Project management software

Finclock project management software helps you to achieve the following:

  1. Increase profits using accurate online project costing tools.
  2.  Deliver projects on time by creating, planning and monitoring the projects online.
  3. Improve productivity using  task assignment nd reporting tools online.
  4. Make real-time decisions by viewing the project and task boards with planned, active and completed status.
  5. Get work reports from workers in Realtime and avoid project lateness.
  6. Track project expenses and progress and reduce cost of operations by 15-30%.
  7. Send project reports to customers
  8. Manage employees in remote project.
  9. Grow your business by working on many projects efficiently.

Project management software Benefits

Project management software consists of tools to help you organize projects in your business or organization. A project is essentially a set of activities aimed at reaching a functional or a financial goal in a given timeline. The main pms tools in a project are goals, resources, and timelines. Hence, using project management software helps you to plan, evaluate, and report the goals, resources, and timelines in a given project. Any organization deals with projects, either on a daily or periodic basis. In this case, a project can be accomplished in a few hours or several months. Thus, a project management system will help you to manage your activities and optimize performance at the least possible costs and timelines. In this guide, we inform you on how to manage projects using online project management software.

Project management software: Create Projects

Project creation is the first step in project management plan, which is accomplished using the online project creation feature. In this case, you will create a unique name for the project, which can help all team members to recognize it at a glance. Additionally, you will select the person to manage the project, which can either you or any member of your team. Then, you will write a project brief or introduction. The brief is a summary of instructions that the people should know. Typically a project brief should be about 100 to 150 words. Online project management software includes tools to create a numbered list, which is important to all project plans. Hence, a project management system starts with project creation, project brief, and assignment of a project to a project manager.

Project management system: project planning

Project plan entails the management of the actual activities or tasks to be accomplished under the project. Notably, project management software enables you to select the tasks that will be completed under the project. Online project management includes a list of tasks that are normally performed in the organization. The best project planning tools will start with the selection of tasks per department. Then, the tasks are assigned a start date and end date. The next step is to add task briefs, which instructs the people on what to do under the project.

Project management plan using online project management software includes selecting the status of each task. In this case, a task can be assigned the status of the planned task if they will begin on a future date. When the task’s start date arrives, the project management system automatically changes the status of the tasks to the active task list. At the same time, the people assigned the task are notified via SMS, email, or mobile app that they should start working on the task. Moreover, the notification provides brief details of the task and the assigned person may proceed to login into the project management system and check more information. Hence, project plan entails selecting tasks, setting their timelines, adding task summaries, and notifying the team members.

Project management software: task management

The tasks under a given project are managed by making timely reports and changing the status of the tasks. The task reporting feature is provided in a simple, effective, and convenient manner, which enables team members to make task reports from any location, using a web browser (google chrome, safari, Mozilla, and internet explorer). The task reporting feature enables you to add the task report name. Normally a task report name is a brief description of what you have accomplished in that task so far. Then, a task expense is added as a number, which indicates the amount spent to accomplish a given item under the task. The next part when using pms tools is to write a description of the work done, followed by attaching files related to the task completed. Thus, a work reporting under the project management system will indicate the progress and enable the project manager to know how much progress is made under that task.

Project Costing Software : Online Project Costing

Project plan encompasses planning the financial aspects of a project. The project management system allows you to select the tasks already included in a project and assigning them the expected costs. In this case, a project costing feature allows you to select items to be added to a given task and the exact number. For instance, project costing in a design, a project may entail selecting the printing papers, selecting the number of papers, and the delivery date for the papers. When you save the details the project management software prompts you to select the supplier from a list of supplier partners. When a supplier is selected, you can choose to send a notification or not. Thus project costing starts with selecting the tasks and assigning items under the tasks and notifying the suppliers.

Tasks involving services are managed in a similar way to the items. In this case, one selects the project tasks, followed by add services. The services can appear in a list of partners where one selects the service provider, sets a cost, start date, an end date for the service. The project manager will select to either send a note or not. When one sends a note, the service provider receives an email or SMS with the details of the services they should provide. Markedly, defining the actual cost of services may involve negotiations, which makes the item and service cost editable as the project proceeds. Hence, project costing using an online project management system involves defining the items/services under a task and notifying the people involved in those activities.

