Staff Management Software

Employee management system offers the following to your organization:

  1. Employee records management (online)
  2. Attendance Management, using mobile app or biometric.
  3. Work reporting using task management application (mobile and web based)
  4. Leave management as per the company policies.
  5. Shift management and work scheduling.
  6. Staff communication with managers, using the requests and notifications.
  7. Employee performance reports based on time and work reports.
  8. Project Management (mobile and web application)
  9. Payroll management from timesheet and payable hours.
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Why choose FinClock?

  • Finclock Team provides end-to-end, and custom Employee Management Software to help businesses grow.
  • Finclock Team provides full support for effective setup and training.
  • Training shall be done to the Management, ICT Team and all users, regardless of company size.
  • Get Immediate benefits of using Employee Management Software, including fast delivery of work, increased profits and higher customer satisfaction.
  • Eliminate waste of time and money in your business and grow.
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Employee management software: How it  works

  1. Employee records management:  Add staff/employee records online, after creating company account.
  2. Shift Management: Employees are assigned shifts online and get notification (SMS and App)
  3. Manage people: Once the employee needs a shift or Leave change, they will login to their account and make a request, which is reviewed by the HR manager.
  4. Attendance Tracking: The Employees will mark attendance using the mobile app or biometric machines.
  5. Leave Management: Create leave policies, make leave plans and track leave balances online.
  6. Work reporting: Employees are assigned tasks and make work reports  regularly e.g. everyday, whereby managers get analyzed work reports.
  7. Timesheet Processing When an employee clocks in/out, the timesheet is automatically processed. When the admin logs in to the web, they will see the daily timesheet, Monthly timesheet and the processed timesheet.
  8. Payroll Calculation: The hours that have been approved in the timesheet will automatically go to the calculated payroll as payable hours.
  9. Employee performance management: Get staff performance reports online, which show the rating of each employee, based on Lateness, absenteeism and adherence to shift schedules.
  10. Absenteeism and lateness reports: Finclock automatically processes the absence and lateness reports. Many organizations use the reports for performance evaluation of individual employees.
  11. Communicate with management: Employees can make direct requests inform of guided messages to their managers. Here, the employee can make requests to HR, Operations, Finance, sales and other departments.

Main Features of online employee management system

  1. Tamper-proof Staff Register
  2. Employee attendance records
  3. Employee Tasks allocation and reports
  4. Employee Requests management
  5. Employee performance reports
  6. Core HR tools: Shift, Leave, Transfers…

Why Choose FinClock Staff Management System

  1. FinClock is the best staff management system that offers a complete set of tools to managers and employees.
  2. The only staff management system that offers Attendance management, Task management, Project management, Requests management in one mobile application.
  3. Finclock Fits both Office and Field staff management needs as you will be able to use employee management app.
  4. Most importantly, Finclock gives analysed reports, so that managers can make decisions at a glance.
  5. Finclock Mobile and web application will save your time and money.

Benefits of using Staff Management System

  1. use online employee management system to eliminate ghost workers, time theft, and laziness at work.
  2. Improved employee productivity, since performance and payment is based on actual hours worked plus the tasks completed.
  3. Streamlined reporting because employees are now using the work management system to make reports of their work, which is combined and analyzed in relation to company goals.
  4. Improved communication in the organization using online employee management system, since the employees will automatically make requests using their phones. Some examples of the requests include leave requests, funds, items requests shift changes among others.
  5. Cut operational costs by reducing overtime payments.
  6. Improve employee engagement using the online staff management software and the mobile application
  7. improve overall productivity by automating task scheduling.
  8. Increased profitability of business by cutting operational costs using the work management system
  9. Ability to scale businesses, since operations are streamlined.

Employee Management software special features

  1. You need to plan your Human resource, projects, customers and all resources.
  2. You need to improve communication within your business,  with your customers as well as business partners.
  3. You need to identify the bottlenecks that cost your financial, human and physical resources.
  4. You need to maximize profits by tracking expenditure from anywhere in the world.
  5. You need to use real-time information to plan duties using the work management system.
  6. You need to save time and money in your business using online employee management system.

Employee Management System benefits.

To your business, the Employee management software shall be the brain and mouth of your organization. Your employees shall be allocated different roles and the work they perform at individual levels is interconnected to a central database, which works as the memory of your company. The employee management software shall use this information to help the different people make decisions within your organization. Just by a click of a button, you will know how many customers you are serving, how much products or services you are required to offer which employee is required to do certain roles, the challenges facing your organization and ultimately, the system shall tell you how much profits you are making and your potential growth.

To your customers, FinClock employee software shall give them a direct method of payment to your organization. Most importantly, the customers will be able to give feedback directly from their mobile phones, thanks to the attendance app. The customers can make inquiries, Suggest new products and even give their complaints, which also matter to your decision making. Based on our advanced Artificial Intelligence, these information goes to different departments in your organization and the employees can take actions directly from their desk or mobile phones. At the end of the day, the Enterprise Management system analyzes the data and provides direct trends, thus guiding your business in the best practices.  Register a free employee management system and let our support team hold your hand in this exciting journey to prosperity.

