Biometric Time attendance: 10 Steps User guide for Companies

1. Top Biometric Time Attendance Systems

Attendance software analysis may consume a lot of time to analyse,  especially if you are still using the traditional timesheets. Based on long term research, business managers, engineers and software developers have combined their valuable experience and invented biometric attendance machines . This system covers the business needs in all employee attendance needs. The features included are organized such that a business has a place to start, on its journey to digitizing operations. The features are available as modules which are custom made to run on both mobile and web based platforms. Take a look at the summary and register a free 21 days trial. 

2. Role of Biometric Time Attendance system reports in Business management

Managers spend a lot of time evaluating the performance of employees. The performance of each employee will affect the overall profitability of a business.  A report on business turn around shows that companies have depended on this aspect as a main way to regain profitability, even in very competitive businesses.

  1. Studies by Deloitte shows that averagely, less than 50% of workforce is self motivated to work. meaning that if a manager decided to let employees work at will, the overall performance of a company will not reach 50%. Being motivated and delivering are two dependent factors, whose main link is supervision.
  2. managers will therefore need attendance management software that will help indicate the rewards of a hardworking employee as well as the penalties of non performing employees.
  3. Attendance records form an important aspect of any human resource. Traditional manual attendance methods have been overtaken by time. Currently, people do not follow verbal rules. Thus, the way out is to have a biometric time attendance reports, from which a manager can decide who is working and who is not.
  4. The timesheets, performance records and payroll records reflect the actual situation on the ground, a biometric attendance report one employee to individual timesheets. This will mean that an employee will not collude with colleagues and have  fraudulent attendance records.

3. How to Use Biometric Time attendance software

Biometric devices include the fingerprint, facial and vein recognition machines. The use of such machines include time attendance reporting, access control and other biometric verification needs. In this case, we shall focus only on online employee management software. The machine will either come with a basic software that generates excel sheets from attendance records or come with no software at all. The first step is to find the best biometric attendance machines or devices that can can fit to your line of work. The machines are then configured to work on either Linux, windows or web-based platforms. The best way is to use cloud based biometric attendance system. Regardless of the current hardware, finclock team is able to configure the biometric machines to provide the best out of the data. This is easy, fast and affordable. If you are looking to integrate biometric attendance machines with cloud servers, contact finclock support Here. 

4. Generating Timesheets reports from biometric attendance records.

Bio metric attendance reports include the time an employee arrived at work and began their shift, the time the employee left the workstation and marked end of their shift and even the number of hours worked. The best way to find number of hours worked is to have the employees clock in and out using the finclock field staff attendance application. If you have many employees, i.e. more than 20 workers in one station, the best way is to have a fingerprint time clock device. this is a bio metric clocking device that can be used for both in the field or in a fixed building. The finclock attendance device shall generate reports of each employee based on their shift organization.

The time-sheet reports are stored in the device for a lifetime when the device is offline. When the bio metric attendance device is connected to the internet, the data is automatically sent to the web-server. This is the best advantage of using finclock attendance app.  Find a bio metric user guide by registering a free trial or contact support here for  free registration. You can access Finclock Web-admin through your phone or computer. The data is securely transferred to your FinClock Web-admin in real time. FinClock web-admin will process the data collected in the field and provide you with: major information which shall be recorded based on either the mobile app or the fingerprint attendance kits. These reports are important in making financial and operational decisions in a company. Some of the critical reports include;

  1. timesheets
  2. reports on wages (pay-per-hour)
  3. Record of events at the workplace, based either per hour, per day or per month.
  4. You will get reports of the analysis, which you can download and use for various transactions in your company.
  5. You will be able to view and download reports from your web-admin at anytime, after a secure login. these reports are availed both in pdf or excel timesheet application reports which can not be edited.  you will be able to view these reports directly when you register a free trial here the reports include;

 5. Marking Time card using Biometric Time Attendance devices

  • FinClock attendance management software has features that entail the use of attendance application features to record attendance. Starting with fingerprint  and facial recognition technology, the employees can record attendance and a real-time GPS powered event recording system.
  • These two powerful applications are availed to your workplace by on a mobile device.
  • Employees will be able to register and clock in and out using the FinClock attendance manager app, and the data is automatically uploaded to your account on our FinClock web server, where you can evaluate the reports from any location.

