Employee Management software Features

Online shift management with Employee management software

Online shift management using employee management system is easy because all the features are available in one account. Register your organization or company’s account and start by adding the type of shifts in your organization. Then, select the people who belong to a given shift and assign them a shift. For instance, people working in the morning shift can be selected and assigned the shift from 8 AM to 5 PM. The assigned people get a text message (SMS) showing their shift details. The shift assignment process is simplified to allow you to complete the process in 3 minutes and continue with other activities. Thus, start using online shift management in your employee management system account and save time and money.

Manage employee records

You may need to organize employee records for your company to grow. Proper organization of employee records ensures that no time is wasted tracking someone’s details or completing a transaction. Markedly, the starting point of any business management strategy is proper record keeping. Most importantly, the employee records, job category history, evaluation/ appraisal reports as well as financial records need to be accessible instantly. Thus, start using an employee management system to manage employee records.

Online leave management with Employee management system

Managing employee leaves is simplified when using Finclock because you can achieve all the leave management functions online. You will log in to your account and proceed to add the leave policies in your organization. The leave policies define the types of leaves; such as academic leave, Maternal leave, among others. The next step is to define the maximum number of days that each person can take. For instance, managers may be entitled to 30 leave days per year. Then, you may assign leave to a person and they will get an email notification showing the details of their leaves. The online leave management feature also includes the calculation of leave balances and allowances. Moreover, the system gives you the annual leave reports, rolled-over leave reports, and leave balance reports. Hence, using employee management software with online leave management features helps you to simplify the leave management functions.

Manage Employee job groups and categories

Managing employee job groups using employee management software has been simplified to a 3 minutes job. Start by creating the job groups under the company departments. For instance, you may have a project manager as a job category under the operations department. When you create the job categories, proceed to assign job categories page and select the people who should be assigned that job group. In this example, you may assign James the project manager’s job category and proceed to manage other items such as tasks and projects. Hence, managing job categories using employee management software entails adding job categories and assigning them to people.

Employee management software results

Stop employee absenteeism

Stop absenteeism when you use employee management software to manage workers, you will be able to assign people shifts and automatically alert them using SMS. The people will manage attendance online using the attendance system. Alternatively, the people working in the field will use the attendance application to mark attendance. This method eliminates absenteeism because the people are paid according to the hours worked. Thus, employee management software eliminates absenteeism in your organization.

Stop lateness

Employee lateness can lead to an increased cost of labor. Using staff management software eliminates lateness because the employees will have to attend their shifts on time. Under attendance tracking, your employees will mark attendance using the online attendance system (Time IN and time OUT). The timecards are auto-processed to timesheets, which can be used to process payments. Hence, the people are paid according to the number of hours worked. Therefore, using the employee management system will deduct payment when someone is late for work.

Reduce work expenses

Employee management software helps you to reduce expenses by cutting the cost of operations in labor and projects. The human resource costs depend on time management, which means that reducing time wastage will reduce the overall work expenses. Companies use employee management system to track the expenses per person. The system provides tools to plan work, track work progress, and eliminate unnecessary costs. For instance, using the work management system eliminates the manual monitoring of projects, which eliminates unnecessary trips to the work locations. Consequently, the company reduces work expenses using work management system.

Reduce overtime using employee attendance software

The employee management software is linked to online attendance software, which helps the managers to organize employee shifts and eliminate unnecessary overtime hours. Notably, overtime hours can increase labor costs by 15-20%, which means that proper management of shifts will eliminate unnecessary costs. Managers using employee attendance software have reported a 10-15% reduction of overtime costs when they started using an online employee management system. Moreover, any company will achieve higher efficiency when they start using the employee management system. Furthermore, the online employee management system comes at affordable packages, which ensures that any company can start using the system to manage a workforce and reduce overtime costs.

Improve employee productivity using work management system

Employee productivity is a measure of worker’s output in a given timeline. In this case, output refers to the tasks completed by the employee in the right quality. The most important aspect of employee productivity is quality and timeliness. These two aspects are improved when using an employee work management system, which comes with attendance tracking and task management features. Using an online work management system eliminates the confusion when assigning work to people and improves the productivity of each person. Additionally, the work management system eliminates manual follow-up, which helps the employees to self-manage their work. Markedly, improved self-management skills of each worker culminate in higher productivity of the company. Thus, using an employee management system with task management can improve the productivity of workers and help the organization to achieve goals in the set timelines.

Improve employee engagement and communication

A work management system comes with tools for employee communication. The tools include instant SMS, alerts, and notifications. The online work management system has a notification board, which enables each employee to see tasks and activities that they should perform. Moreover, the system has a priority ranking for the notes, where the requests from people are treated as a high priority. Reminders are ranked as normal priority. Other notifications and alerts are ranked as a low priority, which ensures that employees can attend to urgent tasks and requests immediately. Furthermore, instant SMS when someone is assigned a request or a task helps the employees to cut the time of response, which leads to higher productivity and efficiency in the organization. Therefore, using a work management system improves employee engagement and communication, which leads to higher productivity.

