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Guarding companies need time attendance software for guard management. This system must ensure that there are adequate guards at each assignment, for high efficiency. Every employee should be recognized and be allocated tasks that they should complete.

FinClock time attendance software enables the management to identify the employees’ needs through the input data that is provided by the system. The management will be viewing this data directly from the secure FinClock cloud.

The fingerprint attendance software for guards provide records that are meant to eliminate ghost workers, lateness, and absenteeism. Therefore, the FinClock staff allocation software will help to allocate tasks to the registered employees only.

Guards who are not at their station physically, or are there but asleep, will be alerted by the management through a message. If they do not respond in five minutes, the management will call them directly through their FinClock mobile number.best employee management system

Using the time attendance software records, which are based on fingerprints, lateness, and absenteeism will be identified. This will determine the required course of action according to the company policies.

The guards who have logged in to work at the time of their shift will be identified. If there is a need for an increase in the number of guards, they will record the issue, and the required action will be taken as recommended.

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