Task management system guide

Task management system Task management system helps you to manage the work of your team. The goals of your organization can only be attained when everyone completes their work on time, and to the required quality. Thus, finding a way to manage the tasks of each person is the best way to achieve the goals of your organization. Using online task management system will make your work easy by providing the tools to create tasks, assign tasks to employees or team members, and monitor work progress online. These important tools are found in task management software for employee management. How to use Task management software Project creation The task management system comes with all features that help you to start the management of tasks. The tasks are created under a project, which means that the first thing is to create a project. A project can either be internal or external. For instance, an internal project is sales management, where you start by creating a project name, project budget, project manager, and adding the project description. The next thing is to assign a timeline for the project, where you select the start and end date. If the project start date has arrived, the [...]

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Employee management guide

Work ethic is a vital determinant of the performance of your organization. Markedly, managing workforce has changed significantly, thanks to the technological innovations in this area. The advancement in technology provides tools for workforce management, aimed at saving time and money in an organization. Markedly, applying the right software applications in your organization can speed up growth and put you ahead of your competitors. However, many managers face challenges in choosing the right workforce management software for their business, organization, or institution. This guide helps managers and business owners to choose the best workforce management software to help them improve productivity and reduce operational costs. Employee management system Employee management system comes first when improving the productivity in your organization. In the beginning, you need software that can document all your human resource information. It is recommended that to have a cloud-based employee management system because the world of computing is moving to the cloud.  However, an organization with established network systems may opt to host the system in the local network. Either hosting method will serve the same role because the ultimate goal is to organize the employees’ information. In this case, the employee management system may have few to many [...]

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Employee management app for mobile workers

How to use employee management application for mobile workers Mobile workers move do not have a fixed work location, which means that fixed machines may not be applicable for employee management. However, the best way to manage mobile employees is to use Employee management app for mobile workers. The employee management application comes with features including attendance reporting, task reporting and general communication within the teams. Using a mobile app for employee management has attracted many industries such as construction, security and field service industries. A good employee management app will help an employee to manage their time and make work reports using a mobile phone. Furthermore, the application works offline, which enables users to make work reports from any remote location. When the users move to an area with internet connectivity, the work reports are automatically synchronized. The managers can view the work reports from the employees when they login to the online account. The best employee management app is linked to SMS so that notifications can be forwarded regardless of the internet connectivity. Using mobile app for employee management has enabled many businesses to keep track of the remote workers especially when people are working from home. The employee manager [...]

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Modern Attendance System inventions

Technology has helped us overcome many challenges. To date, over 70% of our daily events are influenced by technological innovations. From entertainment systems to work management systems, technology has helped reduce human effort and achieve higher efficiency. In many industries, the inclusion of smart solutions has increased safety and increased productivity. Consequently, the world relies on technology for all communication needs and recent inventions have improved productivity in human resource and project management. This year, we have witnessed several inventions that you may adopt in your business or institution. Employee attendance system Organizations have to manage time and ascertain punctuality in all departments, which necessitates investment in employee attendance system.  A good system will help a business to keep track of the timecards or timesheets for each employee. HR managers agree that creating a sense of timeliness initiates accountability in the organization, which in turn simplifies the need to follow up the employees. Hence, an organization that wishes to grow should invest in a Staff attendance system. Online attendance system Online attendance system has gained popularity in the recent years because of the inherent advantages over traditional biometric attendance systems. Traditional attendance systems do not emphasize on quality of output data, which [...]

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Adapting to new technologies in employee and project management

How to change your time and task management methods and achieve high employee output Employees need clear goals and defined timelines to deliver the work assigned to them. Many employees prefer to know their roles early in the day so that they can adapt their mindset towards their goals. A good manager should never be the reason for delays in a given team. Therefore, managing employees in modern technology require leaders to adapt to new technology, which seeks to improve the productivity of employees and reduce the cost of operations.  I present a brief guide on how managers can adapt to new technologies in employee and project management. Cloud-based employee management system Managing employees requires managers to create records of their workforce and maintain the staff register. Moreover, the managers need to manage work allocation and task reporting using the latest software technologies. Notably, modern employee management systems have embraced cloud-based technologies, letting managers control their teams from anywhere in the world. The analysis of the web-based employee management system technologies indicates that your organization will eventually migrate Human resource information management to the cloud. Luckily there are trusted Web-based employee management systems for any company size. The staffing Management system must [...]

