Project Management Tools

Project management tools help businesses to achieve the following:

  1. Your team will improve efficiency by creating, planning and monitoring work progress online.
  2. Your business will increase profits by accurate  project costing & revenue management online.
  3. Team members will make work reports online including work done, hours worked and more.
  4. Your business will improve staff productivity with the automated staff performance reports.
  5.  By improving efficiency, cutting cost and increasing profit, your business will grow.
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Software Features

1. Project Planner Software tools

  • Create tasks, add relevant details and set status.
  • Create nested tasks.
  • Add subtasks.
  • View and edit tasks.
  • Add comments to tasks.
  • Add milestone to tasks.

2. Task management

  • Set start and stop times for each task.
  • View time spent on each task.
  • Add notes for time tracking.
  • Export time tracking data to csv format.
  • Add reminders for time tracking.
  • View time tracking reports.

3. Project Costing

  • Project Budget preparation
  • Labor costs reporting
  • Direct item costs reporting
  • Miscellaneous expenses

4. Project financial reports

  • project revenue reports
  • labor reports
  • profit/loss reports

5. Team Management and Collaboration

  • Online work reporting
  • Instant alerts (SMS/ Emails)
  • Staff performance reports
  • Instant Requests to management
  • Integrate with employee management software tools

Benefits of Project planner software to businesses

Project management tools helps to Increase profit in projects

Costing projects involves estimating costs, managing budgets, and tracking progress and costs over time. Project costing is a key part of business operations for companies that manufacture physical products and those that sell digital products, such as software or eBooks. Knowing how to cost projects correctly is crucial to business success. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Get organized. Every successful project involves some kind of breakdown, from a detailed schedule to spreadsheets that detail materials and labor. If there’s no breakdown, it’s almost impossible to know how much time and money will be spent on a project.
  2. Estimate costs. Project costing involves estimating the value of materials and labor, then applying those values to a project schedule.
  3. Track costs. Knowing how much a project will cost over time helps you manage costs and progress.
  4. Know the bottom line. Project costing lets you measure performance over time and adjust your strategy as needed.

Deliver projects on time by creating, planning and monitoring the projects online.

Finclock is an online time tracking solution perfect for businesses and independent professionals. It helps them monitor, track their time, and invoice their clients efficiently. Moreover, Finclock helps you to:

  1. Create projects to send to your clients.
  2. Track the time and time spent on various tasks.
  3. Track time spent on meetings.
  4. Create Invoices and Schedule them to send to your clients.
  5. Receive Payments from your clients.
  6. Monitor the time and time spent on various tasks.
  7. Track time spent on meetings.
  8. Manage Tasks and Projects.
  9. Personal Dashboard.
  10. Customized reports.

Improve team productivity using  online project planner software.

Finclock helps teams, businesses and agencies get more done. By offering features like task assignment, reporting, and time tracking, we make it easier for teams to manage projects and collaborate with one another.

Task assignment. Assign tasks to team members. Team members can use the online calendar to see when assignments are coming up.

Reporting. Keep track of time spent on tasks. Use reports to get an overview of your projects, track time spent on various tasks, or compare productivity across team members.

Time tracking. Track time spent on individual tasks with a timer.

Make real-time decisions by viewing the project and task boards with planned, active and completed status.

Automate project costing and revenue reports

If you work in project management, or are involved in any aspect of running a small business, you’re probably familiar with the importance of accurate and timely project costing. Project tracking software like Finclock makes it a breeze to keep everyone on the same page by tracking time, expenses, and income against your projects. No need for spreadsheets or detailed billing reports, Finclock project costing software takes care of it for you.

Finclock online project management system allows you to split your projects up into different cost buckets, track time against tasks, create estimates, and create invoices. Its online dashboard allows you to log in to track time, expenses and invoices from any computer with an internet connection. With Finclock, you can finally stop worrying about project billing and get back to doing what’s important.

Get work reports from workers in Real-time and avoid project lateness.

There are countless ways to stay on top of project deadlines and payments, but finding a simple solution that works for everyone can be a challenge.

Finclock takes the pain out of project management. Whether your team is remote or in the same office, employees can update timesheets and log their hours from anywhere at any time. Timesheets and project scheduling are two of the most labor-intensive tasks for project managers, and Finclock aims to simplify them both. As workers log their hours, managers can review and approve them, or ask for more information. With Finclock, project managers and employees have access to the same data, so there’s no confusion on who’s responsible for what.

Finclock employee management software also allows users to view their total hours, per project and over weeks, months and years. This removes any confusion over who’s on track and who’s falling behind. Finclock can even integrate directly with time tracking apps like Hubspot CRM. Finclock is cloud based, so users can access timesheets from anywhere. The app can be accessed on phones, tablets and desktop computers.

Track project expenses and progress and reduce cost of operations.

Do you have an online project management system?

Does everyone in your organization use one?

Does everyone in your organization use it the right way?

Does everyone in your organization use it at all?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, then your organization could benefit from keeping better track of project expenses and progress.

The problem with relying on Excel, Google Docs, or other PMS tools is that there are so many ways to misconfigure them, they often end up causing more problems than they solve.

One common problem is that teams don’t record expenses at all — they just write them off as “no big deal” when they make their invoice. Another problem is that teams often record expenses that are unnecessary or irrelevant to the project. And another problem is that teams often record expenses in duplicate, which drives up both the project’s cost and its overhead. If you can identify these issues in your organization, you may be able to save money by switching to a better online project management system.

But how do you know which one to choose?

There are dozens of online project planner on the market, and only a sliver of these tools offer even one feature that would potentially save your company money. We’ve tested many PMS tools, and the ones that stood out had the following features:

  1. Simple, intuitive interface.
  2. Simple expense tracking.
  3. Automatic expense reports.
  4. Advanced reporting.
  5. Integration with other business systems.
  6. Realtime expense tracking.
  7. Unlimited users.
  8. Free trial.
  9. Unlimited projects.

Send project reports to customers

Finclock is a reporting tool that sends PDF reports to customers. It integrates with your invoices and accounting software, so you don’t have to waste time on manual data entry.

The reports are fully customizable, including how they’re structured, who they’re sent to and customized headers and footers. You can easily add custom fields to the report, such as links to your website or special requests from the customer.

