Employee Management App features include;

  1. Employee Time tracking
  2. Project an task management.
  3. Employee work reports.
  4. Staff Location Tracking
  5. Employee shift management
  6. Leave management for workers, using mobile app.
  7. Requests Management using mobile app
  8. Employee Performance Management
  9. timesheet and payment processing.
  10. Linked to Online employee management software for complete HR tools.

Why choose Finclock employee management software and app?

  1. FinClock employee app combines all essential tools that your employees need.
  2. Finclock Employee application works both online and offline.
  3. Finclock mobile employee app fits both office and fieldworkers
  4. You can automate notifications to SMS and Email.
  5. Finclock Team helps you to setup so no special technical team is needed.

Employee app for businesses

Online Employee Management System for store workers

Retail stores and convenience stores can save money by using employee app for store workers. Employees will be given a mobile app for attendance tracking. When they come to the store, they can clock in. then, the store workers can proceed to their duties. At the end of the day, the employees will clock out. The app will be able to reject clocking done out of location. This way, the employees can be paid based on the hours worked. At the end of the month, the store manager can approve the timesheet hours, which may have been rejected, based on the reasons given by the employee. For instance an employee who was late because of a job related matter will able to request for approval of the hours and give the reason. The approved hours are auto calculated for payment, based on the set pay per hour policy of the company.

Employee Task Management Software for transport workers and drivers

Drivers can be paid per the number of hours worked. To record the number of hours worked, the drivers can use employee app for drivers and transport workers. This employee app comes with location tracking, facial recognition and employee self-service features. Using this attendance application for drivers will save time and money because the drivers will clock in and out when they arrive at different stations. This way, the manager process the payments and be able to reject hours worked outside the set work location. This way, drivers will stick to their work schedule, thus cut the cost of operations.

Employee app for delivery workers and courier services.

Delivery workers can be managed efficiently by ensuring that they do not waste time. Using employee app for delivery employees, you will be able to know the specific locations that an employee went to. Using the employee app for delivery workers, you will also know where each employee stopped and be able to have a route scheduling for the workers. Using this application, you will process payment for delivery workers based on the actual hours worked. This way, you will be able to save money and reduce the cost of operating a delivery business. Also, managers will be able to handle many cases at the same time because all employee reporting matters are automated.

Employee app for home services and repairmen

Managing a home service and repair business requires proper time management skills. Many repairmen and home service workers will be paid per the number of hours worked. Using employee app for repairmen and home service agents will help you to cut the cost of operations and improve your business. Using the app for repairmen, you can also record the reports of work done per project. This way, owners of repair businesses can track work progress in real-time, using the best app for homes service workers. The best way to manage the businesses is to have each employee make regular reports of time by clocking in and out, report work done and also make requests using the app. This way, you will be able to save time and money in your business.

Staff Management Software for cleaning workers

Cleaning workers require supervision and management at many times. The modern method of managing them is to use employee app for cleaning workers. Using the application, you will be able to manage the work done by each employee and track the time used per task. Using employee app for cleaning employees, you will be able to know the location of each employee during their working hours. This employee app enables you to manage the work done by each employee in real time. Also, you will be able to pay cleaning workers per the number of hours worked. This way, you will save time and money for your business and increase profits. Also, you will be able to grow your business because one person can manage many workers at the same time.

Employee app for teachers

Best way to manage teachers is to use employee app for teachers. This app helps teachers to record the time and work done. The app for teachers also helps you to manage the payments by setting the pay per hour of each teacher. When the teacher clocks in and out, school management can know the total worked time. This app comes with facial recognition thus ensures that time theft is eliminated. Using the employee app, teachers can request for leaves, advance payments and items that they may need in their teaching work.

App for employee scheduling and employee work reports

You can use finclock employee app for employee scheduling and work planning. Using the employee management app for work scheduling, the team leader or manager will create projects, create tasks under the project and then assign the tasks to employees. Then, the employees will make reports after several hours of work. This work scheduling using finclock employee app will automatically calculate the progress and expenses in the given work. So, the manager will know the work done, time spent in the project and even the budget.

This is the best hr app to report employee work schedule and best software application to report employee work reports. The employees can make work reports using phone and the reports will go to the management.

Task Management software with Employee app

Aims of using employee app for task management

  1. Track Employees directly, and monitor projects reports.
  2. Reduce cost of projects by cutting down daily labor cost by 25%
  3. Pay employees per hour, thus remove cases of unaccounted labor cost
  4. Reduce the time used to manage employee records
  5. Analyze project costs by tracking labor costs from a tamper-proof database

Problems solved by task management system with  an employee mobile app

  1. The employee's details may be inconsistent and the number of employees working per day can not be ascertained.
  2. There exist loopholes in the manipulation of some employees working on the site per day.
  3. The overtime hours are manually determined in many projects. Thus the records can be irregular.
  4. These problems result to expensive labor at the end of the project, including longer time to completion than planned.

