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Finclock is the best attendance system that saves your business time and money. Use online attendance software for office and fieldworkers.attendance system, online attendance software, online attendance system, outdoor attendance system, outdoor time attendance system

What Does Finclock Attendance software do?

  1. All Staff members in and out of office will  clock in/out using either the attendance application and the info goes to the online attendance system.
  2. Employees will use the attendance system to record attendance and task reports, both online and offline.
  3. The Finclock attendance software for  office and field staff generate staff timesheet reports
  4. The attendance software for field staff  and outdoor workers comes with real-time location tracking, thus no clocking away from workstation
  5. The employees will use the mobile attendance application to make requests, such as leave management requests, shift management requests, staff off days requests,
  6. This online attendance software generates absence reports, thus enabling managers to make task and shift plans.
  7. Finclock Attendance system also offers automated employee performance reports, which can be viewed online.
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Benefits of using Finclock Attendance system

using the Finclock Attendance software for office and field staff will help identify the total hours worked by each employee. Using the staff scheduling tools, you will cut the operation costs in your business, school or organization.

  1. Finclock is the best attendance software to reduce overtime hours
  2. Using the attendance software for timesheet reports will eliminate ghost workers
  3.  Finclock is the only software for attendance that tracks progress of work and tasks.
  4. using the best online attendance system for employees, you will eliminate time theft and reduce staff absence.
  5. Finclock attendance system  for office and field workers provides the only mobile attendance application that works both online and offline.

Who needs Online Attendance System?

  1. Top companies use online attendance software for office and fieldworkers, to track all employees both in office, and fieldwork, sales teams and many more.
  2. Finclock is the best attendance software for schools. The schools use the attendance system to track student timesheet performance, in all classes.
  3. Attendance software for construction companies needs to work offline and thus the mobile attendance app fits the needs of construction companies. Currently, many construction companies worldwide are using finclock attendance system to cut the cost of labor in projects.
  4. Attendance software for guards also needs to work offline ad give alerts of absenteeism and lateness. These needs are addressed using online attendance system.
  5. Finclock online attendance software has become the best attendance software for sales people, especially working in the field. The major difference between finclock attendance software and other applications is the performance analysis and the ability to make task reports.
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Online attendance system reports

Finclock online attendance software provides all reports that are associated with staff attendance. These reports include timesheets, employee lateness reports, staff absence reports, GPS tracking reports and employee performance reports. The best online attendance system in the world provides these features.

Top Online attendance reports and timesheets

FinClock attendance software and application offer the best analysis of time attendance reports. When employees clock in and clock out, the devices will store the data. When there is an internet connection, the attendance timesheet is automatically sent to the secure online attendance system.  These timesheet reports are analyzed to give managers the best information about the attendance records. FinClock attendance system provides the best timesheet templates that can be customized to fit the needs of your business. Hourly timesheet, daily timesheets, weekly time sheets, monthly timesheets and any time frame, based on the needs.

Lateness reports

Lateness reports are can be retrieved when the admin, operations or human resource manager logs in to the online attendance system. The lateness report of an employee will show the number of days they have come to work. The reports also affect the attendance time performance of the employee

Employee attendance and payroll reports

The best online attendance software that solves all attendance challenges is to connect the attendance reports to payroll. FinClock attendance system automates all indoor and outdoor timesheet reporting. Above all, the employees will report the tasks completed, which makes this attendance software a complete system. Also, payroll processing based on timesheet reports ensures employee commitment to time and punctuality. Automatically, the employees can be deducted the hours of lateness or absence. This makes FinClock the best online attendance software.

Portable and Fixed biometric attendance system

Finclock online attendance software does not lock out the fixed biometric attendance system. Thus, if you have an existing biometric/fingerprint attendance machine, it shall be linked to the online attendance system. The employees will continue to clock in and out using fingerprints, but this time, the timesheet reports shall be sent online, where detailed analysis is done.

Get Employee performance reports from the #1 Online Attendance software

FinClock online attendance system provides a good analysis of the employee timesheet and task reports. Based on the records provided, the managers can know how many days an employee has been absent, how many days an employee was late and how many hours should an employee be paid.