Automate work performance reports with employee management software

Employee performance is measured based on their task completion rates and attendance report. The employee’s performance is automated in the work management system. In this case, the employee attendance records are automatically processed to time performance reports and ranked from zero to 100%. Additionally, the task completion rate is ranked according to the lateness rate and the number of tasks. Hence, a manager will download the work performance reports and use them to make informed decisions. The most popular way is to identify the least performers and investigate the reasons for low performance. Other managers use the work performance reports to identify redundant workers, who may be reassigned to other areas where they can be more productive. Therefore, using a work management system helps you to automate work performance reports.

Manage remote workers with online employee management system

Working remotely has become the new normal since 2019 and many organizations face the challenge of monitoring the workers and coordinating the teams. The best way to manage remote workers is to use online employee management system with task reporting features. The employees will log in to their accounts and see the work allocated to them. The employees can view work details, deadlines, and attachments, which enable them to work efficiently. The system includes task planning and task reporting features, which help the employees to organize their time properly and deliver the work on time. Furthermore, the employees can make reports of work and indicate the progress, and costs of work. The reports are automatically analyzed under the work reports.

Remote workers can send reports using a mobile phone or web browser by login into their accounts and adding the reports from any location. Moreover, the managers are automatically notified when a report is sent, through instant messaging (SMS). The employees can also send internal messages to team members or management, and get responses on time. The outcome of implementing the communication module in the employee management system is to streamline internal communication and keep everyone updated, and focused on their respective duties. The companies who embrace online employee management systems for task management gain many benefits, which include fast completion of work. The inherent benefit of internal timeliness is faster delivery of projects, services, and products to customers. Thus, remote workers are managed using online staff management system and improve task completion rate in the organization.

Attendance system benefits

Attendance system helps your team to save time and maximum productivity. Currently, all businesses and institutions seek to maximum employee productivity, which can be achieved using employee attendance system. The attendance system can be deployed in several ways, where the appropriateness depend on the nature of your work. Teams that work in the same location can use a biometric attendance system, which comprises of Portable biometric attendance machine (clocking devices), and attendance software. For teams working on the field, the best option is to use attendance app that is linked to a web-based attendance system. Thus, any team of employees or members of an organization can choose the appropriate system to manage attendance.

Timesheet reports from attendance system

When employees mark attendance, the data is either stored in the biometric device or mobile phone. When an internet connection is available, the data is sent to the attendance software, which analyzes the data into timesheet reports. A timesheet report shows the start and end time of a shift. The report can be shift-based timesheet report, daily timesheet report, and weekly, and monthly timesheet reports. This way, the manager can use the timesheet reports to process payments and performance reports.

Processing timesheet for payment

Timesheet processing is automated when using online attendance system. The timecard or timesheet data goes to the system and gets summarized into the payable and non-payable hours. In the case of non-payable hours, the manager can make approvals for payment, when the employee provides a valid reason for payment consideration. Notably, attendance software with timesheet processing helps save time and simplify the process. Comparing automated timesheet processing to manual processes shows that the time spent to analyze and process payments is reduced by 95%. For instance, manual timesheet processing can take several days for a team of 100 employees. Conversely, the automated timesheet processing takes few hours for the same number of employees. Thus, embracing online attendance software for timesheet processing saves time, and simplifies the payment processing.

Payroll from timesheet reports

A payroll is processed from timesheet reports by exporting the payable hours to the payroll system. In this case, employees will be paid for the time worked only. This method reduces the labor costs by 30%. Besides, online attendance software with payroll processing makes the work of managers easy because the whole payment processing process is completed in the same system. Hence, using attendance system for payroll processing makes work easy and improves accuracy of the payroll. Consequently, your business will reduce the cost of labor and utilize the funds for growth.

Employee performance reports

Attendance software with employee performance reports has features to analyze the performance of each person based on their attendance records. The employees who come to work late are rated low, which helps managers to decide on the best course of action for non-performing employees. This way, managers can discipline employees who are lazy. The employee attendance system offers departmental performance reports, which helps company owners to identify the challenges in the organization. Using the attendance system, you can download performance reports monthly, quarterly or yearly. Then, you can use the reports for appraisals, staff evaluation. Hence, the best way to manage employee performance is to use tamperproof attendance system with task management features.

Project management system benefits

Project management system (web-based)

Project management system designs have improved significantly, and deployment taken a different path. Currently, the best project management systems are web-based, thanks to stable cloud hosting services. There are many cloud based systems and the move to move your project management needs to a cloud based system is much welcome than before. Moreover, the companies offering these services are well versed with security issues associated with cloud based systems. Thus, here are the benefits of using web based project management system in your organization.

Send project reports from any location

Unlike traditional systems, web-based project management system can be accessed from any location, enabling people to make work reports remotely. The best way to make work reports is to login using a mobile phone and view the projects. Then, select the project where you wish to attach a report and proceed to make the work report. A project work report may include the work completed in a day, expenses and items used in that specific work or task. Then, the management will get all reports in a summarized manner that will help them make decisions in real-time.

Get real-time information about projects

Using an online project management system helps you to get real-time information about the projects. You will receive the reports sent by your team members instantly. Besides, cloud-based project management system has notification features, which alerts you when a report has been sent from a member of your team. Hence, the real-time reports can help you make instant decisions about a given project.

