Steps to manage projects online are:

  1. Search for online project management software
  2. Register free trial
  3. Set up your company profile
  4. Invite team members or employees
  5. Create projects
  6. Assign tasks to team members
  7. Receive task and work reports
  8. Evaluate performance.

Managing projects online is easy when you register an account with online project management software. Open your browser e.g. Google and search for Finclock project management. Then proceed to register your company and start managing projects online. The first step when you log in to your account is to add the team members and departments in your company. Then, create a list of task that occurs within your company, per department. The next step is to create your first project and assign tasks to employees under the project.  At this point, you will be managing projects online and your team members will be making work reports when they log in to their account. Besides, the team members get an email invitation to join your team. Therefore, it is easy to manage projects online when you start using online project management software,