Solutions brought by Employee management app in projects

  1. Employees need to be managed at the project site using either mobile attendance or biometric attendance system. If there are many workers, a biometric system is advisable. If there are few employee, Finclock Employee management system serves the purpose. Note that in either cases, the labor costs per day amount to significant amounts
  2. Overtime hours need to be managed using a tamper proof system. Here, the variations occur due to changes in overtime and number of employees range from to 10-19% per week. The overtime hours is reduced by 50% when using a project application, which ensures proper employee scheduling.
  3. Thus, there needs to be a more efficient way to track employees, based on their GPS location, which is recorded per hour and used for hourly-based payment.
  4. Site managers for large projects may be provided with a handheld biometric attendance device, which is used as the fingerprint register. This device eliminates cheating.
  5. The data collected using the portable biometric device is sent to cloud based project management system. If there is no internet, the records are stored in the device until internet connection is obtained.
  6. Since the records are received as Excel files, there will be no need for double filling of the data.
  7. The management shall be able to track project’s expenses and make plans, based on credible records that remain in the system forever.

FinClock is the best employee management app

Finclock has been ranked as the best employee management app, which works for both indoor and outdoor workforce. In over 65 countries, managers and business owners are using the finclock web and mobile applications to streamline all employee management needs. Managers across the world are using Finclock mobile app to process employee reports. Employees will use the staff application to make report, requests and mark attendance.  The managers at the different levels will download reports from the cloud employee management system. This is the best system to streamline workforce management

Feedback from Users of Finclock Online employee management system

Using best attendance application in the office helps to align company goals to daily tasks to be completed by employees. The online employee management  application helps you  to assign employee duties directly to their mobile phones. Once the manager assigns tasks to employees, they will get alerts on their mobile application and proceed to start using the staff management application.

Finclock attendance system also provides application for outdoor employees is the best method of managing employees working in the field.  The features in the mobile application include attendance and location tracking, task management and it is the best employee management system software where the employee reports can be recorded with or without internet. Here, the employees can mark reports when in the field. The only timesheet application that works both online and offline.

Businesses are using best employee app to analyze the performance of their workers. By setting tasks for employees, managers and supervisors can remotely track work progress of each employee.

Businesses and construction firms are saving up to 30% of operational costs when using the Finclock employee management system. Schools and colleges are now tracking student attendance and streamlining operations to attain 100% attendance. Start enjoying the benefits of efficient business operations. Register today and start enjoying the benefits of online staff management system.

Using the best online attendance software, you will be able to set employee targets and watch as they work to attain their goals.

Each employee efforts count and shall be evaluated automatically. The system gives performance reports of employees based on attendance, tasks completed and the overall communication within the organization. This is the best employee management app tool of our time because the performance analytics guide you to make the right decisions in your company.

Using the best online work scheduling software, you will be sure to attain high efficiency of your employees at all times. Use the app to manage attendance, create shifts, create records and to even improve the employee engagement.  Embrace change that will benefit your business. Think of the growth you would achieve, if all employees were self-motivated to achieve their daily goals. This is the best way to utilize the most valuable resource, human resource.

FinClock is the Best employee management application

The Best HR software is FinClock. Finclock employee app includes features in an employee mobile application, designed to serve the best needs of managers in businesses and institutions. Using FinClock, businesses have reduced the cost of labor by up to 30%. Government institutions and government institutions have eliminated ghost workers and improved service delivery. Here are the reasons why you should start using FinClock hr application to manage employees.

What Does Finclock hr app do?

Finclock employee app  is the only staff management system that combines three main features in one employee mobile application. Using the mobile application, employees shall be able to;

  1. Manage attendance, where the clocking in and out is done on the mobile application.
  2. make Daily task reports, which includes assignment of tasks to employees, directly to their phones.
  3. Make Requests, such as leave requests, shift change requests and many more requests.
  4. Track their performance, based on time, tasks and the budgetary adherence.
  5. Track employee location, based on Geo-fencing parameters.

8 Reasons why Finclock is the Best hr system

1.      Use best Hr software to reduce operation cost by 30%

Labor is a major expense in business and the lower the cost, the higher the profits. Using FinClock HRM, you will only be paying to work done. This is a major improvement which is enabled by direct reporting of tasks completed by employees, both indoor and outdoor. Using this system will therefore help employees to account for their time and effort, thus improving employee productivity.

