Employee Management Software

Finclock helps your business in the following ways:

  1. Online work reporting
  2. Work scheduling
  3. Leave management
  4. Online staff register
  5. Attendance tracking
  6. employee performance reports
  7. Recruitment and onboarding tools (Add-ons)

Why choose Employee Management Software?

  • Finclock team provides full support for quick setup and training.
  • We offer training to the Management, ICT Team and all users.
  • Finclock is cloud-based and will save you money.
  • You can start small.

Staff management software features

1. Manage employee records online

HRMS offers web-based staff management tools to manage your employee register:

  • Record employee details and schedule changes.
  • Create employee groups and groups from employees.
  • Manage employees with profiles.
  • Create attendance and timesheets.
  • Create leave and timesheets.
  • Add unlimited employees.
  • Create unlimited groups
  • Add unlimited departments

2. Shift Management online

Shift your workforce from manual to digital with Finclock Employee Management Software. The solution enables supervisors and managers to schedule employee shifts online conveniently. Employees can view their schedules from any device and request time off. Moreover, managers can monitor employee attendance and performance and approve shift changes. This integrated solution streamlines business operations.

3. Online leave management

Finclock is a flexible, cloud-based platform that helps companies track and manage leaves, holidays, vacations, and bereavements for employees. With this Online Employee Management Software, employees can easily apply for leave, managers can approve the leave requests and view a detailed history of approved leaves, and HR administrators can manage leave requests, approve or reject leave, view a calendar of approved leaves, and view a leave report. Finclock lets users perform various leave management tasks through one interface, including:

  1. Employee leaves: Employees can easily apply for leave, and managers can approve or reject leave requests
  2. Leaves calendar: A calendar of employee leaves shows when an employee has permission to work and what days they can work
  3. Leave report: A leave report shows when an employee is on leave, how much time they’re on leave, which days they’re on leave, and the leave type
  4. Leave statistics: Leave statistics to show how many employees have used different leave types, how many days each employee has used, and how much time each employee has accrued

5. Employee management software tools for online work reporting

Finclock Employee Management Software is specially designed to help both clients and employers record, track, and share their work reports. This cloud-based tool converts any information into shareable reports. These reports can be emailed, printed, or saved as PDFs or Word documents. When clients record their work or project reports in the Finclock web application, they have the option of adding photos, drawings, voice notes, videos, and even Google maps to their reports. For employers, Finclock lets managers receive and view reports online, and these reports are available from anywhere. Online Employee Management Software works on any device and any browser so that you can access your information from anywhere. For clients, this provides a convenient way to record their work, and for managers, it lets them monitor a project’s progress in real-time. Finclock provides fast, secure, and reliable cloud storage services.

6. Automate Timesheet processing

Finclock Employee Management Software is a modern, easy-to-use timesheet processing solution. Notably, employees often spend a considerable amount of time creating and processing timesheets. This is not because employees dislike the concept of timesheets but because they have to spend too much time entering data manually. Manual processing is not only time-consuming but also error-prone. Using finclock eliminates these difficulties. With Finclock, employees enter hours worked and the work status (paid or unpaid). The processing engine automatically handles the rest, including the calculation of overtime, late payments, allowances, etc. With finclock, employees can also enter other data, such as travel expenses, meal expenses, workplace injuries, etc. Employees can access the timesheet processing application from any device, such as a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. The Finclock Employee Management Software also integrates with existing systems. For example, finclock can integrate with payroll systems. The integration eliminates the manual data entry employees would otherwise have to do when logging time. In addition, finclock can integrate with other systems, such as accounting software. Depending on your needs, the finclock timesheet processing application can be installed on your own server or on the cloud.

Automated employee performance reports

Employees need to know whether or not they’re doing a good job. The best way to do that is with employee performance reports, which serve as a daily or weekly check-in between management and employees. Many companies already use employee performance reports, but there can be a long gap between when a manager thinks an employee is doing well and when they realize that fact. Employee performance reports can also be cumbersome or time-consuming because managers have to manually enter data and then analyze it. With these tools, which combine employee performance reports with automated time tracking, you can create customizable reports that managers email daily or weekly. These tools also track employees’ time, so managers can quickly see if employees are spending enough time on tasks.

 HRMS Benefits to your business

1. Improve staff productivity

Productivity is the foundation of all kinds of businesses, so it’s important that you have an employee management software in place if you have employees. There are lots of time-stealing and lazy employees out there, but with a good software program in place, they are likely to be sniffed out easily.

2. Eliminate time theft

Time theft is a problem in the workplace, and it has a direct impact on the success of your business. It results in high levels of employee turnover and low levels of customer satisfaction. What’s more, time theft is difficult to detect, which makes it more likely to happen. To avoid time theft and ensure that you’re hiring only the most productive employees, try implementing these strategies:

  1. Create a time-tracking policy for each department. A well-defined policy helps employees understand and adhere to the expectations for their position.
  2. Use staff time management software that automatically tracks employee hours and productivity levels. This software can help you identify employees who are taking advantage of their employer by tracking suspicious activity and highlighting patterns that indicate potential problems.

