1. Finclock Timesheet application helps managers to track staff attendance and improve employee performance.
  2. Finclock timesheet application works both online and offline.
  3. When using timesheet app for office and fieldworkers, these timesheets reports are available;
  • Daily attendance timesheets
  • Weekly time sheets
  • monthly timesheets
  • Staff Location reports
  • Task Reports
  • Requests reports

4. Attendance Analysis reports will Include:

  • Total worked hours
  • Staff performance
  • Absence analysis
  • Geo-fence Tracking Trends

How online Timesheet tools work

Finclock Time sheet app is rated number one android application for attendance in the world. The application is simplified into 4 simple steps.

  1. Employee registration
  2. Employee clocking in and out
  3. Employee timesheet reports.
  4. Staff attendance analysis.

Using the best timesheet application online provides employers and managers with best real time attendance reports. Using this attendance application, managers are able to view staff attendance reports online.

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