Also, the best online attendance system provides a detailed analysis of employee performance reports. The records are analyzed to give the performance of an employee, based on their lateness, absenteeism and the task completion. These reports are based on KPIs of the company and reports given as a percentage of expected total hours per day.

An employee who attended half the number of day and was late for a certain day will get lower attendance performance, than the employee who attended all days and was never late. This makes FinClock the best online attendance software.

The attendance performance reports show the best-performing employee of the month, least performing employee and the most improved employee. These records enable management to automatically call the employees and make the right decision

Workstation/Post Attendance reports from the best Attendance software online.

FinClock online attendance system provides timesheet report, lateness reports, and absence reports for a workstation. These reports are automatically sent to the company account, which is the company registered when setting up the online attendance system. As such, the management can automatically download the workstation timesheet reports.

The best reports that given managers information used for decision making. Using the workstation timesheets, managers have been able to reward hardworking employees and to warn the non-performing employees. Human resource, Finance, customers and all resources use the attendance system to improve communication within the business organization.  The task management features in the online attendance software helps companies to maximize profits by tracking expenditure, per project and per employee. These reports make Finclock the #1 attendance software or companies that plan to grow fast.

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Best Online Attendance system Features

Top Features of Finclock attendance software

  1. Combine all information to streamline your organization management
  2. Trusted time Tracking
  3. Use the time attendance report to generate payroll automatically
  4. Share reports with different organizations
  5. Pay for one, efficient system. With 24-7 support team
  6. Embrace technology that is always with you to serve your employees.

 Why Finclock is the Best online attendance system

The best online attendance system ensures access of attendance records from everywhere using either mobile phone or computer. The best choice of online attendance software is based on answers to these questions;

  1. Can the online system for attendance provide real-time data? If yes, then can the data be available with our without internet?
  2. The attendance system online should provide all employee data
  3. Can the data be biometric attendance report be trusted? Here, only finclock online attendance report, which  cannot be edited is trusted.
  4. Can the biometric system work offline? Based on the current trends of working environment, the best biometric system should work offline, meaning that the employee records shall be stored in the device and be reliable with or without internet connection.

Mobile attendance Application in Finclock Attendance System

Finclock offers the best online application for time management. Finclock Attendance software comes with the attendance app that solves all staff management challenges is Finclock. uniquely designed to perform all staff reporting roles offline and online. Best application that reduces reporting problems in company. Use the best attendance application to motivate employees to come to work. Major solutions you need Finclock attendance application.

Main reasons for Choosing Attendance software and application

  1. stop employee lateness at work.
  2. Stop employee lies on matters of time and attendance
  3. Manage staff absence by automated reporting  of present, absent and late employees, using the best attendance management system online.
  4. Track outdoor employees location and demand reports online.
  5. Increase business management by automating communication between bosses and employees.
  6. Communicate with boss using the best attendance app that works offline.
  7. Reduce cheating on reports from the employees by ensuring that each employee files a daily report of the completed tasks and streamlines the work person.
  8. Stop cheating employees who are sent to do fieldwork and never report to work.
  9. stop lies in outdoor projects using the top attendance software application.
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More About Finclock Online Attendance System

FinClock Online Attendance system saves you time and money. Currently, you can manage your employee attendance online and track all attendance and task reports. Finclock Attendance system has been rated best Attendance software this year.

The advantage of online attendance software is the introduction of mobile attendance application. We have in mind the reliability and cost implication of the software to your organization. As such, we have developed a modern online attendance software to monitor clocking in/out, shift management as well as punctuality of your employees. The information shall then be sent to the online attendance system to process the payments directly.

Finclock online attendance software applications includes the application of mobile phones,  and biometric attendance system. Here, you can choose between the mobile attendance application or biometric attendance machine. Both  attendance systems will include staff timesheet management and task management. These features make finclock attendance system for employees the ideal for both office and fieldworkers. here, the organizations with both office and field workers will use the combined solutions, which are interlined to the online attendance system. With this attendance solution, you can no longer worry about the increasing number of your employees.

