• Finclock Enterprise Management system is the solution to serve businesses in regions facing connectivity challenges. achieve all company goals from attendance management, project management, finance and accounting management as well as automation of documents. The best way to manage businesses directly from your mobile phone or browser.
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Finclock Attendance Management System

Attendance management ensures that all employees can record their time card either using their mobile phone or using biometric attendance kits. The timesheets are analysed and accessed directly on the online attendance management platform. Take advantage of the system to save time and money in your operations. With an efficient Employee management system, a manager will no longer use the traditional monitoring techniques. Just set the employees to mark attendance using fingerprints. Then, set their daily tasks and watch the employees achieve them on your phone. Using FinClock EMS. Attendance and performance shall be followed seamlessly and efficiently. Contact the support team today and get a free 21 days trial. 

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Finclock HRMS ( Human resource Management System)

Using Finclock staff management system allows you to conduct all HR issues from any place at any time. You will download employee reports, schedule leaves and shifts, review performance reports and share contracts. you will be able to sign contracts directly from your phone.  Feel free to contact the support team and have a free demo. you will be able to realize the potential of your business and realize higher profits. Also, you will have happy employees who will no longer struggle to have their HR communication needs met. Register for Free now and join the business management technology of the future

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