Project Description

Finclock Partners

Having attained dealership agreements for the latest technologies in surveillance systems, we have partnered with different companies who entrust us with advising, retailing and maintaining the systems in East and Central African countries. We have partnered with:

  1. ZKTeco: manufacturers of access control and biometric systems
  2. Huifan Technology: Manufacturers of Biometric portable devices
  • HIKVision: manufacturers of Security cameras and access control systems.
  1. NETGEAR LLC (USA) manufacturers of latest smart surveillance cameras
  2. Immedia, Inc. (USA): developers of smart cameras and a member of Delaware Corporation.
  3. Novel EA Kenya: large scale Networks and Studio systems.
  • Grandstream : video Conferencing
  • Namecheap Inc (Ukraine) – Cloud Hosting solutions providers.
  1. Trackforce (USA) developers of security guards management software.