How does Project management system for field service work?

Teams of people working in the field need a way to keep track of what needs to be done, when they will do it, and what they will be doing. Without a system like this, any deadline you set is just noise. A way that works well when everyone is in the same place may not be appropriate in the field. The team members on the road may not have reliable Internet access, or may be running a low-bandwidth connection. The road can be a dangerous place, and team members may be in vehicles that lack common features, such as alarm systems and GPS. Another problem with field systems is that team members often have no idea who is in charge of what. They don't know who will be in charge of getting directions or supplies, or setting up the equipment. The field manager may be too busy to give directions or develop schedules, or may simply not be there. Finclock project management system for field service workers addresses these problems by using a combination of technologies. The team members use smartphones running iOS  and android apps to collect and organize information, and the information is synchronized between devices automatically. The information is shared with managers using a cloud-based platform, which has very secure architecture.

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