Project requests and notifications

Online project management software comes with tools to help you receive notifications and requests from your team. The best way to communicate in team management is using alerts and SMS. This combination of notifications ensures that you know exactly what is happening in the project. For instance, using project management software enables you to send instant requests for items to people in your organization, which eliminates delays in the projects. Moreover, the notification feature can inform you when a project task is late or requires attentions from you or a given member of your team. Hence, using online project management system eliminates barriers to communication, which initiates smooth collaboration in projects.

Online Project costing

Coming up with the costs in a project is simple, fast and efficient when using online project management system. Using a system simplifies the project costing process and makes the work easy and fast. You can start by creating the item list, which comprises the items or services that are involved in the project. This list will include the cost of items and the services. Thus, when you create a project, you will select the tasks, ad items to the tasks and the system helps you to calculate the total costing. Then, you may proceed to make quotations using best project management software company

Quotation using project management system

A quotation is generated from the project costing by adding the margins per item or task. This way, you will decide the margins per item and review the total cost of a project. This will enable you to send quotation to clients using the project management system. A quotation can be saved, and referred to in future, where you will save more time when creating and sending project costing. Besides, you can send quotations from any location because the online project management system is accessible using a mobile phone or a browser. Thus, embrace the best project management system and simplify the process of communicating costs to your clients.

Project financial reports

Project financial reports are generated by the system based on the costs and the budgets for the project. In this case, you will get the project revenue or income, project costs and expenses. Thus, you will monitor the project revenues directly from your phone. Besides, using online project management software gives you notifications and alerts, when the project cost exceeds the budget. The project financial reports also helps you to price projects according to the expenses and set the profit margins per project. Consequently, your clients will get a clear picture of the cost implications of the project, and you will get the revenue reports for a given project. Hence, using project management software helps your business to achieve maximum profits in projects.

staff management system guide

Staff management system helps you to manage the work of your team. The goals of your organization can only be attained when everyone completes their work on time, and to the required quality. Thus, finding a way to manage the tasks of each person is the best way to achieve the goals of your organization. Using online staff management system will make your work easy by providing the tools to create tasks, assign tasks to employees or team members, and monitor work progress online. These important tools are found in staff management software for employee management.

How to use Staff management software

Project creation

The staff management system comes with all features that help you to start the management of tasks. The tasks are created under a project, which means that the first thing is to create a project. A project can either be internal or external. For instance, an internal project is sales management, where you start by creating a project name, project budget, project manager, and adding the project description. The next thing is to assign a timeline for the project, where you select the start and end date. If the project start date has arrived, the project status changes from the planned project to active project board.

Task creation using Staff management system

Use online staff management system to create tasks under a project. The tasks can either be picked from a common tasks list or added directly. The common tasks list includes the tasks that are mostly completed in your organization. Markedly, each department has some tasks that are completed in most of the projects. Hence, the online staff management system helps you to create these task plans and set the order. For instance, a sales process may begin with client prequalification, which can be assigned task code 001, under the sales department. When the tasks are created, one can pick them from a list when creating a project. Noticeably, the project name and description (project brief) indicates the actual work to be done under the project, which means that the actual work is the task to be added to the project. Hence, use the online staff management system to create task plans, which are completed in your organization.

Assigning tasks to employees using staff management software

Tasks assignment to employees or team members starts by selecting the project. When you log in to the online staff management software, you will notice that assigning tasks to employees is easy because all the tasks were initially created and you will just be selecting from the list. Moreover, the task names and task codes (used to organize the task priorities)  will help you to sort from the task list. The tasks to be completed in a project may vary so you need to start with the well-known tasks and assign them to the respective people. In this case, using online staff management software makes your work easy because you have a list of team members or employees. Thus, just select the person and assign the task to them.

Workload management using staff management system

Managing the workload of each person is enabled in the staff management system and the number of tasks that a person is working on is shown in the process of assigning more tasks. For instance, one employee may have 5 active tasks and 2 planned tasks, while the other employees who can complete the same task have 1 active tasks and 1 planned task. Hence, the staff management system automatically analyzes the workload of the employees and helps you to select the employee who should be assigned the task. This way, your workforce will have a balanced workload, which makes them productive. Moreover, the workload balance ensures that the tasks are completed on time. Noticeably, using the online staff management app helps you to view the workload reports from any location.

Task planning using staff management software

Staff management software helps you to plan the tasks based on priorities and timelines. When a manager signs in to their account, they will see the task board, which provides an overview of the task status. In this task board or task planner, the manager can set the task start date and end date. The tasks assigned a future start date automatically go to the planned task board. The tasks whose start date has reached go to the active tasks board. In this case, the manager can update the task status from planned to active. When the tasks are completed, the status is changed to complete status. You will learn that the staff management system has an SMS notification feature.

SMS notification in staff management software helps the people assigned a task to get an SMS, indicating that they have a new task to work on. If task status is changed, the assigned person and the project manager get an SMS. Furthermore, a new task report triggers a message to the project manager. Consequently, the SMS notification in staff management software helps all members of the team to automatically view and respond to task requirements. The outcome is the faster completion of tasks and higher employee productivity.

