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We help businesses to organize work 


Web-based HRMS with all tools for both office and field staff teams.


Attendance System

Online Attendance System with biometric and mobile app options. 

Attendance System 

Project Planner

AI-based project planner tools for planning, execution and portifolio management.

Project Planner

Custom Solutions

Website development, E-commerce websites, web and mobile application development

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Concept-> Execution -> Results -> ROI and Growth

Its our job to help your business succeed

Once you contact us, we analyze your business needs and find the most suitable solution to help your team organize work.

Our interactions inform the execution strategy, including top-down, Middle-out and bottom up. 

To avoid technology rejection, we involve and train your team at all stages of the project. At the end, your team will transition smoothly. 

This strategy enables your business to realize high returns on investment, leading to growth. 

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CUSTOMERS testimonial

Business owners like you had this in mind ...

Last year, we started using FinClock Attendance Tools, we organize workers in 16 branches across the country. We have streamlined work reports, reduced labor costs, and moved HR information management online. Now, we can make decisions based on real-time information, which has significantly improved efficiency
Selena McGrawhill HR Manager
Peak Tree Research, Canada
I lead a team of 182 workers across 17 work locations in my county. I used to make random phone calls to check on work progress. The work was tiresome and inefficient. Since we started using Project Planner, I can monitor work progress and submit reports automatically. Now, my team can achieve work targets and collaborate effectively.
leonard Finclock
Leonard Grath Team Leader,
360 Degrees Construction, USA
It takes time to streamline a fieldwork team. We found out about Attendance system by Finclock from a friend and after implementing the solution, We do not do manual time tracking anymore which makes my work much easier. The focus now is sales targets, which is much easier when the team is using the mobile app.
jane 4
Jane Mwanyumba Team Leader
Diligent Technologies, Kenya
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