Reports are emailed automatically at the end of the day, saving you the hassle of manually sending them the next morning. You can also embed the report on your website, so customers can easily access the information you’re sharing with them. Because reports are customizable, you can include information that’s specific to your business, which makes it easier to share with customers.

Manage employees in remote projects.

With Finclock you can manage employees in remote projects and keep track of time worked, expenses, and invoices. For freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners, Finclock is an important tool. The software helps to keep track of employees, track time, manage expenses, and invoice clients and customers.

Grow your business by working on many projects efficiently

Finclock offers online project planner tools for small businesses. It is an all-in-one solution that allows businesses to track their time and expenses. Finclock is a cloud based platform, which allows customers to access the tool from any browser. It also integrates seamlessly with other business apps and software.

web-based project planner for businesses

Online project planner is specially designed to help manage projects. Unlike general-purpose software, web-based project management tools specifically designed for project managers or executives has features geared toward managing projects, and tasks from beginning to end. A good project management tool will help the team organize, and track the entire process from start to finish. It will also be able to handle multiple users with varying permissions, track changes as they happen, and have an intuitive interface.

PMS tools can be helpful in several ways. They can help businesses organize better by helping keep a shared task list that everyone is aware of at all times. They can also help reduce costs by being able to estimate more accurately how much work a project will take, and how long it will take to complete it. PMS tools save time by making it easier for people to communicate with one another about the progress of a project. Finally, they can save money by tracking time spent working on a project for billing purposes.

Online project planner that allows you and your team to track all project related tasks. You can plan, manage, organize, and report your projects. Finclock allows you to create multiple projects, assign tasks to team members, plan tasks, set deadlines and reminders, track time spent on tasks, and much more. Finclock, an online project planner for businesses, allows you to create multiple projects, assign tasks to team members, plan tasks, set deadlines and reminders, track time spent on tasks, and much more. You can use Finclock as a personal task manager, a project management tool, or a software development tool.

Finclock employee management system combines with Project planner to  allow you and your team to track all project related tasks. You can plan, manage, organize, and report your projects. Finclock allows you to create multiple projects, assign tasks to team members, plan tasks, set deadlines and reminders, track time spent on tasks, and much more. These project management tools that allow you and your team to track all project related tasks. You can plan, manage, organize, and report your projects. Finclock allows you to create multiple projects, assign tasks to team members, plan tasks, set deadlines and reminders, track time spent on tasks, and much more.

 Online project planner for SMBs

Finclock online project planner can help you organize your team, manage your time, track expenses and invoices, and keep a record of important conversations. The software is free to use for up to 5 users. It includes unlimited projects, task lists, time tracking, notes, and files (with unlimited backup). Finclock integrates with many cloud services. Finclock is an online project planner . It is a web-based project management tool which lets your team, clients and vendors work together. Finclock is a web-based project management tools which help teams, clients and vendors work together.

With online project planner , your team can collaborate online, share files, assign tasks, and more. Many online project management systems also offer time tracking, which helps your team stay on top of their billable hours. These PMS tools can help you manage projects, whether you’re an individual running a business or a company with dozens of employees. Gantt charts. Gantt charts are essentially timelines that show assignments on a timeline, allowing you to see the big picture. online project planner tools often include Gantt charts, so anyone with an account can have access to them. Gantt charts are useful for both individuals and companies, and are useful for planning out projects.

Time tracking. Time tracking can help you manage billing and make sure you’re staying on track. These tools let you enter billable hours as you work, and time tracking tools are often integrated with other Project management tools. Collaboration. PMS tools often integrate with email, calendars, and other social media tools, allowing you and your team to stay connected and work together. File sharing. Many project management tools have file sharing, which makes it easy to collaborate on projects. For a free trial and setup of the online project planner, sign up for free trial and explore more online Project management tools for free.

online project management system for companies with office and field teams

FinClock is an online project management system built to help companies manage their projects more effectively. The software was developed to meet the requirements of small and medium size businesses, and to streamline project processes. Finclock is an online project management tools designed to help project teams, freelancers, and businesses track projects and stay on top of deadlines. With Finclock, users simply create a project, add tasks, and assign them to team members, all within the software. And with the built-in calendar feature, users can track the progress of each task, as well as due dates, all in one place.
Users can also track time spent on each task, along with the ability to view work logs and expenses, and manage invoices and payments. And they can collaborate on projects and tasks with team members especially when the PMS tools include remote working capabilities.

Advantages of online project planner

Everyone involved in a project should have a single, shared version of a project plan. The tendency to use email to share project management information leads to inaccurate or conflicting data that can cause problems later on. If you have a large company with multiple offices across the country or around the globe, it may be too difficult to manage your project from a central location. In this case, you should consider online project planner over desktop software so you can access the same information from anywhere.

Remote working. Online project management tools allows employees working on a project from disparate locations to communicate, and share information quickly, and effectively. This is because it uses web-based features, and Internet connectivity, which makes communication easier, and more efficient than sharing documents via email or file transfers.

Collaboration. Online project management system also allows managers, and team members to view progress reports for the entire team, and schedule meetings using the interface. This saves time because it eliminates the need for lengthy email exchanges before meetings can be scheduled. Desktop project management applications is often more difficult to use than online software. It often requires users to be trained on how to use it properly, which can take time away from other aspects of the job. Desktop software doesn’t offer all of the capabilities of web-based systems, such as calendaring, scheduling, and task management.

Flexibility, and scalability: online project planner online allows you to access your projects from any computer with an Internet connection. This means that you can access, and update your projects from virtually anywhere. You can also easily scale up or down depending on your available resources without having to purchase additional software licenses.

Project collaboration: online project planner enables multiple users to collaborate on a single project. Project stakeholders, clients, team members, and other relevant parties can contribute their input, and share ideas in real-time. This makes it possible to get more input from a larger team, speeding up the overall work process, and giving more people a say in the project outcome.

Project security: online project planner is generally safer than traditional software because it is stored on a remote server rather than your computer hard drive. This means that your data is protected from potential damage or loss due to a system failure or human error. Additionally, online project management tools allow you to easily back up your data for security purposes. In addition to these benefits, some businesses might find it easier to implement an online project management system because they already have familiarity with web-based applications or cloud technology.

