Account Setup Guide 

  1. Add Shifts
  2. Add Job Categories
  3. Add Departments
  4. Add Workstations or Work Locations
  5. Add/Invite People

Manage Projects and Tasks

  1. Organize tasks in the task master
  2. Create projects
  3. Assign tasks to teams and with Instant SMS and Email alerts
  4. Review work reports for progress, lateness etc.
  5. Get Staff performance reports
  6. More tools for project management

Manage Project Costs

  1. Automate products and services records
  2. Organized project costs management
  3. Automated profit/loss reports
  4. Automated payment requests
  5. Increased profit margins

Employee Management Guide (HRM) 

  1. Add or Invite Staff members
  2. Staff Register: View and manage Staff Records
  3. Manage People: Quick edit Job Categories, Shifts, Leaves and Posts.
  4. Shift Management: Create, assign and review shifts
  5. Leave Management: planner, assign leaves, Company policies and Reports.
  6. Many more tools for employee management

Attendance System Guide (Web and Mobile)

  1. Clocking In and Out
  2. Timesheet: Review Timesheet: Shift, daily and monthly
  3. Process Timesheet for payment: payable and non-payable hours
  4. Timesheet to Payroll: Approve hours to payroll
  5. Integration with biometric machines.

Payroll Processing Guide (Web and Mobile)

  1.  Add Pay Codes : setting payment per hour
  2. Add Standard Pay: setting standard payment and never pay more.
  3. Process payment: payable and non-payable hours approvals
  4. Export Payroll : export and download payroll (Excel & pdf).
  5. Payroll history: review payroll records.

Organization Structure Management

  1. Manage job categories or groups
  2. Manage work flows
  3. Manage pay grades
  4. manage departments
  5. manage work locations.