Task reporting with staff management system

Task reporting using staff management system is fast and efficient, thanks to the online tools. The task reporting feature has helped many people to eliminate manual reports, which saves time and money for your organization. Besides, the employees or team members get a habit of making work reports on daily basis, which helps them to focus on their job. Moreover, the task reporting is simplified to selecting the task, adding the actions that one completed that day, adding the percentage of work completed, and adding the cost incurred when completing that action. In this case, the task reporting comes with a field

Employee management guide

Work ethic is a vital determinant of the performance of your organization. Markedly, managing workforce has changed significantly, thanks to the technological innovations in this area. The advancement in technology provides tools for workforce management, aimed at saving time and money in an organization. Markedly, applying the right software applications in your organization can speed up growth and put you ahead of your competitors. However, many managers face challenges in choosing the right workforce management software for their business, organization, or institution. This guide helps managers and business owners to choose the best workforce management software to help them improve productivity and reduce operational costs.

Employee management system

HR software is a management tool that helps business owners effectively manage their workforce. This software can be used to review the performance of employees and make necessary corrections, as well as to provide recognition for employees who have gone above and beyond the call of duty. It can also be used to create job descriptions, payroll schedules, and formal evaluations of employee performance. Employee management system comes first when improving the productivity in your organization. In the beginning, you need software that can document all your human resource information. It is recommended that to have a cloud-based employee management system because the world of computing is moving to the cloud.  However, an organization with established network systems may opt to host the system in the local network. Either hosting method will serve the same role because the ultimate goal is to organize the employees’ information. In this case, the employee management system may have few to many features, depending on the system design and budget of your organization. However, the best solutions will have many features to serve employee management needs holistically. Therefore, all organizations are advised to start using an employee management system that can organize human resource information.

Staff management system options

Choosing the staff management system that fits your company goals is critical at any stage of your organization’s growth. Depending on the workforce size, the need for features will vary considerably. For instance, a company with ten employees may not prioritize shift management features in staff management software. Conversely, a company with over 500 employees would prioritize the shift management system, either as a module under the employee management software or a standalone. Moreover, a company with thousands of employees would prioritize onboarding features in employee management software, while a company with less than 10 workers may not need this feature. Therefore, it is critical to understand the nature of your organization and establish the core needs when looking for employee management software.

HR software is a great tool for employee management. A lot of companies are still not sure whether it's a good investment or not, though. The truth is, there are many benefits to using software for HR management and it should be seen as an essential part of any company that wants to thrive. By keeping all your HR records in one place, you can streamline your recruitment process and ensure that none of your team members slip through the cracks. The best systems allow you to keep track of everything from payroll to employee relations, so you can make sure you're on top of everything in the most efficient way possible.

For small businesses who can't afford to hire full-time HR staff, this is especially helpful. You'll save money on hiring extra people and instead pay a little bit extra for the software license each month. It's also cheaper than handling payroll manually every month! Plus, by using an HR software solution you'll know exactly how much to pay out each person every time they get paid. When you don't have a system in place, mistakes can happen—you could accidentally overpay someone or underpay them, causing big problems with your company's finances. With software that does it for you automatically, you'll avoid any such problems and know exactly what to do.

Employee management system features

The main features in employee management software include staff register, onboarding, applicant tracking, leave management, and shift management. Software companies for HR systems may come up with module-based versions of the staff management software where you can choose the modules that fit the needs of your workforce. The most important features to look for include record-keeping, communication, and performance reporting in the employee management system. Furthermore, the latest Software as a service (SaaS) companies for employee management develop tools that can be rolled out systematically. This method allows companies to begin with a basic software version and upgrade the modules on a need basis. Hence, your organization can start using an employee management system at any point.

Benefits of using the employee management system.

Human resources software is a necessity for businesses large and small. While some employers have HR departments to help keep track of company records, many others lack the time, personnel or budget to hire a dedicated HR manager. For these business owners, one of the biggest concerns is finding a way to manage employee records without being overwhelmed with administrative tasks. Thankfully, there are many options in today's market.

What should you look for in an HR software program? The most important thing is to choose a program that makes your job as easy as possible. First, it should be easy to set up and use. Second, it should provide all the tools that you need to maintain records and communicate with employees. If you're looking for a more hands-off approach, consider an online system that will automatically update with any changes made by you or your staff members. This will allow you to quickly log in and out whenever you need to make an update or check on a particular employee's status. When deciding what kind of software would be best for your business, first think about how much time and money you can dedicate to its implementation and maintenance. If your work can't afford the costs associated with an in-house system, consider alternatives like subscription-based services.

An organization using an employee management system achieves higher productivity and lower operational costs than a company without the systems. Managing employees online can reduce the time to decision-making, which helps the managers to make informed decisions instantly. Consequently, the overall performance of the company improves and higher productivity is attained. Furthermore, a company that embraces employee management software can minimize the cost of communicating with their team members, which eventually, lowers the cost of operations. Finally, the employee management system helps all people to work as a team and provides periodic performance reports, to help managers focus on growth.

Employee management system for mobile workers

How to use employee management application for mobile workers

Mobile workers move do not have a fixed work location, which means that fixed machines may not be applicable for employee management. However, the best way to manage mobile employees is to use Employee management app for mobile workers. The employee management application comes with features including attendance reporting, task reporting and general communication within the teams. Using a mobile app for employee management has attracted many industries such as construction, security and field service industries.

A good employee management software will help an employee to manage their time and make work reports using a mobile phone. Furthermore, the application works offline, which enables users to make work reports from any remote location. When the users move to an area with internet connectivity, the work reports are automatically synchronized. The managers can view the work reports from the employees when they login to the online account. The best employee management app is linked to SMS so that notifications can be forwarded regardless of the internet connectivity.

