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Attendance System

  • Businesses need to use an Attendance System to accurately track employee attendance and easily generate reports to manage payroll, monitor late arrivals and absences, and access realtime updates on employee status.
  • Attendance System also comes with an attendance app for both field and office employees, allowing for easy tracking and reporting no matter where employees are located.
  • Finclock Attendance System integrates with for more HR Software Tools.
Attendance system


With Ai based HRMS tools, your team will boost productivity and save money. Businesses need to use HRMS to effectively manage their human resources. This includes efficiently managing the recruitment, onboarding, attendance management, leave management, payroll and the HRMS App. An HRMS also provides managers with analytics and insight into their human resources which help them make decisions that guide the success of the business.


Project Planner provides businesses with valuable tools to help them plan and manage their projects more efficiently. It offers features such as AI project management, task scheduling, budgeting, collaboration, and the ability to view overall project progress. Project Planner can help businesses increase productivity, save time, and reduce costs. Moreover, AI project management tools enable businesses to track and monitor their projects in real-time, and quickly adapt to changes in their projects.

Last year, we started using FinClock Attendance Tools, we organize workers in 16 branches across the country. We have streamlined work reports, reduced labor costs, and moved HR information management online. Now, we can make decisions based on real-time information.

Jane Garcia, GM, Diligent Technologies LLC, USA
leonard Finclock

I lead a team of 182 workers across 17 work locations in my county. I used to make random phone calls to check on work progress. The work was tiresome and inefficient. Since we started using FinClock, i can monitor work progress and submit reports automatically. Now, my team can achieve work targets.

Leonard McGrath, Field Agent, 360 Engineering Company


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