Best online project management tools for all SMBs

The best online project management system is a tool that offers you the functionality to stay on top of your projects, and tasks from anywhere at any time. This can be achieved by using a cloud-based system or a web-based project management platform. Finclock is an online project planner that can be accessed from any browser with an internet connection. It is accessible from anywhere, anytime, and by anyone who has the access to the internet. A great advantage of this software is that it can be used on any device including Smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Finclock provides you with a team collaboration feature in addition to advanced reporting, and analytics capabilities for better decision-making.

Project tracker for Businesses

Project tracker is a software designed to help project managers, and team leaders monitor, and manage multiple tasks, events, issues, risks, etc. within a single project (or related projects), using project templates. Project templates are pre-designed collections of templates, forms, reports, and other resources that can be used in the course of managing a project. The project managers are the end users of online project planner . They are the people who interact on a daily basis with the systems. Certainly, you need a system that allows flexible allocation of managers to different projects. I would consider an ideal project to have three levels, who are involved in the real-time project reporting and decision making.

In most organizations, a project supervisor will be in direct contact with the project activities, such as allocation of tasks, execution of the tasks, and direct connection with suppliers, client, and the workers All these are provided in the work management system, task manager app and the online project management system. As such, project supervisors or team leaders become he best people to record project reports using Project management tools and the work management system. When the reports are recorded, they need to go to a manager, who will either be processing payments or sending formal reports to the client. Here, we can have an organization with more than one department, such as finance, human resource, and operations. These departments will need to get the reports of the project. However, a PMS tools will have the ability to divide the reports as per the department and managerial levels.  It is therefore critical to evaluate the number of user levels or the department supported by an online project planner, before settling on the purchase. In this case, it is critical to be able to register a trial period and evaluate the system yourself. As a project manager, you can never be too prepared. For every project, you have to consider the following:

  • Defining the project
  • Planning the project
  • Executing the project
  • Controlling the project
  • Closing the project

You also need to keep a few things in mind while working on any project. The main advantage of using PMS Tools is that they provide a centralized method for storing, tracking, and reporting on documents that can be accessed from anywhere by authorized users. Adding the tasks that are supposed to be completed under a given project. Markedly, the tasks will involve both items and services. Each item or service comes at a given cost. The first step is to add the items under a task and the respective services. This way, you will have all items that are involved in a project in one place, which ensures that you do not forget items and increase the cost of projects later. Hence, the online project costing software helps you to increase profit in projects.

When you add the items and services, the PMS tools will automatically calculate the total costs for each item, total cost for the project and provide a report that can be downloaded as PDF or Excel. The report may be used to generate quotations for the project in a simplified way. The easiest way to increase profits is to price items properly. Notably, some items are often forgotten during the pricing stage of a project. Consequently, the project gets overhead costs that reduce the profits. Hence, it is recommended to use the online project costing software to minimize project cost overheads.

Benefits of using the online project management system include increasing profits in projects, reducing repetitions in project plans, and cutting time to deliver projects. The outcome of these benefits is the fast growth of your business and increased customer satisfaction. Moreover, the process of managing projects becomes easier when using online project costing software than when using manual methods. The increased customer satisfaction will lead to many referrals and repeat clients, which will increase revenue for your business. Thus, using online project costing software will help your business to grow.

Finclock Online employee management system comes with project planning tools that  help your business or organization to achieve goals within a shorter period. The process of project planning begins with creating the list of frequent tasks in your organization. For instance, a business that specializes in inspection services may have 5 tasks that are repeated in most projects. Therefore, the first step is to create the list of tasks under the common tasks page. The Project management tools comes with tools to arrange the tasks per department, which helps you to quickly plan the projects. Moreover, the online project planner eliminates micromanagement in projects, which increases the productivity of the team members.

The second step is to assign tasks to team members using the PMS tools in your software. When a task is assigned to a person, they get an instant notification through SMS, which ensures that they plan themselves to start working on the task. This instant task assignment eliminates delays in projects and significantly reduces time to delivery.  When a task is assigned to a person, the PMS tools automatically adds those tasks to the task board, which shows the planned, active, and completed tasks. Furthermore, the task board shows the start date and deadline of tasks. The tasks are analyzed automatically and using the inbuilt feature of task dependency, the Project management tools determines the late tasks, bottleneck tasks, and ongoing tasks. The bottleneck tasks are the tasks that have not been attended to, thereby creating a backlog that delays the delivery of a project. Hence, businesses using project management tools (PMS tools) eliminates confusion, micromanagement, and lateness of projects.

Benefits of PMS tools for businesses

Online project planner are available to help teams be more productive. Many PMS tools are available to help you manage your team. You can use these tools to keep an eye on the progress of your team, help them stay up-to-date, and also you can get answers to their queries. Such tools are also used for communication between the different departments in the workplace. These are the major advantages of using PMS tools for any company or business. Managing a project successfully requires a lot of tasks and responsibilities. Sometimes, it is difficult to accomplish all these tasks on time, especially if you are working on multiple projects at the same time. The online project management software that you use can be beneficial for your task management. There are many different tools that you can use for this purpose. Using the right tool will help you to stay organized, and help you to complete your tasks efficiently. Here are some of the ways that PMS tools can benefit you:

1) They help to organize your projects

2) They allow you to collaborate with team members

3) They help to streamline your workflow

4) They assist you with collecting data

5) They can improve your overall efficiency

Manage Employee tasks using online project management system

The tasks under a given project are managed by making timely reports and changing the status of the tasks. The task reporting feature is provided in a simple, effective, and convenient manner, which enables team members to make task reports from any location, using a web browser (google chrome, safari, Mozilla, and internet explorer). The task reporting feature enables you to add the task report name. Normally a task report name is a brief description of what you have accomplished in that task so far. Then, a task expense is added as a number, which indicates the amount spent to accomplish a given item under the task. The next part when using pms tools is to write a description of the work done, followed by attaching files related to the task completed. Thus, a work reporting under the online project management system will indicate the progress and enable the project manager to know how much progress is made under that task.

Manage project  plans online  using PMS tools

Project plan encompasses planning the financial aspects of a project. This Project management tools allows you to select the tasks already included in a project and assigning them the expected costs. In this case, a project costing feature allows you to select items to be added to a given task and the exact number. For instance, project costing in a design, a project may entail selecting the printing papers, selecting the number of papers, and the delivery date for the papers. When you save the details the online project management system prompts you to select the supplier from a list of supplier partners. When a supplier is selected, you can choose to send a notification or not. Thus project costing starts with selecting the tasks and assigning items under the tasks and notifying the suppliers.