Using mobile app for employee management has enabled many businesses to keep track of the remote workers especially when people are working from home. The employee manager app helps the teams to keep collaborating in tasks, and attain high productivity. Moreover, a business or learning institution that embrace employee management app saves time because managers do not have to micro-manager workers. Instead, managers engage in constructive activities such as innovation and analysis of work processes. Hence, using employee management app for mobile workers will help your organization to save time, organize work, and improve staff productivity.

Businesses have the luxury of having a lot of different things to keep track of. Each employee has a set of benefits and goals that need to be tracked, and HR software can help with this task. These programs are designed to make everything from personnel management to payroll easy. While there are lots of benefits that come from using software like this, here are some examples:

Easier payroll -No more paper checks! With all the information stored in one place, you'll never have to worry about losing a check or getting it sent to the wrong address.

Improved benefits management -It's easy for paperwork and forms to get lost or not get filled out correctly. This software helps you track everything in one place, so it's never hard to find what you're looking for.

-More efficient hiring -When you need to hire a new staff member, use this software instead of posting signs or running newspaper ads. The entire hiring process is streamlined and efficient, so your business can quickly get back on its feet after an employee leaves.

Employee management software is a common feature in HR departments, small businesses, and even individual workplaces. The major features of this kind of software include the ability to manage employee performance, time, and attendance as well as manage employee benefits.

Performance reviews are an essential part of employee development. In today's world, more companies are moving away from the formal review process that includes a manager and employee sitting down to discuss goals, objectives, and development opportunities. As technology becomes more prevalent in the workplace, it is becoming increasingly feasible for managers to keep track of employee performance remotely. Software such as performance management software can allow managers to monitor performance over time and gain insight into their employees' development needs and what they can do to help them grow within their position or company.

Employee time tracking has become much simpler thanks to advancements in technology. Typically, software will automatically clock in and out for employees based on their workstation or location. That way there is no need for employees to go through the trouble of punching a time clock or editing hours after they have completed work for the day. They simply show up at work and check in with their manager when they begin work on a task or project.

Linking employee management app to staff management software

Staff management software links to employee management app automatically because the employee is assigned a user PIN during registration. The employee enjoys self-service features in all staff management matters ranging from attendance reporting, task management, project planning, requests and payroll reports. Furthermore, a mobile app for employee management can help employees to plan their personal activities and choose the people who can view the activities when in their work teams. These features help the employee to manage their activities and seamlessly communicate progress at optimum convenience.

Modern Attendance System inventions

Technology has helped us overcome many challenges. To date, over 70% of our daily events are influenced by technological innovations. From entertainment systems to work management systems, technology has helped reduce human effort and achieve higher efficiency. In many industries, the inclusion of smart solutions has increased safety and increased productivity. Consequently, the world relies on technology for all communication needs and recent inventions have improved productivity in human resource and project management. This year, we have witnessed several inventions that you may adopt in your business or institution.

Portable biometric attendance machines

Organizations have to manage time and ascertain punctuality in all departments, which necessitates investment in employee attendance system.  A good system will help a business to keep track of the timecards or timesheets for each employee. HR managers agree that creating a sense of timeliness initiates accountability in the organization, which in turn simplifies the need to follow up the employees. Hence, an organization that wishes to grow should invest in a Staff attendance system.

Online attendance system

Online attendance system has gained popularity in the recent years because of the inherent advantages over traditional biometric attendance systems. Traditional attendance systems do not emphasize on quality of output data, which makes HR managers to start another cycle of processing the time attendance records. The result is time wastage and tedious work every week or month. Hence, investing in an online time attendance system helps managers to save time and eliminate repetitive work.

Remote attendance software

Remote working and working from home is a new normal. Since COVID 19 experience, most businesses have embraced remote working. The need for a method to streamline workforce that is located in different places requires adoption of a remote attendance software, which enables the employees to keep track of their time when working from home. It is noteworthy that working from home does not encompass all remote workforce because there are people who have to move from one area to another. These people can use a remote attendance software too.

Cloud based attendance system

The online attendance systems can be hosted by your organization or a different software company, which offers the software service as a web based time and attendance system subscription. For companies with a few employees, the most appropriate investment is the web based or cloud based attendance system option because the initial investment is low and there are few cases of ghost employees. However, the online attendance system must prevent buddy punching or cheating. Therefore, we can infer that any business can streamline attendance in modern times because there are affordable cloud based attendance system options.

Staff attendance app

Attendance tracking has gained popularity for both indoor and field employees because every business endeavors to cut operational costs. The attendance application that can help you to save money need to attain high reliability because the timecards and timesheet should not only be tamper proof, but also accessible via an online attendance system. Moreover the app for marking attendance should fit the working conditions of your workers to prevent technology rejection.  The app should track location and allow punching at multiple places, while automatically splitting the hours according to the working location. Ideally, the attendance app should help the manager to process payment without processing the data again. The attendance application that meets the needs of many organizations comes with multiple customization capabilities. Besides, your organization may have special needs, which would require the software company to make adjustments to the mobile attendance app. Therefore, the best approach to using staff attendance app is to engage an attendance software company that will listen to your needs and address them.

