What is Fingerprint attendance system?

Fingerprint attendance system (attendance management system) is a mobile based fingerprint attendance system that uses fingerprints to record employee attendance, record events and then process the data automatically to payroll, timesheets and event logs.

How does fingerprint attendance system work?

Finclock is simplified into two applications, which run on a mobile device called finclock. The attendance application help employees to use their fingerprint to sign on and sign off from the work station.FAQs on FinClock EMS. The supervisors at the work station shall record events taking place after every hour using the Finclock device, which is automatically sent to your server through a secure web-admin. The management can access the information from their office computers or phones. the web-admin contains reports that can be downloaded into common formats such s excel workbook or pdf files.

Why do I need fingerprint attendance software?

FinClock fieldwork attendance software shall save the cost of labor by up to 30% in normal projects. the records stored shall eliminate cost workers up to 100%. what is FAQs on FinClock attendance software?

What are the benefits of using FinClock EMS?

When you embrace FinClock, your administrative costs shall reduce by 20-30%. You will not be paying employees who never attended their work place. the payment are based on timesheet software reports, after workers mark attendance. You will pay for what has been done only. Time of response to alerts at the workplace shall be short and accurate. Cut down the cost and time spent on site by keeping the people on schedule at all times, with hourly report of activities.

Can I integrate to existing staff management software and payroll?

Yes you can. Whether you have existing hardware that attains fingerprint based attendance, or you have a payroll or ERP, our team shall integrate it to FinClock and you will be served right.

Will my employees be trained?

Yes. Your employees require training on how to maximally use the FinClock. However, we have kept things simple for the non-managerial staff thus basic training shall be offered at the workplace. Note that we offer training for free to all our subscribers. Also, there is a dedicated support team, working 24-7 to answer questions that your employees may be having. Thus, you do not have to worry about their level of computer skills. Find out more here:

How much does attendance software Cost?

Answer the investment is about 5% of the total amount that you will save per month. Yes. Please download the Finclock project costing software

Employee Attendance software Guide

1.    Objectives of  using a Employee Attendance software

  1. To cut the cost of company management by upto 30% and improve employee performance by  upto 45%.
  2. To eliminate ghost workers in the work place, thus streamline the wage management system.
  • Provide a system that will enable inclusion of jobless youth in the casual jobs in the work place management, especially environment management.
  1. To initiate the rightful method of revenue collection especially daily revenue.
  2. To provide an effective field staff attendance software that ensures accountability of all responsible parties in the work place.
  3. To initiate a policy of daily reporting on work place management projects, thus ensuring efficient service delivery to the people.

2.    Motivation Questions when Selecting an employee Attendance systemworkforce management software

  1. The work place management loses huge amounts of revenue due to unaccounted funds in the company revenue collection especially parking and business license fees.
  2. The current work place management seeks to bring changes especially in the maintenance of cleanliness in the company and increased efficiency in revenue collection.
  3. Work place management seeks to deliver promises to the people, especially in ensuring efficient provision of social amenities.
  4. There is a need to include jobless youths in the jobs assigned to external companies, which can only be achieved when there is an efficient Employee management software directly from the ground. These challenges need to be addressed through a system that shall be not only efficient but also applicable from the actual ground to the management office.
  5. There are ghost workers, who are paid, despite them not doing any job for the people. Also, the current work place management faces a huge wage bill especially the employees working outside the work place management offices.
  6. Despite the fact that there are many unattended jobs at the actual ground, the jobless youths in the company insist on inclusion, which has not been attained
  7. The existing employees who are assigned jobs at the ground including marketplaces and streets fail to attend to their duties since there is no follow-up method to ensure that they do the jobs that they have been assigned. The challenge of reporting work done by each group of employees’ remains unsolved since there is no system that ensures that employees provide the report of the work they do per day.

3.    Ideal background information in business that need new Workforce Management Systems

Current state

  1. The Managers have a responsibility of providing services to the employees. Also, the they have a role of generating  revenue, revenue collection as well as taking care of stakeholders matters.
  2. Some Companies lose large amount of revenue, due to unaccounted Human resource practices,, which also allows employees to collude with their partners and management, thus evade duties that may generate  revenue to the company. Also, the same rogue officers turn a blind eye to unlawful aspects of practice in return for bribes.
  3. The huge companies may be characterized by the huge workforce; whose assigned duties are in decentralized places.
  4. The challenge of inefficient follow-up of employees leads to major inefficiencies, whose negative impacts include uncollected garbage in the market places, dirty streets, unattended potholes and leaking sewerage system and most conspicuous is ghost workers.

