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  1. Diligent Technologies is an established software solutions company, based in Kenya and serving customers in East and Central Africa.
  2. We have a long-term understanding of security requirements in the region and have established a strong team of software developers.
  3. Our team shall provide Enterprise management solutions, based on the requirements of our client.
  4. Having a strong network and dealership agreements with IT solutions companies, we can automate systems in the region.
  5. Our team will listen to customer’s needs and advise them on the best solution for your business.
  6. We specialize in offering smart technology solutions to  businesses in Africa.
  7. Our focus is to ensure efficient management of employees and resources at the construction stage, and when the property is ready for occupation, we transfer the same technology to management personnel.
  8. Having a foundation in Detroit USA, we have a good understanding of the need to have construction companies in our home Africa to embrace technology solutions that will lower their cost of operation and increase efficiency.
    As such, we focus on mobile-based software solutions to serve you.

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