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Employee management system works online and offline

Best Employee management system for businesses and institutions. Ensures best attendance management, leave management, task management and staff reporting management.

Best application that works with or without internet, making it the best employee management software for indoor and outdoor employees. Top employee management system in the world that offers the following features;

Employee records management

Start managing employee records online. The employee register is created using tamper proof methods that include biometric registration, Facial recognition and voice authentication. The records include:

  1. Employee Enrollment
  2. Employee personal details: Name, Job ID, Qualifications, Social security details and contact information.
  3. Employee Job description that includes staff job title and employee promotions and appraisal records.
  4. Employee contract managements.
  5. Recruitment and job application records
  6. Staff training records

Employee Task management  and scheduling

Using the best task management application, managers are able to assign employee tasks and timelines. Task reporting application is availed to each employee. Thus, task reporting is done both online and offline. The best application for task management that includes analytic features, which shows task progress, pending tasks and offers task reminders for employees. Employees set goals using the application and make timely reports using their mobile phones.

Employee attendance Management

Best attendance management software for tracking staff records. Using Finclock Attendance management system, employee timesheets, shift planning, location tracking and performance is automated. The top attendance system measure lateness, absenteeism and makes automated staff performance evaluation.

Staff Leave management

Management of leave requests is automated using leave management application. employees can requests for leaves on phone and continue with their work. The hr managers will view the requests and make the right decision. Using the online leave management, the hr manager can approve, reject or schedule the leave requests. This system automates business management and cuts costs of operations.

Staff performance evaluation

Best employee management system that offers automated staff performance evaluation. Using the main KPIs that affect staff productivity, employee evaluation records help managers to make decisions on daily basis. Some of the KPIs include staff attendance, Staff tasks completion rate, Employee communication and customer feedback. All these features are enabled using the top employee management system.

Automate Payroll scheduling and processing.

Payroll processing is automated based on the worked time per employee. The top payroll scheduling software enable managers to calculate overtime payment and tax deductions. Using the best payroll software, your business will save time on processing payments.

Customer service help desk

The only Employee management system in the world that includes customer service help desk in phones. Using the top staff management system, requests from customers are sent to the right departments automatically. These needs are forwarded to the responsible employees phones. Companies using the top employee management application are enjoying best customer review and growing their business.

Free Employee management Software Registration

Register free trial here. Our support team shall conduct free consultation and guide on the set up process. Join other 5000+ businesses across 72 countries who are growing their business using the best staff management system online.

Best Absence management Software

What is the best absence management software?   The best absence management software is FinClock Attendance system. This system provides the best way to track employee absence for both indoor and outdoor workers. Using a good system, your employees shall be using a mobile absence management application, which has the features of requesting for absent days. The employees will be marking their daily attendance and using this type of employee management system, you will be able to save time and money in your business.  Sign up for a Start Free Trial here 3 Absence management steps Managing staff absence requires using a good attendance application.  Employees will be reporting to work and automated absence tracking is done from their mobile phones. As a manager, your work is simple, you will just be checking the absence alerts on phone and downloading absence reports online.  Another important feature of this management system is the tracking of employee location and attendance. The recommended staff absence tracking application is FinClock Attendance. Using this system, your company will be able to find absenteeism reports directly from the mobile phone or computer. Using this staff attendance software gives your company the much-needed staff tracking software features. These features [...]

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Timesheet apps: Ultimate guide for HR Managers

Overview The current world requires proper management of time as companies try to save operational costs. At the heart of hr management practices is time management. Timesheet applications have become an important asset to modern hr managers.  Top 10 companies have termed use of timesheet apps as a source of information in their practices. However, most software providers focus on selling their hr software to managers, without providing the right guides to use of the information gathered by the systems. This complete guide provides information on the use of timesheet apps as a mandatory tool in timesheet attendance management systems. Last month we covered the guide on attendance systems which you can find here. We discussed the way to choose a time clock app, which some people may refer to as attendance manager apps. Then, we narrowed down the list based on 5 main questions.  From the list, we analyzed top 5 time clock apps and the winner was FinClock Attendance Management System.   As a cardinal rule, any technology must make things easier to both the managers and employees.  Today we shall focus on timesheet apps and at the end, you will be able to choose wisely. Let us analyze these essential [...]

Finclock Attendance Management System

Why Use FinClock Attendance Management system? You need to have a tamper proof employee reports Your Employees shall mark attendance, directly from their mobile phones or using bio-metric devices You shall reduce time wasted by employees through lateness and absenteeism You  will need to maximize profits by cutting costs of labour and overtime using the best best staff management system. Your will monitor employees performance, based on attendance and GPS locations You will be able to reward hardworking employees and weed out ghost workers in your business. You will gain more benefits when you connect to the full Finclock ERP or Enterprise Management system Book A free demo See Our Happy Clients Book Free Demo Register Free Trial 1.  Why Use FinClock Attendance Management System? Your business requires dedicated employees to achieve high profitability. The first step to success is having the best staff attendance management system that will ensure employees arrive to work at the right time. Finclock staff Attendance system ensures that both indoor and outdoor employees mark attendance everyday. Using finclock employee Attendance system will give you real time employee timesheets, which shall be directly viewed though [...]