3. Streamlined work reporting

Best staff management software has been developed to give managers access to information on their entire team, including attendance, phone calls made, meetings attended, and more. Using this type of software will allow you to easily keep track of your staff’s activity and attendance. You’ll be able to see who has been taking sick days or who is consistently missing meetings so that you can address these issues as soon as possible.

4. Cut operational costs

Staff management software also reduces operational costs associated with human resources in two ways: It eliminates the need to manually update employee records and it provides real-time visibility into daily staff activities. Staff management software is a powerful tool that allows you to monitor your employees’ performance. Using this software, you can keep track of the number of hours they have worked and how productive they are. Monitoring the employees’ performance helps reduce the number of errors and improves the overall productivity.

5. Collaboration and staff engagement

Workplace collaboration is the key to employee engagement. When staff members feel like they have a stake in their company, they’re more likely to work hard and be dedicated to doing a good job. Staff management software makes it easy for you to create an environment where employees can work together effectively. ​Collaboration is essential for successful business, but it’s no easy task. As a manager, you should be aware of how important team building is and what your role is in it. The more you understand about how staff management software can help with employee engagement, the more you’ll be able to help your team grow. Here are some great ways staff management software can improve workplace collaboration:

6. Centralized Communication

Staff management software gives your team a common platform for communication and project coordination. This means that all projects will have access to the same information, which reduces confusion and helps streamline workflows. Staff management software allows managers to assign tasks and monitor employee progress on various projects from one convenient location. You can also see which individual tasks are falling behind schedule and intervene if necessary. Moreover, you can use the employee management software tools to maximize work productivity and minimizing errors within a business organization.

Employee Management System Significance to your business

To your business, the Employee management software shall be the brain and mouth of your organization. Your employees shall be allocated different roles and the work they perform at individual levels is interconnected to a central database, which works as the memory of your company. The employee management software shall use this information to help the different people make decisions within your organization. Just by a click of a button, you will know how many customers you are serving, how much products or services you are required to offer which employee is required to do certain roles, the challenges facing your organization and ultimately, the system shall tell you how much profits you are making and your potential growth. To your customers, FinClock Employee Management Software  shall give them a direct method of payment to your organization. Most importantly, the customers will be able to give feedback directly from their mobile phones, thanks to the attendance app. The customers can make inquiries, Suggest new products and even give their complaints, which also matter to your decision making. Based on our advanced Artificial Intelligence, these information goes to different departments in your organization and the employees can take actions directly from their desk or mobile phones. At the end of the day, the Enterprise Management system analyzes the data and provides direct trends, thus guiding your business in the best practices.  Register a free employee management system and let our support team hold your hand in this exciting journey to prosperity. To your partners, we include the ability to share information which may include supplier info, work management system reports, and even recruitment. This keeps your partners aware of their role in helping your business grow. The partners will no longer crowd at the reception waiting to make inquiries. Instead, they will use their field staff application to make these inquiries and to even share their ideas on how best your business can serve them and your customers. At the end of the day, your managers can see the information in a detailed analysis, make better decisions for your company and eventually, sustainable growth shall be attained. Register for free now and invite your partners to boost your growth from today. To the sales and marketing department, work  management system shall provide a platform to document the sales cycle, from prospects, leads, customer sales, customer service and the interaction with the market. With the FinClock Employee Management Software, your sales department will launch products and services to your existing customers as well as new markets. Think of how valuable it would be if every time you have a new item, all customers you ever served know about it directly from their phones? At the end of the day, analyzing the trends in customer relations is done by the FinClock’s analytics. You will know what your customers need, what support they are asking for, which regions are asking for a certain product and even, what customer complaints to expect tomorrow and in the future. With such information, managers can make decisions that propel your business to prosperity. Sounds helpful? We believe in taking actions now. Start your free trial today by registering a free demo here. Our dedicated support team shall guide offer professional advise on the best steps to take in your journey towards attaining success.

Employee management software for USA Businesses

Finclock is the best employee Management Software for USA businesses because it provides you real-time access to all your employee information including holidays, leaves, payroll, and other employee details across your branch offices. Finclock is a complete staff management solution that can be adapted to your needs and preferences, so you don’t have to look for other software solutions on the market. This makes sense because a business usually has all of these sections: accounting, marketing, HR / staff management, etc. Using the latest technology, our software is compatible on all devices; whether using a smartphone, laptop or tablet. With automated scheduling and instant notifications, staff management software like Finclock Employee Management Software can assist in boosting productivity, saving time and money. Finclock is best Staff management software in USA , Australia, Canada and UK. It is ideal for corporate or SME level. Finclock has all the features required for a complete staff management system. This includes HR functionalities like managing employee leave, attendance and salary, to more specialized features like time-off requests and approvals, performance tracking, goal setting, job costing and more.

