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Finclock Online Guard Performance Management Software

Security firms require round the clock review of the activities taking place in the guard stations for identification of the performance of the security guards in their stations.

The FinClock online guard performance management software requires the guards to give reports of incidents, indicating whether they are normal or emergencies, using the FinClock EMS application. In case a guard encounters an emergency, they will be able to report fast and accurately.

Every area manager will be able to recommend disciplinary action directly through the event management system. Cases of lateness will be reported and the actions to be taken recommended according to the company policies.

The FinClock online guard performance management software will record the persons logged in and the number of guards present during their shift. If there is need to increase the number of guards, they will record the issues, and the report will be viewed directly by the operations management. The management will then take the required action.

Any requests for work requirements such as uniforms and equipment will be made on the events recording system. The supervisors will feed the details of the required items, and the department responsible will view these records and either honor or reject the requests.

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