Attendance Management software features:

  1. Mark Attendance (Clock in/Out) using attendance app or biometric attendance devices.
  2. Attendance & location tracking, with geofencing capabilities.
  3. Automate Timesheet Processing, showing payable and non-payable hours.
  4. Automate Payroll processing from timesheet reports and save money.
  5. Get Online employee attendance reports that include lateness, absence and performance reports.
  6. Shift Management and leave management with abilities to customize policies to fit your organization.
  7. Staff performance reports which helps you in evaluation of work balance.
  8. Use FinClock app to make work reports, which complement the attendance reports.
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Why Choose FinClock Attendance management system?

  • FinClock provides options for mobile attendance app or biometric attendance kits, thus fits office and fieldworkers.
  • FinClock EMS comes as a package of tools that help your team organize work. These tools include attendance tracking, work reporting, leave and shift management as well as communication with managers.
  • FinClock team will help you integrate the online attendance management system to your biometric and access control systems.
  • FinClock team will also train your organization and offer support to your team.
  • FinClock Attendance management system can be customized to fit the needs of your organization.

Attendance Management software features

  1. Shift Scheduling and Management.
  2. Monitor employee Location via GPS in real-time. Thus, employees will have to reach their workstation and clock in using their mobile phones.
  3. Track employee absence based on days of clock in and out, directly on the online attendance system account.
  4. Track staff performance, based on combined parameters that include lateness, clocking away from the work station and employee absence
  5. Access over 5 timesheet reports, which include timesheets, absence management trends, Location trends and work-map, staff lateness trends, employee leaves, Staff performance as employee performance  score.
  6. Start by registering all employees who shall get a Mobile application to clock in and Out.
  7. The Finclock attendance application tracks both employee location and attendance.
  8. When the employees clock in and out, the data is sent to the online attendance software, where data is analysed into different reports.
  9. The managers are able to view real-time attendance reports.
  10. The attendance reports can be downloaded as pdf or excel, which can be integrated with other systems, such as payroll.
  11. Time attendance management System operation.

    Finclock attendance management system includes the mobile attendance application. Here are some of the reasons why finclock attendance management system fits your employee/employer needs.

    1. Finclock attendance app will work both Indoor and Outdoor
    2. Finclock attendance management Application works both Online and offline, thus best system that includes all employee needs
    3. Finclock application is the most affordable, most reliable and simplest system for attendance management.
    4. You do not need technical experts because support team is ready to help you set up company account and configure systems for automation.
    5. The mobile application works in all areas, regardless of internet connectivity.

Time and attendance management software Benefits

  • Employees will be registering attendance every day, and their performance shall be analysed, according to the number of days worked, lateness cases and absence cases.
  • Cases of absenteeism shall be managed by having unapproved cases being penalized in the wage calculation.
  • Using online attendance tracking software, the managers shall View the reports from all stations at the same time, directly from the computer or mobile phone.
  • The managers shall be able to track the position their employees, and thus be able to send direct messages or warnings to the working stations.
  • Managers shall be able to review employee performance and either motivate, promote or sanction employees’ conduct.
  • The employees shall, be registered using fingerprint data, which shall then be linked to the current or future payroll or Human resource management systems.
  • Employees shall be using a fingerprint to clock in and out, and the management shall get automatically calculated hours worked per employee.
  • The managers shall also receive notifications for requests for leave thus streamline payment and solve cases of payment of ghost employees.
  • Finclock mobile application combines other important reporting features for employees, thus providing a complete Business management application for all teams.

Time Attendance Management software main features

The main reasons why Finclock is the top attendance management software include: analysed reports, working in areas without connectivity, combined tracking of location and dedicated support.

  1. FinClock staff attendance management software solve all attendance management challenges, starting from on-boarding of employees through tamper-proof registration, Management of daily attendance records, Employee location tracking through GPS, to employee performance reports.
  2. This is the best attendance management system, which offers a complete method of ensuring that employees attend to their job places on time, complete the tasks assigned appropriately, and the Employee records are integrated into both On-premise and online servers.
  3. FinClock employee attendance software is available for both indoor and fieldworkers. In this case, the outdoor workers are best suited with the mobile application. In the case of Fixed Time attendance management, Finclock combines Fingerprint/ biometric attendance kits, where, employees will use their fingerprints to clock in and out.
  4. Finclock is unique because it serves in rugged regions experiencing Poor Internet connectivity as it can record attendance offline. This is enabled by mobile app, which can be take the GPS position, time of clocking in and Out, then store the data until the user gets connected. The mobility of the devices, enables the use of the system to monitor the attendance of decentralized workforce, such as attendance management in construction, field services and many more.
  5. The Online  attendance management system  shall enable the managers to make real-time decisions as they can see the employee records directly using their phones or computer. As such, organizations having both decentralized and institution-based working environment, find FinClock a suitable solution for workforce management.
  6. Attendance Management Software for middle East and Europe workers