Which employee management software fits your business in USA?

If you are looking for the best employee management software in USA, then you need to look at it from the perspective of your business. Before you do anything else, you should know what type of business that you own. This is one of the first things that you will have to consider when hiring an HR software package. This means that if you have a business of 50 people or less, you are limited to using the basic package. However, if you have a larger team or wish to add on extra features such as time and attendance or payroll, this will not be possible. Is Your Business Growing? If your business is growing and you need more staff and some additional capabilities, then this is when it would be time to start looking at some other options. These would include software packages that can give you more features and have a higher limit on employees.  Are You New To The Industry?. If this is the case then chances are that a lot of your competition already uses an established HR software package. Therefore, it may be wise to invest in one sooner rather than later. This will allow you to get ahead of the game and start gathering employee data right away so that once your business takes off, you can benefit from this immediately.

Key features of best staff management software for USA businesses

Employee Management software is meant to save time and resources. If a company is small, it can be difficult and costly to recruit new employees, and if they’re large, it can be expensive to train new hires and keep them up-to-speed. An staff management system can handle most of the heavy lifting for you, from finding candidates to onboarding them once they’re hired. Listed below are the features which an hr software generally consists of: Job listings. Job listings are often listed on job boards or classifieds sites like Craigslist, and companies use them as a way to post job descriptions that include qualifications and duties for prospective employees. Sometimes companies will use third-party providers like Workpop or Hireflux to handle their job listing needs rather than do so themselves via a website. Job applications. When someone applies for a job using a built-in application form, the relevant information is sent directly to the hiring manager’s inbox. A good hiring manager should then spend some time reviewing the applicant’s resume and reaching out if he or she is interested in chatting with the person further about the position. Compensation plans. Compensation plans are often available on payroll software, allowing employers to see how much they expect their new hires earn. Staff benefits. A good staff management software must be capable enough to store information about the benefits offered by an organization to its employees. Examples of such benefits include health insurance; life insurance, retirement plans etc.  Thanks to Online Employee Management Software, the HR manager can easily access this information when he has to make decisions regarding some compensation package for his employees. An internal communication software is also quite helpful as it allows managers to communicate with their subordinates through emails or messages Employee reviews: An employee review lets the manager give feedback about the employee’s performance. The feedback is usually in written form and can be either positive or negative. Managers may also use the review as a medium for giving suggestions about how to improve the employee’s skills and productivity within the organization. Payroll disbursements: Most of the HR software systems offer this feature which allows HR managers to process payroll disbursements quickly and easily. This feature is provided by most payroll services companies. Time tracking and accrual reports: Time tracking allows employees to enter the time they spend at work against their projects in real time. Accrual reports show them how much time they have already used towards their yearly target on each project and helps them avoid overuse of their time allocation on non-urgent projects. Time tracking: Employees use this feature to submit their time records as well as check their hours in real time. This is handy for employees who want to update their timesheets quickly! Performance reports: In order to help you understand how your employees work, performance reports are a great tool. They let you see how much time people spend on specific tasks, what they’re doing during that time, and what resources they’re using. Benefits administration: Some Employee Management solutions are focused solely on benefits, meaning you can use one product to handle everything from enrolling employees in 401(k)s to paying out health insurance claims. Other products don’t handle benefits specifically, but can be extended with add-ons that provide this functionality

Staff management software free trial

So, you’re a small business owner with less than five employees. You want to grow your company but don’t want to break the bank on software. What do you do? Tired of the expensive staff management software that’s out there? We were too. That’s why we developed online employee management software, an online employee management system for small businesses in the U.S. Unlike other software that have hidden fees, ours has none. Go ahead, click through our pricing – you won’t find any! Plus, our software is incredibly easy to use and requires minimal setup time once you’ve signed up for an account. Whether you own a salon, restaurant or construction company, Finclock is the perfect solution for your HR and work management needs!

Your business needs a staff management software to grow.

The workplace is a place where our employees come with different hopes, fears and expectations. We can easily get overwhelmed by the task of managing staff, especially when we have to do it all ourselves. This is where employee management software comes in handy. Staff management software does not only help you manage the team but also keep track on their activities and progress. The software in question provides a platform for you to easily monitor your employees’ activities and progress as well as plan out their work schedule for the future. Productivity is the name of the game when it comes to small business. And when productivity is up, so is profitability. That’s why finding the right staff management software for your company can be such a big deal. Finclock employee management software doesn’t just bring a fresh approach to work management, it also helps you manage employees more efficiently than ever before. Trello’s intuitive nature makes it easy to implement and use even for inexperienced users. this Online staff management system allows you to make sure that your employees are doing what they’re supposed to be doing. It’s like having an extra pair of eyes at work with you all day, every day.

