Why Finclock?

  1. Increase profit in all projects.
  2. Deliver projects on time and increase customer satisfaction
  3. Manage products and services.
  4. Get  revenue (profit/loss) reports.
  5. Get staff performance reports and improve productivity.
  6. Cut operation costs and grow your business.
  7. Automate team communication for efficient work reporting.
  8. Scale your business with  online business management tools.
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Last year, we started using FinClock EMS to organize workers in 16 branches across the country. We have been able to streamline attendance, work reports and core HR operations. Now, we can make decisions based on real-time information. We have also reduced operational costs by around 12%.

Fiona Giovanni, GM, Diligent Technologies LLC, USA
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I lead a team of 182 workers across 17 work locations in my county. I used to make random phone calls to check on work progress. The work was tiresome and inefficient. Since we started using FinClock, i can monitor work progress and submit reports automatically. Now, my team can achieve work targets.

Leonard McGrath, Field Agent, 360 Engineering Company

More Features…

  1. Project Management and reporting
  2. Project costing and revenue reports
  3. Products and Services management
  4. Task management with SMS
  5. Online work reporting.
  6. Team communication tools
  7. Staff management and performance reports
  8. Employee records management
  9. Leave management
  10. Shift Management
  11. Attendance management
  12. Timesheet processing
  13. Payroll processing
  14. Organization management

Why Choose Finclock online business management software?

  1. Join managers and business owners in 134 countries who use Finclock to grow their business.
  2. Use Finclock Project Management software to increase profit margins in projects and make your clients happy.
  3. Using Finclock business management system online, you will gain more customers and scale your business.
  4. Use Finclock attendance  management improves staff productivity and reduces operational costs.
  5. Using online company management software, organizations have changed from micro-management to self-management.
  6. Enjoy 24-7, customer support, dedicated to make your transition easy, fast and enjoyable.
  7. No technical Team is needed. We do the set up for you!


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