Why you need Online employee management tools for business

The world is decentralizing to cloud-based employeee management systems. The trend is clearly a factor of cost and efficiency. Certainly, the cost of operating a cloud-based employee management system is much lower than on-premise employee management system. In fact, studies have shown that online employee management systems are always 50-75% cheaper than the on-premise employee management software. As such, Finclock provides the best online employee management software, which can be accessed both using the mobile phone as a mobile app or on the web using common browsers, such as Google, Mozilla, safari or internet explorer. The PMS tools within the employee management system will include features that range from project creation, milestone creation, project reporting, task reporting, reminders, and requests in projects among others. These features provide the project manager with tools to completely streamline the projects.  Thus, Finclock is the best online employee management system, which comes at affordable costs and fits all the needs of your business.

The employee management planning in business refers to the project creation, execution, handover and maintenance stages. As a manager, look for the features provided in each of the project stages. For project creation, check for how the project is named and stored in the database, the formats, the definition of milestones/sprints in a project, the definition of tasks, budgeting and allocation of tasks and the setting of approval levels.

The execution stage entails the actual reporting of the project activities. Here, we are talking of PMS tools being used by the workers, supervisors, managers and then handed to the clients,, using the task manager app. The best employee management system will include features to help the employeees and supervisors to create reports in real-time. The faster the reporting feedback, the better it shall be to the project managers, business owners, and the clients.  The best way is to also have the project reporting be broken down into milestones and tasks, which will aid in providing as detailed reports as possible.

The most important cycle is the project plan. In the past, the project analysis was done after a stage is completed. The danger in this type of management is the fact that if there were mistakes or losses, they will only be identified after the project has been completed. Naturally, these management strategies are expensive and inefficient. Modern methods of project analysis have embraced real-time project analysis based on the tasks, milestones, and sprints. Here, we are considering a project analysis, which gives the actual expenses per task, the actual progress of a task and the actual comparison of tasks with the project plan. You will find that such a comparison can be summarized and presented in a dashboard, with indicators of the actual position of the project. This is the greatest power of Finclock employee management system. The system offers direct employee management analytics, which enables the managers to make a decision at a glance of the dashboard.

The Last cycle in online employee management system if the evaluation/ reference projects cycle. This cycle provides managers with the ability to use previous project reports, to compare with the current projects and make continuous improvements as time goes by.  The finclock employee management system  and the task manager app have, included the top engineering algorithms, which enables forecasting, datum projects and the continuous improvements in the KPIs of a employee management cycle. As a result, using this system will improve your company profitability exponentially.

Employee management plan using Best PMS tools online

A project plan provides an actual roadmap toward the execution of a given project. When the planning is done properly, it is possible to move fast and maintain top quality. We consider a good project plan as documentation, detailing the project activities, budgets, timelines, and people. These four aspects in a project are critical for any manager. In FinClock employee management software, the four items are included in both the management and employeee’s level. However, the users shall get information that is relevant to them. A manager in one of the client companies says that Finclock is the software that crunches the numbers for managers. Truly, the crunching of numbers is done from the planning stage to the final stages of each project.

Project report using  Employee management software for business

Project reporting will include creating of reports either using forms or applications. In most systems, project reporting is done in forms, which can be either manual or common spreadsheets. Then, the data goes to Employee management software, where the analysis level can vary from basic to advance. The challenge with this kind of reporting includes lengthy reporting cycles, duplication of work and errors in the reports. A combination of these factors leads to inefficiencies which end up as financial loses in a project.

Using the top employee management system, your employeees fill be allocated tasks by the project manager. Then, they will be required to make periodic reports on progress. If someone is late or delays sending a project, they are automatically alerted as well as the manager.

How to make project report using online employee management tools

The process of making a project report has been simplified into a 3 step process. Using finclock Mobile application, you will only select the project, select tasks and make an update. In the update, the information will collect include the expenses, the progress of tasks, comments and the physical evidence of the work done. Here, the Employee management app is used to take photos, comments and audio records can be made. It becomes very efficient to use the best employee management system. The best part is that PMS tools provides tools that allow offline project reporting.