HR software can help you make your workdays run more smoothly. The best HR software can help you manage employee records, keep track of employee time and attendance, track performance reviews and goals, manage employee benefits and submit employee data to a variety of state and federal agencies. The best software will also be easy-to-use and will integrate with payroll software to ease the burden even further.

HR software is very comprehensive in its abilities. For example, it can let you easily track reports on employees' job performance. It can also help you manage your employees' attendance policies, letting you keep track of scheduled time off and sick days. Some HR software will even integrate with your company's financial software to automatically calculate paychecks, complete tax forms and file them electronically with the appropriate agencies.

With HR software, it's easy to keep your eye on the big picture when it comes to managing your company's human resources. You can use it to make sure that all necessary records are being kept up-to-date for every one of your employees—and keep those records organized in a way that makes sense for you and your business. That's a lot easier than keeping up with all of those details through Excel spreadsheets or by hand—and once you start

Staff management software with task reporting app

The modern working environment requires employees to account for their time and tasks, which implies the need to use a work attendance app, which supports task reporting features. Markedly, the less the number of applications that an employee needs to learn, the higher the success rate in technology adoption. The use cases of an attendance app may dictate the required feature but ideally, an attendance app should allow clocking IN and OUT (Check IN and check OUT).

The app for attendance management should send the data to a human resource or payroll system, where processing of timesheets happens. The additional features may be very helpful when making work reports, tracking location, shift management and leave management. Hence, using a work attendance app with task reporting app features will simplify the accountability process in your organization and boost employee productivity.

Best Attendance system app for employees

Best attendance system app for employees comes with all features without complicating user experience. Using a good attendance system helps the management and employee teams to work towards the same goal of saving time and money in the company. Moreover, a good attendance system will enhance accountability of each employee and prevent negligence at work. Consequently, an organization will realize the goals and manage to sustain growth. It is advisable to choose the best attendance system app for employees according to the size of your organization. If employees work in the same location, the best option is attendance system with biometric machines because most people will clock IN and out using the same machine. Currently, the safe biometric attendance machines come with face recognition features.

Online attendance management system for employees

The latest technology enables employees to keep timecards online, thus eliminates the need for biometric machines. You will realize that a company will spend about $400 per biometric machine (including the networking costs). If your organization needs 10 biometric machines, you will invest at least $4000. Consequently online attendance management system for employees without biometric machines will save you a lot of money. Besides, the latest technologies developed by attendance software companies do not require the biometric machines. For instance, a company using online attendance system will use the existing computer, where people can mark attendance without biometric machines. This technology comes with additional features such as face recognition, which eliminates time theft and buddy punching. Hence, it is time to start using the affordable online attendance management system for employees regardless of the size of your team.

How to choose Attendance management system software

Attendance management system and software come in different technologies and cost. The best way to start choosing the attendance management system software is to analyze the needs of your team. The next step is to find the special requirements and see the best way to address them. For instance a company with office workers only may not need attendance app for employees. Conversely, an organization with office and field workers will require both app for attendance and attendance system for office workers. Besides, a modern attendance system fits office and field workers because there is a single cloud based platform and multiple punching methods. Therefore, Understanding the needs of your team is the first step towards choosing a good attendance management system or software.

Many companies have to hire new employees on a regular basis, and many more have to deal with the sometimes difficult task of terminating employment. While there are many benefits of managing employee performance with software, it can be difficult to know which tools will work best for your company. A good HR software review can help you find the right solution for your business.

With the right employee management software, you can keep track of performance reviews and monitor how they affect your bottom line. A tool like this can help you give out bonuses or implement disciplinary actions if needed. You can also use a management tool to track attendance at meetings or other events and ensure that everyone is aware of their absence levels. This type of software can also help you manage employee time off, especially when multiple people are in charge of approving time off requests.

Some people have the impression that using a digital system for tracking employee performance will lead to a lackadaisical attitude from employees who don't think that their boss is watching what they do every minute of every day. Fortunately, this is not the case at all—as long as you're using the right tools for managing employee time, you'll be able to track important data without spending hours typing up reports every day. Many tools also offer mobile apps that

Why you need to choose online attendance management system

An online attendance system solves most of the restrictions of a traditional attendance machines without increasing the cost. Moreover, online attendance system comes with multiple features that provide much relevant information for instant decision making. In most cases, the system will integrate with other software such as HR software and seamlessly allow data use in multiple scenarios. For instance, the attendance records may be used for processing payroll at one time and another time serve as performance reports for managers. Moreover, using online attendance management system gives the company flexibility especially when working with remote and office based teams. Therefore, you will save money, time and gain more features when you start using online attendance system in your organization.

Adapting to new technologies in employee and project management

How to change your time and task management methods and achieve high employee output

Employees need clear goals and defined timelines to deliver the work assigned to them. Many employees prefer to know their roles early in the day so that they can adapt their mindset towards their goals. A good manager should never be the reason for delays in a given team. Therefore, managing employees in modern technology require leaders to adapt to new technology, which seeks to improve the productivity of employees and reduce the cost of operations.  I present a brief guide on how managers can adapt to new technologies in employee and project management.