Project total costing using the pms tools is automatically calculated and tabulated according to the tasks under a given project. Markedly, a task may have many items and services. Each cost is accounted for and included in the total project costing. This is usually a report that can be updated as the project proceeds. Markedly, the people allocated costing roles should be defined, to prevent unwanted cost modifications. The online project management software costing is easy and fast to use. The project costing report eventually helps decision-makers to easily define the budgets of projects, which can be linked to invoicing and other financial reporting features.

Work Management software: project management plan and analysis

the project management plan has automated analysis tools for projects, to help the manager see progress, lateness, delays and bottlenecks.  the Project reports help you to improve your business processes continuously. The project management system provides reports that you need to make decisions, both in real-time and periodically. For instance, you can look at the project status and in a few seconds decide the person to send a message or request for a progress report. Furthermore, Finclock project management software provides periodic reports for the project, including the financial report for your projects, progress reports, items use, and task reports. Hence, you will make informed decisions regarding work in your organization.

project management plan: Staff Performance reports

project Management plan provides online review  of project performance reports. The project performance reports under a project  helps you to know the best performing and the least performing projects, according to costs and timelines. Use Finclock project management system to view the work reports summary of each employee. The performance is calculated automatically based on the lateness and the number of completed tasks per given period. The managers using Finclock have eliminated manual follow-up of employees and can manage all the employee work automatically. Therefore, using Finclock helps your organization to make informed decisions and work efficiently.

Project Management software: Project financial reports

Project financial reports  in the project plan are generated automatically and provides you will details of the money IN and money out for a given project. The money IN is the charges per project while money out is the expenses in a project. Using Finclock Project management system helps you to download financial reports for your projects and simplify the process of revenue analysis. Since the costs and expenses are calculated automatically, the work of a project manager is simplified to just analyzing and exporting the reports to pdf or excel. Using Finclock project management software improves revenue management in the project because managers can be notified when a project cost exceeds the budget set for the project.

Project management plan: Project workflow reports and notifications.

Project plan is an important aspect of pms tools, or an essential feature in the project management system. Using the planning tools, the people are assigned work, and get notified via SMS and email when someone is assigned a task or a project. The SMS notification helps the team member to look at the project or task details immediately thus creates real-time communication. Moreover, the managers get an SMS when a project report is uploaded, which automatically eliminates the need for manual follow-up. The team members can also make requests for information and the recipient gets an email and SMS notification. Furthermore, when the status of a project or task is changed, the relevant managers get notified automatically. Thus, project management plan helps you to manage all projects, save time, money, and improve productivity.

Online Project Costing Software

Using project management plan begins with adding the tasks that are supposed to be completed under a given project. Markedly, the tasks will involve both items and services. Each item or service comes at a given cost. The first step is to add the items under a task and the respective services. This way, you will have all items that are involved in a project in one place, which ensures that you do not forget items and increase the cost of projects later. Hence, the online project costing software helps you to increase profit in projects.

When you add the items and services, the pms tools will automatically calculate the total costs for each item, total cost for the project and provide a report that can be downloaded as PDF or Excel. The report may be used to generate quotations for the project in a simplified way. The easiest way to increase profits is to price items properly. Notably, some items are often forgotten during the pricing stage of a project. Consequently, the project gets overhead costs that reduce the profits. Hence, it is recommended to use the online project costing software to minimize project cost overheads.

Benefits of using the online project management plan include increasing profits in projects, reducing repetitions in project plans, and cutting time to deliver projects. The outcome of these benefits is the fast growth of your business and increased customer satisfaction. Moreover, the process of managing projects becomes easier when using online project costing software than when using manual methods. The increased customer satisfaction will lead to many referrals and repeat clients, which will increase revenue for your business. Thus, using online project costing software will help your business to grow.

project management plan using PMS tools

Project plan helps your business or organization to achieve goals within a shorter period. The process of project planning begins with creating the list of frequent tasks in your organization. For instance, a business that specializes in inspection services may have 5 tasks that are repeated in most projects. Therefore, the first step is to create the list of tasks under the common tasks page. The project planning software comes with tools to arrange the tasks per department, which helps you to quickly plan the projects. Moreover, the project planning software eliminates micromanagement in projects, which increases the productivity of the team members.