Staff management software online

Finclock was voted as the Best online employee management system this year. Finclock is an online employee management software that serves the human resource management needs for businesses, institutions and schools and outdoor workforce companies. The best system to streamline the communication with employees, both online and offline.  Finclock employee management software offers the best online staff management application, which is used by employees to mark attendance, make daily reports, make Personal requests and even plan their events. online employee management system that serves the needs of performance evaluation, staff appraisals, leave management and employee shift scheduling. Using this Employee management software will provide the best reports that indicate the activities of employees, directly through the online staff management platform. Employers and mangers are able to download the best employee reports directly. Timesheets, performance reports, project reports, Work progress and task reports, financial reports and many other reports, fully customization to fit the needs of your business or company. Register a free trial for Finclock today.

Staff management software to measure performance of your workers

Company management needs online employee management system that helps achievement of annual goals. staff management software helps the company to set and know the position of a given goal. But the main challenge is following up the performance of each employee. According to Forbes magazine, the duties of one employee can affect the overall performance of a company. Think of an employee whose role is to send a marketing campaign when launching a new product. If the employee sets proper goals every day and achieves them, then the campaign shall be a success. But what is the marketing campaign is delayed for a month due to employee incompetence? What is the employee decides to just do the minimum tasks per day? The company will be making wonderful products, but they will not be reaching the market on time. The outcome is slow sales, large inventories and high storage costs. This is a guide on how to implement a working employee performance management and eliminate the challenges that make your company not to achieve the set annual goals.

online employee management system to set performance goals.

The CEO knows what the company needs to achieve by the end of say, one year. So, he will set the company goals and set the deadline for the goals. The next thing is to assign these goals to different departments. For a sales department, the CEO may create a company goals of say “selling 5000 cars in the year 2018”. The sales department now shall be required to figure out what each employee should do, in order to sell the 5000 cars in 2018. So, what should the sales department manager do? The best way is to use the employee management software and divide the tasks to be completed by his or her team. The next step is  to find a way to track what each employee needs to achieve. The next big task is to track each persons’ job on either daily or weekly basis. This is an important feature available in only a the online employee management system. The best choice here would be online employee management system, because it tracks and automatically shows what each employee has achieved by the end of the day. If an employee delays in their job, the manager should see this and take the right action. This way, each employee will be working to their best without requiring manual follow up. Even better, the company will track progress of each department, instead of waiting for one year, just to record delays.

Eliminate lazy employees using online employee management system.

This is another major task that will affect the overall performance of a company. Take a case where only one employee is always late, absent and even asking for many leaves, without performing their tasks as required by the company CEO. This employee will become a bottleneck to the success of the company. We all know such employees, but the way to change their action is not as simple as it looks. However, using the best employee performance reports obtained from the online employee management system, the company manager shall be able to set the target and if the target is not reached, the system automatically deducts a salary. Now you have a solution. Just set goals, allocate tasks and connect that to the salaries. The outcome shall be incredible and the employees shall feel part of the process. How do managers use online employee management system? Life has changed and most businesses have opted to go online. You shall only be required to sign up and add your employees online. These employees shall be able to view their tasks using their mobile phones and once they complete a given ask, they can just update their progress. The overall performance is calculated automatically and the company manager can see the progress of each project on daily basis.  Thus, the need for online HRMS emerged with changing working environment, necessitating implementation of cloud based solutions.

Best online  employee management software for remote workforce in UK, USA, Australia, Canada, India, Middle East and Africa

Finclock employee management software is the best online management software for remote workforce in UK, USA, Australia, Canada, India and Africa. It’s simple to use, fast and secure. We provide user-friendly features so that you can manage your remote workforce more effectively and efficiently. Our employee monitoring software is easy to set up, even for those who are not tech-savvy. We offer a 14 days free trial on all of our plans so that you can manage your employees with our remote employee monitoring software without any hassles. You can be able to monitor their job performance, attendance and productivity with just one click of a button. We have many Google Apps integration options which enables you to manage your remote workforce effortlessly with our online timesheets App or Timesheet Software or Time Tracking Software or Employee Monitoring Software or Attendance Tracking Software or Remote Attendance Time Tracking Software or Remote Attendance System or Employees Monitoring Software or Workforce Management System. No matter whether you are looking to hire new employees or trying to track employees who are already working with your company, you need to have the right employee management software. The main purpose of such software is to ensure that all the information regarding your employees is stored in an organized manner. This includes their names, addresses, job titles, and other details that are required for the smooth functioning of any company. Whether you are planning to start a new venture or already have your established business, you need employee management software for businesses in the USA, UK, India, Canada, and Australia to keep track of your employees’ work hours and attendance. The software should also help you store information about any kind of performance issues with the employees as well as their participation in different courses or training programs. The information can be used to assess the efficiency of your team members at a later stage and help you decide on any changes that may be required to improve the performance. Apart from keeping all this information organized, the best employee management software should also give you access to it at all times so that you can manage it without any hassles. With the increased competition, businesses have realized the importance of keeping tabs on their employees. Employee management software is an effective solution that can help you track employee attendance, absenteeism, and professional activities in real-time. Tasks like scheduling shifts and projects, creating job descriptions, and evaluating performance are also made easier by this handy solution.

