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Why Use FinClock Attendance Management system?

  1. You need to have a tamper proof employee reports
  2. Your Employees shall mark attendance, directly from their mobile phones or using bio-metric devices
  3. You shall reduce time wasted by employees through lateness and absenteeism
  4. You  will need to maximize profits by cutting costs of labour and overtime using the best best staff management system.
  5. Your will monitor employees performance, based on attendance and GPS locations
  6. You will be able to reward hardworking employees and weed out ghost workers in your business.
  7. You will gain more benefits when you connect to the full Finclock ERP or Enterprise Management system
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1.  Why Use FinClock Attendance Management System?

  1. Your business requires dedicated employees to achieve high profitability. The first step to success is having the best staff attendance management system that will ensure employees arrive to work at the right time. Finclock staff Attendance system ensures that both indoor and outdoor employees mark attendance everyday.
  2. Using finclock employee Attendance system will give you real time employee timesheets, which shall be directly viewed though your phone or a web browser. The reports include important details such as time in, time out, worked hours, lateness, absent days and employee performance.
  3. Performance of each employee is calculated based on monthly attendance and this analysis helps a manager see which employee is working hard, the under performing and even the dormant employees.
  4. Using Finclock staff management system, you shall be able to track the location of the employees directly from the phone, since the GPS location of employees using employee management application is tracked during their shift hours. When their shift end, there is no need to track their GPS, thus their privacy is always maintained.
  5. You will save money because overtime hours shall reduce and thus operational costs shall reduce.
  6. You will be able to connect to Finclock Employee management system, where you can directly process payrolls, from the worked hours. the payroll is calculated based on either hourly, daily or monthly.
  7. Analytics of each employee shall help a manager to decide on promotions and allocation of tasks.
  8. You can register a free trial today and have the support team guide you through the system. The dedicated finclock support team is dedicated to help your business grow and reduce wastage of time and money.
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