The second step of managing projects using the project management plan is to assign tasks to team members. When a task is assigned to a person, they get an instant notification through SMS, which ensures that they plan themselves to start working on the task. This instant task assignment eliminates delays in projects and significantly reduces time to delivery.  When a task is assigned to a person, the project planning software automatically adds those tasks to the task board, which shows the planned, active, and completed tasks. Furthermore, the task board shows the start date and deadline of tasks. The tasks are analyzed automatically and using the inbuilt feature of task dependency, the project planning software determines the late tasks, bottleneck tasks, and ongoing tasks. The bottleneck tasks are the tasks that have not been attended to, thereby creating a backlog that delays the delivery of a project. Hence, businesses using project management plan (PMS tools) eliminates confusion, micromanagement, and lateness of projects.

Online project management plan

Online project reporting software helps your team to make work reports on the projects, whereby the progress of each task is reported. Using the reporting feature, team members update the progress of their work. The online project reporting software includes action reporting, progress reporting, and cot reporting features. Moreover, the team member can add a message on the project report, which describes the work done under that project. The online project reporting software has a feature to upload reports in pdf, word, excel, and image formats. These features help the project manager to review project reports online and make real-time decisions. Besides, the project manager may download the reports and compare the work done with the project requirements. Companies using an online project reporting software eliminates manual follow-ups, which significantly reduces the cost of operation.

An online project management plan comes as a web-based (cloud-based project management software), which helps all team members to work remotely and cooperate in projects. The software can be accessed using mobile phones or computers. Since the system is web-based, the number of reports in a project is unlimited, which allows companies to manage unlimited projects. Thus, all companies should use online project reporting software to manage remote workers and increase the productivity of the team members.

Finclock project management software includes these tools in a single software, which eliminates the need to have multiple systems for work management. The outcome of using multi-functional software is the ease of management and lower costs of operation. Moreover, the online PMS tools may be used as a single system for personal projects. The system accommodates unlimited users, which helps companies to start organizing work at any stage. Hence, all businesses and organizations can use the online project reporting software to improve the performance of remote team members. Moreover, the entry cost for online project reporting software is minimized to help all companies define a path for infinite growth.

project management website

Work reporting software is a part of online project and task management tools that help businesses to grow and scale their operations. A business with one or more employees requires work reporting software to change the mindset of the team members. Markedly, business succeeds when the workers develop positive habits, geared towards achieving the best requests within the shortest time. Using project management website helps your organization to achieve goals by optimizing work management every day. Moreover, the success of a business is not a single-day event, which means that every person has to work towards the goals every day. The people in an organization may have many distractions, which may affect their performance. Consequently, using work reporting software will help people to focus on completing the important tasks first.

A project management website includes work assignment features, work reporting, and work evaluation features. These features help the managers to create and assign work to people according to their workgroups or job categories. The people assigned work will login to their account and view the work assigned to them. In this case, the start date, end date, work instructions, and the documents attached to the work or assignment. Consequently, the person assigns work will plan their work and complete it in sprints or milestones. As one continues to work, they will use the work reporting software to document the progress of their work. At the end of the assignment, the user will make a final work report using the work reporting software, which may include the costs incurred, challenges experienced and the overall lessons learned in that work assignment. These reports help the project management team or operation managers to make informed decisions and improve the work processes in their organization.

A project management website comes with request management tools, which help the team members to make requests as they proceed with work. The requests such as project information may cause delays, but using a work reporting software helps the team members to get instant information and proceed to complete their work on time. Furthermore, the work reporting software has work performance reports. The work performance reports indicate the tasks assigned to a person, the completed tasks, and the late tasks. These features automatically calculate the work performance rating of every person in the organization. Thus, the business managers can assess the performance of the team members and make informed decisions, such as work reassignment, retraining of the team members. Therefore, project management website solves most problems of a project manager and helps businesses to scale operations.