4. Recommended Functionalities of a Workforce attendance Management Systems

The main challenges to be overcome by a good field workers Attendance software should include include:

  1. Eliminate ghost workers and time wastage.
  2. Ensure a  system with integrity for accounting for revenue collected by parking employees in the company against the target amount per day per street per employee.
  3. Ensure employees attend to their job every day, failure to which the management shall be notified automatically, with the inclusion of recommended actions such as financial penalties.
  4. Initiate a system that reports all company cleaning events, with the responsible people giving daily reports.
  5. Ensure progress reports are sent to work place management with all cases being reported directly from the ground, with photos and location being the determinant features. These must be offered in a direct web browser. A good system like Finclock staff management system provides these features at affordable subscription.

Expected Outcomes  when using workforce Attendance management systems.

1. Elimination of ghost workers

  1. the system management software should be deployed to all regions, where the work place employees work. The employees should, therefore, be registered using fingerprint data, which is then be linked to the company payroll.
  2. Employees will then be timesheet application that ensures that all workers clock in and out every day, and their payment shall be based on the number of days they appear at work.
  3. Cases of absenteeism shall be managed by having unapproved cases being penalized in the automatic hourly wage calculation.

2. Eliminating joblessness

  1. The current state of the company and residential areas shows that the jobless people can provide the services offered by casual workers, which remains understaffed due to mismanagement.
  2. The work place management can introduce a mechanism where the youth residing in a given area provide cleaning and garbage collection services at the places thereof. In this case, these people shall be registered as causal workers under a group supervisor, who shall be provided with the FinClock Device.
  3. Since FinClock Has the inbuilt capability to prevent multiple registrations, only people registered and attending the job every day shall be paid, where the work they do shall be visible in the list of tasks completed.
  4. Thus, having the group supervisor run the FinClock device shall provide a chance to enroll the people without cheating, the jobs shall be completed without failure, and the services shall be cheaper than contracting through various third parties.
  5. Thus, the problems solved shall include elimination of joblessness, environmental cleaning, and residential Thus the introduction of a workforce Attendance management software sets the keystone project to unlock the potential of the company residents. View video demo here

2.3. Workforce  Attendance management in  fieldworkers attendance application

There are two main issues in outdoor workforce management, which include Connectivity and realtime reports from the field. These two issues shall be handled as discussed below:

1. Team management in Outdoor workforce

  1. The officials team leaders should be provided with the FinClock attendance software, through which they shall be giving a daily report on each site where garbage should be collected. Failure to report the state shall trigger an automated notification inform of an email, which shall be automatically sent to the work place manager. The manager shall then contact the company or assign the given task to the responsible people.
  2. Failure to respond to a instructed the work place manager shall then attract a financial penalty, which can directly be connected to the victims account the inform of a deduction.

2. Management of Field Reports  project Milestones reporting

  1. There are constant cases of skipped tasks and late project milestones. these case go unreported since the team leaders have no mechanism to provide real-time reports directly from the ground. Thus, a good employee application for field workers must provide the mobile-based direct reporting on cases of sewerage breakage as well as other social amenities as per the recommendation from the work place officials.
  2. The information recorded shall be availed to the work place managers, who shall then give directives to the responsible people to conduct repairs. This shall be simple, direct and efficient. A sample report on sewerage systems is shown in figure 2, as recorded during the pilot project.

3. Personal reporting in outdoor projects

  1. The project management system should allow someone to make task reports directly from the field. This case may lead to inconsistencies in performance of a given project, since the outcome is the average of individual performance.  The solution to this challenge is to have the workers make daily reports, which shall include the photos of the workstations in the morning and the evening.
  2. The employees assigned to each area shall be required to attend to their duties and record attendance using the Finclock Attendance application
  3. Thus, the work place officials must provide the report of the state of workstations, failure to which automatic notifications to the management are be provided as emails. Then, the management can take the right action, including financial penalties to the responsible people, since the payment shall be tied to the attendance and the tasks completed.
  4. Finclock staff management software provides most of the features required in an actual workforce attendance management system. In addition, the full ERP package provides the many more features that can benefit a business manager. I would recommend you to Request for a free demo here and start working efficiently today. 21 Trial days are enough to enable you make the right decision.

Summary of using Online employee tracking software

  1. Guard monitoring and time attendance system is a combination of two software systems, running on the FinClock device, to give a complete solution to the challenges of managing security guards, especially in the current African Market.
  2. To attain the current challenges and have all benefits, the assignments shall be divided into category 1 and 2, depending on the number of guards. Then, either a FinClock or Finpoint shall be assigned.
  3. The two options in 2 above shall provide real-time attendance and event management system, where the daily report of all events at every post shall be availed to the management, directly to the office and the phones.  Notably, the combined options shall provide a significant reduction of cost of acquisition and operation.

