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Best Absence management Software USA

What is the best absence management software?   The best absence management software is FinClock Attendance system. This system provides the best way to track employee absence for both indoor and outdoor workers. Using a good system, your employees shall be using a mobile absence management application, which has the features of requesting for absent days. The employees will be marking their daily attendance and using this type of employee management system, you will be able to save time and money in your business.  Sign up for a Start Free Trial here 3 Absence management steps Managing staff absence requires using a good attendance application.  Employees will be reporting to work and automated absence [...]

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Timesheet apps: Ultimate guide for HR Managers

Overview The current world requires proper management of time as companies try to save operational costs. At the heart of hr management practices is time management. Timesheet applications have become an important asset to modern hr managers.  Top 10 companies have termed use of timesheet apps as a source of information in their practices. However, most software providers focus on selling their hr software to managers, without providing the right guides to use of the information gathered by the systems. This complete guide provides information on the use of timesheet apps as a mandatory tool in timesheet attendance management systems. Last month we covered the guide on attendance systems which you can find here. [...]

quick staff scheduling guide for managers

Quick staff scheduling guide for managers from Paul Gacheru a guide on staff scheduling as provided by our professional linked in partners. 3 steps Staff scheduling guide for managers Managers are the pillar of growth in a business. Setting goals for each employee remains a daily task for managers. Think of a business where the manager is confused. How will the employees behave? A research by human resource professor shows that the best performing businesses are led by managers who can adapt their staff to the needs of the customers. The ability to understand these needs requires managers to have the best staff scheduling tools. Luckily, technology in human resource management has innovated tools that [...]

Finclock Attendance Management System

Why Use FinClock Attendance Management system? You need to have a tamper proof employee register Your Employees shall mark attendance, directly from their mobile phones or using bio-metric devices You shall reduce time wasted by employees through lateness and absenteeism You  will need to maximize profits by cutting costs of labour and overtime Your will monitor employees performance, based on attendance and GPS locations You will be able to reward hardworking employees and weed out ghost workers in your business. You will gain more benefits when you connect to the full Finclock ERP or Enterprise Management system Book A free demo See Our Happy Clients Book [...]

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