Project Management System with PMS tools

A Project Management system should save your time and money. The best project management software should do more than that. Here, the task manager app and the projects software should put your organization in a better decision making the position, in real time. Thinking of the best software for project management has to begin with understanding the needs of your business. Some of the questions to ask yourself here include;

Project management website: What is the nature of your project?

The nature of your projects will determine the choice of a project management system. Are you in products or service business? If your business entails products, it’s easier to standardize reporting in projects, as either incoming or outgoing products. Then you can go deeper to categorize the items and plan on reporting templates. The best project management software for supplies business would require features such as tracking of items, expenses, and even workflows as well as task manager application.

The service industry has different project needs. Let us consider an organization dealing with services, e.g. construction or cleaning. The nature of the projects may be categorized per client. Then, under the client, there will be expenses, tasks, and even income. Now such a business will need a project management system that targets a breakdown of a given client’s job into project, milestone, tasks, sub tasks, etc. This is the power of #1 project management software.

The nature of the business or institution’s operation will largely determine the type of a project management website. Time is gone where we used to force software into a business. Currently, businesses have a choice and you better make the best choice. I recommend Finclock Project management system for businesses. The system provides tools that fit different organizational structures, with detailed reporting features.

How many management levels in the project management software?

The project managers are the end users of project management software. They are the people who interact on a daily basis with the systems. Certainly, you need a system that allows flexible allocation of managers to different projects. I would consider an ideal project to have three levels, who are involved in the real-time project reporting and decision making.  In most organizations, a project supervisor will be in direct contact with the project activities, such as allocation of tasks, execution of the tasks, and direct connection with suppliers, client, and the workers All these are provided in the work management system, task manager app and the cloud project management system. As such, project supervisors or team leaders become he best people to record project reports using project management system and the work management system. When the reports are recorded, they need to go to a manager, who will either be processing payments or sending formal reports to the client. Here, we can have an organization with more than one department, such as finance, human resource, and operations. These departments will need to get the reports of the project. However, a PMS tools will have the ability to divide the reports as per the department and managerial levels.  It is therefore critical to evaluate the number of user levels or the department supported by a project management software, before settling on the purchase. In this case, it is critical to be able to register a trial period and evaluate the system yourself.

What project reports are availed in the project management system?

A project management system will essentially provide reports about the projects. To simplify further, a project report will have a record of the actions taken in a given project. These actions can be in different stages, time and locations. Thus, a good project management software should be able to capture the features of a project, with unlimited flexibility. It is clear to state that good project reporting software should not be limited to certain environments only. Here, a good  project management system or task manager system will enable both employees in the office and in the field to contribute to a given project. This collaboration will go a long way in cutting project expenses and timelines.

An online project management website will include tools that help people take reports, at different levels of engagement. Here, it will be critical to consider the fact that not all people are interested in the same details about a project. For instance, a project manager in the operations department will like to see exactly what is happening in each location, to the finest details. On the other hand, a finance manager will be interested in the money matters in the project, with evidence of expenditure or payments. So, a good work management system should be able to capture these features and combine them.

Project Costing software: Project Analysis

Truly, times are gone when digital reports were just a pile of spreadsheets. The best project reporting software must be able to provide analytics, which is geared towards fast, accurate and informed decision making across the organizational lines of communication. A good project management system will focus on finding the key decision points in a project (KDP). In other fields, we would call this a Key performance indicator (KPIs). These indicators in a work management system should include, tasks completion, task reporting, expenses in a project, project timelines or plans, budgets, and project progress. The most advanced methods of project analysis may require multiple stages of data analysis, whereby project costing software becomes an essential tool. However, there have been great improvements brought about by the online project management system for fieldworkers in the world. Finclock has been able to combine all these tools in a simple, task manager application, which has changed the way people view and understand the whole concept of project reports analysis. Here, the project management system application has improved to include real-time project analytics. In essence, the only thing a manager needs to do is to log in to their account and see the real-time project reports.

It is not easy to pick a project costing software that combines everything, but it is possible to find as many features as possible in a good project reporting system.  Best project management software will provide analyzed reports for fast decision making. As a manager, no one likes to take too much time with a project report, without finding the information they are looking for. Here, we conducted research with 50 companies across the world. We asked managers which is the best project reporting software. Most of the answers by managers were based on three main parameters of the reports, which include timeliness, accuracy and the level of analytics.

