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Why you need Finclock Human Resource Management System

  1. FinClock HRM provides a simplified way to provide your employees with a friendly working environment, tools of work and and effective tools of communication.
  2. Use FinClock HRM tools to manage the daily activities of your employees including attendance, Tasks allocations, Employee requests and internal communication.
  3. Provide the Employees with individual profiles, where they can download documents, such as contract forms, statutory forms, Tax obligations and even Loan applications.
  4. Provide your employees with a friendly mobile application to request for leaves, off days and even change of shifts.
  5. Using the mobile application, employees can now make direct requests to different departments and issues shall be resolved smoothly.
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Helpful Features in FinClock Human Resource management system.

  1. On-boarding/off boarding capabilities, where users are assigned individual rights of access where they can then conduct HR related documentations. These documentations include;
  2. Employee Register: Have employee details uploaded, with their certifications and the trail of employment records, from the time of hiring to the time they leave the organization. This is through providing a way to update employee status, after a certain period, including uploading of files. Basically, the HR management shall largely rely on the data collected in registration process and attendance modules. Request Free demo Here
  3. Analysis of attendance  records
  4. Definition of labor demand per department, which shall be integrated with the attendance records to verify the required employees per department, as well as their attendance records.
  5. Employee history, e.g. from the date of joining the company, promotions, awards of promotion with the right upload of the documents.
  6. Create contract dynamic forms, which shall be created and assigned to departments, where each department shall have a client’s side, where the employees shall sign the contracts, via biometric signatures, Fingerprints or hand or even iris recognition or face (this shall be decided soon based on the part of the existing hardware in the your company.
  7. Leave management where the employees shall be requesting leave from the same client’s side or mobile application, where they will be required to upload signed leave sheets, upon approval by their immediate supervisors.
  8. Recruitment Tools, where the admin can set vacancies available, by analyzing the demand per department. The recruitment module needs to include reports, showing who hired, who approved, where posted among others.
  9. Processing statutory documentations, such as P9 forms, SSN, NSSF and other statutory forms. With proper levels of approvals.
  10. Compare attendance with the demand and indicate the differences, based on the set labor requirement for a complete production cycle. Request Demo Here
  11.  Viewing of employee record of work per department, based on the assigned history.
  12. Assigning employees to departments, based on the demand of a given department.
  13. Execute commands such as terminate or hold employees, if there is higher number of employees for a given department.
  14. Change status of employees, based on their performance and comparison to the record of their work. With comment sections. The data is then pushed to the attendance records who transfers the employees to the new departments.
  15. Have a suspect list of employees whose issues have been raised either by the system or added by different admins. E.g. when a user’s contract expires, then their record needs to be flagged into a suspected list. When a user is promoted without documentation, then that becomes a flagged issue too. Here we shall have the admin create a list of issues to be flagged. Thus that becomes an If, else cases
  16. An integration that integrates with the Finance Management tools, to show the payments made to employees against their performance, which not indicates the general relationship to payments. See more info on the ERP Features.
  17. Mobile application for users’ self-service functionalities;
    1. Personal Requests, when the admin approves the request, they are implemented in the employee’s accounts and they get a simple notification.
  18. Leave requests, then it goes to leave management, under the employee management reports.
  19. Other Department Requests where supervisors can view the requests and decide to approve, reject or postpone. Each shall have to include a reason, which is filled under a requests sub-window under employee management.

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