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What are the main challenges?

The main challenges found in employee management in all outdoor workforce include

  1. Ghost workers
  2. Employee roles running behind schedule
  3. Employees’ payments records are not effective, especially when done manually.
  4. The work done may not be the same as payment, since the employees may be paid per day, meaning that no matter who little work they do, the payment is the same.

construction firms manage labor in projects

Outcomes after embracing the FinClock Employee management system 

There are many benefits that shall be realized but the immediate ones include:

  1. Reduced labor cost by 20-30% within the first month.
  2. Reduced wastage of materials and time in the work places
  3. project timeliness, meaning that the penalties that come with extensions are eliminated.
  4. Accountability for everything being done at the workplace,with ability to involve everyone in the project, via the online platform.
  5. Ease of data processing since multiple tasks are automated.
  6. Faster time to completion of projects.
  7. faster company growth as realistic targets shall be set and attained.

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Schools have fingerprint attendance records

student attendance records
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 How will FinClock solve these problems?

Using the best employee management software will introduce these measures and solutions.

  1. Replace the manual employee register by fingerprint based sign on-sign off method, meaning that there shall be no more ghost workers
  2. Calculate salaries of the employees automatically, based on the number of hours that someone worked at the construction site.
  3. Set targets for employees at the beginning of the project and they shall be evaluated automatically.
  4. Have an automated reporting method that eliminates the manual records in your projects.
  5. Get an automated forecast method for your project, noting the cost of the project.
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Factory workers’ performance is evaluated remotely

finclock employee management in construction sites
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