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What you get when using Finclock Attendance Management System

1. Employee attendance

Employees will use mobile application to mark attendance, a perfect solution for both employees working indoor and outdoor.

For many employees working in the same location, use biometric attendance system, which integrates seamlessly with the web based finclock attendance system

2. Employee Location Tracking

the finclock mobile attendance application combines clocking and location tracking. Here, the location is marked and ca be viewed on the work map, making it a sure method of ensuring employees are at t work at the right time and at the right place.

3. Employee Performance Management

  • Employee performance management is measured and provided in real time to managers.
  • The KPIs used to determine staff performance include lateness, absenteeism and gps location, the performance of employees is automatically calculated. staff management system, attendance manager application, Absence management software, absence management system, absence application, absence app

4. Employee Shift and leave management

  • Keep a track of leave management, shift management and employee  schedules. these features enable efficient planning and automated reporting.
  • Using Finclock attendance management system has been acknowledged as one of the best ways to improve employee productivity  and cut cost of operations.
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Finclock is the best staff management system which helps managers across the world to;

  1. Automate staff management, using the online and mobile hr applications.
  2. Track Employee attendance using biometric kits and mobile attendance manager application.
  3. Automate staff management, using the same Finclock Mobile Application
  4. Enable employees to make real-time reports on projects, sales and budgets.
  5. Enable online performance analysis of employees, projects and even finances.

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Use Finclock Mobile application as a project management system, which will serve in all conditions, both online and offline. Businesses across the world continue to enjoy benefits that include;

  1. Reduced labor cost by 20-30% within the first month.
  2. Reduced wastage of materials and time in the work places
  3. project timeliness, meaning that the penalties that come with extensions are eliminated.
  4. Accountability for everything being done at the workplace,with ability to involve everyone in the project, via the online platform.
  5. Ease of data processing since multiple tasks are automated.
  6. Faster time to completion of projects.
  7. Faster company growth as realistic targets shall be set and attained.
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