Finclock offers online project management tools that enables you to gain control of your projects, deliver them on time and get more done. It helps you to get work reports from your workers in real-time and avoid project lateness. With Finclock, you can live track the progress of your project, expense it and gain a complete insight about where a project is off track. You can also take decision making by looking at the upcoming tasks board with planned active and completed status.

FinClock is web based online project management tools with a number of features to help you plan and execute your projects, manage your time and resources, and collaborate with customers.

  • Project management tools for companies of all sizes.
  • Time Tracking & Expense Management
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Project Portfolio Management
  • Resource Management

The project planning tools provide an overview of each project, including tasks, milestones, documents, and communications and team members. The collaboration tools include chat, document storage and version control, which can be integrated with your version control system such as CVS or Subversion. The billing and invoicing features allow you to create invoices, send emails to customers requesting payment, track payments due and overdue plus many more features. The portfolio management features provide you with an overview of your projects that allows you to filter by status (active or inactive) or cost center.

Finclock is the best online project planning tools that helps you create a project plan, schedule and track time, and visually display the progress of your project. It provides tools for Gantt charts, scheduling and collaboration.

Create a Project Plan: After logging into Finclock, enter the information about your project – name, description, start and end dates, team members and budget. Next, fill out the sections on tasks and subtasks. You can add as many tasks as you need to complete your project. For each task or subtask, enter a title and description and indicate start and due dates. Create a Milestone: Milestones are significant events within a project’s timeline. For example, you can create milestone events such as “Alpha Release” or “Project Approved.” You can even add comments to milestones as well as assign tasks to them (which will appear as sub-tasks). To add a milestone to your project timeline simply click on the “Add Milestone” button within the task’s page view. Once you’ve clicked on this button you’ll be prompted to select a Task Type (e.g., WIP), Title and Description followed by setting the Start and Due Dates (you also have the option of adding Comments for your Milestone).

FinClock has project planning tools and time tracking tool that enables you to get the job done by planning, organizing and staying on top of your tasks. cost tracking for expenses and projects * time tracking and invoicing options including automatic invoice generation based on timesheets * powerful reporting capabilities including reports for time sheets and expenses. * project and task management capabilities such as task assignment, task due dates, task dependencies and project schedules * integrated email capabilities to allow users to send email messages to clients, co-workers and other viewers of the projects without leaving the software environment.

Finclock project plans can be used to manage projects such as:

  1. Time tracking
  2. Project planning
  3. Job costing
  4. Client billing
  5. Resource scheduling
  6. Expense recording
  7. A Gantt Chart view : easy to read graphical representation of all your tasks and dependencies.
  8. A Task Tree view : a hierarchical view of all your tasks. A very handy way to organize and visualize complex projects.
  9. A Task List view : a simple list of all your tasks grouped by status, allowing you to quickly focus on what needs attention.
  • An Inbox view : a centralized location for storing emails, documents or links related to your project.
  • A Calendar view : an easy way to keep track of scheduled events and due dates.
  • Custom fields: allowing you to create new fields and define how they should be used throughout the application.
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