2.      Eliminate time theft and wastage using staff management app

FinClock Staff management software incorporates the best staff management app. Using both attendance management application and biometric devices, FinClock Ensures that employees report to work on time. Either outdoor or indoor, your employees will report to work on time and start serving their roles. Since time management is combined with task reporting, your employees will come to work on time and finish their tasks on time.

3.      Increase productivity using  Finclock Hr app

FinClock HR software is the only software that measures employee performance automatically. The KPIs used include attendance, completion of tasks and the achievement of milestones within budgets. These three features in the best hr software provides managers with a tamper-proof employee motivation technology.

4.      FinClock HR app improves communication up to 100%

Using the best HR application enables all employees to make reports in a simplified manner. FinClock App enables employees to mark attendance and track employee location. Also, FinClock HR application helps your employees to make requests directly from the phone. These requests include leave management, shift management, request for funds and make emergency requests. Thus, every manager, both in companies and businesses will find this application very helpful as it will improve communication and thus improve productivity of each employee.

5.      FinClock is the best HR app because it works both online and offline.

Most HR software in the world will either rely on internet connection. But how do you incorporate the people working in all regions with no internet? The answer is to use FinClock HR software. This system will run on mobile applications, with or without internet connectivity. The employees will work seamlessly and the data is automatically sent to the central system when they return to an area with connectivity. This makes FinClock HR application a special one for the region.

6.      FinClock HR software Enables automatic payroll generation

The best HR software should enable calculation of payroll to reduce duplication of work. When employees clock in and out, FinClock HR software will automatically calculate the number of hours worked. These hours are converted to both daily and monthly pay. The cases of overtime hours is taken care of using a tamper proof adjust feature, which will enable managers to automatically generate employee payroll, based on real-time data. Managers have embraced the payroll generation feature because it helps eliminate theft in companies. Since employees may have paid leave and off days, the system allows the payroll manager to first check the evidence of requests and then assign the payment to employees. This is one of the best way to motivate employees and eliminate internal conflicts in a business or organization.

7.      FinClock Hr app enables calculation of tax deductions for employees

FinClock HRM provides the best staff management app as it includes the features of direct deduction of tax returns. Based on the standardized payroll, the deductions columns are automated and the employee salaries are processed, tax returns filled and the amount payable sent to the bank. This makes FinClock staff management app the best system for streamlining business operations.

8.      Best HR app enables employee performance evaluation

FinClock hr software has been designed to enable automated performance evaluation of employees. Times of manual evaluation have passed and now, the best way to ensure integrity is to use a HR app that ensures that employees can automatically be evaluated. Many government institutions, businesses and schools have used FinClock employee mobile application to streamline their evaluation process. Also, employees know that their efforts are well accounted for and everyone will do their best.

Task reporting application

Finclock staff tasks reporting application is simplified to typing messages, recording audio files and taking picture using our mobile device at the site. Reduce project cost in your current and upcoming projects by introducing FinClock online employee management software tools. Have your project managers be aware and report all the events at the site directly from their mobile phone. This is the only way to cut down on wastage of resources. Remember, resources in a construction site include labor, materials and time. Cut down the cost of a project by up to 30% by introducing efficient, automated and reliable property management software, which now comes as a desktop and as an android application to manage construction projects.

What FinClock attendance application does for your business.

FinClock EMS has many functions that have proven beneficial to the industries and organizations that have installed the system and are using it in their workspace. FinClock EMS has organized evaluation the human resource, operations and accounts departments to a common goal. This efficient work planning and has enabled employers and employees to work together easily and understand each other’s needs. Consequently, no employee complains about low wages or unjust decisions regarding their performance. The FinClock staff attendance management system has been simplified and is more accessible to users and easy to use. This application can run on both mobile phones and computers.

What your business can do with Online attendance System

The following are the few things that your business can improve using finclock online attendance system

Functions at employees’ end:

  • Their attendance is marked by the biometric system. Therefore, no employee can be late for or leave work before completion of their working hours.
  • Employee scheduling and payroll – a complete track of activities is kept and, in case of any doubt, the employer can check the details.
  • Events are recording using the FinClock EMS device. The report made by the supervisor is automatically sent to each employee, which helps employees to rank events at work daily.
  • Reports regarding billing, and wages, among others can be downloaded in common formats such as Excel and pdf.

FinClock online attendance applications is essentially an employee management or scheduling software that helps to track every work detail. The outcome reported by our clients is a happy working environment. Many factories, schools, and government organizations have successfully used the system.

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