How to assign tasks to employees

You can assign tasks to employees online from any location. Employees or team members are assigned tasks when a project begins. Each task already has a start and end date. The team members will get automated SMS or alert when they are assigned a task. Once they receive the alert or notification, the team members can log in to the online project management software and evaluate the details of the work assigned to them. In this stage, the employees will see the task description, download task files as they work on their tasks. Once an employee makes progress in the work, they can make work reports using the task reporting tool provided in the project management system. The employee can make work reports, including the actions completed, the expenses incurred, and indicate the percentage progress of the work. Finally, the employees can make requests to any member of the company, such as project information requests, financial requests, and HR-related requests. Thus, assigned tasks appear in the employee’s account whereby they can complete the tasks and update the status, including attaching files related to the work.

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