FinClock User Guide

1.Registering Company Admin #

set up manual FinclockHere is a Step by step set up guide to help you make company operations efficient. One time Set up for lifetime gains.

Start by going to the registration portal:


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1.1.Add Basic Company Information #

  • After Clicking submit in Step 1, you will be directed to company details page, where you will fill the company details:


  1. Company Name e.g. Test Company Limited
  2. Company Operations e.g. Construction, hospitality field services.
  3. Number of employees in your company, who shall be using mobile apps.
  4. Leave the app theme color as default and submit

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1.2.Register Company Admin Details #

How to register online attendance system, staff management

  1. Admin First and Last Name
  2. Company Email address and confirmation
  3. Admin role in the company, e.g. Owner, Manager, Director
  4. Enter Password and Confirm
  5. Company Admin phone number
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1.3.Add Company Logo & Slogan #

After registering the company, now your company Account is Live. It’s time to upload company Logo and Slogan.


  1. Navigate to the TOP RIGHT menu, where you see your company Name e.g. Test Company Name ( Labelled 1 in the above screenshot)
  2. Click the drop down to access the edit profile
  • Here you get to add the additional details about your company:
  • Company Logo
  • Company slogan
  • Company Address 1 and 2 Head office, street 1, City
  • You can edit Phone Number and the number of employees is needed
  • Click DONE

staff management system set up







Finally Confirm Logo

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2.Master Configurations for Company Account #

Master Settings and System Configurations Guide

  • The master settings consists of the system configurations to enable automated analysis of information coming from the mobile applications.
  • The configurations are done once and editing them is simplified
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2.1.Adding Company Locations #

  1. Adding County, Sub County and Wards. These are Location settings. They help to manage businesses even with many branches. Now and in the future.
  2. Select County Master and type the County Name and County Code
  3. Select Sub county Master. Here, you will select the County already saved, then add the sub county Name
  4. The Ward/towns settings is available at the ward master.



Ward or Town

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2.1.1.Adding Posts/Work Stations and Geo-fencing #

  • This is the page where you add the posts or workstations.
  • Here we shall have the geo-location, and setting of geo-fence (radius within which an employee must reach for them to clock in or out.
  • If employees clock in or out when they are outside the set radius, they are identified as away from their workstation.
  • Perfect method of tracking employee location


  1. Select Add post and then add the Post Name, Email and Password. The Post email should be easy and a sub set of the set company email. E.g.
  2. On the map, zoom the map to get the specific location of the Post.
  3. Set the Post Radius, which is in Kilometers.


  1. Once Pinned, you will see the address automatically picked so, add the post code. The post code has to be unique numbers e.g 001,002
  2. Select the Post County, sub county, Ward/town
  3. Add the primary contact number and select Submit
  4. Confirm Post Details by Clicking the Posts List

set geofencing

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2.2.Adding Departments and Job Categories #

We add departments and Job categories in the company, which now become part of your analysis criteria. Its simple and straight forward.

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2.2.1.Add Job Categories #

  • Job Categories and departments go together.  Here, we have to define the job categories in the company e.g. Operations Manager, senior operations Supervisor, Field Operations officer.

add job categoriesSteps

  1. Select the Add Job Category, under master settings.
  2. Add the job category name and Click Submit.
  3. Confirm the job category is added
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2.2.2.Add Departments and assigning Categories to Departments #

add departments

department List

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2.2.3.Confirm Departments and Job Categories #

Confirm Departments and Categories on the Dashboard

confirm departments

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2.3.Configuring multiple Posts #

post admin

  • There are companies with more than one Post/workstation. We are going to go through how to set up each post, separately.
  • Here, remember that we use the same portal for logins. Just different usernames and passwords.
  • We already created posts, with a specific email address and password, right?
  • That is what you will use to login as a POST ADMINISTRATOR.
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2.3.1.Login as Post Admin #

  • Login as the post admin using the registered post email and password. This is easy, just log out and the same way you logged in as a company admin, follow the same process, but this time use the POST EMAIL and PASSWORD
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2.3.2.Set Post Shifts as per your organization needs #

  1. Start By clocking Post Shift, Under Employee Management.
  2. Select the Post Shift name e.g. Morning, afternoon, evening, night shift
  3. Set from What time, to what time e.g. from: 8:00 to 17:00
  4. Set the Lateness time, e.g. 8:15. This is the time past which, lateness is calculated.

post shifts

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2.4.Set Employee Performance #

We are setting parameters to show how Employees are performing, based on three main attendance parameters:

  1. Lateness
  2. Absenteeism
  3. Geo-location or Geo-fence
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2.4.1.Setting Employee Performance parameters #