Finclock Attendance system reports

Start using the online attendance system that offers the most important reports for decision making. Using the reports, managers are able to make the following decisions in real time;

  1. Performance reports from the attendance system for employees
  2. Automated payroll processing based on the timesheet application reports
  3. tamper-proof performance appraisals
  4. leave management
  5. shift scheduling and reporting
  6. Daily tasks reporting

How Finclock attendance system works

Finclock attendance system can either be based on mobile attendance application or biometric attendance system Kits, which can be used either indoor or outdoor. Since the software for attendance is online, the use cases of the attendance system are unlimited. This is the best biometric attendance system for construction workers. Also, Finclock online attendance software comes as a complete biometric attendance system for schools and students. Why is finclock online attendance system different from other timesheet software? The answer is because the attendance system is integrated to the modern staff management system. Having this software in use by companies all over the world, this attendance software for employees provides provides managers with real time information, all in one place. In this case, the steps involved are shown in the flow chart below:

 Best attendance system pricing

This  finclock attendance system for businesses is meant to serve your company at both small and large scale. In this case, we offer three packages. the first package is the mobile attendance application and online attendance system. Starting with $5 per employee, the prices reduce as the company grows. The second package is the biometric attendance system for office employees. This system will require a fixed biometric kit, which comes as per the regional prices. The third option is portable biometric attendance system, which comes in android OS. Now it is up to you to decide the best attendance system option for your organization. Normally, companies will opt for attendance software for office an fieldworkers, where they will take a combined option of attendance application and the online attendance system.

Thus, you are free to incorporate the system at different levels of business growth, starting with the areas that require maximum staff management. The charges are split to monthly rates, with small fees per employee, which shall serve to maintain the system and have a dedicated member of our team to help at all times. View Finclock Pricing packages here

More info on Attendance system Options (Mobile application or biometric).

1.      Mobile attendance system Application

FinClock Attendance application is convenient for both indoor and outdoor workers, such as drivers, salesmen, and business people who travel often. The attendance app can be used to access all your information via the app available for any smartphone or using any web browser.

You can even receive daily alerts detailing employee tardiness and absences. The user-friendly interface makes it simple for anyone to use, and full reports and analyses can easily be accessed at any time, anywhere.

The online attendance software is Available on both the Android and IOs for use by all teams. Also, the application provides tools for employee reporting when in the field. Remember, with or without connection, the attendance application works perfectly.

Attendance manager application in attendance systems

Finclock staff attendance app streamlines the working methods of employees in the office and field workers. Use the best attendance system that saves time and money in your business.

  1. Eliminate ghost workers in large organizations, such as government organizations, using the top biometric attendance software.
  2.  Using the best staff online attendance software, you will stop lateness of employees as they have to come to the workstation on time, and clock in.
  3.  The best attendance software for office workers that stops absenteeism, both for indoor and outdoor workers. Use the absence management reports to make the right decisions in your business.
  4.  Using Finclock online attendance system, the employees will not only record their time, but also the tasks they are completing. Let employees be responsible for their duties by using daily task reporting application.
  5.  Companies across the world are using the outdoor attendance system application, to cut the cost of operations. Here, Employees using the staff online attendance software application that tracks employee location and attendance. As such using the best software for staff management has helped managers to cut operations cost by 30%.
  6. Reduce overtime expenses using the best staff attendance manager software.
  7.  Many employers have embraced the FinClock attendance manager app, since the streamlined communication with employees has improved staff motivation using direct requests feature in the attendance application.
  8. improve staff engagement using direct communication tools presented in the staff attendance manager system.
  9. Improve staff productivity through efficient staff scheduling tools, such as shift scheduling, leave scheduling and report scheduling, using the staff management application.

Why Finclock is the be Attendance software for sales people

Best Attendance app for sales people  is Finclock since it has the tools for making sales reports, which can be done both online and offline. This is the best attendance software for sales people, which automatically tracks the location, so sales people will not lie to the management. This mobile application for staff management saves time of attendance reporting and increases the output of each employee.