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How to organize work and improve performance

How to organize work and improve performance Productivity in your organization will depend on the individual performance of the workers or team members. Hence, understanding how to improve employee performance is an important role of each manager. Moreover, workers put effort according to the work requirement and the goals set by management, which implies that good strategies to organize work improves the overall productivity in your company. The goal of this guide is to provide a list of tools that help managers to organize work and improve employee performance. Employee management system An employee management system is the starting point of organizing workers. Currently, online employee management software helps companies of all sizes to have efficient work processes. Markedly, the cloud-based employee management system can accommodate any number of employees, which implies that any organization can work efficiently. Moreover, these online staff management systems come with important features to help your organization manage staff records, work/tasks, projects, and time tracking. The best staff management software includes the setup guides for HR management or operations managers. Hence, you can use the employee management system to improve the performance of workers without worrying about hefty initial investments. After all, the long-term benefits of online [...]

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Guide to Managing Workers

How to organize workers in your company Use Employee management system with attendance and task management to improve performance. Efficient workforce helps your organization to cut operational costs and increase customer satisfaction. Markedly, managers of our time require to attend to many duties every day, which implies that following up each employee is undesired. Managers need to embrace software systems that helps automate the workers.  Hence, here are tips to help you organize workers and monitor progress or work in real-time. Use employee management system that works online Employee management system that is cloud-based or web- based will help you to manage the workers from any location. A good employee management system should include the onboarding or registration functionality because a manager may need to add or remove an employee when on the move. The next important functionality is shift management and the system should be able to allocate shifts online (web-based). Moreover, the employees or team members should get notifications when their shifts are changed. Noticeably, the most effective method to notify your employees is to send automated SMS when a shift change occurs.  Besides, a good employee management system should include leave management functionalities because an employee on leave may [...]

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How to grow your business with a small team

How many employees do you have? How many customers do you serve every day? These are questions you should ask yourself if you want your business to grow. Besides, you need to know how much work can be replaced by a software in your business. These three questions will determine the wage bill, cost of operation and the total profit margins in your organization. Furthermore, your business must be equipped with software tools to ensure efficiency because inefficiency costs you significant loss every day. Therefore, you need to answer the three questions for your business to grow. How many employees do you have? The answer to this question will vary. Markedly, the nature of your operation will determine the number of employees that you need n your business. For example a digital marketing company in Kenya may have about 10 workers. Such a company may cut the wage bill by ensuring that one person is capable of completing many tasks at the same time. Furthermore, the model making company may need to start using an employee management system, which will aid in organizing the workers in groups, assigning them work and even measuring the efficiency. For this company, with employees who work [...]

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HRM: Latest Technology in employee management

How to find the best Staff allocation software online Choices have consequences. In selecting software, the choice is not only consequential but also critical. This is because, in the current web, there are many staff allocation software that promises much service to your business. What is different in all of them lies deeply in the nature of your business. In some cases, you will have to dig deep into the software features, looking for what will fit and benefit your business. However, this process can be simplified by looking at the main factors that will affect the business. Here, the features in the staff allocation software are just one factor. Other factors that must be considered have a lot to do with the way you run your business. It is notable that in some cases, the developer of a given software targets a certain business. This means that if your business follows a different method of operation, the features in the software may not fit your needs. It is therefore important to consider the top 5 factors that will affect the outcome of the choice of software. Here I shall discuss the five main factors to consider when selecting an employee management [...]

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Software in construction

The workforce in a construction site is involved in the diversion of materials to numerous different activities, and each piece of material is accounted for in the cost. In some cases, there is outright theft of materials, especially cement, metallic components, and finishes. Mismanagement of materials in the construction site such as breaking tools and ignoring the maintenance protocols of materials leads to unbudgeted expenses other than the initial project expenses. Through the FinClock staff management software, the materials for a project will be tracked from the time of introduction to a project to the time of usage in the project. The total amount of materials will be compared to the targets set in the Bill of Quantities to track their usage and maintenance. Cases of material loss can be attached to penalties that are deductible from the payments of the employees responsible. This will be achieved through the FinClock project management software, where materials will be recorded by the site manager, including the details of the suppliers, who will be paid upon verification of the materials delivered. These records cannot be altered whatsoever. The FinClock project management software ensures that there will be no theft that will go unnoticed, and the [...]

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