  • The performance settings enable you to define the percentage deduction to be made when an employee is Absent, Late, and when an employee Clocks in or out away from their workstation
  • Select the performance setting, under the master settings.
  • Set the absent days Limit, e.g. if an employee should work for 20 days in a month, then the absent days limit is 10. Any day above 10 days shall attract a deduction of X%.
  • Set the Out of range day’s limit, where this is the deduction to be made when an employee clocks in or out way from their workstation.
  • Set lateness days limit, which is the number of days an employee can be late. Then Save 

employee performance setting

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2.4.2.Post Verdict Settings #

Post-Verdict settings are used to show performance of a given post. From 0% to over 100%, the ratings may include poor, good, excellent.performance at workstation

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2.4.3.Setting Job Category performance parameters #

The category verdict settings refer to the percentage rating to be assigned to job categories. Ranging from 0% to over 100%, the percentage ratings can be assigned from poorest, good, excellent to even above excellent.category performance

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2.4.4.Setting Department performance Settings #

These settings are meant to indicate how good a department is doing. The department performance is an average of all the employees in a given department. This will range from 0 to 0ver 100%. The ratings then can be set from poor, good, excellent and even above excellent.

Department performance

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3.How to Use Finclock Staff Management System Modules #

  • Employee Management Covers all issues from adding employees to managing employee data.
  • This is the step to help you manage your routine employee records.

hr application, best hr software, Finclock Staff management system, employee management system

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3.1.Employee List: The Digitized Employee Register #

The employee List shows the complete employee register, with all the collected details.

Here, you will find the different columns, which employee data, which include:

  1. Employee photo
  2. Employee name
  3. Personal Number or the specified Identity number. This number is Unique.
  4. Job title/category
  5. Work Station or post: can be one or multiple workstations for an employee.
  6. Department
  7. National ID/ Passport No.
  8. Mobile Number
  9. Town/Ward/street
  10. Address of residence
  11. Account Number: Bank account number, important when linking to payroll.
  12. Active/Inactive Status: When the Active Button is Unchecked, the person becomes inactive and is no longer part of the detailed analysis. However, the record remains in the employee register
  13. Edit and approved: You can Click on Edit to proceed to editing a given employee’s details.
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3.2.Invite Employees to Download Finclock Mobile Application #

  1. When using the mobile application, you will invite employees by their email and they will get a notification for registration.
  2. Click on the Invite employees under Employee List
  3. Here, fill the fields that include: Employee names, phone number and email.
  4. Then submit to invite the employee.
  5. If working with many employees, Download the sample excel and fill the names of employees as directed.
  6. Then upload the excel file to have all employees invited at once.

invite employees

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3.2.1.Check Invitation Emails #

  • When you Invite employees, they shall get emails with instructions on how to start self-on-boarding.
  • The emails contain Special PIN for each employee, which they will use to Login and complete their profile.

staff invitation email

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3.3.Employee Request list for Registration #

When employees register from scratch on the mobile application

  1. The employees who register directly without email invitations will come to the Employee request List.
  2. Admin can either Approve or Reject the requests.
  3. If approved, the employee will get the email with their PIN, which they can use to login and proceed to mark attendance
  4. If approved, Employee Data comes to the Employee List. If rejected, their data is quarantined.

employee requests, employee list

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3.3.1.Employee Edit profile requests #

  1. When an employee edits their information on the mobile application, the data comes to the edit profile request menu.
  2. Here, the admin can either approve or reject the edits requested by the employee.
  3. The fields that are editable include Employee department, Job category, Shift, Posts and photos.
  4. The Admin can approve or reject the Edit, as per the field set and company regulations.
  5. When Approved, the Changes immediately takes effect on the employee mobile profile.

edit employee profile request

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3.4.Assign Employee shifts #

  1. To assign employee shifts, follow these steps:
  2. Select Shift Management Sub menu, under Employee management
  3. Select the Shift you want to assign,
  4. Choose the employees, you wish to assign shifts.
  5. Then select assign Shift.

shift management finclock

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3.5.Job Category Management #

  • The Job categories can be changed by the company admin.
  • This may be done when a person is promoted or demoted. There are two possible cases here;
  1. When the Company admin want to edit employee category
  2. When the employee requests for category change, from their mobile application.

Option 1: changing the job category from the company admin

  1. Select the category management, under employee management menu.
  2. Select the new job category, which you wish to assign the employee.
  3. Then select either a single or multiple employees and then assign category.

job category management

Option 2: When an employee requests category change.

edit profile request

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3.6.Full Edit Trail for the employee data #

Employee History List shows the audit trail of employee data changes. Here, you can identify who changed employee data. As a company admin, you can revert the changes.