Goals of using online guard tracking software

  • To provide a user-friendly, comprehensive and cost-efficient system that shall ensure that guards arrive at their assignments on time and they perform the duties are required.
  • To provide an employee management system that will enable the management to monitor their sites, directly from the mobile phones and a common control room.

Background/Current state

  • The assignments have different number of Thus there shall be two categories;
  1. Category 1: Guards more than 20 in a radius of about 50 meters.
  2. Category 2: Less than 19 guards in a radius of about 50 meters.
  • Each Supervisor at category one assignment shall be using the FinClock mobile attendance software handheld to report incidents and also to record fingerprint attendance. The data includes time attendance and guard management reports. The data shall be sent to the management team, including the field officer, area coordinator and the control room at the head FinClock Device is shown in the figure below:

 FinClock device, running both fingerprint and events recording applications. Suitable for category one assignments is shown in the figure on the right. One of its kind and providing a total online guard tracking software features, and fingerprint attendance at the site.

  • Each assignment in category 2 shall be using a mobile phone to collect the data at the station. Attendance shall be marked with the fin point fingerprint device, which shall be stationed in a central point. Here, the employees shall have to clock in using an NFC tag, both in the finClock app and the mobile phone. The Finclock App + phone usable is shown  the video demo.
  • The information shared from the station shall be made relevant to every person in the management chain, and thus be used to provide a very efficient automated running of the security firm.

Benefits of using online Guard tracking software.

  1. Trusted time attendance tracking system, which cannot allow cheating of time and presence of the employees at their respective stations
  2. View and Control of events at every assignment, directly from the office.
  3. Use the time attendance reports to generate payroll automatically.
  4. Share reports with different leaders in the organization for faster, Client based decision making.
  5. Organized guards and informed clients
  6. Quick response to incidents
  7. Maximized utilization of human resource in the company.

Main Expected Events reports

a.       Report of urgent issues (emergency cases)

  1. When reporting incidents, the guards will be able to send incident reports using task reporting application as normal or emergency. In this case, an alert guard who encounters an emergency case such as a break in or a sounding alarm shall be able to report the case fast and accurately.
  2. Here, the incident shall automatically be followed by notifications via phone online and SMS. As such, the person at the control room shall be able to take the right action immediately.
  • Also, the guards shall be able to call the dedicated numbers added to the device, which shall be fast and efficient.
  1. The technical team recommends having the first response number to be the patrol vehicles, who shall be able to determine the next course of action.

b.      Site patrols.

The blind sports shall be installed with NFC tags, especially at blind spots. The guards shall be required to move around with the FinClock device and read the tags after every 30 minutes or one hour. At every point of reading the tag, the guard shall be required to take photos of the spot, which shall be compiled as a patrol report and immediately sent to the control room and area manager.

i.                    Missing guards and tags

If the guard fails to read a tag at the required time, the control room and area manger shall get both email notification and online notification, showing that a tag has been skipped or the patrol has not been done.

ii.                  Response to missing patrols

The control room shall view the employee location of the missed tag, the responsible guard as well as the detail of the history of patrols. Then, they will either send a direct message to the device, such as “You are required to take patrol now!” Then, the guards will see the message pop up on their device, with a beeping sound. They will read, respond and then take the required patrol.

iii.                Response to missing guards using online employee tracking software

  1. A guard may be physically absent at the Thus there will be no patrols taken at the time set in the system. Also, a guard may be physically present and sleep.
  2. If the guard does not respond to the message, within about 5 minutes, then the control room shall call the number directly. Here, if the guard is physically present and sleeping, they will pick the phone and conduct the patrol. Also, the control room shall be able to record the flow of conversation and recommend action in future.
  3. If the guard does not answer the phone, then the control room shall forward the call to the area response team, which is the response patrol vehicle within the area. They will then go to the site and evaluate the state of affairs.

Book a demo Here to see how the action taken by the patrol vehicle shall be viewed on the area map, which includes the photos of the actual site.

All these reports shall be found at any time on the web-admin.

c.       Disciplinary actions

The manager at every area shall be able to recommend a disciplinary action directly through the event management system. For instance, a guard who reports working drunk or without uniform shall be reported and the action to be taken recommended. Also, this report shall include the photo of the given guard. Thus the action to be taken shall have valid evidence. Book a video demo here to see how other companies are using the Finclock Guard tracking online.