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Why Finclock is the best employee management app

FinClock Employee management App solves many staff management challenges. From employee records, attendance to daily performance tracking, this application saves time and money for managers.

Embrace the best attendance application that offers a complete strategy for ensuring that employees arrive at their workstations on time, complete the tasks assigned appropriately, and the Employee records are integrated into both On-premise and online servers.

FinClock employee management software works in offline mode, making it the only solution for managing outdoor workers. As such, this is the best staff management solution for fieldworkers in areas without internet.

Top of the List benefits is that the system enabled managers to make real-time decisions as they can see the employee records directly using their phones or computer.

Top Benefits of using employee management application

The companies that have started using Finclock staff management app have reported benefits that include:

  • Get all employees at all levels accountable at all times.
  • Eliminate wastage of resources tracking the events at every branch.
  • Reduce Training time and firing of personnel by standardizing the procedures.
  • Notify management about a problem, thus enable them to solve problems before the client notices.
  • Saving employee time of reporting and follow up on task allocation
  • Track growth and maximize on best practices of employees
  • Track employee locations  using the attendance manager application, and report on wastage of company resources, such as fuel and vehicle mileage.
  • Track employee’s time management practices using the attendance software, which shows performance, such as absenteeism at a given post, thus enable enforcement of accurate correction measures.

Attendance Software: Best Online Attendance System

Attendance system Register Trial Finclock is the best attendance system that saves your business time and money. Online attendance software that fits office and fieldworkers. What Does Finclock Attendance software do? All Staff members in and out of office will  clock in/out using either the attendance application and the info goes to the online attendance system. Employees will use the attendance system to record attendance and task reports, both online and offline. The Finclock attendance software for  office and field staff generate staff timesheet reports The attendance software for field staff  and outdoor workers comes with real-time location tracking, thus no clocking away from workstation The employees will use the mobile attendance application to make requests, such as leave management requests, shift management requests, staff off days requests, This online attendance software generates absence reports, thus enabling managers to make task and shift plans. Finclock Attendance system also offers automated employee performance reports, which can be viewed online. Register Free Trial Benefits of using Finclock Attendance system using the Finclock Attendance software for office and field staff will help identify the total hours worked by each employee. Using the staff scheduling tools, you will cut the [...]

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#1 Absence Management Software: Online Absence Management System

Finclock Absence Management System Register Trial Here  FinClock Absence Management software helps you to do the following; Finclock Staff absence management system helps track employee absence and increase employee productivity. Increased tracking of time and location ensures that employees attend to their workstation and duties on time. Using Finclock absence management system, managers can track absenteeism for office, outdoor and fieldworkers Finclock automates attendance management and makes employees responsible for their actions.  How the absence management system works Finclock is designed to work as a mobile application and online attendance system.  Employees shall use their phones to mark attendance, which tracks the time and location of the employee.  The attendance reports are automatically sent to the online attendance system, These reports are analysed to give absence records, lateness and even geo-fence reports.  The only Staff Absence management software that works offline and online. The system fits the needs of office workers and fieldworkers. Register Free Trial Here Benefits of using Online absence management software Use direct employee absence application to find the total hours workers by each employee. Eliminate employee time cheating and theft of work hours automatically. [...]

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Finclock: Best Staff Management System Online

Finclock Staff Management System Register Trial About FinClock Staff Management System FinClock is the best staff management system that offers solutions to streamline communication. The only staff management system that offers Attendance management, Task management, Project management, Requests and more staff communication tools in one mobile application. Finclock has helped many businesses and organizations to streamline employee management, both for the office and fieldworkers. In addition to conventional attendance or hr systems, Finclock Works both offline and online, so suitable for all environments. Most importantly, Finclock gives analysis so that managers can make decisions at a glance. Register Free Trial Here Benefits of using Finclock staff management system Eliminate ghost workers, time theft,  and laziness at work. Improved employee productivity, since performance and payment is based on actual hours worked plus the tasks completed. Streamlined reporting because employees are now using their phones to make reports of their work, which is combined and analysed in relation to company goals. Improved communication in the organization, since the employees will automatically make requests using their phones. Some examples of the requests include leave requests, funds, items requests shift changes among others. Cut [...]

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Products & Services

Attendance Management View More Staff Management View More Project Management View More Customer Service View More Finclock Attendance Management System What you get when using Finclock Attendance Management System 1. Employee attendance Employees will use mobile application to mark attendance, a perfect solution for both employees working indoor and outdoor. For many employees working in the same location, use biometric attendance system, which integrates seamlessly with the web based finclock attendance system 2. Employee Location Tracking the finclock mobile attendance application combines clocking and location tracking. Here, the location is marked and ca be viewed on the work map, making it a sure method of ensuring employees are at t work at the right time and at the right place. 3. Employee Performance Management Employee performance management is measured and provided in real time to managers. The KPIs used to determine staff performance include lateness, absenteeism and gps location, the performance of employees is automatically calculated.  4. Employee Shift and leave management Keep a track of leave management, shift management and employee  schedules. these features enable efficient planning and automated reporting. [...]