To your partners, we include the ability to share information which may include supplier info, work management system reports, and even recruitment. This keeps your partners aware of their role in helping your business grow. The partners will no longer crowd at the reception waiting to make inquiries. Instead, they will use their field staff application to make these inquiries and to even share their ideas on how best your business can serve them and your customers. At the end of the day, your managers can see the information in a detailed analysis, make better decisions for your company and eventually, sustainable growth shall be attained. Register for free now and invite your partners to boost your growth from today.

To the sales and marketing department, work  management system shall provide a platform to document the sales cycle, from prospects, leads, customer sales, customer service and the interaction with the market. With the FinClock staff software your sales department will launch products and services to your existing customers as well as new markets. Think of how valuable it would be if every time you have a new item, all customers you ever served know about it directly from their phones?

At the end of the day, analyzing the trends in customer relations is done by the FinClock analytics. You will know what your customers need, what support they are asking for, which regions are asking for a certain product and even, what customer complaints to expect tomorrow and in the future. With such information, managers can make decisions that propel your business to prosperity. Sounds helpful? We believe in taking actions now. Start your free trial today by registering a free demo here. Our dedicated support team shall guide offer professional advise on the best steps to take in your journey towards attaining success.

 Staff management system and application for mobile and web based users.

Finclock provides human resource software tools, which are geared towards enabling complete business management, both indoor and outdoor. Apart from all the conventional features in HRM systems, Finclock has these additional capabilities. Employee management software for Performance management.  Online employee management system is the the best software to manage employee performance. Use the KPIs of staff attendance, task completion and the budget expenditure. The best performance management system that ensures managers can see the best performing employees at a glance. Using the best attendance system, the time management capability of an employee are rated based on lateness, absenteeism and track of employee location. Best employee management app for small business in projects that enables managers to find the total performance of the business. Basing the analysis on company goals, performance tracking application will show the trend of each milestone in a given project. Business and organization goals are split into milestones and assigned to employees. as employees work towards attaining the targets, the employee management software enables managers to track the actual performance of each person. Schools are using top performance tracking software for students, which shows the best students in attendance to classes. Track staff attendance and performance, using the top software for performance in schools. Register today and start using the best performance software to improve growth and streamline operations.

Employee management software for office and fieldworkers.  Finclock is the best employee management software online that solves employee management challenges. Best software for business managers in all companies and institutions. work management system ensures efficient operations and saves time and money. Finclock has been voted best staff management system online because Businesses, institutions and schools continue saving time, money and becoming efficient. Using Hr software online, businesses and institutions have increased their profits and streamlined operations. Over 2500 managers in the world have reported the benefits of using HR software online in their organizations.

Employee management software users

Staff management Software to manage remote workers

The only software to manage workers online and has a employee mobile app to manage remote workers is available now. You will be able to see the time attendance, shifts and work done by employees. The app comes as a mobile app and web-application for employee management.  Start using this app to manage remote workers as it works both in office and in remote areas,

Employee management system for task management.

App to manage workers using phone is now available on google play store. This app helps to manage worker’s plans, tasks and shift plans. The app is available for both android and apple app-store. Using the application, employees record work done and send reports under projects. The app includes task reporting, task planning and task sharing. This app to manage workers who are in a department helps you to streamline the operations of your business.

employee management software for tracking location

The best employee management software to track location of workers includes GPS tracking for employees. So, employees will not lie about their location or the work they have done. This application for managing employees includes the main features of communication that an employee needs. Many businesses across the world have used this app to manage workers and communicate effectively.

Use staff management software to track fieldworkers.

Field workers need monitoring, tracking and communication. The best app to manage field workers is Finclock. The app provides the field worker with reporting tools, gps location tracking, time management, shift management, task management and leave management. Using this app for fieldworkers has helped over 5000 businesses and companies across the world to streamline management of field workers with online employee management system.

Employee management software online

Using Employee management software, you will manage employees online. Use the software to manage employees online and offline. This software helps you to manage time and attendance for employees. Also, use the software to plan work for employees online. Here, the employees will get alerts of assigned work, in their phones. The best way to manage employees online has been simplified into a web application, which is free for starters. As your business grows, you will need more tools. These tools include Shift management and payment tracking. These tools for managing employees online will save time and money for your organization.

Employee management Software to manage employee expenses online

Software to manage employee expenses and cut cost of operations is available online. Using the software, workers will record the expenses per tasks and the management will be able to either pay the expenses or reject the expenses. Approving expenses happens when the employee provides evidence of work done or amount spent. Using the mobile app for expense tracking, employees are able to request for payment, for the tasks that they have completed. Using the app for expense management, employees will request for payment and the employee can track the expenses and payable amounts using their phone.

Staff management system to manage labor in a factory and field projects

The best online employee management system to manage labour in a factory and field projects is now available online. Using the app, employers can track the work done by each employee using their phone. AS an employee, the work is to report the tasks completed after every 3  or 6 hours. The app helps the management to know the work progress and easily identify the bottlenecks in the project.