Cloud-based employee management system

Managing employees requires managers to create records of their workforce and maintain the staff register. Moreover, the managers need to manage work allocation and task reporting using the latest software technologies. Notably, modern employee management systems have embraced cloud-based technologies, letting managers control their teams from anywhere in the world. The analysis of the web-based employee management system technologies indicates that your organization will eventually migrate Human resource information management to the cloud. Luckily there are trusted Web-based employee management systems for any company size.

Employee management software is a business tool that helps you manage your employee's performance and attendance as well as keep track of their time and benefits. There are a variety of benefits to using employee management software, including:

-Employee performance tracking: This can help you reward or discipline employees based on how well they are meeting your company's goals. It will also help you recognize excellent performance from those who underperform.

-Employee attendance tracking: This can help you be aware of any potential problems with your employees' attendance so that you can address it before it becomes an issue.

-GPS tracking: This feature lets you know where your employees are at all times. You can set certain areas as off limits if needed, and this feature can be useful for finding out if anyone is slacking off when everyone else is working hard.

The staffing Management system must allow employee enrollment, records management, shift management, and leave management. Good employee management software will therefore be elemental for any manager in our time. Furthermore, each manager will need a basic understanding of online staff management, which should be easy because we all know how to use web-based systems, such as Email and social media platforms. The Staff information management system may have separate modules for the shift, leave and team management, in addition to analytical and reporting functionalities. Also, a good system should be feature-rich, but ensure smooth engagement with the user. Another important consideration is the nature of the work in your organization because companies may have special needs and the software company should be ready to adapt the system features to address the needs of the clients. Hence, consider engaging software companies that offer a free consultation.

Employee online attendance system

Employee online attendance system is a unique innovation that eliminates the need for biometric attendance machines. A modern attendance system that enables you to mark attendance online eliminates the traditional methods, which require multiple entries. Markedly, the best online attendance website has developed tools to help you invite members of your team and consistently engage them on attendance reporting. The best online biometric attendance system applies facial recognition technologies and allows employees to punch or check-in and out, using a mobile phone or computer. Hence, the online employee attendance monitoring system that you may test for free is available and can accept unlimited employees during the trial period. Moreover, you may request system customization to fit the unique needs of your company.

How to mark attendance online

Marking attendance online is possible when using the Finclock online attendance system. A unique system that allows you and your coworkers to check in/check out for unlimited shifts. This attendance system helps managers process the timesheets by automatically splitting the punching records into the off-location hours, overtime hours, and normal hours. Thus, a human resource manager will just log in and approve or reject the hours that should be paid. The approved hours automatically go to the payroll, which means that as a manager, your work is simplified and the time used to process payments is reduced significantly.

Offline attendance app

Offline attendance app for employees working in remote areas or areas without an internet connection, where the employee has to clock in and clock out using the attendance application. The employee does not have to be connected to the internet, which allows the management team to keep track of time for all employees. The outcome of using the staff management, project, and attendance management systems is reduced cost of operation and improved employee productivity. Thus, all managers are encouraged to start using these systems because eventually, all companies will embrace the technology and the early adopters will experience more benefits.

Many businesses make mistakes when it comes to managing their employees and tracking company data. For example, forget track and maintain your employees' vacation hours can lead to big problems later down the line. With an HR system in place, you'll have accurate records of your employee's time and attendance, as well as up-to-date information about their vacation time balances and requests. You also won't have to worry about keeping track of all your employee's personal information such as their address and phone number or insurance information—you'll have all that at your fingertips.

HR software is designed to help employers manage the many aspects of employee management. This software can be used to, among other things: In order to help you choose the right HR management software for your company, we've created a guide that will walk you through what to look for in the software of your choice.

Office staff management software helps the team in your office to communicate smoothly. The latest staff management software embrace team productivity, where the employees can participate in a project and update the work progress using their computers or mobile phones. Notably, most companies have embraced remote working, where the employees do not have to report to a given office. Instead, the employees are assigned tasks and they can see the work details when they login into their accounts. The accounts allow the users to create, assign, and make work reports from anywhere across the world. Therefore, your business should start using office staff management software is your workforce must report to a given workstation. If the employees do not need to report physically, the best option is to use remote staff management software solutions.

How to organize work and improve performance

How to organize work and improve performance

Productivity in your organization will depend on the individual performance of the workers or team members. Hence, understanding how to improve employee performance is an important role of each manager. Moreover, workers put effort according to the work requirement and the goals set by management, which implies that good strategies to organize work improves the overall productivity in your company. The goal of this guide is to provide a list of tools that help managers to organize work and improve employee performance.

Employee management system

An employee management system is the starting point of organizing workers. Currently, online employee management software helps companies of all sizes to have efficient work processes. Markedly, the cloud-based employee management system can accommodate any number of employees, which implies that any organization can work efficiently. Moreover, these online staff management systems come with important features to help your organization manage staff records, work/tasks, projects, and time tracking. The best staff management software includes the setup guides for HR management or operations managers. Hence, you can use the employee management system to improve the performance of workers without worrying about hefty initial investments. After all, the long-term benefits of online staff management exceed the investment.

Web application for employee management can require some customizations to fit in the employee system of a given organization. In this case, the employee system may require additional developments, which implies that the best employee management system developers will help you consistently. Thus, selecting the best employee management system company is vital to the success of your organization. You may have to choose a company that listens to your specific needs because most systems may not comprehensively address the needs of your organization. Moreover, companies offering employee management system web applications will include online support teams, which can help your team to learn the processes.

