1. Attendance management dashboard provides an analysis of time attendance.
  2. Project management dashboard analyses the tasks and project progress and expenses.
  3. Requests management dashboard offers an overview of requests from the team members.

Invite Staff members

  1. Start by clicking the invite staff Sub menu here:
  2. Fill the Fields that include staff name, Email, Phone number and ID/passport number, then submit.
  3. The employee is invited and gets the Email, with PIN and this Link to download app. 
  4. Download the app and complete user profile.

Why Finclock?

Finclock replaces traditional Time attendance machines, manual reporting and tedious communication methods in organizations.

What does Finclock Do?

  • Attendance Management
  • Task & project reporting
  • Leave & Shift management
  • Requests management
  • Hourly & task based payroll.

What you need to use Finclock.

Just your Phone! 

  1. Under Staff management, shift management sub menu, select the Create shifts page
  2. Type the shift name, e.g. Morning A(8AM-5PM).
  3. Select the shift start and end date & time.
  4. select lateness time allowance.
  5. Submit and the teams will see the shifts in their mobile app.

Register Settings

  1. Under staff management, Register settings, Select Create Job Category
  2. After creating job categories, Proceed to Create department.
  3. Start by Adding County and proceed to Add Sub-County.
  4. Under staff management; register settings, select Add Posts/workstation,
  • Add post Name, email and password and Zoom the map to pin the post location.
  • Set geo-fence and then Add post address, code,
  • Select county, sub-county, town and Submit
  • Navigate to the View Post list to confirm the added posts.