Online employee management software to manage labour in construction projects

The employee app to manage labour in construction project is available for android and IOS users. Using the app, project supervisors will record the work completed by their teams after every 3 or 6 hours. When the supervisors makes a work report, the labour management system will automatically calculate the progress of the project and provide real-time reports. The management can know the progress and communicate directly to the employees or supervisors.

staff management Software to manage work and report employee hours

Use Finclock software to manage work and the app to report employee tasks. The app also helps employees to report hour’s worked and the time take in different tasks. The employee cannot cheat the system because the app requires the employee to take photos and attach files and audio reports of the work done. Using the app, employees can also communicate with managers when they have a need.

Human Resource Software

We provide human resource software to help businesses grow. The tools are used by managers to simplify the management of the workers and improve productivity. Using Finclock, companies have reduced the wage bill and increased efficiency. The first step in using HR software online is to create the job categories in your organization. The job categories or groups indicate the roles of each worker in the company. These categories are created under departments. For companies with many employees, the job groups may include different classes, which are grouped according to the organization structure. Thus, using human resource software helps a business to improve staff productivity and reduce the cost of operations.

HR software online eliminates the high initial costs of acquiring software to streamline operations in a business. The online tools also help each staff to access self-service tools, which reduces the workload of the managers. Hence, once staff members are invited to use the HR software online, they get login credentials via email. The credentials include the email and password that the user can use to access their account. Notably, the employees are assigned different admin rights, which ensures that an employee only sees their information. Managers can see the information for all employees.

Using Human resource software, businesses can manage employee records and document employee history online. Moreover, the employees can access their accounts and apply for leaves, using the leave management software tools. The HR manager gets notifications of leave requests and evaluates them, where they can approve, reject or reschedule the leave requests. Thus, the HR software online eliminates manual leave applications and reduces the workload of managers.

Using the staff management application, workers can view their user profiles, make requests for changes and apply for shift and leave changes. The shift management system is part of the Finclock Human resource software, which includes creating and assigning employee leaves. For organizations with many employees, shift management is an essential part of Human resource software tools. Every employee gets an SMS when their leave is updated, which ensures that punctuality is ascertained. Moreover, the HR managers reduce the manual follow-up processes.

Human resource software provides attendance tracking tools, which helps the managers to automatically process the timesheet reports of employees. Furthermore, the HR software online provides easy to use application for the employees. The staff management application has a clocking tool, which enables the employees to mark attendance. The tools are important for both office and field service employees. Thus, Finclock human resource software is helpful for office and fieldworkers.

Finclock provides workforce management software that provides tools for manager’s needs, from staff records management, shift management, leave management, and task management. Moreover, the requests management tool is helpful to streamline employee communication. Thus, using the human resource software equips managers with all tools required to attain a streamlined working environment. The workforce management software is available as a web-based system, which ensures that all companies can start managing their workforce at any time. Moreover, the software enables managers to coordinate remote workers online. Therefore, a good starting point for any company’s productivity management is to register for a trial with Finclock and evaluate the workforce management software capabilities.

Performance management using human resource software helps the employees to focus on achieving the goals of a company. Eventually, all employees form a habit of updating their work records and marking attendance on time. The outcome is high employee performance, which is displayed as a cumulative percentage rating. Companies using the Human resource software will access the reports and evaluate the employees on regular basis. Hence, the best way to improve employee performance is to start using online human resource software, with leave management, employee register, shift management, and attendance tracking tools.

Unique Staff Management System Features

online employee management system staff registration

The employees are provided with the important organizational operational structure. This includes creation of employee accounts, inviting them via mobile application, scheduling training and sharing of training documents with employees.

The best part of Using Finclock staff management software is that the different admins the organization have different rights, meaning that if an employee comes on-board today, they are taken care of by the HR manger, operations manager and all other managers, directly through employee documentation sharing. Then, the employee is given the mobile application, from where they can access the materials and even make requests.

Employee Database Management

Using Finclock Staff management software, the Employee Register features will enable employee details uploaded, with their certifications and the trail of employment records, from the time of hiring to the time they leave the organization. This is through providing  best staff management system, as a way to update employee status, after a certain period, including uploading of files. Basically, the HR management shall largely rely on the data collected in registration process and attendance modules.

labor Scheduling management:  Definition of labor demand per department, which shall be integrated with the attendance records to verify the required employees per department, as well as their attendance records.

Employee History Management

Employee history, e.g. from the date of joining the company, promotions, awards of promotion with the rights to upload of the documents. Create contract dynamic forms, which shall be created and assigned to departments, where each department shall have a client’s side, where the employees shall sign the contracts, via biometric signatures, Fingerprints or hand or even iris recognition, which can integrate with the online employee management system.

Leave Management

Leave management where the employees shall be requesting leave from the same client’s side or mobile application, where they will be required to upload signed leave sheets, upon approval by their immediate supervisors. The Finclock mobile application enables the employees to request for leaves, which they shall schedule the starting date to the end date. Also, the employee will give a reason for the leave request. When the employee submits the leave request, the Staff management software provides these requests to the managers, when they login to the online platform. Here, the managers can accept, reject or reschedule the leave for the employee.