Tasks involving services are managed in a similar way to the items. When using online project planner, one selects the project tasks, followed by add services. The services can appear in a list of partners where one selects the service provider, sets a cost, start date, an end date for the service. The project manager will select to either send a note or not. When one sends a note, the service provider receives an email or SMS with the details of the services they should provide. Markedly, defining the actual cost of services may involve negotiations, which makes the item and service cost editable as the project proceeds. Hence, project costing using an online project management system involves defining the items/services under a task and notifying the people involved in those activities.

Project total costing using the PMS tools is automatically calculated and tabulated according to the tasks under a given project. Markedly, a task may have many items and services. Each cost is accounted for and included in the total project costing. This is usually a report that can be updated as the project proceeds. Markedly, the people allocated costing roles should be defined, to prevent unwanted cost modifications. The online project management system costing is easy and fast to use. The project costing report eventually helps decision-makers to easily define the budgets of projects, which can be linked to invoicing and other financial reporting features.

Project reporting using PMS tools online

The Project management tools has automated analysis tools for projects, to help the manager see progress, lateness, delays and bottlenecks.  The project reports help you to improve your business processes continuously. The PMS tools provide reports that you need to make decisions, both in real-time and periodically. For instance, you can look at the project status and in a few seconds decide the person to send a message or request for a progress report. Furthermore, Finclock online project management system provides periodic reports for the project, including the financial report for your projects, progress reports, items use, and task reports. Hence, you will make informed decisions regarding work in your organization.

Staff Performance reports online using PMS tools

Project management tools provide online review  of project performance reports. The project performance reports under a project helps you to know the best performing and the least performing projects, according to costs and timelines. Use online project management system to view the work reports summary of each employee. The performance is calculated automatically based on the lateness and the number of completed tasks per given period. The managers using Finclock have eliminated manual follow-up of employees and can manage all the employee work automatically. Therefore, using Finclock helps your organization to make informed decisions and work efficiently.

Employee project management software

Online Project management system consists of tools to help you organize projects in your business or organization. A project is essentially a set of activities aimed at reaching a functional or a financial goal in a given timeline. The main parameters in  projects are project are goals, resources, and timelines. Hence, using employee project management software tools helps you to plan, evaluate, and report the goals, resources, and timelines in a given project. Any organization deals with projects, either on a daily or periodic basis. In this case, a project can be accomplished in a few hours or several months. Thus, the best online project management system will help you to manage your activities and optimize performance at the least possible costs and timelines. In this guide, we inform you on how to manage projects using employee project management software in your business.

Buying an employee project management system for business

There are several employee project management system tools on the market, but some of them are specifically designed for small businesses. Project management software for small businesses uses many of the same features as enterprise-level project management software. The main difference between small business project management software, and enterprise-level project management software is that small business project management software is smaller in size, allows less complex projects, and has a lower cost.

New technologies are employed by most modern solutions to provide not only quick feedback on performance, but also to help coordinate resources, automate processes, track time, and expenses, and perform other functions that used to be done manually.

The nature of your projects will determine the choice of an online project management system. Are you in products or service business? If your business entails products, it’s easier to standardize reporting in projects, as either incoming or outgoing products. Then you can go deeper to categorize the items and plan on reporting templates. The best project management software for supplies business would require features such as tracking of items, expenses, and even workflows as well as task manager application.

The service industry has different project needs. Let us consider an organization dealing with services, e.g. construction or cleaning. The nature of the projects may be categorized per client. Then, under the client, there will be expenses, tasks, and even income. Now such a business will need an online project planner that targets a breakdown of a given client’s job into project, milestone, tasks, sub tasks, etc. This is the power of #1 project management software.

The nature of the business or institution’s operation will largely determine the type of a project management website. Time is gone where we used to force software into a business. Currently, businesses have a choice and you better make the best choice. I recommend Finclock online project management system for businesses. The system provides PMS tools that fit different organizational structures, with detailed reporting features.

The first step of choosing the right employee project management software for your company is to choose what you need it to do. This will help you narrow down your choices significantly. For example, if you are looking for something that will help you with scheduling meetings, you can eliminate products that don’t have this feature set.

Choose Finclock employee project management software for business

Do your employees not know who is working on what, and when things will be done? Employee project management software may be the solution to your problems. With an employee project management system, you can keep track of all the work in progress, assign tasks to project managers, and employees, get notifications when tasks are being worked on, prioritize projects, get reminders when deadlines are approaching, view charts identifying current project costs, get reports of how many hours were spent on each task so far, get an estimate of how long it will take to finish each task based on the hours already spent on it… the list of things that can be done with employee project management systems is endless. The next step is to evaluate current PMS tools in use by your organization. If you are currently using another system for managing projects, it may be more beneficial to use a tool that integrates with this system rather than switching over completely.

Create Projects Fast and Accurately

Project creation is the first step in project management plan, which is accomplished using the online project creation feature. In this case, you will create a unique name for the project, which can help all team members to recognize it at a glance. Additionally, you will select the person to manage the project, which can either you or any member of your team. Then, you will write a project brief or introduction. The brief is a summary of instructions that the people should know. Typically a project brief should be about 100 to 150 words. Online project management system includes PMS tools to create a numbered list, which is important to all project plans. Hence, the best employee project management system starts with project creation, project brief, and assignment of a project to a project manager.

Create project plans online using Project management software

Project plan entails the management of the actual activities or tasks to be accomplished under the project. Notably, online project management system enables you to select the tasks that will be completed under the project. Online project management includes a list of tasks that are normally performed in the organization. The best online project planner tools will start with the selection of tasks per department. Then, the tasks are assigned a start date and end date. The next step is to add task briefs, which instructs the people on what to do under the project.

employee project  management software helps your team to selecting the status of each task. In this case, a task can be assigned the status of the planned task if they will begin on a future date. When the task’s start date arrives, the system automatically changes the status of the tasks to the active task list. At the same time, the people assigned the task are notified via SMS, email, or mobile app that they should start working on the task. Moreover, the notification provides brief details of the task and the assigned person may proceed to login and check more information.

