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FinClock is the best staff management system

Finclock has been ranked as the best staff management software, which works for  both indoor and outdoor workforce. In over 65 countries, managers and business owners are using the finclock web and mobile applications to streamline all employee management needs. Managers across the world are using Finclock best online staff management system to process employee reports. Employees will use the staff application to make report, requests and mark attendance.  The managers at the different levels will download reports from the cloud employee management system. This is the best system to streamline workforce management needs.online staff management, staff location tracking, staff attendance management system, online employee management

Using best staff attendance  application in the office helps to align company goals to daily tasks to be completed by employees. The online employee management  application helps you  to assign employee duties directly to their mobile phones. Once the manager assigns tasks to employees, they will get alerts on their mobile application and proceed to start using the staff management application.

Finclock attendance system also provides application for outdoor employees. field service employee management system offers best method of managing employees working in the field.  The features in the mobile application include attendance and location tracking, task management and This is the best employee management system software where the employee reports can be recorded with or without internet. Here, the employees can mark reports when in the field. The only timesheet application that works both online and offline.

Feedback from users of Staff management system

Businesses are using best hr application application to analyse the performance of their workers. By setting tasks for employees, managers and supervisors can remotely track work  progress of each employee.

Businesses and construction firms are saving up to 30% of operational costs when using the Finclock employee management system. Schools and colleges are now tracking student attendance and streamlining operations to attain 100% attendance. Start enjoying the benefits of efficient business operations. Register today and start enjoying the benefits of online staff management system.

Using the best online attendance software, you will be able to set employee targets and watch as they work to attain their goals.

Each employee efforts count and shall be evaluated automatically. The system gives performance reports of employees based on attendance, tasks completed and the overall communication within the organization. This is the best employee management software tool of our time because the performance analytics guide you to make the right decisions in your company.

Using the best online work scheduling software, you will be sure to attain high efficiency of your employees at all times. Use the #1 staff management system to manage attendance, create shifts, create records and to even improve the employee engagement.  Embrace change that will benefit your business. Think of the growth you would achieve, if all employees were self motivated to achieve their daily goals. This is the best way to utilize the most valuable resource, human resource.  Start Registration here

Attendance Software: Best Online Attendance System

Attendance system Register Trial Finclock is the best attendance system that saves your business time and money. Use online attendance software for office and fieldworkers. What Does Finclock Attendance software do? All Staff members in and out of office will  clock in/out using either the attendance application and the info goes to the online attendance system. Employees will use the attendance system to record attendance and task reports, both online and offline. The Finclock attendance software for  office and field staff generate staff timesheet reports The attendance software for field staff  and outdoor workers comes with real-time location tracking, thus no clocking away from workstation The employees will use the mobile attendance application to make requests, such as leave management requests, shift management requests, staff off days requests, This online attendance software generates absence reports, thus enabling managers to make task and shift plans. Finclock Attendance system also offers automated employee performance reports, which can be viewed online. Register Free Trial Benefits of using Finclock Attendance system using the Finclock Attendance software for office and field staff will help identify the total hours worked by each employee. Using the staff scheduling tools, you will cut the [...]

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Human Resource Productivity: How to Use Hr Management Software

Why Human resource productivity matters Business growth and human resource productivity reports are inseparable in the digital era. Top managers across all industries agree on the importance of improving productivity in their businesses, as the main strategy to boost growth.  Richard Branson upholds that excellence of Virgin Group, which has about 60 companies, curved its name because of individual human resource productivity.  How did he manage to streamline a workforce of over 71,000 people? Efficiency starts with excellence in management, as a datum to expected business growth. Here we are talking of short to long-term growth, which can be measured by increased profits and reduced workforce turnover in a business. In boardrooms, constant management questions include; How do we make the business attain high productivity? What are the steps to take this year to improve the productivity of our employees. How long will it take to grow a business and attain 50% marginal profit? Who should implement strategies to improve productivity? Finding answers to these questions is the new set of solutions that Technology should strive to achieve. The employee management systems should seek to equip managers with the right tools and information, which is essential in the growth strategy of a business. [...]

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Timesheet software: Best Timesheet application and timesheet system

Best Timesheet Application software Register Trial Finclock Timesheet application helps managers to track staff attendance and improve employee performance. Finclock timesheet application works both online and offline. When using timesheet app for office and fieldworkers, these timesheets reports are available; Daily attendance timesheets Weekly time sheets monthly timesheets Staff Location reports Task Reports Requests reports 4. Attendance Analysis reports will Include: Total worked hours Staff performance Absence analysis Geo-fence Tracking Trends Register Free Trial Here How Finclock Timesheet app works Finclock Time sheet app is rated number one android application for attendance in the world. The application is simplified into 4 simple steps. Employee registration Employee clocking in and out Employee timesheet reports. Staff attendance analysis. Using the best timesheet application online provides employers and managers with best real time attendance reports. Using this attendance application, managers are able to view staff attendance reports online. Using Finclock Timesheet application for staff attendance management Finclock is the Attendance management application for staff attendance management.  The timesheet software includes other features like task management and project reporting. Since the application is a part of finclock attendance system, [...]