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Finclock Enterprise Management System online

Why You Need FinClock Enterprise Management system You need to plan your Human resource, Finance, customers and all resources. You need to improve communication within your business,  with your customers as well as business partners. You need to identify the bottlenecks that cost your financial, human and physical resources. You need to maximize profits by tracking expenditure from anywhere in the world. You need to use real-time information to plan now and in the future. You need to save time and money in your business. Book A free demo See Our Happy Clients Book Free Demo Register Free Trial 1.  Why Use FinClock Enterprise Management System? To your business, the Enterprise management system shall be the brain and mouth of your organization. Your employees shall be allocated different roles and the work they perform at individual levels is interconnected to a central database, which works as the memory of your company. The ERP or enterprise management system shall use this information to help the different people make decisions within your organization. Just by a click of a button, you will know how many customers you are serving, [...]

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Management Systems Services

Attendance Management View More HR Management View More Project Management View More Customer Service View More Finclock business management System Yes, Finclock is the best business management system because it helps your business achieve the following; Automate Human resource management in your business Track Employee attendance using biometric and mobile attendance applications Automate task management for your employees Communicate to customers directly using the finclock customer service application Automate project management using finclock application Outsource professionals in your projects Register Free trial here Finclock Project Management System Outcomes after embracing the FinClock Employee management system  There are many benefits that shall be realized but the immediate ones include: Reduced labor cost by 20-30% within the first month. Reduced wastage of materials and time in the work places project timeliness, meaning that the penalties that come with extensions are eliminated. Accountability for everything being done at the workplace,with ability to involve everyone in the project, via the online platform. Ease of data processing since multiple tasks are automated. Faster time to completion of projects. faster company growth as realistic targets [...]

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Best Online employee management software Guide

Best Online employee management software: all you need to know before buying.  Choosing the right online employee management software to serve your business is a choice that will affect your operation for a long time. The time taken to switch from one software to another can cost your company quite a lot. Specifically, choosing the right online employee management software that will serve your needs requires right information. This means that if your company needs a software that will help growth and productivity of your workforce, the best choice is to look for what needs you seek to accomplish. Also, the nature of the business you are in is another factor. I will discuss the 5 top factors to consider when choosing the online employee management software and use sample reports done using Finclock EMS What are your Company operations? The nature of your business dictates the daily activities of your employees. Think of the software as a channel to make your workforce communicate effectively. This means that first, the company has to evaluate its needs, both internally and externally. These needs are the operational procedures.  The main questions that must be answered her include: what is my business niche? What should [...]

Best HR software and Hr application for staff management

FinClock HRM is the Best HR software with HR application Best HR software is FinClock HRM. This HR system is designed to serve the best needs of managers in businesses and institutions. Using FinClock HRM, businesses have reduced the cost of labor by up to 30%. Government institutions and government institutions have eliminated ghost workers and improved service delivery. Here are the reasons why you should start using FinClock HRM today. 1.      Use best Hr software to reduce operation cost by 30% Labor is a major expense in business and the lower the cost, the higher the profits. Using FinClock HRM, you will only be paying to work done. This is a major improvement which is enabled by direct reporting of tasks completed by employees, both indoor and outdoor. Using this system will therefore help employees to account for their time and effort, thus improving employee productivity. 2.      Eliminate time theft and wastage by 100% FinClock HRM incorporates the best technology in time management. Using both attendance management application and biometric devices, FinClock Ensures that employees report to work on time. Either outdoor or indoor, your employees will report to work on time and start serving their roles. Since time management is [...]

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Top performance management system for construction sites

Performance management system for construction sites In any construction firm, keeping track of activities can sometimes be hard. This can result in an extension of project deadlines and mismanagement of resources in a construction site. Lack of a performance management system can also increase expenditure on a project due to the absence of records of employees in the construction site, which creates ghost workers. FinClock Performance management system for construction sites is designed to help you keep track of activities taking place in all your construction sites at any time, which allows you to manage your projects easily. The performance management system will also help you to eliminate ghost workers from your construction firm and, therefore, cut down on labour cost by 30%. Moreover, you will reduce the time taken to complete projects since the system ensures that employees finish their tasks on time. Cases of absenteeism will be eliminated and employee leave will help you to reschedule daily tasks to the employees. FinClock Performance management system forconstruction sites is the best for your construction firm for efficiency, cost reduction, and eventual high performance of your company. Contact our FinClock EMS agents now to help you get started. Book a free demo [...]

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Best Labor management pricing software for construction sites

Labor management pricing software for construction sites Construction firms face challenges in the pricing of projects due to the illegalities that arise during labor management in various stages of a project. These challenges are mainly triggered by various factors that the construction firm has not addressed. Employees tend not to be on schedule when unsupervised, which results in extension of project deadlines and, consequently, more expenditure on the project. Using FinClock labor management pricing software for construction sites, you can pay employees according to the work they have done and punctually. This will eliminate ghost workers and absenteeism, which improves performance and saves time, thus, making you save 40 – 70%. The FinClock employee management system records tasks daily, weekly and monthly, which enables calculation of each employee’s monthly salary according to how many times they have registered and completed tasks. FinClock has an inbuilt capability of preventing multiple registrations. Therefore, only people who are registered and attend work every day will be paid. The work that the employees do will be visible on the list of completed tasks. FinClock labor management pricing software for construction sites shall help you track the employees working on a project against the work done, thus, [...]

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