Project management website: Real-time Decision Making process.

Projects permit different levels of response time. Some projects may be ruined a 30 minutes delay, while others will be okay, even if a report is delayed for a week. Therefore, the nature of the project internals will be important and the work reporting software helps managers to make real-time decisions from any location. Some of the best software for project management will insist on real-time reporting. This form of reporting is very important especially in industries which are time critical. PMS tools for project reporting will take care of the intervals, where the manager can set the reporting intervals. A good way to approach this kind of system is to ensure that the people working in the industry are able to customize the reporting periods, to fit the nature of their operations. Some projects may even require reminders and alerts if there is a late report. In such a case, the alerts and notifications for reporting are important to the mangers and the staff members, who are using the task manager app. The only way to set the alerts and reminders in project reporting is to have a mobile application, email or internal system alerts. Such systems make it necessary for the project managers to file reports after a certain period. As such, the recommended project management software is Finclock, which provides real-time reports, that can be customized as per the nature of company operations.

PMS tools for field service management

Field projects are the most popular projects across the world. These projects range from construction projects, field service, cleaning, transport projects, guarding, mining, security among other field projects. Majorly, these projects face challenges of streamlining reporting. As such, a good project management system should provide tools that help people in different industries to easily customize a solution to fit their reporting needs. The ability to report from a mobile phone has become a critical feature in project management systems. Here, the project reporting app will be used by field workers such as engineers, supervisors, guarding mangers among others to make reports that streamline the working operations of the company. The current world has changed fast and thus the nature of operations in a project will mainly affect the overall cost. Notably, the competitiveness of global companies requires that for a business to service in field projects, the managers must be able to eliminate time and labor wastage. Using work management system for PMS tools will help a manager to streamline the operations while in the field. A good project management system must, therefore, provide a project reporting application, as part of the reporting methods. Here, Finclock work management system provides project reporting application, which works without an internet connection. The ability of workers to make project reports offline helps in streamlining reporting since there shall be the consistency of reports, regardless of the connectivity. Finclock project management software also includes rugged field service phones, which have a very long battery life. Thus, FinClock project management solution for field service and field workers is the best option.

 PMS tools with online project plan

In-house projects are conducted on premise or a certain office. Noted that the in-house project management software can be deployed in the Local area network or within the same set of computers. Thus, in-house or on-premise project management software have been easier to deploy than the field service software. However, there are any areas of business operations, which have changed in the recent past. One of the main areas is the level of analytics and workflows. Lately, companies and organizations prefer to use system which will allow seamless workflow across departments. Thus, looking for a project management software that takes care of all the needs is a critical step. Here, we recommend using a work management system that fits both the promise departments and the field service departments. The best software for project management must therefore include the task manager app, if meant to benefit the company. Also, it is clear that the on-premise projects are declining, thus the need to have online project management software.

Online project management software

The world is decentralizing to cloud-based project management systems. The trend is clearly a factor of cost and efficiency. Certainly, the cost of operating a cloud-based project management system is much lower than on-premise project management system. In fact, studies have shown that online project management systems are always 50-75% cheaper than the on-premise project management software. As such, Finclock provides the best online project management software, which can be accessed both using the mobile phone as a mobile app or on the web using common browsers, such as Google, Mozilla, safari or internet explorer. The PMS tools within the project management system will include features that range from project creation, milestone creation, project reporting, task reporting, reminders, and requests in projects among others. These features provide the project manager with tools to completely streamline the projects.  Thus, Finclock is the best online project management system, which comes at affordable costs and fits all the needs of your business.

Project management plan

The project management plan refers to the project creation, execution, handover and maintenance stages. As a manager, look for the features provided in each of the project stages. For project creation, check for how the project is named and stored in the database, the formats, the definition of milestones/sprints in a project, the definition of tasks, budgeting and allocation of tasks and the setting of approval levels.

