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Why Finclock?

  1. Join Clients from 134 countries who are using Finclock EMS, the best business Management  application in the world.
  2. Like other 2351 clients, Start the journey to save up to 30% of Project costs using Finclock project Management system.
  3. Using Finclock Attendance management, Companies, schools, government institutions and Enterprises enjoy Real-time attendance management.
  4. Use Finclock staff management System to improve staff productivity and automate duties using hr applications.
  5. Enjoy 24-7, customer support, dedicated to make your transition easy, fast and enjoyable.
  6. No technical Team is needed. We do the set up for you!


Visit Us Mon-Fri


Washington, DC 20006

United States

Phone No: +1 (202) 956 4726

Email: support@finclock.com


Visit us Monday-Friday

The Mirage, Tower 2, M1 -9

Chiromo Road- Nairobi Kenya

P.O.Box 37625,0100 Nairobi kenya

+254-705-757-151 / +254-20-785-3578