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Construction employee schedule manager application

Construction companies need to save time and labor costs in projects. The best way to reduce expenses is to embrace systems for the construction employee schedule manager. Using the mobile construction applications shall help reduce labor costs.

The construction site faces a problem of time wastage, which will lead to high cost at the end of the project. Implementing an efficient employee management system shall save the company money every day, amounting to significant amounts and cutting down the time wasted by 50% for the first year.

Other benefits will become more evident by the end of the first 3 months, which include a clearer forecast of cost implication of the workforce. Thus, We advocate for implementation of the system. Join Finclock to Start saving money today

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Timesheet apps: Ultimate guide for HR Managers

Overview The current world requires proper management of time as companies try to save operational costs. At the heart of hr management practices is time management. Timesheet applications have become an important asset to modern hr managers.  Top 10 companies have termed use of timesheet apps as a source of information in their practices. However, most software providers focus on selling their hr software to managers, without providing the right guides to use of the information gathered by the systems. This complete guide provides information on the use of timesheet apps as a mandatory tool in timesheet attendance management systems. Last month we covered the guide on attendance systems which you can find here. We discussed the way to choose a time clock app, which some people may refer to as attendance manager apps. Then, we narrowed down the list based on 5 main questions.  From the list, we analyzed top 5 time clock apps and the winner was FinClock Attendance Management System.   As a cardinal rule, any technology must make things easier to both the managers and employees.  Today we shall focus on timesheet apps and at the end, you will be able to choose wisely. Let us analyze these essential [...]

Labour scheduling in construction

Labour scheduling in construction Labour scheduling in construction tends to be a challenge. As a construction project gets larger, keeping track of the labour force in the project tends to get out of hand. Having records of all the activities being undertaken by your workforce at the right pace and satisfactorily becomes a challenge. Ghost workers arise when there is no record of the labour scheduling in construction projects. The resultant loss of materials and mismanagement hinder the smooth progress of the project, which should be completed on time and without exceeding its budget. Implementation of software that will eliminate poor performance and ensure the safety of resources in the construction site will greatly influence the outcome of the project. FinClock online for labour scheduling in construction projects will ensure that labour cost is reduced to give you a 30 – 70% profit. A clear perspective of labour will be seen with the help of the data collected. Continuous follow-ups of activities and the use of FinClock attendance record will reduce the cost of labour and increase the performance of the construction project. Through the FinClock labour scheduling software, the number of registered employees will be included in the payroll, and unregistered [...]

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Employee performance evaluation in construction sites

Employee performance evaluation in construction sites Employee performance evaluation in construction sites is essential in construction firms since it determines the growth of the company. Employees’ performance has to be evaluated to ensure that the tasks given to them are commensurate with the time allocated to execute them. Lack of a good evaluation system can lead to mismanagement of time and resources, which causes extension of project deadlines. FinClock employee performance evaluation in construction sites will help you to keep a record of the tasks given to employees and their progress at any time in your construction site. With FinClock EMS, project inspection by the employer will be easy and direct since employees will be required to give task progress updates. If the employees’ work is behind schedule, their payment will be deducted by a percentage equal to the work done. The employees are also required to report any incidences that occur at indicated time intervals. Contact our FinClock EMS agents here to get started. Find out more Book a free demo

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Best Cloud employee scheduling software: construction companies

FinClock Cloud employee scheduling software for construction companies Employee scheduling software has replaced traditional workforce management systems in construction. The Construction companies have a great need for a system that ensures that employees perform their tasks, tasks are completed on time, there are no illegalities among the workers and the progress of projects remains undisturbed. FinClock employee scheduling software is a cloud  based system that enables managers to track the work of each employee in a project. Regardless of the internet connectivity at the construction site, this employee scheduling software has been custom made to fit the needs of reporting. The managers at the construction site will use their phones at all times to make reports of employee attendance, project progress and even payments made to different stakeholders in a  project. As such, this system is simplified to addresses these employee management challenges. The software system seeks to achieve 40 – 70% improvement in employee scheduling in construction firms and can run without close supervision in the construction sites. FinClock combines the most vibrant methods of data collection from the actual workplace, especially, decentralized workforce structures to ensure that employees report to work full-time and perform tasks fully. Using FinClock EMS, employees [...]

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