Using the best attendance software for sales people in the world this year will help cut the cost of labor and overall operational costs in your company. Use the best application for attendance management to improve delivery of each employee as the employee work hard to achieve company goals

The best app for hr managers, which reduces workload by automating employee monitoring. This is the best attendance application for all workers. using the application, managers can track field workers online. #1 attendance application offers best performance analysis, which helps managers make the right decisions in their company.

Finclock Attendance software for sales people offers the best staff reporting software features, on a simplified attendance applications, which run on both android and IOS phones. Start using finclock attendance application to save company time. Wish to start using Finclock online Attendance software for sales people? register free trial now

2.      Portable and fixed Biometric Attendance system option

This is a biometric attendance system running on Android OS. It is powered by a world-class workforce management system. Having this software in use by corporations all over the world by many businesses, schools and government institutions.

Why Use biometric Attendance system?

Biometric attendance Systems help companies save the cost of labor by up to 30% in normal projects. The timesheet  records help human resource managers to eliminate time wastage, with employees arriving to work on time. Using biometric attendance systems, companies manage to boost attendance up to 100%.

Essentially, Biometric attendance system and applications are designed to reduce time theft by employees. The attendance system can either be based on biometric devices, which either have fingerprint readers or facial recognition. These devices help to avoid cheating since paper based timesheets are prone to fraud.

Why Managers Trust biometric attendance system reports

Using the best attendance systems will help companies get employee reports. these reports range from normal attendance to analytical reports on departments, branches and even in different job categories. The best biometric attendance systems this year are using web based services (SaaS), since the world has changed and managers need to get real time reports from any part of the world. The best biometric attendance systems may also support the use of time clock applications. These applications are designed to mark the location as well as face of an employee. Thus, the outdoor workforce is incorporated in the timesheet reports.

Which are the best biometric attendance systems for field Employees?

Finclock online Attendance System is among the best biometric attendance systems for field Employees. The system allows attendance and even tasks reporting for outdoor employee management of workers. Finclock uses wireless biometric devices, making it possible to have construction workers, security guards, transport companies and even cleaning companies manage attendance of their workers.

Best biometric attendance systems will allow different managers to see reports of employees under them. If you have many branches, you will be able to configure all posts on the same system and as employees make time punches, the data is sent to a central server. you can access all the information under a given department of branch directly from a single platform using your mobile phone.

Finclock Online Attendance system offer Free trail for 21 days. you will be guided by the support team throughout the system and as you find more features that can help your company, you are able to start the annual subscription of $1 per employee. This is the cheapest biometric attendance system which offers the best reports for your company. Register a free trial today or contact support.

 3. Best Attendance system options for businesses.

  1. If your employees work under the same roof, the best method is to have a fixed biometric time clock.
  2. If your employees are located at multiple stations, the best option is the handheld, portable biometric/ facial/ RFID Time Attendance From the collection of data, the other methods are the same.
  3. If there is a trusted supervisor, who will ensure that no cheating punching (someone clocking in for his or her friend) then one device with a PIN can be applied.

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Attendance system reports

About Attendance reports

Use Finclock to manage employees because this is the best staff management software online that helps managers across the world to save time and money. Hr managers are tracking employee records using Finclock. Finclock offers all important features in finclock attendance system that enables smooth operations in businesses and organizations.

Using the best staff management software online, managers will on board employees automatically. The managers will also keep staff records in a secure cloud hr system, which allows access based on admin rights. Best HRMS system that includes employment management. Using Finclock, track the employment records online. Managers can conduct employee reviews directly, based on key KPIs, which include staff attendance, staff performance and the employment profiles.

Use best HRMS software to track staff attendance. The employees will be required to mark attendance using their phones or biometric systems.  Using the attendance application, staff absence, lateness and absenteeism is tracked remotely. The best system for outdoor workforce management because it works both online and offline.

Leave management using Best HRMS is automated. leave requests can be made on the employee self service application. The leaves applications are sent to the online hr system, where the managers can approve, schedule or reject the applications.

