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Best human resource management software

Best human resource management software  online helps streamline all HR duties. Finclock HRMS is a cloud based HR system that ascertains that managers can track activities of each employee. From employee attendance to Employee performance, FinClock HRMS provides great features that saves time and money for businesses, institutions and governments across the world.

Finclock human resource management software enables managers to achieve the following.

  1. Track employee attendance

    Attendance is a key element of hr management. Using best apps for indoor and outdoor employees, employee attendance management is improve.  This year, managers across the world are using biometric time attendance management and the results is streamlined attendance for all workers.

  2. Track of employee performance, based on the assigned tasks and employee roles reports in projects.
  3. Automated leave management, where workers use the mobile app to request for leaves and the HR can either approve, re-schedule the leave applications or reject the staff leave. All these functions are done on the online hr management system software and the hr mobile application.
  4. Shift management, where employee shifts are scheduled on the web based hr system and then assigned to employees.Regardless of employee location, the shift scheduling shall work with or without internet. Then, employees can view their expected shift schedules and proceed to mark daily attendance and file assigned task reports.
  5. Performance appraisals: Employees are able to apply for promotions directly from their platforms. then, the management can compile performance reports automatically and make the right decision on appraisal. These features support integrity in business management.
  6. Manage employee contracts:
    Manage employee documents, based on the online document management system. Here, employees have access to employee self service, using their mobile phones. the employees can download forms using their hr mobile application.
  7. Start using the best hr software today and enjoy the great benefits like other 5000+ businesses, across 61 countries.

HRMS: Best Human resources software online

Why FinClock HRMS was voted best HR application Top HR applications should reduce the time spent by employees in the documentation. Using FinClock HRMS, employees are able to record their daily activities and thus reduce the follow-up time. The application provides essential features for employees in the field to document their activities and communicate directly with the bosses. Choose HR manager app that replaces manual documentations Human Resources software enable managers and business owners to conduct their daily duties fast and efficiently. Using the best hr software will ensure that you will reduce the time spent processing documents. FinClock HRMS is the best system that enables fast growth of your business. From SMEs to large institutions, FinClock HRM is designed to ease the decision-making process by equipping managers with analytics that serve the needs of your business. The best human resources software helps to analyze staff records Managers using human resources software agree that this is the best solution to the much-needed analysis of data because it crunches the numbers for ease of running a business. Now, managers can make the right decision just by looking at the dashboard of the HRMS. Using this system helps businesses and institutions to reduce employee [...]

Human Resource Productivity: How to Use Management Software

Why Human resource productivity matters Business growth and human resource productivity reports are inseparable in the digital era. Top managers across all industries agree on the importance of improving productivity in their businesses, as the main strategy to boost growth.  Richard Branson upholds that excellence of Virgin Group, which has about 60 companies, curved its name because of individual human resource productivity.  How did he manage to streamline a workforce of over 71,000 people? Efficiency starts with excellence in management, as a datum to expected business growth. Here we are talking of short to long-term growth, which can be measured by increased profits and reduced workforce turnover in a business. In boardrooms, constant management questions include; How do we make the business attain high productivity? What are the steps to take this year to improve the productivity of our employees. How long will it take to grow a business and attain 50% marginal profit? Who should implement strategies to improve productivity? Finding answers to these questions is the new set of solutions that Technology should strive to achieve. The Enterprise management systems should seek to equip managers with the right tools and information, which is essential in the growth strategy of a business. [...]