    In the most businesses, schools and government institutions  currently, labor cost amounts to about 25 – 45% of the total operations cost. The high cost of operations is attributed to inefficiencies in staff attendance management. Staff members who mostly, employee remuneration is based on a constant salary, but their performance remains unsupervised. As such most projects may end up at a cost, much higher than the initial planned expense. It has been reported by many organizations that unaccounted operational costs is the main cause for a project exceeding the initial planned expense. Thus, the only way to save costs of operation is to use staff attendance management software for staff members, which fits the needs of the business or institution and clients as well.

    Time attendance management software for schools

    Using Student Attendance management software records in school management helps in the following ways:

    1. Increased dedication of students to their courses
    2. Students follow up is automated, meaning that manual reports are eliminated.
    3. Increased discipline since you can communicate directly to the students and teachers.
    4. Direct audit of expected school payments, using the attendance records.
    5. Increase efficiency and reduce the cost of labor in your school

    When you start using Student Attendance management system to track attendance of students, your school will be able to attract more students and improve the overall grades. The system helps the school managers to concentrate on the important activities. Also, you will be able to view the progress of each student online, based on their attendance. Use the attendance  reports to make decisions and improve school performance.  Use attendance reports to decide on expected payment, discipline and communicate with students directly using the finclock attendance application. This is the best student management system that will fit both students and teachers

    FinClock attendance management software has 4 main functions that include:

    1. Track Employee timesheets, using the mobile attendance manager application
    2. Staff location monitoring, based on GPS records
    3. Both indoor and Outdoor attendance management is enabled, thanks to the mobile and biometric systems
    4. Receive employee reports, which range from Daily attendance, absenteeism to lateness trends.

    Most businesses, schools and government institutions which started using online staff attendance management software have reported remarkable improvement in staff performance and the outcome is improved productivity and profits.

Employee Attendance management system functionalities.

Attendance management software with Employee register

The FinClock time attendance management software addresses the need of having a clean employee register. Here, the tamper proof employee database is created by  having the employees either register from the mobile app and be approved by admin, or the admin invites the employees and approves their profile details, after they create their account.  The employee records are first stored on the local database, and then automatically uploaded to a secure server. The data can be viewed, but the changes will required admin rights at the position of management.

Attendance management software online with timesheet reports

  1. The employees who have been registered will require to sign in when they get to their work place and sign out when they leave the workplace. The employees will  either use their PIN or use their fingerprint and sign in or sign out, with or without internet connection. The data shall be uploaded to the secure online attendance management software, regardless of the time range.
  2. This features in the online attendance management system provide a unique method of managing employees in actual working conditions, both office and fieldworkers.
  3. The employees are not able to view or edit the attendance records since the admin is disabled on the handheld device and only available to county level admins.

Online attendance management software  for timesheet processing.

The employee timesheets are automatically processed via the admin web module. The processed timesheet shows the employee ID, name, assigned workplace, sign on and sign off time and date as well as the number of hours the employee has worked. The data can be downloaded into an PDF sheet and used to make decisions. using the Best attendance management system, managers can now know who is attending job, who is absent and even who is signing in and out away from their workplace.

Attendance management system with Shift planning tools.

Start saving time using finclock staff time attendance management system. This is the best staff management application that works online and offline. Shift planning starts with setting employee shifts in the online attendance management software. Managers will assign employee shifts based as per the workstations. the only shift planner that works in multiple workstations.
Using the best shift management application, you will be able to schedule shifts of employees and decide the time of arrival and time of leaving the work station. Also, Finclock Shift planner allows setting allowances for attendance, such as 10 minutes. when an employee comes to work later than the set shift time, they are automatically flagged as late.
Wondering how to stop employee lateness? Use Finclock shift planning application. This mobile application turns mobile phones to attendance management systems. The start members will clock in and clock out when they are at work. Here, the shifts set per employee can automate tracking of time attendance.
Scheduling of employees to multiple posts is easy using Finclock shift scheduling software. the system allows managers to schedule multiple shifts based on the needs of the business.
Best shift scheduling application allows employees to request for shift changes using their mobile phones. The employer can approve change of shifts and reschedule employee shifts online. Start using the best shift planning system today and save time and  money. Register here today and enjoy efficient employee management

Attendance management software with performance reports.

Based on Key Performance indicators set during installations, the employee performance based on timeliness, Absenteeism, lateness trends and completion of tasks can be measured. The real-time data is accumulated and the performance of an employee is displayed in a simplified Tables, which can be used for decision making.

