communication features and tools. These tools shall enable the employees to realize when there is a problem, coordinate the problem with their colleagues and eventually, the whole system of work shall be fixed within a few months. It is noteworthy that every person in your organization has a role to play in your business turnaround strategy. Therefore, engage them in the rightful manner, have them all start changing their attitude and most importantly, let them record and share their contribution using the best project management tools,  and staff allocation software for duties meant to be done at different stages. Luckily, these features already found in the online attendance manager application.
  7. Execute data based decision making in the organization. First, make decisions based on the Company KPIs, which starts with the customer needs, financial needs and then the eventual well-being of every stakeholder. When it comes to your employees, you shall have the data on employee attendance application for performance and turn over, from which you can decide the best action to take regarding a certain person.
  8. Find the right technical support and guarantee 100% system availability in all regions, which include the areas not connected to power and having poor or no internet connectivity. With the right people with you on the journey, you will never worry about what you don’t know about the technology. In fact, a good support team should ensure that you get what you need, when you need it even before the world discovers that you need it.

Who uses Finclock Attendance Manager application in their business?

Other People Who saved their businesses this way? Yes. They are many. Forbes made a  A review of companies that have taken these steps in the past reveal a rewarding trend. The immediate outcome is better retention of existing customers, meaning that the nosedive is no more. A review of a period from 6 to 9 months of the same companies showed happier employees, which led to low turnover and higher retention of skills. These facts are attainable regardless of the business nature. Note that the first reason for business existence is service to the customers. Keep that in mind and do not lose track and forget the employees.attendance manager application, attendance system, best staff allocation software guide

Choosing the Best attendance manager application now, No vendors.

Thinking of an enterprise management system as the best way, start with what you have. Do not rush to invest huge sums of the money you are trying to save. Neither should you shy away from finding solutions because you are struggling financially. In fact, the best way is to find good a Software company as a partner willing to offer a free demo for at least one month. From the partner should provide guidance.

Start using Finclock Attendance Manager application Now

Thinking of starting, register with FinClock Enterprise management System today and we shall offer a free consultation and guide you to prosperity.  We shall review the immediate problems and fix them first. Then, we shall set up a strategy to implement one of the 8 steps at a time, making your business great again. Feel free to book a free demo today and an expert shall take you through the best way. We believe in helping our partners save time and money.staff management, attendance manager, attendance manager application, online staff management system, Employee management system online

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More info About Attendance Manager application

Why All Companies Need staff attendance application

Any business owner endeavors to serve the customers who seek various services. Be it in the Medical services, Public administration, Infrastructure projects, Social services projects, Tourism, agriculture and education and even ICT and manufacturing. Service delivery to the customer is the ultimate determinant of the direction your business will take. Therefore, looking inward is critical because a healthy flow of business within an organization will translate to a healthy service to the customer. In this decade, it is clear that communication is the blood that keeps any the business alive.

Role of Staff Attendance application in Business growth

If your business needs to grow, focus on streamlining the handling of information, starting from your customer matters, financial matters, service and most importantly among the employees.

These steps are achieved using standard staff Management Systems.  A staff management system is a collection of programs that help your business share information and make decisions based on informed data. The system will include the track of workforce performance, the track of projects delivery and track of cash flow in the business. Embracing  a staff management system will ensure that your business is no longer wasting the much needed funds and time, thus accelerate business growth. Also, such a system must aim at ensuring transparency and efficient management of customers.

Benefits of Attendance application

Employees are the backbone of any company or organization.  The challenges that emerge when dealing with a huge workforce requires proper strategy when the manager has to choose employee management software for many workers. They perform to the best of their abilities to yield quality results, under great management from the administration. Nurturing employees shows great gratitude for their cooperation in your company and will ensure that you obtain only the best results from them. Therefore measures to maintain and improve their performance must be a priority.

However, employee attendance management is still a great challenge to many due to a large workforce, especially when the management has to deal with individual cases. Large workforce demands close supervision all the time to ensure tasks are completed and on schedule. The use of long spreadsheets and micromanaging has been in use consume most hours of human resource managers, but never gives full benefits to the company or organization, thus need for change in management techniques.employee tracking software, attendance manager application, outdoor attendance

To deliver productive, accurate and cost cutting benefits the management needs to embrace the technological change of managing employees. This will immensely improve operations in the management sector and boost performance among employees.