6. Automated Employee Performance reports from the biometric attendance reports

Employee performance reports can be based on many factors but the most important factor is attendance. The attendance reports show how punctual employees have been, how many days of absenteeism and how many hours of overtime an employee should be paid for. The staff management software offers performance reports are based on an analytics features, which enable combining the employee daily hours, lateness hours and even the days they have signed in and out from their expected work station. Thus, the performance reports can be based on ratings, which range from 0 to 100%. A good report is based on cumulative hours attended from the first day of the month to the last day. Each day, an evaluation is re-calculated and included in the previous performance records.

Thus, an employee can be late for one or two days, but then decide to compensate the hours in a different shift. This effort will be included in their performance, thus enable the employees performance report to be accurate. You can view free performance reports here.

7.  Employee shift management on the biometric attendance System

Shift management is an important aspect that must be included in a time attendance management system. The best way is to have master template, which is organized to allow quick set up of shifts for each employee. IF you have many employees, you can use the shift scheduling system which allows uploading of a single file and shift allocation takes effect immediately. Then, there will be constant changes in shifts. How then do you handle the shifts?

Worry not because Finclock Attendance shift allocation features allows multiple selection of employees. Human resource managers using the this attendance management system agree that for a workforce of 1000 employees, it take about 30 minutes to allocated shifts to all all employees.  If that is the case, timesheets should take less than 5 minutes to download. Feel free to contact finclock support team for a free guide here.

8.  Automated timesheets to payroll integration or connection

Reports obtained from attendance systems must be used in decision making for growth of a company. It is therefore important to have the company providing the devices offer connection or integration of the biometric time attendance reports to avoid duplication of tasks and files. Here, it is critical to find a method of capturing the information in a uniform manner.

Critical evaluations are therefore important before any integration is done. Consider having a way of automatically  generate payroll from timesheets. Luckily, Finclock attendance software explains this feature and its only about setting the hourly wage of employees and the rest work on payroll is done for you. The automated payroll calculation from timesheets has helped reduce discrepancies because there is a way to check the audit and edit trail of each employee's records. So we can conclude that timesheet to payroll integrations is free. A free payroll generation tutorial is provided when you contact the support team here

9.  Use Attendance reports in Project management budgets

Human capital management is an important part of any project management. Research done in the US estimates that human or labor cost can range from 25-50% of a project. Thus, if a project manager is looking to cut costs, the first place to check is the human costs.

The best way to track the cost is to have clean attendance reports, which are then converted to payments when a payroll is generated. This feature will require the use of a mobile attendance application, which can be used to record both project and attendance reports. A good application is  Attendance app. Either of these two applications will offer the much needed clean reports.

10. How to Link Biometric attendance system reports to hr software

The aim of gathering the attendance data is to use it in payments, promotions, task allocations, project monitoring among other roles of management. Thus, the linking of the biometric reports to either a central ERP or Enterprise management system needs to be a priority point of evaluation, before committing to buy anything. I advise that consulting a consultant or partners who offer full integration of biometric attendance reports and ERP be considered.

Here is a recommended software company, who is very willing go an extra mile for in support. In the case of Finclock EMS, the current biometric devices come as a part of a complete Enterprise management system, meaning that it shall be a 'plug and play' process. In this case, you will purchase one module at a time, thus giving your company a chance to adapt to the technology change. Also, the module based approach will free your company from the burden of heavy investment.

11. Essential action points when purchasing biometric attendance software

  1. Start A free Trial today with Finclock EMS and explore the features that will benefit your business. You can register here and have a a 21 days to explore the features. Actually, they offer a free demo account when you contact the support. The support team shall take you through the demo and ask for any necessary customization that you may need.
  2. Choose the options for fixed or handheld devices
  3. Select a team that shall help you with actual training for both users and the management
  4. Evaluate the biometric attendance reports, especially timesheet application, payroll, shifts management and Employee performance reports.
  5. Request integrations and proceed to acquire a complete online staff Management system
  6. Grow step by step as your workforce adapts to new technology.
  7. Measure the success by checking the progressive increase in profits.
  8. Book A Free demo Today and the support team shall guide you step wise. 
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