Why You Need FinClock Enterprise Management system

  1. You need to plan your Human resource, Finance, customers and all resources.
  2. You need to improve communication within your business,  with your customers as well as business partners.
  3. You need to identify the bottlenecks that cost your financial, human and physical resources.
  4. You need to maximize profits by tracking expenditure from anywhere in the world.
  5. You need to use real-time information to plan now and in the future.
  6. You need to save time and money in your business.
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1.  Why Use FinClock Enterprise Management System?

To your business, the Enterprise management system shall be the brain and mouth of your organization. Your employees shall be allocated different roles and the work they perform at individual levels is interconnected to a central database, which works as the memory of your company. The ERP or enterprise management system shall use this information to help the different people make decisions within your organization. Just by a click of a button, you will know how many customers you are serving, how much products or services you are required to offer which employee is required to do certain roles, the challenges facing your organization and ultimately, the system shall tell you how much profits you are making and your potential growth.  Register a free trial today and experience the newest business management strategies.

2. FinClock attendance management system for employees

To your customers, FinClock Enterprise Management system shall give them a direct method of payment to your organization. Most importantly, the customers will be able to give feedback directly from their mobile phones, thanks to the attendance app. The customers can make inquiries, Suggest new products and even give their complaints, which also matter to your decision making. Based on our advanced Artificial Intelligence, these information goes to different departments in your organization and the employees can take actions directly from their desk or mobile phones. At the end of the day, the Enterprise Management system analyzes the data and provides direct trends, thus guiding your business in the best practices.  Register a free trial here and let our support team hold your hand in this exciting journey to prosperity.

3. FinClock Staff management system

To your partners, we include the ability to share information which may include supplier info, tender information, and even recruitment. This keeps your partners aware of their role in helping your business grow. The partners will no longer crowd at the reception waiting to make inquiries. Instead, they will use their field staff application to make these inquiries and to even share their ideas on how best your business can serve them and your customers. At the end of the day, your managers can see the information in a detailed analysis, make better decisions for your company and eventually, sustainable growth shall be attained. Register for free now and invite your partners to boost your growth from today.

4. FinClock Application for sales people

To the sales and marketing department, FinClock Enterprise management system shall provide a platform to document the sales cycle, from prospects, leads, customer sales, customer service and the interaction with the market. With the FinClock ERP, your sales department will launch products and services to your existing customers as well as new markets. Think of how valuable it would be if every time you have a new item, all customers you ever served know about it directly from their phones?

At the end of the day, analyzing the trends in customer relations is done by the FinClock analytics. You will know what your customers need, what support they are asking for, which regions are asking for a certain product and even, what customer complaints to expect tomorrow and in the future. With such information, managers can make decisions that propel your business to prosperity. Sounds helpful? We believe in taking actions now. Start your free trial today by registering a free demo here. Our dedicated support team shall guide offer professional advise on the best steps to take in your journey towards attaining success.

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