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How will FinClock serve your business?

1. Combine Time & attendance, payroll and event management and increase profit margins.

2. Reduce the time wasted and wage bill in your company using the Pay-Per-hour policy.

3. Track the events and performance at the work place, directly from mobile phone or computer.

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What does  employee management system do?

FinClock EMS (Employee Management System) is a new online based system, introduced to benefit the employees and increase their efficiency at work. Here is a summary of what the FinClock system does for your business, both indoor and outdoor.

At the working place: either outdoor or indoor

At work FinClock EMS helps employees in the following ways:

  • It helps employees to mark their attendance using their fingerprints (biometric system).
  • It uses GPS to record events and provide reminders of important events to the employees.
  • It is available at employees’ workplace on their mobile phones since the application can be downloaded on mobile phones.
  • When the users log in to their accounts, all the data, details, schedules, reminders and checklists, among others are uploaded to the online accounts.

Access to FinClock EMS

FinClock Employee management system can be accessed easily in the following ways:

  • Through your mobile phone or personal computer. Once you log in, the required data is transferred to your main page.
  • The data that FinClock EMS will provide you with includes:
  1. Report regarding wages and salaries.
  2. Work events.
  3. Detailed reports on analysis, which can be used further in business decision making.

Developing employee performance reports:

FinClock EMS helps to build reports using employees’ data. These reports concern anything that can help employees to work efficiently in their working space. The reports that may be provided include:

  • payroll reports
  • Record of employee target tasks reports
  • Record of daily activities of every employee
  • Time sheet and attendance records

Industries that use this efficient online employee management system include:

  • Construction firms.
  • Security companies.
  • Government organizations.
  • Schools, hospitals
  • real estate management firms

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