For this to happen you will need to find a good Employee management software for many workers that simplifies your work as a manager.  #1 attendance app is a solution to any company organization with both in house and outdoor workforce. The mobile attendance app will make management of the workers effortless, accurate, simple and more productive for the management to use to the fullest. Here are the main features to consider when you want to choose employee management software for many workers.

  1. Time attendance Software

Attendance tracking brings benefits to both employees when handled correctly. The Finclock attendance tracking system has capability to record attendance for both indoor and outdoor workforce using fingerprints. All employees are required to register with this method. Thus, FinClock Attendance Management system replaces the manual employee register with fingerprint based sign on sign off method thereby elimination of ghost workers.

The FinClock attendance software will assist the employer know whether there are issues that should be addressed. At the same time, taking record of employees arrival, leaving and break times which is essential work hours are not being abused.

The clocking in system also assists you to handle unplanned absence and implementing attendance policies to employees. This will ensure accountability among employees and increase in performance.

  1. Employee scheduling software features 

Since productivity depends on availability, the FinClock employee attendance app ensures effectiveness among employees. This system eliminates the need for error prone manual process and spreadsheet for scheduling.

The ease of data processing allows managers to be aware of what is happening in real time.  Therefore giving room for scheduling tasks in real time. This will eliminate confusion of schedules. The system also allows employees to view their schedule in a secure cloud for them to make requests for shift change or any other request. The employee scheduling features int he attendance application are critical when you decide to choose employee management software for many workers. there are many options for Employee management software for many workers, but the efficiency of Finclock attendance manager application stands out.

Employees will be more vigilant on attending to tasks. Fast company growth will be seen and realistic targets will be set and attained. The software will help you predict how long each task will take and when it will take place therefore giving clear vision for the manager to assist in decision making. Find a free demo here

  1. Employee performance management using attendance application

Employees are mostly micromanaged in many companies due to not performing tasks assigned to them. This will endues high cost and a lot of illegalities that can be avoided completely

FinClock performance management makes the act of completing tasks and moving forward much simpler. The attendance app has a platform where reports on the progress of a task and its completion. This will include photos even audio reports. The management will be evaluating their performance in the office than in the field. The reports sent by each employee will be filed in data form that can be accessed later by the management to review an employee’s performance. This will enhance employees morale to work and be able to access benefits.

  1. Streamlined communication features in Attendance app

The need for instant communication from the management to employees and vice versa is important. The management may require certain feedback and can only access it through direct contact with the employee.

The Finclock attendance app comes as a cloud based thus will ensure each team can be kept up to date on any changes and be quick in dealing with issues as they arise. The system gives access to emails to employees to receive notifications or alerts in their work stations.

The process will be fast and efficient for no time or cost will be lost trying to relay any information what so ever. This will greatly improve the performance and productivity of employees with ease and instant.

Access to information will be within seconds and no data is lost. The attendance app system is also GPS enabled to grant you access to data where ever you are as long as you have a computer or mobile phone.attendance manager applications, attendance application, attendance software, staff management system, online attendance system, attendance software

  1. Use Attendance app for for outdoor employees

In most cases timesheet generation is a huge task due to large workforce and no record of employee attendance. This makes it next to impossible for the manger to keep track of expenditure.

The FinClock timesheet software reduces the time wasted in calculating payroll. This is because the employee attendance is linked is linked to the employees payroll. All attendance of an employee will be used to generate their payment and make sure no illegalities take place.

The attendance system will calculate the number of days worked by an employee and his payment every time they clock in and when they clock out.  The reports on attendance will come from the attendance application. If they are late or absent the system automatically deducts from their payroll and all will be viewed at the end of the week or month. This will eliminate lateness and absenteeism and boost in performance and accuracy and efficiency will be achieved.

The payroll generation system will also root out ghost worker for only registered employees are on the payroll therefore being a cost cutting system. Employee can also view their payroll in the secure cloud to affirm their payments or any balance. This ensures security for it’s a tamper-proof system thus no illegalities may happen.