The execution stage entails the actual reporting of the project activities. Here, we are talking of PMS tools being used by the workers, supervisors, managers and then handed to the clients,, using the task manager app. The best project management system will include features to help the employees and supervisors to create reports in real-time. The faster the reporting feedback, the better it shall be to the project managers, business owners, and the clients.  The best way is to also have the project reporting be broken down into milestones and tasks, which will aid in providing as detailed reports as possible.

The most important cycle is the project plan. In the past, the project analysis was done after a stage is completed. The danger in this type of management is the fact that if there were mistakes or losses, they will only be identified after the project has been completed. Naturally, these management strategies are expensive and inefficient. Modern methods of project analysis have embraced real-time project analysis based on the tasks, milestones, and sprints. Here, we are considering a project analysis, which gives the actual expenses per task, the actual progress of a task and the actual comparison of tasks with the project plan. You will find that such a comparison can be summarized and presented in a dashboard, with indicators of the actual position of the project. This is the greatest power of Finclock project management system. The system offers direct project management analytics, which enables the managers to make a decision at a glance of the dashboard.

The Last cycle in online project management system if the evaluation/ reference projects cycle. This cycle provides managers with the ability to use previous project reports, to compare with the current projects and make continuous improvements as time goes by.  The finclock project management system  and the task manager app have, included the top engineering algorithms, which enables forecasting, datum projects and the continuous improvements in the KPIs of a project management cycle. As a result, using this system will improve your company profitability exponentially.

Project management plan using Project management system

A project plan provides an actual roadmap toward the execution of a given project. When the planning is done properly, it is possible to move fast and maintain top quality. We consider a good project plan as documentation, detailing the project activities, budgets, timelines, and people. These four aspects in a project are critical for any manager. In FinClock project management software, the four items are included in both the management and employee’s level. However, the users shall get information that is relevant to them. A manager in one of the client companies says that Finclock is the software that crunches the numbers for managers. Truly, the crunching of numbers is done from the planning stage to the final stages of each project.

Project report using PMS tools

Project reporting will include creating of reports either using forms or applications. In most systems, project reporting is done in forms, which can be either manual or common spreadsheets. Then, the data goes to Project management software, where the analysis level can vary from basic to advance. The challenge with this kind of reporting includes lengthy reporting cycles, duplication of work and errors in the reports. A combination of these factors leads to inefficiencies which end up as financial loses in a project.

Using the top project management system, your employees fill be allocated tasks by the project manager. Then, they will be required to make periodic reports on progress. If someone is late or delays sending a project, they are automatically alerted as well as the manager.

How to make project report using Best project management software

The process of making a project report has been simplified into a 3 step process. Using finclock Mobile application, you will only select the project, select tasks and make an update. In the update, the information will collect include the expenses, the progress of tasks, comments and the physical evidence of the work done. Here, the Project management app is used to take photos, comments and audio records can be made. It becomes very efficient to use the best project management system. The best part is that PMS tools provides tools that allow offline project reporting.

Task Management software  and Task Management System

Task management system helps you in the following ways:

  1. You shall create tasks, and delegate to team members.
  2. Plan task deadlines and tracked the task progress in real-time (phone and web).
  3. Team members will update progress of tasks and managers get notifications.
  4. Respond to requests in your tasks before they affect the performance.
  5. View and approve task reports.
  6. Get staff performance reports from the tasks completed.

Benefits of using task management system

Task management system helps you to get these benefits within 30 days.

  1. Your employees will complete work on time.
  2. Managers will get real time task reports from any location.
  3. Monitor work progress and expenses in real time
  4. Cut cost of operations by 15-30%
  5. Increase staff engagement and productivity.
  6. Finclock work management system provides tools that save your time and money.
  7. Use task management system to set goals in a project, and get real-time reports as team members or employees proceed with their work.
  8. Choose Finclock task manager application for office and field workers, thus harmonize project management needs.
  9. Follow up on project reports without the need to make physical inspection, thus save time and money.
  10. Streamline communication in your organization and eliminate time wastage and duplication of tasks.
  11. Use the best performing reports as references, thus improve performance in each project.
  12. Improve employee engagement and communication, thus improve productivity in your organization.

How to use Task Management System?

