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Best Employee management software to measure performance of your workers

Company management needs enterprise management software that helps achievement of annual goals. Employee management software helps the company to set and know the position of a given goal. But the main challenge is following up the performance of each employee. According to Forbes magazine, the duties of one employee can affect the overall performance of a company. Think of an employee whose role is to send a marketing campaign when launching a new product. If the employee sets proper goals every day and achieves them, then the campaign shall be a success. But what is the marketing campaign is delayed for a month due to employee incompetence? What is the employee decides to just do the minimum tasks per day? The company will be making wonderful products, but they will not be reaching the market on time. The outcome is slow sales, large inventories and high storage costs. This is a guide on how to implement a working employee performance management and eliminate the challenges that make your company not to achieve the set annual goals.

How to Set company goals using the Employee management software

The CEO knows what the company needs to achieve by the end of say, one year. So, he will set the company goals and set the deadline for the goals. The next thing is to assign these goals to different departments. For a sales department, the CEO may create a company goals of say “selling 5000 cars in the year 2018”.

The sales department now shall be required to figure out what each employee should do, in order to sell the 5000 cars in 2018. So, what should the sales department manager do? The best way is to use the employee management software and divide the tasks to be completed by his or her team. The next step is  to find a way to track what each employee needs to achieve.

Tracking work done in projects using employee management software

The next big task is to track each persons’ job on either daily or weekly basis. This is an important feature available in only a the Finclock Project Management System. The best choice here would be FinClock EMS, because it tracks and automatically shows what each employee has achieved by the end of the day. If an employee delays in their job, the manager should see this and take the right action. This way, each employee will be working to their best without requiring manual follow up. Even better, the company will track progress of each department, instead of waiting for one year, just to record delays.

Eliminate lazy employees using employee management software.

This is another major task that will affect the overall performance of a company. Take a case where only one employee is always late, absent and even asking for many leaves, without performing their tasks as required by the company CEO. This employee will become a bottleneck to the success of the company. We all know such employees, but the way to change their action is not as simple as it looks. However, using the best employee performance reports obtained from attendance system, the company manager shall be able to set the target and if the target is not reached, the system automatically deducts a salary. Now you have a solution. Just set goals, allocate tasks and connect that to the salaries. The outcome shall be incredible and the employees shall feel part of the process.

How is the employee management software operated?

Life has changed and most businesses have opted to go online. You shall only be required to sign up and add your employees online. These employees shall be able to view their tasks using their mobile phones and once they complete a given ask, they can just update their progress. The overall performance is calculated automatically and the company manager can see the progress of each project on daily basis. Register a free trial here and find out how each feature shall help your business attain profitability.

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