Track staff performance using finclock HRMS. The performance of employees is monitored and analysed based on the performance in projects, completion of tasks and attendance.

Staff document management is enabled by the online hr system. staff members can download documents such as Statutory forms, contract forms, tax returns forms and appraisal forms.

Timesheet reports

Access attendance reports from the online attendance system, use phone or computer. These are real-time reports that enable fast and informed decision making. Managers shall receive timely reports and notifications, showing cases of absenteeism, which is marked by skipped clocking.

Best Attendance timesheet reports

Best attendance system online provides detailed analysis of attendance timesheets. Finclock Attendance software is offering staff attendance timesheets in real-time. Get the best attendance system online that saves time and money for your business. Using finclock attendance system, you will be able to download timesheet reports for each employee, regardless of the number of locations. The timesheet reports are organized into the following categories;

  1. employee daily attendance timesheet
  2. employee monthly attendance timesheet
  3. employee lateness report
  4. employee shift reports
  5. absenteeism report
  6. Staff location track record
  7. Total performance reports
  8. Job category timesheet
  9. departmental timesheet report and performance
  10. company or institutional performance reports.
  11. Using the attendance analysis features, the graphs will help managers identify the employees who are working, lazy employees and inconsistencies in attendance.

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Timesheet application Features

Top timesheet app that eliminates lazy workers. Best application to stop lazy employees from wasting time in your business. Best timesheet application for outdoor workers.  Start saving time and money today. Best application to track employee attendance, cut employee absence, eliminate wastage of time at work and increase worker’s dedication. The guides that offers the best options for managers of all businesses. the top software for attendance in schools and even hospitals. Best timesheet apps for construction workers, who increase their worked hours and reduce wastage of time in the project.

Top timesheet app operating in android and IOS. World number 1 timesheet application that works perfectly with and without internet. Software that solves all employee management challenges. This is the best software to eliminate lazy workers in your company. application to cut wages. Best app to boost productivity.

Leave Management

Managers shall also receive notifications for requests for leave applications.

Employee Location Tracking

Here, the employees have set posts or work stations, and if they clock in away from the stations, the system will automatically provide notifications

Daily task reports

The only system that provides tools for employees to make daily reports of the work they have completed. Assign tasks, then watch the people delivery.

Performance reports

Employee performance is automatically calculated based on the KPIs, which include lateness, Absence, delayed reports and overdue tasks. Finclock Attendance application that tracks employee performance and daily tasks reporting. Get the best application that saves time in each project. Best application that plans employee tasks and assigns duties to each worker seamlessly.

Improve efficiency of workers by using the best attendance app online. The best attendance application that includes automated progress reporting. Using the staff management application, you will track the progress of each worker and find the best performing and the lazy employees.

Performance reports to improve staff productivity

using the best attendance app will help identify the total hours worked by each employee. Using the automated payroll scheduling system, you will cut the operation costs in your company

  1. Use the best application for attendance to reduce overtime hours
  2. use the best app for attendance to eliminate ghost workers
  3. Top staff attendance application tracks progress of work automatically.
  4. Eliminate time theft in your company, using the best attendance application online
  5. Finclock attendance application online  provides a mobile app that works both online and offline.
  6. Register Free trial to start saving money in your business.

Staff Scheduling reports

Companies need to save time and labor costs in projects. The best way to reduce expenses is to start using employee Employee schedule manager application. Using the mobile staff management applications shall help reduce labor costs.

Fieldworkers face a problem of time wastage, which will lead to high cost at the end of the project. Implementing an efficient employee management system shall save the company money every day, amounting to significant amounts and cutting down the time wasted by 50% for the first year.

Other benefits will become more evident by the end of the first 3 months, which include a clearer forecast of cost implication of the workforce. Thus, start the implementation of the Employee schedule manager application. Join Finclock to Start saving money today.  To download the mobile application for construction managers, register your  account here.