Recruitment and Contract management

  1. Recruitment Tools, where the admin can set vacancies available, by analyzing the demand per department. The recruitment module needs to include reports, showing who hired, who approved, where posted among others.
  2. Processing statutory documentations, such as P9 forms, SSN, NSSF and other statutory forms. With proper levels of approvals.

Employee Performance Management

  1.  Viewing of employee record of work per department, based on the assigned history.
  2. Assigning employees to departments, based on the demand of a given department.
  3. Execute commands such as terminate or hold employees, if there is higher number of employees for a given department.
  4. Change status of employees, based on their performance and comparison to the record of their work. With comment sections. The data is then pushed to the attendance records who transfers the employees to the new departments. these capabilities make finclock the best employee management system online.
  5. Have a suspect list of employees whose issues have been raised either by the system or added by different admins. E.g. when a user’s contract expires, then their record needs to be flagged into a suspected list. When a user is promoted without documentation, then that becomes a flagged issue too. Here we shall have the admin create a list of issues to be flagged.

Link Staff Management to Payroll and attendance management system

An integration that integrates with the Finance Management tools, to show the payments made to employees against their performance, which not indicates the general relationship to payments. Mobile application for users’ self-service functionalities. Personal Requests, when the admin approves the request, they are implemented in the employee’s accounts and they get a simple notification.  Other Department Requests where supervisors can view the requests and decide to approve, reject or postpone. Each shall have to include a reason, which is filled under a requests sub-window under employee management.

Employee management Software for businesses

Employee management system to manage shift for fieldworkers.

To manage shifts for fieldworkers, start using attendance and shift planning application. The application includes time management as well as shift management. Using the mobile app, the team manager or supervisor will see the shift arrangements for the team members. The manager can assign employees new shifts and even swap shifts for their employees.

Employee management system for employee attendance

To manage shifts for employees in remote areas, start using attendance and shift planning application. The application includes time management as well as shift management. Using the mobile app for remote workers, the manager or supervisor can see the shift plans for the team members. The manager can create and assign new shifts to employees, and even swap shifts for their employees.

online employee management system for  shift management online

The best shift management system online is Finclock. The system provides features to create shifts, assign shifts to employees and trade shift as per the employee needs. Using shift management system, employees can see their shift and even make requests for changes. The best shift planning system also provides mobile app for shift planning. This app has been used by many managers across the world.

The best shift management system in USA is now available as free trial. You will get a free trial for up to 5 employees. The system provides the right tools for managing shifts for employees. Using the shift management system in USA, your employees will be able to request for shift changes using their mobile phone. The shift plans are automatically connected to the online attendance system.

Looking for a shift management software in USA? Start with the free trial for shift management app. The application will enable you to manage the shift of your teams. The free trial covers up to 5 employees. This is the best shift management software in USA that comes at an affordable price.

online employee management system in UK, London Ireland

The best shift management system in UK, London, Wales, and Ireland is Available online. You will get a free trial for up to 5 employees. The shift management app enables your employees to initiate shift management, with the inclusion of a time attendance features. This shift management system has been rated top 5 in the world because it fits both indoor and outdoor workers.

Workforce management system for fieldworkers.

Shift management app for field workers is available online. You will register free trial and start managing shifts for your employees. The best way to manage employee shifts is to use the application because the workers will initiate the shift management requests. The team manager will get the requests and can automatically approve these requests. Using the best shift management app for field works has helped many managers save time and improve efficiency in their operations.

online employee management system for field service workers

Shift management for field service workers has been simplified by using a mobile app for attendance, shifts and leave management. You may start a free trial and find out the awesome features that help your team to deliver work on time and efficiently.

To manage shifts for field workers, use shift manager app that works both online and offline. The shift manager app includes time attendance, shift management and tasks management. This app for shift managers is now available on google play store. Start using the app to save time and streamline operations of employees.

Staff management software to Monitor field service workers

To monitor field service workers, use the field staff management application. This app provides tools for time, project and Hr. management. Using the app, you will be able to see the actual work done by field service workers, regardless of their location. The app provides tools for processing payment for field service workers, based on the hours worked.

Employee task  management software

You can now manage shifts for teachers using your mobile phone. The shift management app provides managers with the right tools to allocate shifts to teachers, change shifts and even view shift history. This is the best way to manage shift for teachers. Like other 5000+ schools across the world, you may try a free features for the app and see the benefits.

Employee management system for workers in construction

To manage shift for construction workers, the supervisor or site manager uses shift manager application. The app helps the manger to allocate shifts to the workers on site. Then, the workers will use their phones to mark attendance, when they come to the construction site and when they leave the construction site. Using this method, the hours worked are recorded and used to process the payment for the workers.