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Attendance Management System: Best Attendance Management software

FinClock Attendance Management System Register trial Here What you get when using Finclock Attendance system Tamper proof staff attendance reports Your employees shall mark attendance,Using phones or using bio-metric kits. You shall reduce lateness and absenteeism Your will monitor employees performance, Monitor Employee location, based on GPS locations Reward hardworking employees Cut cost of labor and maximize staff productivity. Register Free trial Here Main Functions of Attendance Management system FinClock online attendance management software has 4 main functions, which are available on mobile application and online. These  functions include: Track Employee timesheets, using the mobile attendance manager application Staff location monitoring, based on GPS records Both indoor and Outdoor attendance management is enabled, thanks to the mobile and biometric systems Receive employee reports, which range from Daily attendance, absenteeism to lateness trends. More Features of Finclock Attendance Management software Shift Scheduling and Management. Monitor employee Location via GPS in real-time. Thus, employees will have to reach their workstation and clock in using their mobile phones. Track employee absence based on days of clock in and out, directly on the online attendance system account. Track staff performance, based on combined parameters that include lateness, clocking away [...]

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staff allocation software guide and sample reports

How to find the best Staff allocation software online Choices have consequences. In selecting software, the choice is not only consequential but also critical. This is because, in the current web, there are many staff allocation software that promises much service to your business. What is different in all of them lies deeply in the nature of your business. In some cases, you will have to dig deep into the software features, looking for what will fit and benefit your business. However, this process can be simplified by looking at the main factors that will affect the business. Here, the features in the staff allocation software are just one factor. Other factors that must be considered have a lot to do with the way you run your business. It is notable that in some cases, the developer of a given software targets a certain business. This means that if your business follows a different method of operation, the features in the software may not fit your needs. It is therefore important to consider the top 5 factors that will affect the outcome of the choice of software. Here I shall discuss the five main factors to consider when selecting a staff allocation [...]

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Workers review software

Workers review software Ways of keeping track of the hours worked, vacation time and overtime is a significant challenge when managing workforce in any project. Moreover,  firms have to ensure that all workers have adequate resources needed for the completion of a project. FinClock workers review software provides real-time employee attendance management software for attendance tracking, simplified staff scheduling, employee data system. This enables your construction management to improve on employee accountability, reduce operational costs and increase productivity. In cost control, FinClock workers review software provides the baseline reference for project monitoring and control, in this case, scheduling, the progress of individual employees and achievements of the project. Since the employees have targets that are set by the management, the management can simply identify the under-performing workers in the project and make a judgement on such cases. The FinClock attendance record management tools will be availed directly through a secure online staff management system. Reports of daily activities  happening directly at the work place will be sent to the management using hr application. The manager then feeds the reports to the FinClock device. This will help facilitate scheduling and promote real-time communication and issue resolution. The best way is to test this workers [...]

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Field Service Management Software: Fieldworker application

Fieldwork Application: Field Service Management Register Trial About Finclock Field Service Management system Finclock field service management system comes as a mobile application, linked to online field staff management software The application for fieldworkers is designed to work in all areas, with or without internet. Using fieldworker application, employees will mark attendance, record daily task reports and make requests to management. The reports are automatically sent to online company account by field worker attendance application, where analysis is done. Finclock application for fieldworkers has been voted best field staff management system because it provides a complete solution for staff attendance, tasks and project management. Register Free Trial Why Use Finclock Field Service Management System? 1. Field Staff management software with Fieldworker application Field service management system provides the required tools for field projects. Conducting outdoor projects within a budget is essential for any business to be successful. It is also vital to be at the forefront when it comes to introducing management systems that eliminate overspending. Using outdoor staff attendance management software that ensures cost reduction in your projects is the best way to manage costs and predict progress of [...]

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Outdoor Attendance System: Best field service attendance software

About Finclock Outdoor attendance system Choose between outdoor employee application for attendance management, or portable biometric attendance kit. The best attendance system that works with or without internet. Tracks attendance time and GPS location of employees using the best application for fieldworker. All reports are automatically sent to the Finclock online Attendance management system, The attendance reports can be accessed by managers from anywhere in real time. FinClock attendance application offers the best field service attendance software features, for both online and offline workers. Register Free Trial Outdoor Attendance System Why Finclock Outdoor attendance system and outdoor employee application Outdoor attendance system has become an important part of staff management. Currently, labor cost amounts to about 25 – 45% of the Outdoor projects. This high cost is may be caused by inefficiencies such time theft by employees, ghost workers and excessive overtime payments. Finclock outdoor attendance system solves these challenges by introduction of tools in the outdoor employee application. Using field service attendance software, employees worked time is tracked, and used to calculate the payments. Also, Finclock outdoor attendance software provides features for recording employee location. Thus, an employee must attend their required location, for them to mark attendance using application for [...]

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online staff management system: Best Employee management system

Online staff management system Online staff management system has become an important tool for managing employees. Employers need to conduct multiple assessments of employee attendance reports, to keep track of their performance. This can be hindered by factors such as lack of communication between the managers and employees, which is the major cause of absence, lateness and low staff motivation. Such a challenge can derail projects and increase the operation costs. FinClock online staff management system fits both indoor and outdoor staff management needs. Using Finclock mobile application provides a complete business management application, which comes with four main functions: staff attendance management staff task and project reporting staff requests management. Staff communication though chat and alerts. FinClock online staff management system enables you to assess and review the progress of employees from anywhere and at any time. Using FinClock staff management application, the employee location is automatically monitored, during their shift hours. The location forms the employee work-map, which is shown in real time. Modern employee tasks require many work reports. Using the FinClock online staff management application on the mobile phone, employees will key in the right details, which will be included in a report that sent to the web-based staff manager's accounts. [...]

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