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Why Finclock is the best employee management app

FinClock Employee management App solves many staff management challenges. From employee records, attendance to daily performance tracking, this application saves time and money for managers.

Embrace the best attendance application that offers a complete strategy for ensuring that employees arrive at their workstations on time, complete the tasks assigned appropriately, and the Employee records are integrated into both On-premise and online servers.

FinClock employee management software works in offline mode, making it the only solution for managing outdoor workers. As such, this is the best staff management solution for fieldworkers in areas without internet.

Top of the List benefits is that the system enabled managers to make real-time decisions as they can see the employee records directly using their phones or computer.

Top Benefits of using employee management application

The companies that have started using Finclock staff management app have reported benefits that include:

  • Get all employees at all levels accountable at all times.
  • Eliminate wastage of resources tracking the events at every branch.
  • Reduce Training time and firing of personnel by standardizing the procedures.
  • Notify management about a problem, thus enable them to solve problems before the client notices.
  • Saving employee time of reporting and follow up on task allocation
  • Track growth and maximize on best practices of employees
  • Track employee locations  using the attendance manager application, and report on wastage of company resources, such as fuel and vehicle mileage.
  • Track employee’s time management practices using the attendance software, which shows performance, such as absenteeism at a given post, thus enable enforcement of accurate correction measures.

How attendance system works

What FinClock attendance application does for your business. FinClock EMS has many functions that have proven beneficial to the industries and organizations that have installed the system and are using it in their workspace. FinClock EMS has organized evaluation the human resource, operations and accounts departments to a common goal. This efficient work planning and has enabled employers and employees to work together easily and understand each other’s needs. Consequently, no employee complains about low wages or unjust decisions regarding their performance. The FinClock staff attendance management system has been simplified and is more accessible to users and easy to use. This application can run on both mobile phones and computers. What your business can do with Online attendance System The following are the few things that your business can improve using finclock online attendance system Functions at employees’ end: Their attendance is marked by the biometric system. Therefore, no employee can be late for or leave work before completion of their working hours. Employee scheduling and payroll – a complete track of activities is kept and, in case of any doubt, the employer can check the details. Events are recording using the FinClock EMS device. The report made by the [...]

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How to develop positive attitude using employee management solutions

You own a business, correct, you have a clear vision, correct, hired the best employees? Correct, you pay them well? correct. But why are your annual targets remaining low? I guess your employee attitude is a factor to consider. According to Henry Ford, the secret to success in business lies in the ability to entice people to have a positive attitude at work. The ability to have every employee wake up earlier than usual, because they have a task to attend to, at your workplace. This is the secret to growth and market domination. I can agree with Henry Ford because, himself, he built the Ford Company we know today, which employs thousands of people around the world. As you think of how to attain similar results, Think of embracing an efficient, employee management system, which will help to keep people focused and happy. A good employee management system is the FinClock EMS. I suggest you try the best staff management software because it will help your employees become punctual and focused. find out more on how an employee management system shall help you develop a positive attitude at your work place here

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