Employee history

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4.Finclock Employee Mobile application #

  • The Finclock Mobile application provides tools for staff communication with the management.
  • Here, let us take a look at how to use the mobile application, starting with Employee registration.
  • This happens either when an employee has a PIN or when an employee does not have the company PIN

employee mobile application Finclock

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4.1.Downloading Mobile application from Google Playstore #

Downloading Mobile application and Registration is as described below;


  1. Employees will proceed to Google App store and download the FinClock Mobile application.
  2. Using the PIN sent via email, the employees can login and complete the registration
  3. Completing Registration will include adding Names, Phone Number, Job ID/Passport
  4. Employee will select the Department, Job category, Shift and posts where they work.
  5. After completing registration, the Employee can now start marking attendance!
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4.2.Employee registration #

employee attendance app registration

Option 1:  When Using Company PIN, after admin invitation.

  1. When Using company PIN, you will be able to register as an employee directly.
  2. Use the PIN to login and edit profile.
  3. Fill the fields with the right details and include profile photo too.
  4. Save and submit.

Option 2: New Registration, without Admin invitation.

  1. When you are registering from scratch, just select register, on the Home screen.
  2. Fill the details, including your company and Submit.
  3. Remember that before you can proceed, the admin will have to approve your registration.
  4. After approval, you will get an email with your Company PIN, which you can use to login and proceed enjoying your new work space.
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4.3.Start Using mobile application dashboard. #

Finclock application dashboard

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4.3.1.T. Score on the Dashboard #

Finclock Attendance, T. score

Explaining T. Score

  1. T. Score is the Employee performance based on their combined attendance rating.
  2. When an Employee comes to work every day, clocks in and out at the working station every day and is never late, then their T score shall be 100% and color Green.
  3. The more days of lateness and Clocking away from the work station will lead to low T. Score, meaning the employee’s performance is low.
  4. This is a reflection of employee’s dedication to work and timeliness.
  5. Each employee will see their score in the FinClock Mobile application
  6. The Management e.g. company admin will see the Employee performance under performance menu.
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4.3.2.Marking Attendance (Clocking In and Out) #

  1. To clock in and Out, Simply select the post, then clock in when coming in to work.
  2. when leaving that Post, just clock out.

clocking in and out

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5.Timesheet reports: Best analysis for decision making #

The timesheet reports are analysed to enable the managers to make decisions at a glance. Here, you will find the following reports:

  1. Timesheet application report on the mobile phone
  2. Daily timesheet
  3. monthly timesheet
  4. Combined timesheet.
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5.1.Timesheet on mobile application #

View Timesheet on Phone

view timesheet on mobile application, which gives the following analysis;

timesheet application, Finclock timesheet

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5.2.Monthly timesheet both pdf and excel #

Monthly timesheet

  • Monthly Timesheet shows the total hours that an employee has worked, from the first date of the month.
  • The Monthly timesheet can be downloaded as either excel or pdf, depending on the needs of your company
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5.3.Daily Timesheet #

The daily timesheet shows the total hours worked by an employee in a certain day. This is a combination of all shifts in a given day.

daily timesheet

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5.4.Combined Timesheet: Showing all shifts. #

  • The combined timesheet gives a breakdown of all clock in/Clock outs, which shows  the total shifts that have been attained.

Combined timesheet

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6.Employee GPS location Tracking reports #

Finclock WorkMap provides a precise location report, showing where the employee clocked In/Out.

workmap, employee location map

  1. To use the GPS location report, start by clocking on the WorkMap.
  2. Select the Work station and then select an employee.
  3. The Map shall load the current day location clocking location for the employee.
  4. In the map, there shall be Green Markers, showing employee clocking location. The red markers shows the employee clock out location.
  5. When you Click on the location Marker, you will see the employee Name, time of clock in/out.
  6. When you click on the Employee name, you will be directed to the employee timesheet record.
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7.employee performance reports #

  • Performance analysis is critical to decision makers. Using Finclock, the employee performance is automatically analysed.

Finclock Attendance, T. score

  • Remember the performance analysis  set up done during initial set up?

These parameters include;

  1. Employee absence: absence days, when required to be at work.
  2. Employee lateness: each lateness is considered in calculation of performance
  3. Employee location trends: If employee always clocks in/out out of their workstations.
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7.1.Employee performance report #

  • The Employee performance report shows the data of employees, including their calculated performance.
  • The performance is as from the first date of the month to the current date.
  • To see the previous month’s performance, select the date range on the main filter menu.

Employee performance dashboard

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7.2.Average performance of a job category #

  1. The job category performance gives the average of the performance for all employees in a given category.job category performance, job performance
  2. For instance, a company with a 10 sales people will see the analysis of the sales people as a job category.
  3. For decision making purposes, the category performance will help to indicate the trend of performance, in relation to profits and loss among other productivity indicators in your organization.

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