1. Employee Management Software Tools

  • Add or Invite Staff members
  • Staff Register: View and manage Staff Records
  • Manage People: Quick edit Job Categories, Shifts, Leaves and Posts.
  • Shift Management: Create, assign and review shifts
  • Manage organization structure: Departments, branches, workflows.

3. Work  Reporting

  • Online Task management.
  • Automated work reporting
  • Instant team communication
  • work performance reports

5. Payroll Processing

  • Online Payslips
  • Process payment from timesheet
  • Process payment from labor reports
  • Pay per hour: setting standard payment and never pay more.
  • Export Payroll export and download payroll (Excel & pdf).

2. Attendance Management

  • Clocking In and Out
  • Timesheet: Review Timesheet: Shift, daily and monthly
  • Process Timesheet for payment: payable and non-payable hours
  • Timesheet to Payroll: Approve hours to payroll
  • Integration with biometric machines.
  • Custom Attendance App.

4. Leave Management

  • Create leave policies
  • Leave planner (online)
  • Leave balance (Automated)
  • Leave days Roll-over tools
  • Holidays
  • Instant alerts