Staff attendance management software for records management

The employee records can be seen after registration. Here, the employee name, assigned workplace, job category, payment frequency, account number and the employee mobile number can be seen. The employee records can be downloaded as a pdf or excel format and used to make other decisions such as payments and employee promotion, demotion and even dismissal. Also, the employee can be marked as either active or inactive. Inactive employees are not able to get any data processed.

The wage of each employee is automatically calculated according to the number of hours they have worked. Since a shift hours are known, any lateness is automatically deducted. Additional Hours worked can be audited by the Company Admin and appropriate decisions reached.

 Staff Attendance Management System for business

  1. Your business requires dedicated employees to achieve high profitability. The first step to success is having the best staff attendance management software that will ensure employees arrive to work at the right time. Finclock staff Attendance management system ensures that both indoor and outdoor employees mark attendance everyday.
  2. Using finclock employee or staff Attendance management system will give you real time employee timesheets, which shall be directly viewed though your phone or a web browser. The reports include important details such as time in, time out, worked hours, lateness, absent days and employee performance.
  3. Performance of each employee is calculated based on monthly attendance reports and this analysis helps a manager see which employee is working hard, the under performing and even the dormant employees.
  4. Using employee attendance management software for businesses, you shall be able to track the location of the employees directly from the phone, since the geofencing and gps location of employees using employee management application is tracked during their shift hours. When their shift end, there is no need to track their GPS, thus their privacy is always maintained.
  5. You will save money because overtime hours shall reduce and thus operational costs shall reduce.
  6. You will be able to connect to time and attendance management software where you can directly process payrolls, from the worked hours. the payroll is calculated based on either hourly, daily or monthly.
  7. Analytics of each employee shall help a manager to decide on promotions and allocation of tasks.
  8. You can register a free trial today and have the support team guide you through the system. The dedicated finclock support team is dedicated to help your business grow and reduce wastage of time and money.

Staff Attendance Management system for office employees

The aim of implementing a biometric attendance management software for office employees is to provide managers with real-time information on the attendance and performance of each employee of the company.

The above objective is achieved by installation of biometric attendance devices across all the workstations in the county. Notably, the attendance of each employee affects the overall service delivery.

The attendance management system for office employees shall provide information on the active, dormant, lazy and the actual performance per each department, job designation and workstation.

The time and attendance management software shall be deployed in reliable working environment, which shall support the current power and internet connectivity challenges. This shall be done after a comprehensive survey across the working stations or offices.

Staff attendance management system for fieldworkers

  1. Best time clock app seeks to solve employee management challenges. From employee registration, daily attendance reports, staff performance tracking as well as fieldwork attendance management system.
  2. This is the best attendance management software application that offers a complete method of ensuring that employees attend to their job places on time, complete the tasks assigned appropriately, and the Employee records are integrated into the online attendance management system.
  3. Field Attendance management system can either be deployed as a mobile-based attendance application or biometric attendance devices. The biometric clocks serve in rugged regions experiencing Poor Internet connectivity. The attendance in remote areas is enabled by incorporation of IP65 grade, mobile devices, which can be stationed in remote areas. The mobility of the devices, enables the use of the system to monitor the attendance of decentralized workforce.
  4. Field staff attendance management software has been rated the best time clock application because it shall enables managers to make real-time decisions as they can see the employee records directly using their phones or computer.
  5. Currently, organizations having both decentralized and institution-based working environment (indoor and outdoor workers) find FinClock EMS a suitable solution for workforce management.

Attendance management system for staff scheduling.

Best staff Shift scheduling app that solves all guard attendance and shift management challenges. Improve staff attendance using the best application for employee management. Finclock App is the top attendance management software that helps automated and periodic guard scheduling.

Best staff management application for shift scheduling enables the manager to have real-time guard tracking. Using the best application for guard shift scheduling, managers all over the world are attaining high staff productivity and improved response to issues.

Best employee management software online will measure performance of each security guard and update on employee location. Track shift management for guards online using the best shift scheduling application on phone. reduce wastage of time and money in guards operations. The top companies for guarding use Shift scheduling application to manage guard attendance.

Start using the best attendance management software with,mobile scheduling application online today. Register a free trial now and enjoy the best attendance management system online.

Attendance management software for work performance reports.

The aim of employees training is to empower each staff member on the use of staff attendance management system for time management for organizational duties.

Here, each employee shall be trained on both attendance and project management. As such, the county shall achieve comprehensive flow of information across different departments and stakeholders. This will form the basis of realization of efficient service delivery and management of company resources.

Training is organized either online or on site visit. There are two or three stages of training on staff attendance management software use, depending on the nature of organization. the training include: Employee training, Managers’ training and system admins training.