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Payroll Integration to Attendance system

Process payment from timesheets is automated. The time worked is currently processed as daily and monthly timesheet per employee. Based on the current salary of employees, the daily wage can be calculated. Thus, the total monthly wage shall be automatically calculated. Then, on boarding of existing statutory and Tax deductions shall be set. From the data obtained, the payroll admin shall verify and approve the payroll for employees. Then, the payroll system shall have a call-service to upload the processed payroll to the government systems. This shall be simplified and time of processing reduced.

Link Attendance System to Payroll system

The integration project shall be delivered as per the following scope;

  1. Audit of current payroll system
  2. System developments to cover the following:
  3. On-boarding of statutory and tax deductions
  4. On-boarding of staff loans and bank details
  5. Custom Wage calculations
  6. Tax submissions
  7. Payroll verification board and edit trail.
  8. Automation of API call services
  9. Verification of successful processing.
  10. Processed payroll database
  11. Training of administrators.
  12. Provision of support to the administrators

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Why Finclock is the Best attendance Software

Finclock attendance system remains the best staff management software this year. Best hr software that saves time and money for your business. This is the software to streamline the staff management online. Top features of the best HR management software include;

  1. Tamper proof employee registration and staff on-boarding.
  2. staff performance measurement
  3. staff attendance tracking, based on android application and biometric attendance devices.
  4. staff leave management, where employees will make leave request using the hr application.
  5. shift management where staff scheduling software features make it simple, efficient and reliable.
  6. staff transfers, where multiple levels of approvals are enabled.
  7. hr files and documentation, with the full track of staff records, both on line and offline
  8. Daily tasks reporting, with staff performance in daily projects being recorded automatically.
  9. Users of Finclock HRMS include, staff managers in companies, Operation managers in Security companies, HR and project managers for outdoor workers, Business owners with many employees. Staff managers in real-time work progress tracking.

Using Attendance System application for employees

Mobile applications have helped companies to improve the efficiency of daily operations. The employee tracking can be improved using a mobile application for employees, which enables the managers to keep monitoring the reports sent to the management.

The best way to improve attendance time in businesses this year is to equip the workers with the right technology, which works both indoor and outdoor. Here is a brief on how mobile app for outdoor employees work.

  1. GPS & Real-Time Reporting ensures immediate, on-site accountability.
  2. Management gets instant alerts of critical issues directly to mobile phones, for fast response.
  3. The employees publish and send custom reports of incidents from the field to manager
  4. Our team helps you to customize tasks by site and give notes by location.
  5. Watch your crew learn while making scheduled tasks using the mobile app for guards.
  6. staff monitoring app helps your dedicated customer success agent to help you reach your goals.
  7. employees system provides customer with maintenance tracking platform.
  8. Also, the system provides additional value to customers, with parking and asset management system.

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Attendance system User Guide

Attendance system guide offers professional advise to managers on how to manage their staff. Using the guide, a business manager, human resource managers and operation managers are able to improve the productivity of each employee and reduce the cost of operations. Finclock Attendance system guide will help managers to achieve the following;

  1. Stop time wastage in their business or institutions
  2. increase employee productivity, by ensuring that each person gives their best in each project.
  3. Automated management processes and thus focus on the profit making activities in their company
  4. Increase employee motivation, by settling staff requests fast, efficient and in amicable way
  5. Cut Cost of operations by reducing labor costs in the businesses. Here, managers are able to reduce overtime, reduce unnecessary routines in the business and increase individual output of employees.

Employee Planning Using online attendance system

The best employee schedule manager software online. Manage staff shifts, leaves and attendance records. Use the mobile attendance application for outdoor workers. For indoor employees, use the biometric attendance system. Using the best system for attendance management helps your business reduce time wastage and streamline operations.

Finclock attendance software for students

Finclock attendance software for students offers best class scheduling features that enable teachers to make fast and informed decisions.

Use finclock employee schedule manager for  timesheet reports which can be integrated with payroll. Save money by paying employees according to their work schedules.

Businesses across the world are using employee schedule manager system to track employee performance online. Employee records are automatically tracked and reports can be downloaded from any browser or phone. Find the best solution for managing businesses.