Staff management software for Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia, South Africa, and Rwanda

Best staff management software in Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia, South Africa, and Rwanda is available now. Start using the free trial and automate the management of your employees. With the automated tracking of time, shifts, and location of workers, Finclock employee management software has the best tools for staff management, both indoors and outdoors. The best app for shift management in Africa is now available for free, for up to 5 employees. Each employee can self-manage using the application. The employee management software helps you to manage your workforce easily even if you have a huge workforce. It also helps you to ensure that all your employees are working towards the common goal of the company’s success.

Best management software for field service and field workers management

The best way to monitor remote employees when in the office is to use the Employee management software. The staff management system provides a mobile app for each employee. The employees will make reports of work done and you can see these reports using your computer in the office. The best way to track employees’ location, time, and work done is to use employee management software for remote workforce. The employees will install the application on their phones. Then, they will mark attendance when they arrive at their place of work. The application tracks location, thus the employee cannot cheat. The employee will give a report of work done per the set period, e.g after 3 hours, daily, or any other agreement with the management. As a manager, it is possible to see who is comes to work late. Use the attendance app that tracks employee time and location. Using the application, the employees will come to their workstation and then clock in. if the employee clocks in past the shift hours, they are automatically reported to the manager, who can see the report on their company account. So, the attendance app helps you to see who is late at work. To know late workers, use this attendance system. The attendance system includes a mobile app for workers’ attendance. The workers will use the app to mark time in and time out. This data is automatically sent to the online attendance system, which you can log in and see the late workers. To know absent workers, use this attendance software, which includes a mobile attendance app. using the app, you can automatically see the absence reports, using your phone or computer. The workers will use the app to clock in and out. The app records the location, time, and names of the employee. If the employee fails to clock in a certain day, you will see the absence report and know who was absent. This absence and attendance management system also calculate payment from the hours worked by employees. It is possible to pay workers based on the timesheet report. Using the Finclock employee management software, the payroll is calculated automatically. You will just need to set the pay per hour and the system automatically calculates the wages. The app provides managers with reports, which they can approve. The best part is that the app provides automation of handling complaints from the employees To monitor remote workers, use the staff management system for remote workers. The staff management system will include time, tasks, and project management. The tools are part of the self-service features of the workforce management system, which have helped many organizations to automate the monitoring of remote workers. Workers in remote areas use the attendance application to manage attendance. Using the application, the employees will clock in and clock out. The data remains in the device until they get to a place with an internet connection. The best way to make employees work without supervision is to use employee management software. A modern system that records work done by employees will ensure that the workers will report to work on time and do the work that has been assigned to them. At the end of the day, the workers will use their phones to make a report of work done, which includes photos and voice reports of the work done. The best way to ensure that the employees work when their boss is away is to use a staff management system. Using a staff management system, workers will use the employee management software to organize their work and at the end of the day, they will provide reports to the management.

Key Features: 

Multiple Task assignment. The most important feature in staff management software for field workers is the ability to manage multiple jobs. Fieldworker’s management software must be capable of managing multiple jobs, so that the user can assign a job to a worker and then track that job as it is being completed. The best fieldworker’s management tools will also be able to support a number of jobs at once, so that large companies can manage a variety of projects at once.

Task reporting. The ability to assign tasks to workers is very important in field management software. A good field management application must allow the user to create tasks for the workers and then monitor them as they are being completed. Fieldworker management software must give the user detailed information on what each worker has accomplished as well as what work remains unfinished. Real time work reports. The need for real-time information is crucial in any type of business, but it is especially important in an environment where you need to keep track of workers who may be out in remote locations. The ability to access real-time information through mobile devices is essential if you want your workers to be able to take advantage of opportunities they find while out on assignment. Staff management software for Fieldworkers should also include reporting tools so that you can query your database and retrieve information about your various projects quickly and easily. Most importantly, fieldworker management software

Field Workers Management: It should provide you complete solution to manage your field workforce. It must be user-friendly, with facility to create, modify and delete users, enable/disable and activate/deactivate them with ease. The software also needs to provide option to send SMS alerts to the users with different messages related to events in the organization such as bonus, salary, leave approval and many more.

Custom Notifications: This feature helps the users to get notified about all the important events of the organization through email or SMS alerts instantly.

Multi-Language Support: This feature will help you translate all major interface components into any language of your choice without requiring any technical knowledge.

Calculate Time & Attendance for Employees: This feature provides facility for creating time sheet for each employee at a specified time or date when they clock in or clock out from their workstation.

Export Data from Remote Sites: This powerful feature will help you export data from any site.

