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Attendance management system online

Best attendance management software that offers top employee management online. Track employee attendance both online and offline. Best attendance system for indoor and outdoor workers. The top world companies are using finclock staff management applications to track performance and improve business profits.

Best attendance system offers the following features;

  1. Track employee attendance automatically
  2. Employees mark daily timesheets using their mobile attendance application
  3. Many workers use attendance software to have a tamper proof timesheets
  4. Integrated payroll and Timesheets system, which helps automated payment processing for all employees
  5. Employee performance is automatically evaluated, using the best online staff management system.

Best attendance manager application and offers the following features

  1. Employees report daily tasks completed everyday
  2. Employees will make project reports using the task reporting application, with or without internet
  3. Employees will make automated reports on funds expenses, directly from their mobile phones
  4. Staff requests are automated using the best staff management system online
  5. Staff communication is simplified and automated, using the attendance software.
  6. Best online staff management system offers the direct staff evaluation, based on attendance and performance in daily tasks.

Finclock Demo

Finclock features FinClock mobile App Invite/add Staff members Attendance App Guide Attendance Guide Dashboards Attendance management dashboard provides an analysis of time attendance. Project management dashboard analyses the tasks and project progress and expenses. Requests management dashboard offers an overview of requests from the team members. Invite Staff members Start by clicking the invite staff Sub menu here: Fill the Fields that include staff name, Email, Phone number and ID/passport number, then submit. The employee is invited and gets the Email, with PIN and this Link to download app.  Download the app and complete user profile. Create Shift Register Settings Why Finclock? Finclock replaces traditional Time attendance machines, manual reporting and tedious communication methods in organizations. What does Finclock Do? Attendance Management Task & project reporting Leave & Shift management Requests management Hourly & [...]

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Attendance Software: Best Online Attendance System

Attendance system Finclock is the best attendance system that saves your time and money. Online attendance software for office and fieldworkers Register Trial Register Free Trial Attendance system Features All Staff members will  clock in/out using either the attendance application, thus mark attendance from any location. Employees will use the attendance application to make task reports, both online and offline. Employees will make requests when at work, which may include leave and shift requests. The attendance system will track employee location, time of clocking/out, and the report recorded. The attendance system will then process the data, to produce timesheet reports, lateness reports, absence reports, task and request reports. The management will analyse the real time reports and make decisions such as staff performance, communicated needs and the work balance. The online attendance software generates absence reports, thus enabling managers to make task and shift plans. Register Free Trial Benefits of using Finclock Attendance system using the Finclock Attendance software for office and field staff will help identify the total hours worked by each employee. Using the staff scheduling tools, you will cut the operation costs in your business, school or organization. Finclock [...]

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Business Turnaround

business turnaround guide Expert advisory on business turnaround guide, to help improve  your business performance using technology solutions. We understand the need to reduce costs of operations in the current businesses world. We understand the need to compete in the global market. We know how much you need to do in order to make your business a success. With this understanding, we are here to help offer the best business  turnaround guide. We shall have a discussion on best technology in the world that will save your business. We shall do the analysis on your behalf and provide the best solutions to help your business grow. We focus on the following business management systems and have a details discussion with actionable points. employee management system(HRMS) Enterprise management systems (EMS) or ERPs Project Management systems Attendance management systems Customer service management systems (HelpDesk) Customer relationship Management systems Project Networking applications Finance and accounting systems and applications

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#1 Absence Management Software: Online Absence Management System

Absence Management System Register Trial Here  FinClock Absence Management software helps you to do the following; Finclock Staff absence management system helps track employee absence and increase employee productivity. Increased tracking of time and location ensures that employees attend to their workstation and duties on time. Using Finclock absence management system, managers can track absenteeism for office, outdoor and fieldworkers Finclock automates attendance management and makes employees responsible for their actions.  How the absence management system works Finclock is designed to work as a mobile application and online attendance system.  Employees shall use their phones to mark attendance, which tracks the time and location of the employee.  The attendance reports are automatically sent to the online attendance system, These reports are analysed to give absence records, lateness and even geo-fence reports.  The only Staff Absence management software that works offline and online. The system fits the needs of office workers and fieldworkers. Register Free Trial Here Benefits of using Online absence management software Use direct employee absence application to find the total hours workers by each employee. Eliminate employee time cheating and theft of work hours automatically. Follow [...]