  1. To your business, the task management system shall replace all manual reports in project management. Project Managers shall create projects, update task reports and even update the costs directly using the online task management software.
  2. You will be able to approve or reject payments directly using your phone or browser, from anywhere at any time.
  3. You will reduce the project expenses by having less time to completion in a project.
  4. Work records, supplies and consultancy expenses are automatically analyzed, meaning that you have the full information in real time.  Using the task planning reports, you will see the bottlenecks and challenges faced in a project, and you can take actions immediately.
  5. Process payments and quotations for tasks and projects.  This process will reduce inefficiencies experienced in a project, thus save you time and money
  6. Get Direct reports: with comments, photos, texts and even audio recordings of reports, which are happening in the project location.
  7. You can download these reports as PDF and excel.

Task management system features

Finclock provides all task management system features as part of the project management system. Use the task management features to achieve the following:

  1. Create projects from scratch, set project budget and milestones.
  2. Create tasks under the project and assign the tasks to employees or team members.
  3. Task planning, which includes scheduling of tasks, setting reporting cycles and setting task priority.
  4. Task reporting system, which includes adding new actions on a task, taking summary reports and submitting them as part of the project reporting.
  5. Track task report, by seeing the late tasks, ongoing, planned and completed tasks. All these features are in the task manager app
  6. Update tasks by adding new actions, add comments, photos and attach files to a project.
  7. Finclock EMS includes the best staff management software, which will provide a complete set of tools for business and project management.
  8. Track GPS location, where the task was completed.
  9. Track time of task reporting, who reported the task and the progress of each task.

How Task management system works

Task management system comes as a mobile and web application, which will enable you to plan tasks on a given project.

Use Finclock to create tasks on projects, which can be assigned to yourself or other team members.

Finclock enables you to follow up on employee working progress, based on the reports of the tasks assigned to them.

The employees will use task reporting app to add new action they have completed on a given project.

The work management system shows the action completed, the expenses on the task and the progress as a percentage.

When using the task management software, the employee will take photos of the work completed, add comments and even record audio report on the project.

The task reporting app provides a seamless method of project management including approving task, cancelling tasks and rescheduling tasks.

Using Finclock task management software helps businesses reduce the time of project inspection and cut cost of operations in a business or organization.

Cut operation cost using Task management software

Using the tasks management software, businesses and organizations across the world have reported improvements in their projects.

When employees start using the tasks management software, each employee is dedicated to their work, since their payment is based on the work completed. The employees will make reports of the work they have done and they are paid when the tasks are approved. The manager can review the tasks and add comments. Since the task reports include photos and GPS location, the employees will no longer make false payment claims.

When you embrace task management system, your project costing will reduce by up to 25% within the first 3 months. The project planning application ensures that the project is completed on time and according to the set standards. Using the task planning app, workers can contribute to a project from different locations, meaning that there will be reduced cost of project management.

Using task management system and application eliminates the need to make random or sting operations in your organization. This is achieved by providing the workers with tools for self-management in projects. The burden of project monitoring and inspection is reduced to making employees self-driven, meaning that they shall be self-motivated to deliver their best. The outcome is reduced costs of operation and improved productivity.

Eliminate time wastage using task management system

Task management system will help will help your organization to reduce time wastage. When you embrace the task management system, you will plan on project in advance, meaning that the employees or team members know exactly what to do when the time comes. Using task planning application will also eliminate the duplication of tasks, which happens in many organizations. Finclock is the best task planning application, which comes with both time management and task reporting.

Finclock task management system with attendance tracking will enable the employee to make timely attendance and task reports. Finclock is the only task planning application with attendance management.

Many businesses across the world are using this task management application for field workers and office workers too. Having the option to clock in and clock out online and offline eliminates the possible excuses of connectivity issues. Using finclock task management app for work planning, the workers are able to change the behavior of people and make them come to work on time.

Since the employee comes to work on time, reports what they have done on time and makes requests on time, all project management features have been resolved.

Improve employee communication using Task management system

Using task management system enables the employees to make periodic reports of the work they are doing. The task reporting app has tools for an employee to create tasks and update the actions they are taking. The planned tasks are automatically sent to the cloud project management system, which will harmonize all projects tasks and reduce duplication of tasks.