Online Project financial reports

Project financial reports are generated automatically and provides you will details of the money IN and money out for a given project. The money IN is the charges per project while money out is the expenses in a project. Using employee project management system helps you to download financial reports for your projects and simplify the process of revenue analysis. Since the costs and expenses are calculated automatically, the work of a project manager is simplified to just analyzing and exporting the reports to pdf or excel. Using Finclock online project planner improves revenue management in the project because managers can be notified when a project cost exceeds the budget set for the project.

Project management tools for businesses

Project management tools is a sophisticated tool that allows you to prepare, analyze, and present project information. A project management tool or online project planner tools can help businesses run their projects more efficiently, and improve the quality of delivery. The main goal of Project management tools is to provide a single source for all the important data related to a project. This includes data related to the scope of the project, the time spent on it, finances, personnel involved, etc. A single platform where you can get all this information is quite helpful in managing your projects effectively. The whole project management ecosystem depends on how you report your progress against your goals. The duties of a project manager vary from company to company. However, most companies have similar expectations for their project managers. These include:

  • Ensuring that each stage of the project management process is properly followed
  • Making sure that everyone on the team knows what they need to do
  • Setting goals for each stage of the process, and making sure that these goals are met
  • Dealing with any problems that come up during the project
  • Dealing with external vendors
  • Overseeing quality control
  • Making sure that all deadlines are met or adjusted when necessary.

Sometimes, a single person will fill more than one of these roles at once. This can be confusing because it’s hard for one person to do everything well. Luckily, Project management tools is used extensively these days for this purpose. A good reporting functionality will allow you to monitor how well you are progressing against your goals at any point in time during the lifespan of the project. This is essential for any organization that wants to keep the stakeholders updated about what’s happening inside their projects at any time.

Online Project management tools for Remote workers

The modern work world is an interconnected ecosystem. Employees regularly use a wide variety of tools to complete tasks, such as email, online project planner , collaboration tools, and social networking services. At the same time, employers use a broad range of tools to monitor and track employee productivity. One solution for managing this complex dynamic involves connecting these diverse PMS tools through a single web interface. By unifying these tools in a single platform, businesses can cut the costs of managing their workforces, reduce wasted time on switching between applications, and improve collaboration. Finclock is a web-based Project management tools for modern businesses. It works with existing business tools, such as online project management system, email, collaboration tools, and social networking services, and allows you to view and manage all workplace activity from a single dashboard. The Finclock dashboard gives you an overview of your business’ productivity, allowing you to quickly identify and prioritize work. You can also view detailed reports on the progress of projects, including time spent, task completion, and total budget.

The Project management tools gives you detailed information about your employees’ productivity. You can view detailed reports on individual staff members’ productivity and activity, including time spent on tasks, task completion, total budget, and percentage of work completed. You can also compare staff members’ productivity levels to each other, identifying potential bottlenecks in the process. The dashboard includes useful widgets, such as the ability to view a list of employees’ upcoming work, or a list of open work. These widgets make it easy for employees to keep track of their workload, and for managers to reassign work to those team members who need it.

Online project management reports for business managers

Online Project management tools helps your team to make work reports on the projects, whereby the progress of each task is reported. Using the reporting feature, team members update the progress of their work. The online Project management tools include action reporting, progress reporting, and cot reporting features. Moreover, the team member can add a message on the project report, which describes the work done under that project. The Project management tool has a feature to upload reports in pdf, word, excel, and image formats. These features help the project manager to review project reports online and make real-time decisions. Besides, the project manager may download the reports and compare the work done with the project requirements. Companies using online Project management tools eliminate manual follow-ups, which significantly reduces the cost of operation.

An online project management system plan comes as SaaS, which helps all team members to work remotely and cooperate in projects. The software can be accessed using mobile phones or computers. Since the system is web-based, the number of reports in a project is unlimited, which allows companies to manage unlimited projects. Thus, all companies should use Project management tools to manage remote workers and increase the productivity of the team members.

Finclock online project management system includes these tools in a single software, which eliminates the need to have multiple systems for work management. The outcome of using multi-functional software is the ease of management and lower costs of operation. Moreover, the online PMS tools may be used as a single system for personal projects. The system accommodates unlimited users, which helps companies to start organizing work at any stage. Hence, all businesses and organizations can use the Project management tools to improve the performance of remote team members. Moreover, the entry cost for these PMS tools is minimized to help all companies define a path for infinite growth.

Online Project management tools for field service businesses

PM Tools helps businesses to grow and scale their operations. A business with one or more employees requires Project management tools to change the mindset of the team members. Markedly, business succeeds when the workers develop positive habits, geared towards achieving the best requests within the shortest time. Using project management website helps your organization to achieve goals by optimizing work management every day. Moreover, the success of a business is not a single-day event, which means that every person has to work towards the goals every day. The people in an organization may have many distractions, which may affect their performance. Consequently, using Project management tools will help people to focus on completing the important tasks first.

A Project management tools includes work assignment features, work reporting, and work evaluation features. These features help the managers to create and assign work to people according to their workgroups or job categories. The people assigned work will login to their account and view the work assigned to them. In this case, the start date, end date, work instructions, and the documents attached to the work or assignment. Consequently, the person assigns work will plan their work and complete it in sprints or milestones. As one continues to work, they will use the PMS tools to document the progress of their work. At the end of the assignment, the user will make a final work report using the Project management tools, which may include the costs incurred, challenges experienced and the overall lessons learned in that work assignment. These reports help the project management team or operation managers to make informed decisions and improve the work processes in their organization.

A Project management tools will help the team members to make requests as they proceed with work. The requests such as project information may cause delays, but using Project management tools help the team members to get instant information and proceed to complete their work on time. Furthermore, the system has work performance reports. The work performance reports indicate the tasks assigned to a person, the completed tasks, and the late tasks. These features automatically calculate the work performance rating of every person in the organization. Thus, the business managers can assess the performance of the team members and make informed decisions, such as work reassignment, retraining of the team members.

Project management tools explained for All Business Sizes

Project management tools is an operating system that allows employers to easily track the performance and productivity of employees. This software is specifically designed to replace the traditional timesheet-keeping process. Timesheets are tedious, and inefficient, usually requiring manual input into excel or other programs.