It is certain that FinClock attendance app is the solution to all your employee management problems. Accuracy, increase in performance is highly guaranteed with this system. So why wait any longer? Choose employee management software for many workers wisely today.Book a Free demo here

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Guide when Choosing employee Attendance Manager system

Choosing the right online employee management software to serve your business is a choice that will affect your operation for a long time. The time taken to switch from one software to another can cost your company quite a lot. Specifically, choosing the right online employee management software that will serve your needs requires right information. This means that if your company needs a software that will help growth and productivity of your workforce, the best choice is to look for what needs you seek to accomplish. Also, the nature of the business you are in is another factor. I will discuss the 5 top factors to consider when choosing the online employee management software and use sample reports done using Finclock attendance manager application

What are your Company operations in relation to attendance application

The nature of your business dictates the daily activities of your employees. Think of the software as a channel to make your workforce communicate effectively. This means that first, the company has to evaluate its needs, both internally and externally. These needs are the operational procedures.  The main questions that must be answered her include: what is my business niche? What should my reports contain? How much manual entries are required? Do I have the right hardware? Do I need automation of some processes? Is this online employee management software fitting my employees’ level of education?

With these questions in mind, you will be able to find a long list of software that claim to offer solutions to these questions. Now you have a chance to analyze their reports. The next step is to find demos. If you can check the videos and reports, then look at how these reports relate to your company operations, then you will be safe. I propose looking at these software reports made using the FinClock Online employee management software. They are unique because they offer pictures of the work done, which has time-stamps. You can even contact their support for more free  Live demos and make the right employee management software, attendance manager application

Who does the employee report to?

The company organization structure, say starting with the employee, supervisors, branch managers, company management at the head office, CEO and the directors. Not forgetting the customers.

Traditionally, there have been software that only allow internal communication, but leave out the client. There are obvious benefits, such as company secrets, company decision making process among others. However, do not forget that the fundamental business of the company is to serve the needs of the client. Think of having these clients first and having them as the main focus. This perspective does not have to make you breach the focus of your company operations, but instead, must enable you to filter the kind of information that will reach your customers.

The best decision here in choosing the right online employee management software is to look for a solution that will not only enable you to communicate internally, but also offer you quality reports that will be used by the client. Here, the client should always see the good work that you are doing and also see the main tasks and challenges that you undergo every day. The best online employee management software that can help your company achieve these goals include the Finclock Online employee management system.

What does the Online employee management software report cover?

The report made by your employees everyday will affect the overall performance of your company. Think of the employee as a fundamental unit in a company. If your employee’s work was to amount to one unit. Then the overall performance of the company is the sum of all the units of performance. Thus, let the reports made by each employee benefit the growth of the company. Here, it does not mean that every employee will be good and will report the right things. But eliminating the bad things reported by the employees is the first step to attaining high efficiency. I would advise that you choose a system that will enable your employees to report what they are doing in a simple and efficient way. Think of the employees as units of success or failure. Then, find a software that makes each employee responsible for the work they are doing. This is the best strategy and therefore requires a good online attendance manager system. See sample videos of how employees should report.

How easy is the reporting process

When employees are at work, they are much willing to let the management know their input in the overall goals of the company. However, the process of daily reporting should not make them less efficient. Meaning what? The best online employee management software should be easy to use and the reporting process should be a simple 3 step process. The software should be presented in a form that encourages the employees to work properly and to submit their work records with ease. If all employees in your company are visiting Facebook every day, why then should they not visit a simple mobile application every day and let the company know what exactly they have been doing the whole day? This is the essence of a good online employee management software. The best software  for project management should have the least number of steps and also cover the largest information.

Conclusion on Choosing Attendance Manager application

First, look for the needs that your company wants to achieve with the online employee management software. Is it lateness that you want to eliminate? Is it laziness that you want to eradicate? Is it employee performance records that you want to get? Do you want to make decisions in real-time? Do you want a software that is simple and lovable by your employees? These are some of the questions that should precede buying the online employee management software. These are the main factors that you should consider, even before going to pricing. Remember, a software is not a replacement of humans, but only a channel for effective communication among the humans. With this information in mind, you can now go ahead to select a software that will fit your company needs. The software should be able to handle all aspects of business. If you plan to take one part of a software, then consider companies that offer complete staff management software.

The next stage is finding out what your industry does. Here, find out what your industry needs. For instance, if you are looking for a construction online employee management software, you may be forced to use a software that allows outdoor use, meaning that it has to come as a mobile online attendance application. The conditions that now arise from such a critical factor will then lead you to the right direction. Thus, you will need a good strategy, with the list of questions outlined above. With these factors, you can proceed to look for sample reports. Here are some reports made by employees using FinClock EMS, a version that covers construction companies. Book free demo today and start the journey to changing your company operations.

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