What FinClock attendance application does for your business.

FinClock EMS has many functions that have proven beneficial to the industries and organizations that have installed the system and are using it in their workspace. FinClock EMS has organized evaluation the human resource, operations and accounts departments to a common goal.

This efficient work planning and has enabled employers and employees to work together easily and understand each other’s needs. Consequently, no employee complains about low wages or unjust decisions regarding their performance.

The FinClock staff attendance management system has been simplified and is more accessible to users and easy to use.

This application can run on both mobile phones and computers.

What your business can do with Online attendance System

The following are the few things that your business can improve using finclock online attendance system

Functions at employees’ end:

  • Their attendance is marked by the biometric system. Therefore, no employee can be late for or leave work before completion of their working hours.
  • Employee scheduling and payroll – a complete track of activities is kept and, in case of any doubt, the employer can check the details.
  • Events are recording using the FinClock EMS device. The report made by the supervisor is automatically sent to each employee, which helps employees to rank events at work daily.
  • Reports regarding billing, and wages, among others can be downloaded in common formats such as Excel and pdf.

FinClock online attendance applications is essentially an employee management or scheduling software that helps to track every work detail.

The outcome reported by our clients is a happy working environment.

Many factories, schools, and government organizations have successfully used the system.
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