April 2021

6 steps to improve employee productivity

Employee management software helps you to keep a record of the projects done by your team. The project management tools PMS tools provided in the software include creating a project and assigning the work to team members. When creating a project, you will select the project manager and the team members to work under them. Here are six main steps when managing projects and tasks in your organization. Step 1: Create a task plan The first step is to create a task plan comprising the tasks commonly completed in your organization. These tasks are created per department, whereby each department has a general order of tasks. The task dependencies help you to automate the task reporting, whereby a sequence of tasks are automatically assigned to people, according to the time of completion. Thus, the first step when using employee management software is to add the task plan under all departments. Step 2: Create projects The second step is to create a project, using the employee management system tools. In this case, add the project name, project budget, start date, end date, and the project description. The next step is to select the project manager and attach documents that may be needed by [...]

Project planning guide

Project management planning is needed for business growth. The need to create a scaling business model in products and services businesses necessitates using project planning tools, to help all team members to complete work on time and generate profits. Hence, businesses need to implement systems that ensure faster completion of projects in a manner that attains customer satisfaction. Notably, the best method to grow business is to have many customer referrals, which is only attainable when multiple projects are completed within the set timelines. Thus, your business needs project planning software to grow. Project planning software tools A project planning software exceeds the normal spreadsheets, commonly used for project management. You will need project management tools (PMS tools) that help you to create project plans. Moreover, the PMS software will help you to make work progress reports, which may be shared with the client. Besides, the team members need to work towards common goals, which are defined in the project description. Using Finclock PMS tools, a manager can create a project and give a project brief to the team members. The team members are assigned duties as tasks, which goes to each person’s account. When one logs in, they see the task [...]

PMS tools guide

PMS tools for online project planning and reporting Project management software tools help people to manage the work done in a project, from project creation, task reporting to financial reports. Currently, businesses need to increase profits and minimize the operational costs, making PMS tools the best investment for all businesses. Thinking of a way to implement a project plan that helps your business attain high profits is critical, especially during current economic times. Thus, here is a guide to using PMS tools in your business. Project management plan for business. Every business has specific work requirements, depending on the nature of projects. The projects range from daily projects to long term projects but all businesses will get these project management benefits as described earlier. Using a project management software will help your business to manage all types of projects, but the specific details of a project may not be covered by all project management software tools. However, the best way to manage short term projects is to use an online project plan that allows continuous addition of work reports to a project. Seeking the services of  project management software company for short term projects is appropriate when you have internet connection in [...]