What You get From FinClock Project Management system

  1. You shall create projects and assign budgets, timelines and project managers
  2. Your Project Shall have breakdown of milestones, which are automatically tracked in real-time
  3. Project Managers shall be able to update progress of a given project, while in the field.
  4. Project analysis is automated and you will review each activity directly reported from the ground.
  5. Performance of a project is shown in your mobile phone or on the web admin where direct evaluation of challenges can be done.
  6. You will be able to approve payments for a project, directly from the admin profile.
  7. Your business will save time and money when employees embrace finclock project Management System
  8. Now you can register here and start free trial.
  9. Connect Finclock attendance to the Full Finclock enterprise management system, and manage  Employees attendance, Track customer issues, finance, projects, and even outsource professionals.
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Why Use FinClock Project Management System?

  1. To your business, the Finclock Project management system shall replace all manual reports in a project. Project Managers shall create projects, update milestones and even update the costs directly using their field service application on phone.
  2. You will be able to approve or reject payments directly using your phone or browser, from anywhere at any time.
  3. You will reduce the project expenses by having less time to completion in a project. labor records, supplies and consultancy expenses are automatically analysed, meaning that you have the full information in real time.  Using the analytics, you will see the bottlenecks and challenges faced in a project, and you can take actions immediately.
  4. Process payments directly using the finclock Enterprise management features and share the information with the right people only. This process will reduce inefficiencies experienced in a project, thus save you time and money
  5. Get Direct reports  which include the photos, texts and even audio recordings of events happening in the project location. the reports are recorded regardless of internet connectivity. You can download these reports as pdf. and excel.
  6. You will get a 21 days free trial, which will enable you decide on the best practices. Always, the finclock support team is available to help you in your new exciting way of managing employee attendance. You can contact support team here. 
  7. I propose you Start your free trial today by registering a free demo here. Our dedicated support team shall guide offer professional advise on the best steps to take in your journey towards attaining success.
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