Employee management system for communication with field service agents

To manage maintenance employees or agents, the best way is to start using the field staff management app. Using the app, managers are able to find out the time of work and the total time worked by employees. The work done by the employees and the agents is recorded and the reports automatically sent to the management.

staff management and planning app for workers in USA, Canada, and Europe

The best shift planning app for workers in USA, Canada and Europe is available as a free trial. This shift planning app helps managers to create shifts, assign shifts and even change employee shifts. The employees will get notifications when they are shift changes. Also, the employees can request for shift changes and even swap shifts with their colleagues. The best shift management app is now available on google Play store and Apple Appstore.

Employee management software for employees in INDIA, Nepal, and Malaysia.

The best shift planning app for employees in India, Nepal and Malaysia is now available on google playstore. The shift planning app provides the tools to organize shifts for both small and large teams. The manager will create shifts and assign to the right employees. The employees will use the attendance app to clock in and clock out, when they come to work and when they leave work. The best solution for all businesses in India, Nepal and Malaysia is now available. Luckily, the shift palling app combines time management, project management and other Hr. Features. Using the app provides the best way to improve employee engagement and efficiency.

Employee management system for workers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar

Shift planning app for workers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Qatar is now available for android and IOS users. The shift planning app provides the right tools to manage the shifts, time and tasks for employees. To start using the shift planning app in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Qatar, register free trial and enjoy the features.

staff management system in Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia, South Africa, and Rwanda

Best shift management app in Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia, South Africa and Rwanda is available now. Start using the free trial and automate the management of your employees. With the automated tracking of time, shifts and location of workers, Finclock provides the best tools for staff management, both indoors and outdoors. The best app for shift management in Africa is now available for free, for up to 5 employees. Each employee is able to self-manage using the application.

Employee management System for shift management

The best software for employees to manage shifts on their own is now available. Using the online shift management tools, the employees will get a shift management app, which they can use to plan and schedule their employee’s schedules. The best tools to enable shift management automation. Software for employee shift management can also help in planning of work schedules, both for indoor and outdoor workers.

Employee management software for work reporting

The best way to automate employee management in your organization starts by using the mobile employee management app. using the app, managers can automate attendance management, automate shift management, project management and requests management. These tools enables the employees to manage themselves.

Employees management software for time reporting.

Self-management for employees is the dream of all managers. When employees account for their time and tasks, the management will have smooth operations. It is very easy for a business to thrice when the employees are managing their time and work. To manage time and work, use the Finclock employee management app.

Employees can manage their work and time without supervision. Using employee management app, employees will record the progress of their work and provide reports every day. Also, the employees will use their phone to manage their time and plans. Using the self-management app, employee save time and money every day.

Employees can work without supervision using the new employee management software. The staff management system helps managers to set goals for the workers. At the end of the day, the workers will give reports of the work they have done. The staff management system will analyze the work reports, in comparison to the goals set by the managers. Then, performance scores are shown in real-time.

employee management software for field projects reporting

The best way to make employees work without supervision is to use employee management software. Modern system that records work done by employees will ensure that the workers will report to work on time and do the work that has been assigned to them. At the end of the day, the workers will use their phones to make report of work done, which includes photos and voice reports of the work done.

The best way to ensure that the employees work when their boss is away is to use staff management system. Using a staff management system, workers will use the employee management software to organize their work a d at the end of the day, they will provide reports to the management.

Staff management software to monitor remote workers

To monitor remote workers, use the staff management system for remote workers. The staff management system will include the time, tasks and project management. The tools are part of the self-service features of the workforce management system, which have helped many organizations to automate monitoring of remote workers.

Workers in remote areas use the attendance application to manage attendance. Using the application, the employees will clock in and clock out. The data remains in the device until they get to a place with internet connection. The best attendance system for remote workers is now available as a free trial.

The best way to manage remote workers is too use the staff management app, which will track the location and the work done by employees. Using the remote worker’s management system, the employees will report time, work done and make requests to the management.

Staff management software for tracking  remote employees

The best way to monitor remote employees when in the office is to use the Employee management software. The staff management system provides mobile app for each employee. The employees will make reports of work done and you can see these reports using your computer in the office.

The best way to track employee’s location, time and work done is to use Finclock employee management application. The employees will install the application in their phones. Then, they will mark attendance when they arrive at their place of work. The application tracks location, thus the employee cannot cheat. The employee will give report of work done per the set period, e.g after 3 hours, daily or any other agreement with the management.

Workers management software to monitor lateness at work?

As a manager, it is possible to see who is comes to work late. Use the attendance app that tracks employee time and location. Using the application, the employees will come to their workstation and then clock in. if the employee clocks in past the shift hours, they are automatically reported to the manager, who can see the report on their company account. So, the attendance app helps you to see who is late at work.

know late workers using Software for employee time tracking and planning

To know late workers, use this attendance system. The attendance system includes a mobile app for worker’s attendance. The workers will use the app to mark time in and time out. This data is automatically sent to the online attendance system, which you can login and see the late workers.

How to know absent workers who don’t come to work.

