Finclock outdoor attendance system, outdoor outdoor employee application, outdoor staff attendance system

About Finclock Outdoor attendance system

  1. Choose between a mobile application for outdoor attendance management, or portable biometric attendance kit.
  2. The best attendance system that works with or without internet.
  3. Tracks attendance time and GPS location of employees.
  4. All reports are automatically sent to the Finclock online Attendance management system,
  5. The attendance reports can be accessed by managers from anywhere in real time.

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Outdoor Attendance System

About Finclock Outdoor attendance system and application

Outdoor attendance system has become an important part of staff management. Currently, labor cost amounts to about 25 – 45% of the Outdoor projects. This high cost is may be caused by inefficiencies such time theft by employees, ghost workers and excessive overtime payments. Finclock outdoor attendance system solves these challenges by introduction of  tools of managing employees remotely.

Using Finclock staff attendance system, employees worked time is tracked, and used to calculate the payments. Also, Finclock outdoor attendance management system provides features for recording employee location. Thus, an employee must attend their required location, fr them to mark attendance.

Unlike other applications, finclock outdoor employee application provides a method of measuring employee performance. here, the low employee performance has been found to contribute  increasing expenses beyond the the expected budget for outdoor projects. The only way is to have an outdoor attendance software for field workers that fits the needs of the employees and the employers.

With the FinClock outdoor attendance system workers, the management will be able to schedule tasks to the workers who are who mark attendance using fingerprints. As a result, ghost workers will automatically be eliminated.

The employees who clock in at the right time will help the management to know the number of hours for which they have worked. The system then calculates their payroll either in daily, weekly or monthly. With the FinClock staff management system, only the logged in workers will be on the payroll.

Why Finclock is the best outdoor attendance system

Finclock outdoor attendance system is designed to serve the best needs of managers in businesses and institutions. Using FinClock, businesses have reduced the cost of labor by up to 30%. Government institutions and government institutions have eliminated ghost workers and improved service delivery. Here are the reasons why you should start using FinClock HRM today.

1.      Use best outdoor employee application to reduce operation cost by 30%

Labor is a major expense in business and the lower the cost, the higher the profits. Using FinClock outdoor employee application, you will only be paying to work done. This is a major improvement which is enabled by direct reporting of tasks completed by employees, both indoor and outdoor. Using this system will therefore help employees to account for their time and effort, thus improving employee productivity.

2.      Eliminate time theft  by employees by 100%

FinClock HRM incorporates the best technology in time management. Using both attendance management application and biometric devices, FinClock Ensures that employees report to work on time. Either outdoor or indoor, your employees will report to work on time and start serving their roles. Since time management is combined with task reporting, your employees will come to work on time and finish their tasks on time.outdoor attendance system, outdoor attendance software, best hr software, hr application, staff management, hr application, Human resource management, staff management, project tracking

3.      Increase  outdoor employee productivity

FinClock outdoor attendance software is the only software that measures employee performance automatically. The KPIs used include attendance, completion of tasks and the achievement of milestones within budgets. These three features in the best hr software provides managers with a tamper-proof employee motivation technology.

4.      FinClock outdoor employee application application improves staff communication

Using the best HR application enables all employees to make reports in a simplified manner. FinClock App enables employees to mark attendance and track employee location. Also, FinClock HR application helps your employees to make requests directly from the phone. These requests include leave management, shift management, request for funds and make emergency requests. Thus, every manager, both in companies and businesses will find this application very helpful as it will improve communication and thus improve productivity of each employee.

5.      FinClock is the best outdoor attendance software that works both online and offline.

Most HR software in the world will either rely on internet connection. But how do you incorporate the people working in all regions with no internet? The answer is to use FinClock outdoor employee application. This system will run both on mobile applications, with or without internet connectivity. The employees will work seamlessly and the data is automatically sent to the central system when they return to an area with connectivity. This makes FinClock HR application a special one for the region.

6.      FinClock outdoor staff management software Enables automatic payroll generation

The best outdoor employee application software should enable calculation of payroll to reduce duplication of work. When employees clock in and out, FinClock HR software will automatically calculate the number of hours worked from the attendance system records. These hours are converted to both daily and monthly pay. The cases of overtime hours is taken care of using a tamper proof adjust feature, which will enable managers to automatically generate employee payroll, based on real-time data. Managers have embraced the payroll generation feature because it helps eliminate theft in companies. Since employees may have paid leave and off days, the system allows the payroll manager to first check the evidence of requests and then assign the payment to employees. This is one of the best way to motivate employees and eliminate internal conflicts in a business or organization.

7.      FinClock outdoor attendance system enables calculation of tax deductions for employees

FinClock HRM provides the best HR software as it includes the features of direct deduction of tax returns. Based on the standardized payroll, the deductions columns are automated and the employee salaries are processed, tax returns filled and the amount payable sent to the bank. This makes FinClock HRM the best system for tax returns and payroll generation.

8.      Best outdoor attendance software  that enables employee performance evaluation

FinClock attendance management system has been designed to enable automated performance evaluation of employees. Times of manual evaluation have passed and now, the best way to ensure integrity is to use a HR system that ensures that employees can automatically be evaluated. Many government institutions, businesses and schools have used FinClock application to streamline their evaluation process. Also, employees know that their efforts are well accounted for and everyone will do their best.

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Outdoor attendance System Features

What you will get when using outdoor attendance system

Whenever you are running any business there are two kinds of complaints you will get from your customer, either it will be a new complain or persistent one. So if your customer is always complaining about your products then you can’t grow in the market. You have to make sure that your employee is serving at their best to your customer. So for this purpose, you have to use any system that ensures 24 hours surveillance on your employee.

Think of using FinClock outdoor employee application which has proven to be the best. Our can keep record of very thing happening and can offer per hour or per day wage system. This system is very customer friendly and has proven to satisfy customers. Find out more on this performance management system.

Finclock is running successfully, it has brought a revolution in industry not only employees but also the customers are very happy with this application. Lateness and absenteeism in the outdoor projects will also be noted easily and the appropriate disciplinary action taken by the management.

Why wait any longer? Get started with the FinClock employee scheduling and payroll software and have your company save 30 – 70% of the total expenditure.

Benefits of outdoor attendance system

  1. Retain accountability at the property by proving value to employers
  2. Satisfy the clients by empowering your employees to perform more tasks efficiently.
  3. You shall see the trending work related matters in outdoor projects, thus plan well on field events to fit company goals.
  4. Increase the capacity of each employee thus reduce personnel at a given assignment.
  5. Weed out dishonest employees in outdoor projects, much faster and before the client notices.
  6. Forget paying for extra hardware since finclock outdoor staff management system  is cloud based.
  7. Track unnecessary costs that reduce your profits.

Outcomes of Using outdoor attendance software

Following are the benefits that customer might get after implementation of this system:

  • Reduce wage bill.
  • Efficiency in employee performance.
  • It decreases the time to complete the task.
  • Produces a Happy team.

How to Use Finclock Outdoor attendance system

Using Finclock outdoor attendance system has been simplified into three stages namely:

  1. Online registration
  2. company account set up
  3. Employees download mobile application for outdoor attendance

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