Employee management software for SMBs

There are tons of employee management software in the market but only a few of them do everything an entrepreneur or business owner needs. Here’s a list of some important features you should look for when choosing an employee management software. The ideal employee management software for small businesses should serve as an efficient tool for employee records management systems and other day-to-day tasks like managing work, tasks, time and leaves, etc. Then only a small business owner can become more productive and efficient in running his/her organization. Finclock  offers employee management software for small businesses with all tools to manage work, tasks, time, leaves, and employee records. Using Finclock employee management software, you will get the most comprehensive and affordable employee time tracking software available today. With this system, you can effectively manage your employees’ time and attendance, manage tasks & projects, track expenses and reimbursements and simplify HR management processes. Finclock core modules for small businesses are: Tasks and time management – the software should provide you with a way to manage your employees’ tasks and time. Shift management. If you run shift-based businesses, then there is no way around it – you will need to make sure that every single employee that works for your company gets their hours logged properly. The best type of software will allow you to easily edit and change shifts in real-time without having to ask any employees to remember what time they worked. This will save a lot of time and also ensure that no shift runs too long or short. Leave management – you need to know what information to keep track of when it comes to leave management. Projects – Manage task lists, assign tasks to employees and set a deadline for each task Expenses – Accept expense reports from employees, approve them and pay them out Employee records – Keep track of your employee’s information including personal details, employment history, and performance ratings. Work reporting module – Manage reports for different departments in the organization PDF/Excel integration – Easily export timesheets into Excel for further analysis and processing SMS Reminders – Get notified when an employee’s timesheet hasn’t been approved or when a payment is due.

Staff task management software tools for businesses

A task can be defined as something that needs to be completed by an employee at work. Employee task management software must allow you to create tasks for employees and to assign those tasks to specific employees or teams of employees. You can then monitor the progress of your employees as they work on their assigned tasks. Task lists are very useful in keeping track of your employees’ progress on all tasks that need completing. Task lists should allow you to organize tasks by priority or due date and should allow you to move tasks from one list to another. Tasks should also be able to be sorted by status; for example, open, pending, complete, and canceled. Tasks lists can also be used by managers or supervisors who need to monitor the performance of their employees. For example, managers can use task lists when conducting employee evaluations or during staff meetings. Task reports are also very useful with employee management software as they allow you to monitor the progress of each employee’s work. To manage maintenance employees or agents, the best way is to start using the field staff management tools. Using the app, managers can find out the time of work and the total time worked by employees. The work done by the employees and the agents is recorded and the reports are automatically sent to the management. Self-management for employees is the dream of all managers. When employees account for their time and tasks, the management will have smooth operations. It is very easy for a business to thrive when the employees are managing their time and work. To manage time and work, use the Finclock employee management system. Employees can manage their work and time without supervision. Using the employee management app, employees will record the progress of their work and provide reports every day. Also, the employees will use their phones to manage their time and plans. Using the self-management app, employees save time and money every day. Employees can work without supervision using the new employee management software. The staff management system helps managers to set goals for the workers. At the end of the day, the workers will give reports of the work they have done. The staff management system will analyze the work reports, in comparison to the goals set by the managers. Then, performance scores are shown in real-time.

Use human resource management system for business growth

Achieving Employee Management Goals in a Business

Employee management is a procedure that helps an employer to build a positive relationship with employees. It is a powerful tool that can give an employee a sense of belonging and security. The procedure involves the regular meeting of the employee with his boss, either to appraise his performance or for career counseling. Now, this process should be done in a friendly manner so that the employee will not lose his interest or enthusiasm to work. The employee needs to have a clear idea of what he is expected from him. He should also know what the company expects from him and how he can contribute to the success of the organization. Now, when the employee feels like he is part of the team, he will work in an environment where there is no discrimination, no harassment, and no favoritism. The main objective of an effective employee management system is to make the working environment enjoyable for all employees in an organization. This can be achieved by offering training programs, rewarding excellent performance, and providing counseling when required. Finclock is much more than an employee management system. It allows you to monitor, measure, and manage your employees remotely with ease. Our employee database, employee data cards, and analytics tools provide you with complete visibility over your company’s performance. Forget spreadsheets and endless emails back and forth; The online employee management software gives you all the information you need, in one easy-to-use dashboard. Employee management is a method used for tracking employees, organizing personnel records, and controlling their productivity. It involves the monitoring of employees to ensure that they are fulfilling their job responsibilities and that they are at their best in terms of work ethic and skills. To properly manage your employees, you need to know what motivates them, where they excel and where they fall short in terms of productivity and performance. The more control and oversight you have over your employees, the better it is for you as an employer. You can then use their skills for the good of the company rather than letting them do whatever they want to do. There are many ways in which employee management can be carried out, but one way that has become increasingly popular is the online employee management system. This is a software application that has all the features you need to manage your employees efficiently so that you can get more out of them.