The biggest benefit of work management software is to eliminate the time it takes to complete labor hour reports. Employees can simply clock in, and out through the app, which will automatically record their hours for the day. Employees can also submit their timesheets, so this removes the need for constant supervision. Project management tools will allow employers to track attendance in real-time, meaning they can identify when someone has been late or has taken a personal day. In addition, it will allow them to see how much overtime is being worked in each department across the entire company. This data can be used when negotiating payroll or when determining when it is time to add a new staff member.

When it comes to reporting, you may think that you have to choose between the robust features of online project planner or the ease of use of cloud-based PMS tools. The truth is, there are now online tools that bring all the power of desktop reporting software, along with the simplicity, and affordability of cloud-based project management solutions. These online reporting software tools put the most powerful project management features within reach for any business, regardless of their size or budget.

Project reports

An online project management system will essentially provide reports about the projects. To simplify further, a project report will have a record of the actions taken in a given project. These actions can be in different stages, time and locations. Thus, a good online project planner should be able to capture the features of a project, with unlimited flexibility. It is clear to state that good Project management tools should not be limited to certain environments only. Here, the best online project management software enables both employees in the office and in the field to contribute to a given project. This collaboration will go a long way in cutting project expenses and timelines.

An online project management website will include PMS tools that help people take reports, at different levels of engagement. Here, it will be critical to consider the fact that not all people are interested in the same details about a project. For instance, a project manager in the operations department will like to see exactly what is happening in each location, to the finest details. On the other hand, a finance manager will be interested in the money matters in the project, with evidence of expenditure or payments. So, a good work management system should be able to capture these features and combine them.

Truly, times are gone when digital reports were just a pile of spreadsheets. The best Project management tools must be able to provide analytics, which is geared towards fast, accurate and informed decision making across the organizational lines of communication. A online project management system will focus on finding the key decision points in a project (KDP). In other fields, we would call this a Key performance indicator (KPIs). These indicators in a work management system should include, tasks completion, task reporting, expenses in a project, project timelines or plans, budgets, and project progress. The most advanced methods of project analysis may require multiple stages of data analysis, whereby project costing software becomes an essential tool. However, there have been great improvements brought about by the online project management system for fieldworkers in the world. Finclock has been able to combine all these PMS tools in a simple, task manager application, which has changed the way people view and understand the whole concept of project reports analysis. Here, the online project management system application has improved to include real-time project analytics. In essence, the only thing a manager needs to do is to log in to their account and see the real-time project reports.

It is not easy to pick a project costing software that combines everything, but it is possible to find as many features as possible in a good project reporting system.  Best online project planner will provide analyzed reports for fast decision making. As a manager, no one likes to take too much time with a project report, without finding the information they are looking for. Here, we conducted research with 50 companies across the world. We asked managers which is the best project management tools. Most of the answers by managers were based on three main parameters of the reports, which include timeliness, accuracy and the level of analytics.

Reporting project online

Step 1: Make a list of things you need to do to complete the project. These include every task you will perform in the project, along with their time estimates. Once you have this list, assign them to team members.

Step 2: Create your calendar. Login to your online project management system account and use your list of tasks, and their time estimates to determine when each task needs to be completed. The end date of your project is the last day any one of these tasks can be completed.

Step 3: Determine how many days each task will take to perform. If you don’t know how long something will take, make an educated guess based on experience or research online. If possible, use past projects already present in the online project planner as a guide; otherwise, look at similar projects online or ask people who might have relevant experience for advice.

Step 4: Calculate the length of time between today, and your project’s end date (this is known as “delta”). For example, if your project is scheduled to be completed.

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Best online project tracker for businesses in USA & Canada

Project management tools, which typically includes time tracking features, is an important part of project management. It helps you keep on schedule, and see where you’re spending your time. A online project management system also makes it easy to assign tasks, and track the progress of individual team members. You can use this information to help you plan out your projects effectively, and make any needed adjustments as you go along. Programs dedicated solely to project management are great for businesses that need more complex functionality. But if you only need basic project tracking, a less-expensive solution will serve your needs just as well.

Project tracker Online

online project management software (also known as PM software) is the perfect solution for organizations of all sizes that want to streamline their workflow, and improve their efficiency. With online project planner , you can easily manage tasks, collaborate with team members, track progress, improve communication, and boost employee engagement. If your company is looking to enhance its business operations by reducing costs, increasing productivity, and achieving better results, then implementing online project management system is the ideal solution. The Project management tools ensures that everyone is on the same page, and working towards the same goals. It allows you to anticipate challenges, and provide solutions before they become problems. Online project management reporting software enables teams to work together to accomplish important company goals and milestones.

Importance of project tracker tool for your business

Project management is the act of planning, and controlling the work required to achieve specific goals. Project management is an important part of business process management (BPM). Project tracking is an essential game in project management. For this purpose, there are many project tracking tools available today. But choosing the right tool for your project can be tricky. Here are some basic things to understand before you choose a project tracker tool for your business:

Why do you need a project reporting software?

There are many reasons why you should use a project tracker tool. Some of them are:

1) Better visibility- All your projects, tasks, issues, and changes are tracked in one place for better visibility across the team.

2) Simpler collaboration- You can share files, documents, ideas, and other information with team members easily.

3) Free from technical glitches- Most of the time, you have to deal with technical issues when you use different tools for different purposes. But if you use a single online project planner for all your activities, then there will be no risk of any technical glitches.

Free online project planner tools for business

As discussed, using online project planner is a great way to ensure that you are organizing your tasks, projects, and goals. However, the Project management tools are not only for personal use, they can also be used for business purposes. You can create new projects or tasks, assign them to specific people on your team, have conversations with them about the projects or tasks, and check the progress of the project or task every day. Online project management tools allow you to organize your tasks into different categories, such as work projects, home projects, etc. You can create separate lists for each category of projects, and tasks you want to manage.  You can share your list with your colleagues or friends if you want to collaborate with them on a certain project. You can easily track all of your tasks by date or priority (high or low). Thus, start using the free online project management software tools which comes as a free trial in some systems, such as Finclock.

Task management is a neglected area for many small businesses, even though it’s critical to achieving success. Without the best online Project management tools, you’ll waste time, and resources on low-priority items that aren’t aligned with your goals. online project planner can help you avoid missteps by keeping track of what needs to get done, and when. Here are some online project management software tools to consider: These PMS tools are popular with business owners, managers and remote teams because it allows them to manage projects in a variety of formats, including Kanban, Scrum, and Agile. It has a colorful interface that makes it easy to use and can be accessed from any device.