To know absent workers, use this attendance software, that includes a mobile attendance app. using the app, you can automatically see the absence reports, using your phone or computer. The workers will use the app to clock in and out. The app records the location, time and the names of the employee. If the employee fails to clock in a certain day, you will see the absence report and know who was absent. This absence and attendance management system also calculates payment from the hours worked by employees.

staff management system for timesheet reports

It is possible to pay workers based on timesheet report. Using Finclock attendance system, the payroll is calculated automatically. You will just need to set the pay per hour and the system automatically calculates the wages. The app provides managers with the reports, which they can approve. The best part is that the app provides automation of handling complaints from the employees

The best way to know the location of employees is to use Employee management app. The employees will use the app to mark attendance. Since the app automatically picks the GPS location, the attendance reports will show the time and location of the employee. The reports are auto-analyzed into the payment and performance of the employee.

The best way to track the work done by employees in the field is to use field staff management app. The fieldworkers will use the app to report work done and time. The app also picks location of employees. Using your phone or computer, login to your online account and see the reports of your field workers. timesheet for fieldworkers?

To monitor timesheet for fieldworkers, use Finclock timesheet application. The app will help you to see daily timesheets, employee location, employee task reports and even the employee’s requests when at work.

employee management software to communicate with workers

The best way to communicate with many workers is to use staff management application. The application provides managers and employees with the tools for communication. The tools include time management, task management, project management, shift management, and leave management, requests and payments management

The best way to catch fieldworkers who are cheating at work is to use time and task management app. The employee will be reporting the work done after every few hours. If the employee fails to report, the manager will get alerts and take the right action. This employee management application will help know who is working and who is not.

The best way to know the employee who are not working is to use task and time management app. These features in employee management app helps managers to see the reports of each employee, after few hours. If an employee fails to make reports, the app will send alert to the manager and the employee. So, each worker will manage themselves and dedicate their time to completing their work.

The best way to stop time theft by workers is to use attendance manager app. The workers will use the app to record time IN and time Out of their work station. The app will automatically pick GPS location, so the employee has to come to their workstation before clocking IN/OUT. The app has helped many managers streamline their work and have efficient workforce. The mobile app works both with internet and without internet. Also, the attendance manager app fits office workers and field workers. This app also calculates payment based on hours worked. So, employees who don’t come to work will have the hours automatically deducted.

Why Finclock is the Best Employee management software.

Using Finclock employee management software, managers have reduced time and money wastage thus improving productivity and profits. Across the world, businesses are now saving labor costs, after embracing the best Online employee management software. You do not need huge budget to start enjoying these benefits. Using Finclock online staff management software,  you will achieve the following:

  1. Manage staff attendance, both indoor and outdoor
  2. shift scheduling, using mobile application or web
  3. Leave management
  4. Task Planning
  5. Automated reporting

Best employee management system online has the following:

Expenses tracking and progress of work, helps you to reduce cost of workers and save cost at work. The cost of labor includes overtime expenses, paid off-days, extra labor needs and compensation for outdoor duties. Using the best Employee management software, you will reduce these expenses and streamline the workforce duties. This is achieved within the first 3 months after buying an online employee management software.

Software for employee time management enables you to  save Time of response to customer. Reducing the time of response to customer questions and inquiries is very important in this era. Using the best staff management software will help you to keep your workers alert, meaning that the time of response to customer needs shall be reduced. The outcome of such a good management practice is improved results in customer retention. Also, Managers are provided with real-time information. Thus management shall respond to an occurrence before the client notices.

Save Costs using Best employee management software. The main cause of paying high salaries is following policies regardless of the employee performance. Using FinClock Employee management software, companies have been able to identify the best performing employees. These employees are rewarded by incentives. On the other hand, the high cost of retaining a non-performing and lazy employees has been eradicated. Using the best employee management software online, managers and business owners only pay people depending on actual data in a tamper proof system. You will be able to See the best employee management software, practices and improve the performance of each worker. Also, this system makes the employees feel appreciated. In fact, many managers have used the employee management software to motivate employees.

Another advantage is direct performance evaluation of workers. Notably, many employees feel entitled to be selected as best employee of the year. But without a good employee management software, it becomes hard to rank performing employees. Use the only staff Management Software  that saves you time and money. Using the attendance management software gives employees a tool to track their working time. the time records are presented as timesheets, which can be used to process payments. Save the time spent when analyzing the  work done by employees. The easiest way to manage both indoor and outdoor employees, from any place.  workforce management software for location tracking offering real-time  reports, both online and offline.

Software for employee reporting, communication and complaints. This is the best employee management software this year. Managers in many countries across the world are now happier and concentrate on other productive duties, since finclock is the online staff management system that replaces all routine duties. Use the best staff management system to eliminate laziness of employees. The top employee management software helps managers across the world streamline the following activities;  Shift management application that enables automated staff scheduling, both online and offline. The best staff management application, which eliminates time wastage, All leave requests using the HR software online. Manage staff absence using the best employee management software. Best timesheet reporting, which ensures staff attendance and automation of payroll scheduling. Best staff management system will enable staff reporting directly from the field, using the employee reporting features. The best staff management software provides the each employee with the Finclock Application which ensures on-time reporting. The staff reports include project reports, sales reports, daily activities reports and even task scheduling.