Goals of Using Employee Management software for business

Set work objectives. Deciding on an action plan for achieving their goals can also help your employees achieve their set goals without any confusion or stress. Make sure that you give enough time for your employees to achieve their action plan and once they have achieved it, acknowledge their achievement so that they feel encouraged Staff Register. The first and most significant task of any employee management system is to record and store information about the employees in an organization. This includes personal details such as name, address and phone number, contact history within the company including past employers, emergency contact details and emergency contact people, past work history including education details such as school attended and grades obtained, health information such as any special requirements due to disabilities or medical conditions. Organize Job categories and departments. The second function of an employee management system is to ensure that all employees are correctly allocated to different departments within the company. This may include assigning the correct job title to each employee, creating a suitable departmental structure where necessary (such data can be imported from existing organizational charts), and ensuring that no clashes occur. Keeping track of work hours. Employees who don’t put in enough hours or who routinely log their hours incorrectly can be a major drain on your company’s finances. An online time tracker will help eliminate these problems by providing accurate information about when your employees enter and leave work each day. This Communicate organization goals. Let your employees know what they expect from them and what exactly do you want them to deliver. When you assign a task to an employee, make sure that he/she understands the importance of the task and how it will benefit the organization as well as to themselves. Your expectations should be communicated clearly and effectively, such as through emails, phone calls, meetings, or any other means necessary. This will help your employees understand exactly what you want from them and help them be more focused on the tasks at hand.

Staff management software to improve productivity in your business

Process Automation. When it comes to managing staff, time is money. And when it comes to managing time, staff management software is the most efficient way of doing so. By automating repetitive and tedious tasks through tools such as staff management software, you can free up your time for more profitable activities and ensure that your employee’s efforts are efficient and effective. Management. Using staff management software, you can set goals for each of your employees and monitor their progress towards completing them. This allows you to give positive or negative feedback based on each employee’s performance, which can then be used to help motivate them in the future. Efficiency. The employee Management system allows you to create workflows that direct your employees through different tasks while they are working on projects for you. This ensures that everyone is moving forward with the project instead of getting stuck trying to find things out on their own. Training logs. Tracking the training that employees receive is essential for ensuring their safety while they are using materials or performing tasks in your workplace. There are many software packages specially designed for small business owners to help them store and manage information about their employees. Scheduling and task optimization:  If you want to optimize your work schedule and task assignments, you need a reliable tool to do so. By using an online employee management system, you can streamline this process by organizing employees’ schedules in advance and assigning tasks with precision.  This gives you greater control over how tasks are performed as well as who is performing them.  Staff members will be able to see their daily assignments and plan their time accordingly. Time tracking:  Keeping track of the amount of time each employee works on a given task is essential for any business owner who wants to control costs and maximize productivity. This is an area where the staff management system shines – it enables employees to log their hours worked at any given moment, meaning you can easily track how long each employee worked on each task within a project or day.  Staff members can even log their hours if they forget to do. Task tracking. Task management is a vital part of staff management, but many employee management systems are lacking in this area. Staff management software with time and task tracking features enables managers to monitor and control how their team works and identifies which team members may need assistance. Work scheduling. Involving your team in the scheduling process. They can see their workload and plan around it. This gives you a chance to improve their working practices and reduces the chance of errors occurring due to incorrect schedule planning Providing visibility of work carried out. This enables you to monitor staff performance and productivity, which is essential when planning rosters, evaluating performance, or managing staff absence Employee self-service. This allows employees to access their records, such as holiday entitlements and leave application forms. Reporting – these allow managers to generate reports that show how much time employees spend on different tasks or projects, or the number of hours each employee works each week. Payroll – these can perform calculations automatically, produce payslips and automatically file tax returns. Employee scheduling – the software can produce shift schedules by analyzing staff availability and shift patterns. Workflow. Being able to identify bottlenecks in your workflow. You can easily identify any areas where you have too much work for one member of staff, so you can take steps to prevent bottlenecks from occurring. Chain of Command. Allowing multiple users access to the system. This enables you to delegate some monitoring responsibilities while still being able to keep an eye on how your team is performing. It also allows you to share important project information with other key members of the business. Management charts. Charts provide graphical representations of data stored within the system. Contact management – there is often a facility for storing details of all stakeholders, who need to be notified in the event of an emergency. Export facilities – data stored in the system can often be exported into other systems, such as project management software.