Free online PMS tools

Task management is not easy on on paper. When you’re using a physical planner, you can physically cross out completed tasks, and add new ones to your “to do” list. You’re limited only by the amount of room on your paper. PMS tools work on a digital platform, and while they can cross off items on a digital list, you don’t have the luxury of erasing them from a screen. Still, PMS tools have some major benefits. They have lots of features that can help you stay organized, and get more done in less time. Here’s more about the benefits of a good task management tool:

A good online project management system gives you basic features that allow you to create tasks, and assign due dates for each of them. Most of these tools have some extra bells, and whistles that provide additional benefits. For example, some can sync with your email account so that every time you get an email, the message also appears as a new task in your task manager. Some tools allow you to set up recurring tasks — such as weekly checklists —, and recurring reminders so you don’t forget to complete them on time.

Team task management steps using online project management system

Step 1: Brainstorm about the problem.

Brainstorming is a team task management process used to generate a large number of ideas for solving a problem. There are many different types of brainstorming methods, but they all focus on collecting as many ideas as possible without evaluating or criticizing them (that comes later).

Step 2: Determine who should be involved in the process

In simple terms, a project is an idea that has been approved and put into action. It may also have a beginning and an end. The time between approval and completion can vary greatly, depending on the complexity of the project. In this step, you need to determine which people will be involved in each stage of the project. The reason you need to define who will be involved is that there will be multiple parties involved in the project who may not comprehend the online project management system features. For example, you might want to include your team and your client’s team in this process. You may want to include your manager or your client manager or both.

Step 3: Define the deliverables

In this step, you need to define what needs to get done for each task within your project. Deliverables are the things that you expect out of each task before it moves forward. For example, if your task is designing a website for a client, one deliverable might be to hand off certain sections of it after each design phase is complete until there’s nothing left to do but launch it live on the web. Another example could be that one task in a larger project is getting feedback from users on your website once you roll out a new product. The best way to define deliverables is to input the milestones in the online project management system.

Step 4: Create task plans using project management tools

Projects involve multiple tasks. To make sure that your project is done on time, you will need to organize it properly. A good online project planner will help you finish your project within the due dates and within the budget. This process involves organizing tasks, resources, schedules, and risks, whereby online project management software is helpful to all team members. It is a tool to help teams to focus their efforts on the highest priority work that leads to the successful completion of the project.

Step 5: Assign tasks with deadlines

The first step in planning is writing down everything you know about the project. There are a lot of things you will need to know about a project before you even begin planning, so be sure to keep track of all of them. You may want to collect ideas from the rest of the team or have a meeting where you discuss what you already know about the project. Include anything relevant to the project, no matter how small — just write it all down!

Once your list is complete and uploaded in the online project planner, prioritize each item by importance, and then begin to put them into a rough schedule. Try to avoid being too detailed at this point — don’t worry about days, and hours yet, just start with a general idea of when each task should occur. Be sure to include breaks for yourself, and your team, as well as time for communication, and decision-making. If possible, try to make your timeline as specific as possible without going overboard — if you’re working with other people, they will need something definite to look forward to as well. Once you have your schedule as clear as possible, try reviewing it with your team, and getting their input. then, come up with a schedule which you will input in the project reporting software and each team member can make work reports.

Online Project management tools

free online reporting software for businesses is more efficient than the traditional ways of project costing. It helps businesses in multiple ways. But first, let us understand what project costing is all about. The term ‘project’ stands for a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product or service. Every project has two basic elements: time, and cost. Generally, people make use of different tools to know the cost of the projects, but some PMS tools are time-consuming and inadequate. Project management tools for businesses is ideal for small, and large-scale projects without wasting any time. As it offers vital information about the project on a real-time basis, this software saves money for business owners as well as their valuable time. The best part is that this software does not ask for any kind of technical support to operate, so anyone can operate it easily.

The best online project management system provides information about the project on a real-time basis so the business owner can make decisions regarding the increase or decrease in the cost of the project at the appropriate time rather than after the completion of the entire project. This software saves effort as well as money as it does not require constant monitoring from the business owner’s side as well as technical expert’s assistance. Businesses and individuals need to keep a track of their expenses and must keep a check on their income as well. The best way to make sure that the income and expenditure levels are in order is to use project costing software. An online project planner can help you to make sure that you aren’t overspending or under-earning. It gives you the benefit of keeping a track of your expenses as well as your income. More benefits of using project costing software include:

Cost Planner: A cost planner will help you to see how much each, and every aspect of the project would cost. It will help you to find out if there are any flaws in your plan or whether it is feasible for you to carry out the planned project. This helps you to eliminate any possible risks before they arise.

Project Manager: A project manager ensures that all the resources needed for the completion of the project are collected together, and also ensures that each, and every aspect of the project is covered. This will help you to stay on top of your workload, and ensure that everything goes according to plan.

Income Forecasting: An income forecasting feature will enable you to estimate how much money you could earn from a certain business venture. This helps you figure out if a certain new

Online project management tools for businesses

As explained earlier, online project planner is a computerized system for handling schedules, tasks, and resources. Project management is used in fields that have many complex projects or a high turnover rate of projects. It is used to optimize the process of carrying out a project, with a focus on getting objectives completed on time through the use of appropriate strategies. In addition, Project management tools can also be used for tracking time spent on projects and can generate reports based on the data collected. This allows one to determine how effective the team has been at managing their time and completing their tasks. These reports can be used to highlight areas where changes need to be made for future projects to be completed more effectively.

Online project management tools allow easy collaboration between team members, which can result in higher quality output overall. With this type of software, team members can work together easily while having access to all necessary information, thus eliminating the need for face-to-face meetings.

Making project management plans using Project management tools

A project management plan is a document that lays out the sequence of tasks that you need to complete to finish a specific project. It is a road map for all the tasks, activities, and deliverables needed to complete a project. A project management plan offers a guide for the execution of a project.

The project management plan includes:

  1. Project details – who, what, where, when, and why of the project.
  2. Project objectives – what are you trying to achieve from the project?
  3. Project deliverables – what do you need to deliver as part of the project?
  4. Project schedule – what tasks do you need to accomplish, and what is your schedule for completing these tasks?
  5. Project budget – how much money do you have allocated towards this particular project?