Track employee location using workforce management software

The best workforce management software to track employee location is Finclock staff management system. Using the system , you will be able to track the staff location directly from the online platform. The best software to manage both office, outdoor and field workers.

Finclock attendance system tracks employee location and updates the status in the online platform automatically. Using the best application for staff location tracking, your employees will not cheat and fail to perform their duties. the workforce management software shows the attendance of employees in a map and employees geofencing features. Using finclock geofencing features, you will be able to track the location of each employee automatically and improve the productivity of each employee online and offline.

Offline Staff management and tracking application that ensures all employee locations are identified. This application has been voted the best attendance system this year. Fieldworker performance has improved in all companies that track employee location using the best employee management software.

Factory Staff Management using the workforce management software

Get the best workforce management software that will enable you to manage your factory workers online. the performance and payroll shall be generated directly from fingerprint attendance records. Increase performance of each factory worker and reduce the overall cost of labor. using Finclock Employee management software, you will be able to change the narrative of employee complaints and constant turnover. Use the best factory workers software to increase the time worked by employees and also the number of tasks completed by each worker. Attain the best output by measuring the employee performance. Pay employees as per their number of hours worked and cut the costs of operations in your business. Increase factory products quality by automated monitoring of work done by each employee. Also, identify the cause of failures in your factory. Using workforce management software, you will realize higher profit margins and happier workforce.

1. online employee management system works online and offline

Best Employee management software for businesses and institutions. Ensures best attendance management, leave management, task management and staff reporting management.

Best application that works with or without internet, making it the best employee management software for indoor and outdoor employees. Top employee management software in the world that offers the following features;

2. Employee records management is automated using online employee management system

Start managing employee records online. The employee register is created using tamper proof methods that include biometric registration, Facial recognition and voice authentication. The records include:

  1. Employee Enrollment
  2. Employee personal details: Name, Job ID, Qualifications, Social security details and contact information.
  3. Employee Job description that includes staff job title and employee promotions and appraisal records.
  4. Employee contract managements.
  5. Recruitment and job application records
  6. Staff training records

3. Use Finclock Staff management system for Employee Task management and scheduling

Using the best task management application, managers are able to assign employee tasks and timelines. Task reporting application is availed to each employee. Thus, task reporting is done both online and offline. The best application for task management that includes analytic features, which shows task progress, pending tasks and offers task reminders for employees. Employees set goals using the application and make timely reports using their mobile phones.

4. Get Employee attendance Management reports online

Finclock provides the best tools for attendance management. Here, use finclock staff management software for tracking staff attendance timesheets, absence records and shift plans. Using online employee management system, employee timesheets, shift planning, location tracking and performance is automated, regardless of internet connection. The top attendance system measure lateness, absenteeism and makes automated staff performance evaluation.

5. Streamline Staff Leave management using online employee management system

Management of leave requests is automated using leave management application. employees can requests for leaves on phone and continue with their work. The hr managers will view the requests and make the right decision. Using the online leave management, the hr manager can approve, reject or schedule the leave requests. This system automates business management and cuts costs of operations.

6. Staff performance evaluation in real-time is available.

Best staff management system that offers automated staff performance evaluation. Using the main KPIs that affect staff productivity, employee evaluation records help managers to make decisions on daily basis. Some of the KPIs include staff attendance, Staff tasks completion rate, Employee communication and customer feedback. All these features are enabled using the top staff management system.

7. Automate Payroll scheduling and processing by linking Staff management system to payroll.

Payroll processing is automated based on the worked time per employee. The top payroll scheduling software enable managers to calculate overtime payment and tax deductions. Using the best payroll software, your business will save time on processing payments.

8. Customer service help desk

The only Employee management software in the world that includes customer service help desk in mobile application. Using the top staff management system, requests from customers are sent to the right departments automatically. These needs are forwarded to the responsible employees phones. Companies using the top employee management application are enjoying best customer review and growing their business.

9. Free Trial when you register online.

Register free trial to start using online employee management system. Our support team shall conduct free consultation and guide on the set up process. Join other 5000+ businesses across 72 countries who are growing their business using the best staff management system online.

Staff management software online

Finclock was voted as the Best online employee management system this year. Finclock is an online employee management software that serves the human resource management needs for businesses, institutions and schools and outdoor workforce companies. The best system to streamline the communication with employees, both online and offline.  Finclock offers the best online staff management application, which is used by employees to mark attendance, make daily reports, make Personal requests and even plan their events.

online employee management system that serves the needs of performance evaluation, staff appraisals, leave management and employee shift scheduling. Using finclock Employee management software will provide the best reports that indicate the activities of employees, directly through the online staff management platform.

Employers and mangers are able to download the best employee reports directly. Timesheets, performance reports, project reports, Work progress and task reports, financial reports and many other reports, fully customization to fit the needs of your business or company. Register a free trial to download finclock mobile application today.