Staff Management Software for reducing labor cost

Businesses of all sizes use a scheduling system to find the most efficient way to allocate their staff. The software that’s used by these businesses is often referred to as “staff management software” or “people management software.” These systems can save the business money by increasing productivity and reducing costs. Developing a successful scheduling strategy involves several steps: Manage employees’ availability.  The first step in managing staff is to determine which employees are available when you need them. Let’s say you have a busy retail store that opens at 10 AM and closes at 6 PM, six days a week. During those hours, there are eight full-time employees on duty plus two part-time workers who take turns working the afternoon shift for four hours each. Work Load balancing.  Next, you have to decide how many of your employees you will need for each part of your business day. In other words, if one of your full-time employees is sick, how many other people will you have to hire or schedule from among your part-time workers? You may decide that being open for business with only five people (including yourself) isn’t worth it and that you won’t open until enough full- Calculate Staffing Levels. Staffing levels can be calculated by dividing the number of tasks that need to be performed by the average time required for each task. For example, if the tasks involve counting inventory and taking an item from stock and placing it in a box, then three different jobs need completion: counting inventory, taking an item from stock, and placing an item in a box. If it takes one minute on average for each employee to complete these tasks, then three workers can complete them in two minutes. This means that three employees will be able to complete eight tasks in two minutes – that is equivalent to 16 tasks per hour – and so on. Reduce Payroll Taxes: Deductions for Medicare, Social Security, unemployment insurance, worker’s compensation, and more can add up to a lot of money. Be sure your payroll system is set up to withhold the right amounts from each employee’s paycheck. You might be able to save a little money by setting up a payroll service that will withhold the correct amounts from every employee’s paycheck and deposit them into the right accounts. If you have employees working in multiple states, you’ll have to deal with multiple sets of regulations and laws on withholding taxes from their paychecks. Adopt Cloud-based HR Software tools. Depending on the size of your business, you can save a significant amount of money by going paperless with many HR functions. Online employee management software and let you run your human resources department out of the cloud instead of dedicated office space for filing cabinets and file rooms full of paperwork.

Best Employee Management Software for Business

All employers need to maintain their records of every hour that their employees have worked. This is done with the help of our timekeeping software. It helps them to legally comply with all the labor laws of the US. This will also help them to have a record of every fee that they have paid to the government on behalf of their employees. So, this is one of the most important factors that are there for employers to keep in mind, so that they can have a smooth-running business. Our employee scheduling software will be able to keep a record of every hour that your employees have worked. You can even search through it whenever you want, whenever you need it, for any purpose that you might want it for. It’s very easy to use our employee scheduling software because its user-friendly interface allows anyone to use it with no problems at all. Online employee management software offers a cloud-based employee scheduling software built for businesses of all sizes. It’s used by thousands of businesses and trusted by Fortune 500 companies. The System simplifies employee scheduling and time tracking so you can focus more on your business and less on your employees. Finclock is also more than just an employee management software, it’s a complete HR solution for small and large businesses. With Finclock,  you will be able to:

  • Manage all your employees, even if they’re working remotely
  • Automate your payroll processes and get instant reports
  • Analyze and predict labor costs with just a few clicks
  • Easily add or remove staff during the year using the drag-and-drop feature
  • Better manage your workforce with custom fields and personal notes for each employee
  • Automated Task allocation
  • Automated performance reports
  • Collaborate on company goals
  • Pay people per the hours worked

Advanced employee management software features

Finclock employee management software offers a complete cloud based staff management software designed to help organizations grow by empowering employees and streamlining business processes. The solution integrates all of your data into a single cloud-based system, enabling you to view reports, manage tasks and projects, and schedule meetings. Tasks. Tasks can be assigned to a specific user or team, with notifications via text message or email to quickly keep everyone in the loop. The employee self-service portal enables any employee to become an expert in their field by accessing training content and requesting internal support – saving your time and money while increasing employee engagement. Tasks management is an integral part of staff management. This feature allows you to add tasks and allocate employees to complete them. Task timers allow supervisors to monitor employee progress and submit progress reports. A task calendar can be used to display all outstanding tasks for the month, allowing employees and supervisors to keep track of their workloads. Labour costing reports. Reports for managers include a payroll report, a labor cost report, and a timesheet that gives detailed information about employee time allocation, including time spent on tasks, lunch breaks and traveling between jobs. Time entries can be edited or deleted as required. SMS for Instant communication. Sharing staff information is possible through various methods such as SMS notifications, email notifications, and alerts displayed on the dashboard. This allows supervisors to be aware of essential information such as upcoming deadlines or project status updates more easily than before. Employee self-service. Self-service functionality allows employees to view their data without needing access rights from their manager or HR representatives. Users can check their details in the My Profile section, which includes details such as sick leave balance and any personal notes entered by the user’s manager or administrative supervisor. Requests with SMS alerts. Staff requests allow you to create requests for staff members by other teams such that the managers and their teams can eliminate bottlenecks that may slow down your work. Pay grades. Paygrade management functionality allows HR departments to create job roles, assign salaries and see how much each role costs. You can also compare the costs of each role against the budget for that month to ensure you’re on track toward profit goals. Leave planning. A good leave plan helps you manage your workforce more effectively. It allows you to identify staff members who will be absent during key periods, which helps you ensure that all employees are scheduled properly and that the business is not unnecessarily overworked during busy periods. Performance reports automated.  If you want to make sure that employees are performing optimally, look for a staff management system with a performance review feature. This tool allows you to track employee progress and improve their performance by providing timely feedback and suggestions for improvement. Work planning. If your business involves multiple work teams, you might want to consider a project management module in your staffing software application. This module allows you to manage projects by assigning tasks, deadlines, and resources to different team members, as well as tracking their progress throughout the project lifecycle.