When a manager creates a task in a project, they can assign the task to one or many employees or team members. The team members will not waste time creating the same task, but will instead focus on delivering their part. Since the task management application comes with a comment, audio and photo recording, the managers can follow up on projects and make informed decisions. Here, the management will be able to re-plan a given task, by updating the task status and assigning them to people. It shall be faster, easier and more engaging to use the task planning application in your projects.

Task management system with mobile app for task management

Using a project management system requires an understanding of the needs of all stakeholders in the project. Here, we shall discuss using project management software for the benefit of both the company/organization, client and the employees. These three factors are based on the analysis of the best project management guides across the world.  There are three main categories of people to consider in project operations. First, the client, business owner as well as the workers.

Who needs a task management system?

The business owner, director or managers in an organization are the first people to come into contact with software vendors. Before they consider investing in a project management system, they must consider the other two parties, namely; clients and the workers. Here, the manager’s or business owner should consider investing in a project management system that fits the needs of the three parties and even extends beyond the benefits of using project managing systems to the future of the business or the organization. Experts in project management systems advice that, since a manager is the final decision maker in the software sales process, it ends up that most software vendors will provide many features to suit the management. However, the best systems are the user-focused project management systems, since they provide a simplified working environment, thus making the project reporting process as easy as possible. However, the modern project management systems have a bi-directional approach, a method commonly known as feedback loops. Here are the critical features to look for as a business owner.

Task management system for construction

The best task management system for construction is able to record all activities happening at the site. The projects will include many steps such as land excavation, laying a foundation, setting up the construction among others. Each stage comes with new requirements, which include tasks, expenses, and labor. A good project management system for construction should include as many tools as possible, to help managers make the right decision at each stage of the project. Also, the managers need to be able to see as many details as possible, in real-time. Thinking of making a good move when buying a project management system or a task manager app requires you to set the right goals and expectations when managing the project. I would think of taking the right steps starting with finding the software for construction projects. Specifically, a work management system designed to fit the needs of construction companies.

A good task management system must include task manager app for construction companies, which will come with project planning tools. These tools are used to plan the project from scratch, before moving into the construction site. Thus, the construction project will be run according to the master plan. Here, the master plan will include the Bill of quantities (BoQs), labor budgets among others. The best work management system will enable construction workers to record the time and tasks completed, using the task management app from these two reports, a manager will decide on the exact payments to be made.

A task management software and the task management app should be linked to the payroll, where the people are paid according to the work done. I would recommend considering a system that can allow downloading construction project reports both in PDF and spreadsheet formats. As such, a manager will be able to cut the tie spent on report preparation by over 50%.

Best task management system for field service workers

Field service workers will engage in projects that are located in different areas. Some of the workers may be assigned a duty in multiple locations. Consider a painter in a company, who will paint say 5 houses in a month. That person needs a system that enables them to record the time they get to each of their workstations, record the tasks completed and to make requests when working on the project. Essentially, a project management system for field service will have all the features, which streamline the communication between the workers and the management.

The best task management software for field service workers comes as a mobile application. The task manager app is designed to send reports to the online project management system. Here, the workers will make simplified reports, which are combined with the project management system. As such, the progress of the project is the cumulative work done by all the people, who have been assigned duties. I would recommend using a project management and task management system that works offline. This means that the workers will not fail to make reports, with or without the internet. These functionalities enable them to make reports that are consistent with their time. The only task management app that fits the needs of field service workers is available online.

Use task management app and manage multiple projects seamlessly. In the system, there are features to record progress reports, tasks reporting and to make requests to the management, using the task manager app. Such tools help an organization to streamline communication with the employees in field service. As such, the whole organization will save time and money spent on projects.

Using the tools provides managers with forecasting and proper planning. These features in work management system in fieldwork are meant to make the working environment-friendly, efficient and timely.

More Task Management System Features

Task management system should provide a simplified information sharing among all parties in a project. The most essential features have to cater for every use case. In the current times, a project management system must be able to cater for both indoor and outdoor projects. It is also essential to have a system that analyses information, crunches the numbers for managers. Here is a summary of essential features to look for in a task management software features that offer the modules of the task management app.