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Finclock: Best Staff Management System Online

Finclock Staff Management System Register Trial About FinClock Staff Management System FinClock is the best staff management system that offers solutions to streamline communication. The only staff management system that offers Attendance management, Task management, Project management, Requests and more staff communication tools in one mobile application. Finclock has helped many businesses and organizations to streamline employee management, both for the office and fieldworkers. In addition to conventional attendance or hr systems, Finclock Works both offline and online, so suitable for all environments. Most importantly, Finclock gives analysis so that managers can make decisions at a glance. Register Free Trial Here Benefits of using Finclock staff management system Eliminate ghost workers, time theft,  and laziness at work. Improved employee productivity, since performance and payment is based on actual hours worked plus the tasks completed. Streamlined reporting because employees are now using their phones to make reports of their work, which is combined and analysed in relation to company goals. Improved communication in the organization, since the employees will automatically make requests using their phones. Some examples of the requests include leave requests, funds, items requests shift changes among others. Cut [...]

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Products & Services

Attendance Management View More Staff Management View More Project Management View More Customer Service View More Finclock Attendance Management System What you get when using Finclock Attendance Management System 1. Employee attendance Employees will use mobile application to mark attendance, a perfect solution for both employees working indoor and outdoor. For many employees working in the same location, use biometric attendance system, which integrates seamlessly with the web based finclock attendance system 2. Employee Location Tracking the finclock mobile attendance application combines clocking and location tracking. Here, the location is marked and ca be viewed on the work map, making it a sure method of ensuring employees are at t work at the right time and at the right place. 3. Employee Performance Management Employee performance management is measured and provided in real time to managers. The KPIs used to determine staff performance include lateness, absenteeism and gps location, the performance of employees is automatically calculated.  4. Employee Shift and leave management Keep a track of leave management, shift management and employee  schedules. these features enable efficient planning and automated reporting. [...]

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staff allocation software guide and sample reports

How to find the best Staff allocation software online Choices have consequences. In selecting software, the choice is not only consequential but also critical. This is because, in the current web, there are many staff allocation software that promises much service to your business. What is different in all of them lies deeply in the nature of your business. In some cases, you will have to dig deep into the software features, looking for what will fit and benefit your business. However, this process can be simplified by looking at the main factors that will affect the business. Here, the features in the staff allocation software are just one factor. Other factors that must be considered have a lot to do with the way you run your business. It is notable that in some cases, the developer of a given software targets a certain business. This means that if your business follows a different method of operation, the features in the software may not fit your needs. It is therefore important to consider the top 5 factors that will affect the outcome of the choice of software. Here I shall discuss the five main factors to consider when selecting a staff allocation [...]

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Attendance Application: Best Attendance Manager Application

Finclock Attendance Application Register Trial Why Choose Attendance application? Provides clocking and clock out Employees location is tracked and seen in real time work-map. employee timesheet report is tamper-proof Works both online and offline. Attendance application fits both office and field workers. Task Reporting features Daily work reports are available. Employee self service Only application with employee performance report. Links to the FinClock online attendance management system. Register Free Trial How FinClock Attendance Application works Finclock Attendance application offers best staff attendance management, location tracking and task reporting features. All staff members will mark attendance using a mobile application, using Secret PIN. Employees will report on the tasks they are completing as per the assigned duties. Managers shall assign tasks, manage employee shifts and obtain real-time reports. Finclock Attendance app automatically tracks employee location, when they send a report, thus eliminates time theft and cheating employees. Finclock attendance manager app provides staff requests tools, which enables members to request for leaves, shift changes, finance and even items. For Institutions with many employees at the same location, Finclock attendance app will link to biometric attendance system, The attendance Data is automatically sent [...]

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Field Service Management Software: Fieldworker application

Fieldwork Application: Field Service Management Register Trial About Finclock Field Service Management system Finclock field service management system comes as a mobile application, linked to online field staff management software The application for fieldworkers is designed to work in all areas, with or without internet. Using fieldworker application, employees will mark attendance, record daily task reports and make requests to management. The reports are automatically sent to online company account by field worker attendance application, where analysis is done. Finclock application for fieldworkers has been voted best field staff management system because it provides a complete solution for staff attendance, tasks and project management. Register Free Trial Why Use Finclock Field Service Management System? 1. Field Staff management software with Fieldworker application Field service management system provides the required tools for field projects. Conducting outdoor projects within a budget is essential for any business to be successful. It is also vital to be at the forefront when it comes to introducing management systems that eliminate overspending. Using outdoor staff attendance management software that ensures cost reduction in your projects is the best way to manage costs and predict progress of [...]

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how to use guards evaluation software

Top Staff evaluation software online All the security firm guards have to be disciplined and aware of the rules and regulation of the company. Employees who are absent or are not at their workstations have to be accountable for their actions if a report of their absence is not given to the management. If the management is not aware of the goings-on of the employees, unpleasant incidences may occur. FinClock staff evaluation software is designed to ensure that the management is aware of all the actions of the security guards and their performance in their respective stations. This is achieved through the attendance records and the many reports sent by the guards in their stations that are used in evaluating their performance. Cases where a guard comes to work drunk or without uniform will be reported and the action to be taken recommended. The report will include a photo of the guard. Guards who are not physically at their stations or are there but asleep will be alerted by the performance evaluation software messages on their mobile phones. If they do not respond in five minutes, the management will call them directly through their FinClock mobile number. Using the guards evaluation software [...]

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