How will you manage this project? How does it fit into the overall scheme of things? Do you have a good understanding of your customer’s needs, and what they expect from this product or service? Take a moment to think about how you’re going to approach this project. Who will be responsible for each task? What resources will be required? What kind of timeline are we working with here? How will we communicate with one another throughout this project? These are just some of the questions that should be addressed. There are lots of free online project planner that you can use for your business. Here are a few tips to make a project management plan:

Steps in making a project management plan

  1. Divide the work into several smaller projects – this will allow you to manage the tasks easily, and make sure they are all getting done on time.
  2. Identify the goals – what is the purpose of this project? What results do you expect to achieve?
  3. Set targets – How much time will it take to complete each stage of the project? Make sure your targets are realistic, not too ambitious, and not too low either.
  4. Create timelines – Once you have established your goals, and targets, create timelines for each task. This should give you an idea of how long each task will take, and help you manage your time accordingly.
  5. List out the tasks – break down all the tasks into subtasks, and write them down in order on your timeline so that you know what needs to be done next, and by when.

Streamlining workflow using online project management system

A project management workflow stages are Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring, and Controlling, and Closing. The initiating stage is the first stage in the project management lifecycle. This is where a new project or task begins, and where all aspects of the project and task need to be documented. There are two methods used to begin a project: top-down, and bottom-up. The top-down method begins with the end goal in mind and works backward through each phase of the project; whereas the bottom-up method begins with the start date, and works forward through each phase of the project.

For example, for a new build, if you were to follow the top-down approach, you would begin by determining what your end goal is (in this case, it could be to build a house) then you would work your way back step by step to determine everything that needs to take place for you to achieve your end goal (in this case, it could be collecting funds, getting planning permission, ordering materials, among others).

If on the other hand, you were to follow the bottom-up approach, you would begin by setting a start date for when you wish your build to be complete by then working your way forward step by step toward

Remote project management using online project management tools

Remote project management has been a recent, growing trend in the IT industry. The concept of being able to manage a team or a company from anywhere is attractive to many people. Remote project management is a way to keep your team on the same page, even when they’re not in the same place. There are plenty of PMS tools that can help you do this, but setting up your remote online project management system is just as effective, and can be done without spending a dime.

The first step in setting up remote project management is to set clear expectations for everyone involved. Every team member should know what his or her responsibilities are, and should be able to see how their work fits into the larger project at hand. with a good online project planner , remote projects are difficult tasks, even the people who are doing it for a living have a hard time achieving their goals. Most of the time, they do it because they can’t find other good opportunities. The only way to do it is to be organized, and follow some simple steps:

1) Define the end goal

2) Select the team members

3) Define the work process

4) Set up a communication channel

5) Set up a feedback system

6) Set up tasks

7) Improve your processes, and workflows

8) Balance your workload

9) stay productive

Advantages of online project management system in remote projects

You can use a online project management system for various kinds of businesses, even if they are small. It is particularly helpful for those who have to manage several projects at once. Using this online tool, you can keep track of all the projects you have going on, and how much progress each one has made. It also features a calendar where you can put in project deadlines and a task list where you can list the tasks that need to be completed.

Another advantage is that you can share your project planner online with other people. You can collaborate with other people on a project, and also see what they’ve been up to on their end of things. Sometimes the same task will be completed multiple times by different people, but with this project planner, online everyone will be on the same page and know what still needs to be done. Finclock online project management system is useful for keeping track of multiple projects at once and establishing deadlines, and guidelines for each one. It is an effective tool for keeping track of tasks and making sure they get done on time.

Future online project management system technologies by Finclock

Project management has evolved, and changed over the years as technologies advance, and it is difficult to predict what will be available in the future. However, there are a few technologies that seem promising for the future of online project management system tech. The future of project management is full of possibilities. There is a great emphasis on how technologies, such as artificial intelligence, and augmented reality, will affect the field going forward. The following are a few of the most promising new technologies that will make a major impact on the future of the profession:

Artificial intelligence for project management. AI will play an integral role in future design of online project management system, according to experts in the field. As these technologies become more advanced in their capabilities, they will take over many of the functions done by humans today. AI is particularly attractive because it requires much less overhead to operate than human labor. While companies currently pay thousands of dollars for human resources to manage every aspect of a project, AI can take care of much or all of that work at no cost. The use of AI also gives companies access to information that would typically be too difficult to obtain by other means, making it an invaluable part of any modern project management system. Moreover, online project planner will dominate the PMS tools. As mobile devices continue to improve in terms of their functionality, and portability, the use of advanced AI tools in project management will skyrocket.

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is a branch of computer science in which computers are made to mimic human behaviors. The machine learning technique in artificial intelligence is the machine’s ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. AI has been used in healthcare for computer-aided diagnosis, treatment planning, and other functions. It has also been applied in areas such as scientific discovery, where it can help researchers find patterns in their data that can lead to discoveries. AI is now being used in online project management tools. Businesses are starting to use AI technology for tasks that include scheduling resources, predicting outcomes, and forecasting future work demands.

  1. AI for resource scheduling. Some established software programs use artificial intelligence for task scheduling. They look at one worker’s schedule availability and may suggest possible schedules to make sure everyone gets enough hours each week. Project managers can then go through these suggestions, and approve or reject them based on whether they make sense based on the overall objectives of the project.
  2. AI for predicting outcomes. Some companies use artificial intelligence systems to predict completion dates based on past performance. These projections can help project managers plan their staffing needs more accurately, and avoid overworking employees who could become burned out if they’re forced to work

Machine learning for project management tools. ML works with algorithms to process large amounts of data to solve complex problems. These algorithms can be trained to learn patterns or make predictions based on past data. ML leverages the processing power of computers to speed up processes like project planning, budgeting, scheduling, monitoring, quality assurance, etc. ML software can help streamline processes by making better sense of big data by learning from previous examples or experiences

Augmented reality in online project management system. AR overlays digital graphics onto real-world environments. It merges the physical, and digital worlds. It can be used to view tasks and collaborate with others on projects, especially when they are located remotely. AR systems use GPS, and computer vision to track the location of objects, and display relevant information based on where they are located. For example, AR can be used to provide instructions regarding a task or highlight specific parts of a project plan for workers by projecting relevant information onto their field of view.