Work management system for task planning

A work management system for task planning helps managers and their teams to automate task allocation and reporting. The best work management system starts by organizing the tasks done in your organization, followed by the allocation of the tasks to people. Then, people manage their work and make reports. The best work management system has analytic tools to determine the late tasks, bottlenecks, and dependencies of tasks. Moreover using a task management system that has work progress tracking helps you to make real-time decisions that speed up the delivery of projects. Additionally, task management system allows employees to make requests for items that they may need when working on a given project. The system also sends SMS to employees when they are assigned a task. The manager gets an SMS report of the tasks completed, requests from employees, and project status. Hence, using a work management system for task planning eliminates micromanagement and introduces the self-management of employees.

Staff attendance online

Staff attendance online tools help workers to keep track of their time when performing a given task. Noticeably, each organization has distinct time management needs. The needs span from time-based payment to time-based performance evaluation. Hence, staff attendance systems help your organization to have a sense of timeliness in each activity, which shifts the perspective of the workers and improves productivity.

Online biometric attendance system helps employees to mark attendance from any location and continue with their work smoothly. Besides, a biometric attendance system may come with facial recognition features, thus negating the need for any punching/clocking machine. Moreover, the modern online biometric system will include a mobile application with capabilities to scan fingerprints, thus enable your employees to mark attendance using their mobile phones. Another important aspect of online staff attendance is simplified time attendance online tools for managers. The managers can track the timesheet of each worker from any location.

Field attendance system

A field attendance system helps your organization to keep track of time for the decentralized workers. Currently, most companies are decentralizing their workforce to keep them safe and reduce operational costs. Consequently, field attendance systems have emerged important because the team members need to keep track of their time regardless of their work location. The best attendance system will include GPS tracking features, which enable managers to assess whether an employee went to the required work location or not. The best online attendance system includes online clocking/punching, GPS tracking, online timesheet processing, and mobile attendance application for field workers.

Factory attendance system

A factory attendance system is important when many employees are working at the same premises and have multiple shifts. Additionally, the factory workers are organized under supervisors, who communicate the shift arrangements. However, attendance tracking in a factory requires biometric attendance machines, which can be used by many people. The best factory attendance system has face recognition features to ensure that the clocking/punching is fast and safe for all employees. Moreover, the factory manager requires to see the attendance records in real-time, hence the need to link the biometric attendance machines to online attendance systems. This method may require a WIFI connection and push to server capabilities of the machines. Modern attendance system comes with these features and allows managers to only purchase the biometric machines and the rest is taken care of by the online attendance software.

Guide to Managing Workers

How to organize workers in your company

Use Employee management system with attendance and task management to improve performance.

Efficient workforce helps your organization to cut operational costs and increase customer satisfaction. Markedly, managers of our time require to attend to many duties every day, which implies that following up each employee is undesired. Managers need to embrace software systems that helps automate the workers.  Hence, here are tips to help you organize workers and monitor progress or work in real-time.

Use employee management system that works online

Employee management system that is cloud-based or web- based will help you to manage the workers from any location. A good employee management system should include the onboarding or registration functionality because a manager may need to add or remove an employee when on the move. The next important functionality is shift management and the system should be able to allocate shifts online (web-based). Moreover, the employees or team members should get notifications when their shifts are changed. Noticeably, the most effective method to notify your employees is to send automated SMS when a shift change occurs.  Besides, a good employee management system should include leave management functionalities because an employee on leave may not be available to perform their duties.

Task management system for employees

A good way to organize workers is to have a system that allows you and your employees to communicate work smoothly. Assigning employees tasks will help your organization to keep track of a project because the tasks are always under a given project. Moreover, an online task management system will include the project creation and management features, which are important in handling multiple tasks under a project. Critical assessment of each task should be automated because one task can become a bottleneck in the whole process.  Thus, use a task management features in the best project management software in USA Company, which offers project planning, costing and reporting features. features to help you streamline work.

Online Attendance system

The modern working environment requires people to account for their time from any location. However, consistent attendance tracking requires that the people should use their mobile phones to mark attendance. Using online attendance system will help people to self-manage their timesheet. Also, the management will have real-time track of timesheet from any cloud based attendance system. Hence, using online attendance software which supports clocking/punching using a mobile phone is will help streamline time management.

Work reporting automation

Following up each employee to see their work progress may become tedious and the best way to address the challenge is to automate work reporting. The automation is simplified when one is using an online work management system because each person will login to their account (using a web browser) and report the progress of the work assigned to them. A good work management software includes planned, ongoing and completed work reports, where the details may be implemented. Moreover, the work reporting should be done on mobile phone or on the web. This way, the employees or team members will be able to make work reports from any location. Besides, a manager can request for work report and get them instantly.

Work performance reports

Using an staff management software that rates the performance of workers based on the tasks completed will help your organization to make informed decisions when allocating work to people. After all, the high performers may be assigned urgent tasks and the low performers evaluated periodically. Moreover, the best employee management system includes time performance reports and task performance reports, which helps a manager to know the activity of each person instantly. Therefore, the best way to organize work is to use employee management system with HR, attendance and project management functionalities.

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