Using Finclock Employee scheduling system, staff attendance, shifts and leave management shall be streamlined. hr managers love the application because with a click of a a button, they can conduct employee review online. Register today to start using the best employee scheduling system online.

Shift Scheduling using Online attendance software application

Use the best scheduling software to improve staff attendance. Top scheduling software includes shift scheduling, task scheduling and project scheduling.

#1 online scheduling system that ensures efficient utilization of time and money in your business. Use the best scheduling app to cut the cost of projects.

Bet task scheduling system that allocates employee tasks according to their expertise and improves delivery. The best software to reduce project delivery timelines.

Best scheduling system for business management is available online. Start using the system that aligns company goals to the tasks of employees. The top task management system to save time and money.

Best scheduling system in projects management enables project managers to predict the time to completion of projects. The application ensures that employees make daily progress reports in the task they have been assigned. Register here to use the best scheduling system for 21 days for free

Link Online attendance software and Employee management Systems

Best staff  attendance software online is Finclock and can be made even better when linked to the staff management software. The software is used by over 6000 businesses in the world. The best staff management system that solves main employee management challenges and streamlines operations. Finclock HRM has been rated best online human resource software for the last 3 years.

Staff management software Features

  1. Staff on-boarding, where employees can be registered into the system or bulk added via spreadsheets.
  2. Biometric and fingerprint staff registration: where workers are registered. The employee database is stored in tamper proof company database.
  3. Attendance system: using mobile application and biometric kits, The attendance system seamlessly integrates with finclock Hr application software to provide real time data for staff attendance.
  4. Management of employee register where edits and changes pass through multi-level admins.
  5. Employee leave and shift management processing is done based on the staff requests, made either online or using the mobile attendance app: Using the leave and shift management modules, the staff can apply leave on phone. Also, employees can request shift changes on phone. Using the best leave management application features, the time spent on documentations is reduced.
  6. Track Staff expenses: The only online attendance system that includes staff expenses in projects. manage financial claims, advance requests  online.
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Biometric attendance system

Biometric attendance system that ensures tracking of time and attendance records. The biometric attendance system for schools offers the best portable biometric devices, which enable staff clocking in and out, regardless of the internet connectivity. Fingerprint attendance ensures that there is no cheating of employees. Using the best fingerprint attendance application, our biometric system helps increase the productivity of employees.

FinClock biometric attendance software for schools devices operate fit both indoor and outdoor Staff management operations. The top of the category iP65 and IP67 categories, approved by FBI standards. Best mobile biometric devices that work without internet and have GPS tracking. Using the best biometric time attendance system, you will streamline the attendance trends both indoor and outdoor. FinClock Biometric attendance system for schools offers the best analysis on the attendance reports that helps managers make the best decision

How to Use biometric attendance manager system to track attendance and absence of employees

The best way to track absence of employees is to use a biometric attendance system which includes either office biometric device or outdoor portable biometric device. These devices will help eliminate any cheating of employees.

Attendance software for sales people

The only biometric attendance system that works in the field. The attendance software for  sales people is based on mobile application attendance devices. The devices are suited for working in the field and rated IP68, meaning they can survive harsh weather conditions, such as wetness and dust. Using these outdoor biometric devices, companies have managed to control various fields that include field workers in construction, biometric attendance for fieldworkers.

FinClock biometric attendance system with location tracking

The best biometric attendance software should include location tracking for the employees. Using FinClock biometric attendance system, GPS location of fieldworkers is tracked automatically. Employees will mark time attendance using fingerprint and GPS location is automatically tracked. The online attendance system gives the GPS location of the employee and shows the exact location at the time of the clock in and lock out. These features eliminates all possibilities of employee cheating.

How much does biometric attendance system cost?

The Best price for biometric attendance system will depend on the number of employees and the area of application. Currently, the cost of biometric attendance system has reduced, thanks to elimination of hardware costs. Using portable biometric attendance system kits that connect to the internet, only buy the biometric device. Then, connect to the best online attendance systems. The system will reduce the overall cost by 80% because no other hardware is needed. Contact us Today and start saving time and money in your business.

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