Staff management software to measure performance of your workers

Company management needs online employee management system that helps achievement of annual goals. staff management software helps the company to set and know the position of a given goal. But the main challenge is following up the performance of each employee. According to Forbes magazine, the duties of one employee can affect the overall performance of a company. Think of an employee whose role is to send a marketing campaign when launching a new product. If the employee sets proper goals every day and achieves them, then the campaign shall be a success. But what is the marketing campaign is delayed for a month due to employee incompetence? What is the employee decides to just do the minimum tasks per day? The company will be making wonderful products, but they will not be reaching the market on time. The outcome is slow sales, large inventories and high storage costs. This is a guide on how to implement a working employee performance management and eliminate the challenges that make your company not to achieve the set annual goals.

online employee management system to set performance goals.

The CEO knows what the company needs to achieve by the end of say, one year. So, he will set the company goals and set the deadline for the goals. The next thing is to assign these goals to different departments. For a sales department, the CEO may create a company goals of say “selling 5000 cars in the year 2018”.

The sales department now shall be required to figure out what each employee should do, in order to sell the 5000 cars in 2018. So, what should the sales department manager do? The best way is to use the employee management software and divide the tasks to be completed by his or her team. The next step is  to find a way to track what each employee needs to achieve.

The next big task is to track each persons’ job on either daily or weekly basis. This is an important feature available in only a the online employee management system. The best choice here would be online employee management system, because it tracks and automatically shows what each employee has achieved by the end of the day. If an employee delays in their job, the manager should see this and take the right action. This way, each employee will be working to their best without requiring manual follow up. Even better, the company will track progress of each department, instead of waiting for one year, just to record delays.

Eliminate lazy employees using online employee management system.

This is another major task that will affect the overall performance of a company. Take a case where only one employee is always late, absent and even asking for many leaves, without performing their tasks as required by the company CEO. This employee will become a bottleneck to the success of the company. We all know such employees, but the way to change their action is not as simple as it looks. However, using the best employee performance reports obtained from the online employee management system, the company manager shall be able to set the target and if the target is not reached, the system automatically deducts a salary. Now you have a solution. Just set goals, allocate tasks and connect that to the salaries. The outcome shall be incredible and the employees shall feel part of the process.

How do managers use online employee management system?

Life has changed and most businesses have opted to go online. You shall only be required to sign up and add your employees online. These employees shall be able to view their tasks using their mobile phones and once they complete a given ask, they can just update their progress. The overall performance is calculated automatically and the company manager can see the progress of each project on daily basis.

Online employee management system for field service firms

Field service companies have increased their labor force to cater for the increasing need of security services. Therefore, the number of workers employed and the need to manage them has increased. Round the clock supervision is not possible since it requires a lot of direct follow-up with the employees .Online employee management system provides the  employee management application for fieldworkers with records of all the activities occurring in every guard station on their computer or mobile phone. This makes tracking of the performance of the guards at their workstations easy. Every working area is provided through the mobile phone by running the online employee management software that will be managed by the supervisor. Using online employee management system which the employees  will be registering, will be provided. The employee numbers and names will be used as their unique ID. Wages will be paid to employees after being calculated per hour by the system according to the attendance register.

Employees should be aware of the company policies on lateness and absenteeism. Instances where employees do not report to work or report late result in poor performance. The only sure way to ensure that all security guards attend their jobs on time is to penalize latecomers by automatic deduction of hours of lateness.

Since the employees are paid hourly, FinClock payroll scheduling software calculates their payment using the staff timesheets, from the time they clock in and when they clock out from their shifts. If the guards are late, they will be deducted the respective amount that accumulates on the record until the end of the payment period. The finance department will download the payroll showing how much each employee earned as well as the amount to be deducted due to lateness or absenteeism as per the attendance records.

Any ghost workers or unregistered workers will be eliminated since there will be no record of them on the payroll, which eradicates unwanted expenditure.

Through the FinClock payroll scheduling software, the manager will receive timely reports on the employees’ work attendance. This enables them to use the recorded data to process employees’ payments easily, accurately and punctually.

online employee management system for Employee performance evaluation

All Employees have to be disciplined and aware of the rules and regulation of the company. Employees who are absent or are not at their workstations have to be accountable for their actions if a report of their absence is not given to the management. If the management is not aware of the goings-on of the employees, unpleasant incidences may occur.

FinClock online employee management system is designed to ensure that the management is aware of all the actions of the security guards and their performance in their respective stations. This is achieved through the attendance records and the many reports sent by the guards in their stations that are used in evaluating their performance.

Cases where a guard comes to work drunk or without uniform will be reported and the action to be taken recommended. The report will include a photo of the employee.

Employee who are not physically at their stations or are there but asleep will be alerted by the performance evaluation software messages on their mobile phones. If they do not respond in five minutes, the management will call them directly through their FinClock mobile number.

Using the employee evaluation software for management, attendance records, which are based on fingerprints, lateness, and absenteeism will be viewed. This will determine the required course of action according to the company policies that are set in the online employee management system.