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Time clock app for attendance management: 7 benefits

Best Time clock app for business Managers Time clock apps have revolutionized the idea of attendance management system. Thinking of how to ensure workers in the field are attending to duties in time was not a priority in the past. However, the continued request from customers to have their issues attended on time has changed the narrative. Currently, both small and large companies are investing in time clock apps that run on the employee’s phones. Sounds a good idea? I believe there are many benefits related to using time clock app and I shall summarize the 7 main benefits of using a time clock app for attendance management. These benefits are based on research done across America and Europe. 1.      Time clock apps enable attendance management for outdoor workers Attendance app have focused on monitoring employees working in a fixed building. In fact, more than 75% of the current systems focus on the office-based workforce. But the world has changed and most people work outdoor. Think of the sales team that goes from door to door or from office to office looking for customers. How can a company implement attendance management to such a group? How about construction and security workers who work [...]

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Timesheet software: Best Timesheet application: timesheet system

Timesheet Application software Register Trial Finclock Timesheet application helps managers to track staff attendance and improve employee performance. Finclock timesheet application works both online and offline. When using timesheet app for office and fieldworkers, these timesheets reports are available; Daily attendance timesheets Weekly time sheets monthly timesheets Staff Location reports Task Reports Requests reports 4. Attendance Analysis reports will Include: Total worked hours Staff performance Absence analysis Geo-fence Tracking Trends Register Free Trial Here How Finclock Timesheet app works Finclock Time sheet app is rated number one android application for attendance in the world. The application is simplified into 4 simple steps. Employee registration Employee clocking in and out Employee timesheet reports. Staff attendance analysis. Using the best timesheet application online provides employers and managers with best real time attendance reports. Using this attendance application, managers are able to view staff attendance reports online. Using Finclock Timesheet application for staff attendance management Finclock is the Attendance management application for staff attendance management.  The timesheet software includes other features like task management and project reporting. Since the application is a part of finclock attendance system, using [...]

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Products & Services

Attendance Management View More Staff Management View More Project Management View More Customer Service View More Finclock Attendance Management System What you get when using Finclock Attendance Management System 1. Employee attendance Employees will use mobile application to mark attendance, a perfect solution for both employees working indoor and outdoor. For many employees working in the same location, use biometric attendance system, which integrates seamlessly with the web based finclock attendance system 2. Employee Location Tracking the finclock mobile attendance application combines clocking and location tracking. Here, the location is marked and ca be viewed on the work map, making it a sure method of ensuring employees are at t work at the right time and at the right place. 3. Employee Performance Management Employee performance management is measured and provided in real time to managers. The KPIs used to determine staff performance include lateness, absenteeism and gps location, the performance of employees is automatically calculated.  4. Employee Shift and leave management Keep a track of leave management, shift management and employee  schedules. these features enable efficient planning and automated reporting. [...]

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Attendance Management software: Attendance Management System

Attendance Management Software Register trial Here Register Free trial Here Attendance Management software Features Online employee attendance reports Attendance tracking, using attendance app or biometric attendance devices. Attendance & location tracking. Automated Timesheet Processing Shift Management  and leave management using Finclock mobile app. Lateness Reports from online attendance management software. Working Offline, thus best attendance tracking software for workers outside office. Real time Performance analysis and reports for workers. Payroll processing from timesheet reports. Absence and absenteeism management. Register Free trial Here More Features of Finclock Attendance Management software Shift Scheduling and Management. Monitor employee Location via GPS in real-time. Thus, employees will have to reach their workstation and clock in using their mobile phones. Track employee absence based on days of clock in and out, directly on the online attendance system account. Track staff performance, based on combined parameters that include lateness, clocking away from the work station and employee absence Access over 5 timesheet reports, which include timesheets, absence management trends, Location trends and work-map, staff lateness trends, employee leaves, Staff performance as a % score How Finclock Attendance management system works Start by registering all employees who shall [...]

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Employee Attendance software guide

Employee Attendance software Guide 1.    Objectives of  using a Employee Attendance software To cut the cost of company management by upto 30% and improve employee performance by  upto 45%. To eliminate ghost workers in the work place, thus streamline the wage management system. Provide a system that will enable inclusion of jobless youth in the casual jobs in the work place management, especially environment management. To initiate the rightful method of revenue collection especially daily revenue. To provide an effective field staff attendance software that ensures accountability of all responsible parties in the work place. To initiate a policy of daily reporting on work place management projects, thus ensuring efficient service delivery to the people. 2.    Motivation Questions when Selecting an employee Attendance system The work place management loses huge amounts of revenue due to unaccounted funds in the company revenue collection especially parking and business license fees. The current work place management seeks to bring changes especially in the maintenance of cleanliness in the company and increased efficiency in revenue collection. Work place management seeks to deliver promises to the people, especially in ensuring efficient provision of social amenities. There is a need to include jobless youths in the jobs assigned to [...]

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