We built Finclock to help fieldworkers not complicate work

We built Finclock to help fieldworkers not complicate work

As the owner of a small service company, I wanted a system where employees could log their time, record expenses, and invoice customers. After researching the market, I found that there wasn't anything available that did what I needed. Employees found the system cumbersome to use. They were used to using their phones, and would prefer that. In addition, the expense reporting was too difficult. Customers often wanted forms with every detail filled in. These requirements made creating expense reports too time-consuming and tedious. I didn't want to build something that just met my needs, but that could solve other people's problems too. I wanted Finclock to be easy to use, and simple enough that employees didn't have to think too hard about it. We designed Finclock project management system with the assumption that the average employee won't be a coder, and won't have a degree in computer science. We implemented it in a simplified language that's easy for anyone to understand, without requiring any specialized training. We wanted to make it as simple as possible to invoice customers without requiring a lot of training from employees. We created a user-friendly system that captures expense data automatically. We made it as easy as possible for employees to track time. Employees can enter their time, and then view their schedule for the day. They can punch in and out, or they can enter start and end times, which the system uses to calculate the total hours.

Finclock, the web-based project management system, helps companies manage field service workforce.  Field service managers often have to coordinate a large number of employees across time, geography, and time zones, and with limited resources. Finclock helps field service managers plan, track, and communicate work assignments. Field service managers can assign work, monitor progress, and communicate with employees in the field on Finclock. Employees can view their assigned work and schedule it on the Finclock mobile version or their iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

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